(it's like a metaphor do u get it)

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Why do u think Patrick put cryptozoology at the end of run dry and not as its own song on soul punk :0

it always rang out to me as though run dry was kind of a prelude to cryptozoology and as if he was using run dry (a song about his alcoholism) to get all of it off his chest and then saying “i dont have to prove myself to you” like a metaphor for “so what if im a mess! idc”… i hope this makes sense but this is just my take on it!

the sand at the beach tonight is
melting under my feet; sunset and
sunrise and midnight in a breeze;
all the world’s a cocktail of wildflowers
and diamonds, sunbeams and
honey, love fluttering in the winds
like rose petals, like butterfly kisses,
like the way you smile, all sea salt
and forget-me-nots and blue in
the shades of eternity

forgive me, this all seems so very
fairytale, and we are much less than
happily ever after (or maybe we are more
than the stories could ever dream)
forgive me, i just wanted to map the
world upon your skin, the pacific
ebbing and flowing down your spine
and the atlantic a glow of sunlight
in your smile; the amazon bright on
your fingertips and the sahara buried
deep in your collarbone, a story
for our lonely starshine dreams

i think there are times when
even the northern lights
grow envious of the sea
—  treasure map nights

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Not relevant to anything btw but i need to do my freaking homework bc i’m failing english because my teachers a bitch and stopped working out of spite. Any ideas to motivate myself??

right ok i can Relate bc my english teacher makes me want to rip my eyes out but u should do ur homework so u can get a good grade and kick ass in school 

also since its an english assignment i would guess there’s some sort of writing involved ?? so like just throw in some pretentious fake deep metaphors and shit  enligsh teachers nut over metaphors and figurative language 

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words, collaboration, writing in the rain! lov u x

words: how would you describe your writing style?

hmmm idk its kind of like descriptive poetry? like i love the emotive language and getting into peoples heads so i usually do some sort of poetry n prose mixed w metaphors and aesthetics so that u can get a visual of the scene??? 

writing when its raining: do you have music to set the mood when you write?

YEEE i have a spotify  and i usually have writing playlists (or study playlists lmao) and have vibes for certain types of writing??? ex. my latest social media au was written while listenin to indie stuff like axel florent and wake owl, with usuals like sleeping at last and arctic monkeys.

collaboration: who’s your biggest inspiration?

hmm i would say jk rowling but shes become,,, problematique lately so i’d say maggie stiefvater or jandy nelson in terms of published authors?? their writing styles are both v poetic and descriptive and v show-not-tell. 

on tumblr, i love any writing by @roxanncweasley (come back pls) @kregulus @waternymphs @blacklnnon and i usually have lots of fun in the @jilychallenge and all the ppl who enter are super talented :)

lov u heaps lil!!!!


AT LONG LAST IT IS HERE! ive been putting off making this for no real reason other than i’m too lazy BUT here it is (some of these are better than some on my original post so dont think that since they didnt make it to the first list they arent worth reading)

the days we were whole by radialarch (tumblr!)

Steve wakes up off the ice. Then the Winter Soldier breaks into his house and takes him on a road trip.

They see a little of 21st-century America and a lot of each other, and maybe they each learn something new.

UHHHH I DONT KNOW WHAT TO SAY OTHER THAN READ THIS i love roadtrip fics alwaysa nd this one was perfect 

for as long as we both shall live by ftmsteverogers (tumblr!)

“How am I supposed to fix alternate universes?” Steve asks, bewildered. “I don’t even know how to fix the one I’m in right now. He won’t—I don’t know where he is.”

“It will be dangerous,” Lady Sif says, lower lip scraped between her teeth.

Steve ducks his head to hide an expression somewhere between a wince and a smile. “Dangerous, I’m used to,” he says softly, dryly.

YES FUCK YYYYYES I LOVED RHIS SO MUHC ill be honest here this was the best ive read since into that good night which has been my alltime favourite since i read it so YEAH this is one the absolute best i fucking adored it PLUS SIF IS IN TI and i LOVE sif 10/10 rating it was fucking incredible

Exactly Like We Were by mysterycultist (tumblr!)

“You can make a fight out of anything,” Bucky says, and affects a laugh, badly. “You can make a metaphor a fight. What the hell do anesthetics have to do with anything?”

Steve almost blurts out, Art is an anesthetic! But at the last second, he gets a hold of himself.

i really loved this fic its short and made me cry like everything does i loved it a lot LITTLE WARNING FOR PERIOD TYPICAL AND V BRIEF HOMOPHOBIC SLURS so of course watch out for that and dont read if u know u shouldnt!! BUT YES beautifully written and an instant fav

Three Men in a VW by Slenderlock (tumblr!)

Steve steps back into the car and closes the door, lips still tingling.

“You don’t like blondes,” Bucky says.

Sam chokes.

alright lsiten to me. i can guarantee this fic is missing from ur life its literally A VITAL PART OF THE CIVIL WAR EXPERIENCE it fixes The Staron Dilemma and its also fucking hilarious please read it 

The Future Is Strange by okaynowkiss (tumblr!)

The thing to remember is that Steve doesn’t know the dog represents his love for Bucky.

steve gets a dog if i have to convince u any further than that ur a MONSTER (or a cat person in which case me too)

Painted in Indigo by nekare (tumblr!)

“You should be careful of that one,” Mr. Hendrickson says, with a nod to Bucky outside the window. “It ain’t right. Looking at you all the time as he does. The way he should be looking at girls.”

Steve laughs, because damn, but what a ridiculous idea.

Or, five times Steve caught Bucky looking at him, and the one time he looked first.

made me cry like the baby i am i think i cried during most of this list actually ANYWAY a beaut and a fav tht i will hold close to my heart forevevrv and ever WARNING it says in the tags period typical homophobia and racism but i thought id reiterate 

Ceasefire by ipoiledi (tumblr!)

It’s too hot out to be alive, is what it is.

ILL END THIS WITH SOME SMUT BECAUSE hey sometimes u need it ur only human. ANYWAY thi s is THE fav i cant stress this enough u need it its too good i cant belieivie it

FUCK OKAY ITS DOEN hope u enjoy also mind my copious spelling errors im rushing and also on a keyboard which i never am SO yes please let me know if i messed up on any links and ill do a pt 3  soonish PLUS hey my ao3 is sadnecessary so if u want to look thru my bookmarks or u dont wanna wait till i make another post i add new bookmarks like every day also i write garbage and im gonna post some of that garbge within the next week OKAY THANKS IM RAMBLING

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: listen not that "cmon put your moon in my sun and set me on fire" isn't poetic-sounding and real hot but like I get so confused trying to visualize it
  • I'm pretty sure it's not supposed to represent an actual sexual act so maybe it's a metaphor, right? But like...do u mean like an eclipse? Cause first of all I don't see the sexual connection there and second of all I feel like "sun in my moon" would be a more accurate description. But then like. If you put the moon IN THE SUN it would be the moon that caught on fire, or more accurately would like burn up on the spot I guess. This also doesn't seem like a very hot analogy so in sum, I love the lyric, I get that it's supposed to be sexy and I love space, but I do not understand