(it's his serenade to her)

Percy Jackson: Third Wheel from Hell

Because you never told me about your 1k and I know you’ve read this already, but let it decorate your art blog to be read a million times again. HAPPY 1K INK!

ALISHAAAAA WONDERFUL-SPECTACULAR-AMAZING-GENEROUS ALISHA I adore you and your writing so much thank you so so much for this lovely gift I’m just ;____; you’re too good to me just THANK YOU /ABLOOO

(hey JASICO FANDOM she writes one of my favorite fics so if you haven’t yet then do yourself a favor and give it read! (and please leave it some commentlove it’s her bday in a few days EHEHE))

Nico was convinced that Percy Jackson was out to ruin every single one of his friends’ lives.

Not intentionally of course—Percy was too noble to try and actively destroy everything everyone held dear. No, his fuck ups were all accidental and born out of good intentions. That usually wouldn’t be a problem, but with Percy Jackson even the smallest misunderstanding could turn into a huge shit storm.

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