(it would have been a graphic but it was gross)

Entry #2

Tried to go out today. I went on a walk, and checked out some books from the library. Well, they’re actually graphic novels but, you know. I thought it felt nice to finally get out of my gross, small apartment. I’m still seeing things, np but it’s minor, corner of my eye stuff. I even smelled smoke INSIDE the library. Course I wasn’t smoking because I would have been kicked out. But you know, might just be the way I smell.


“My future dream is to be a scientist. I like experimenting, too. I bought a microscope. I looked at my hand and it was gross looking. I looked at a down feather and I saw a down feather. The goldfish was slippery. I realized the scales make him difficult to hold.”

– Heechul’s diary entry, 1992 (age 8)

(credit for the bottom two manips goes to @hopehasbeentaken​. Thank you, love!)

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