(it was literally 2 mins later i checked)


Okay so this is 1 out of 5 things I’m making. I made this for the lovely and amazing @bangtan-editshits “fan” series with Jimin (if u dont know what it is PLEASE GO CHECK IT OUT IT’S AMAZING AND YOU’LL DIE BECAUSE IT’S SO GOOD ALSO @bangtan-editshits is literally THE SWEETEST PERSON ON THE EARTH). 

Anyways this is Taehyung (V) getting suspicious and talking to Yoongi about it. Yoongi (Suga) says he’ll look into it, and texts Tae back later to solidify Tae’s suspicions.

(NOTE: Yoongi is Hyung-abeoji for 2 reasons: 1, Taehyung has actually said that he feels like (Min) Yoongi (Suga) is like the dad of BTS (hence, abeoji, as dad is in Korean), and 2, because Harabeoji is grandpa in Korean and we all know that Suga is also known as the grandpa in BTS, and he’s Taehyung’s Hyung, hence Hyung-abeoji! *MY PUN SUCKS I KNOW*)