(it was a replica trophy)

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A Digital camouflage dipped M4A1 rifle Replica model
* 3 decoy rounds
* Trophy stand
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Finding Charles Rogers
He was once called the best player in college football. Now Rogers works at an auto repair shop on Florida's gulf coast.

Charles Rogers walked into the Michigan State University football building for the first time in 15 years on a cold cloudy day last November.

He’d been reluctant to return to the campus where he’d been a star, worried that the disappointments were all anybody would remember.

Without prompting from former MSU teammate TJ Duckett, he might not have come.

“I was facing my fear, bro,” Rogers said, skinny now, emphatically throwing his tattooed arms into the air.

But inside the Skandalaris Football Center that day, he and Duckett found themselves in front of a pillar encased in glass. Rogers’ photo was inside along with a replica of the 2002 Biletnikoff Trophy, given to the nation’s top wide receiver.

Tearful Brazilian Grandpa Seen Handing World Cup Trophy To German Fan
Everyone’s heart broke when they saw the above image play out during yesterday’s soccer mauling. As the German team slaughtered the Brazilians, an elderly, mustachioed man clung to his replica World Cup trophy and wept. The scene kept me awake last night. Thankfully, when I clicked on Reddit this morning, I saw the follow up photo below. This guy has to be sports fan of the year! While it’s not verified, he reportedly said as he handed the trophy over: “Take it to the final! As you can see, it is not easy, but you deserve it, congratulations.” x