(it's me and patrick)

good morning to everyone but the people who think it’s okay to hate on bands who decide to change up their music style


I can’t unsee how young the Bowers Gang looks after comparing them the Stranger Things teens! They look like infants! 😂😂😂

a psa to everyone saying that brendon urie is the skeleton in hold me tight or don't

i know we all love to see beebo make his appearances like he does but it has been all but confirmed that the skeleton man is Butch Locsin, a famous Día de los Muertos performer known professionally as the Skeleton of Color. the design of the skull and smoke sticks are both hallmarks of Locsin’s. I don’t want to rain on anybody’s parade or anything (there is still a big possibility that beebo might be one of the llamas or something) but Locsin deserves the proper recognition for what he does

also the main dancer with the blonde hair has been cited as his wife. her name is Maria Perez

psa over. we return to your regularly scheduled emo screaming


“ …a volcano can destroy the town – but so can all of this! you’re so worried about yourselves that you’re turning against each other. you’re so frightened about the future that you’re ruining now. look at the sun! it’s still shining! look at the kelp! it’s still… kelping! and look at us. we still have each other

the spongebob musical. 2016. dir. tina landau.


Patrick Kane and the Blackhawks play a little ball at Notre Dame Stadium (x) (oh, and happy birthday to this special guy :3)