(it took me three days to get this to upload)

Code: Realize: Desk Calendar Cover 2015

The name is self-explanatory. The source is the official art book. The men look hot (especially Van) & and Cardia is gorgeous as ever (little black dress will work!). I keep seeing rabbit ears on Saint for some reason (don’t ask….I’m probably tired from this). Cleaning this up and merging both halves of the image was hell.

No matter how much I pressed on the spine of the book, I was unable to capture a portion of the gutter, which left me with having to get very creative on how to merge the two halves, make them look smooth while filling in what was missing. The end result? After zooming in so much and probably starting to loose perspective, I think the final edit came out very well considering it took me three days in total. Here’s to Code: Realize debuting in English on Oct. 20th. Cheers & enjoy!

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As promised, I downloaded the Episode: Choose Your Story app a week ago. I started playing it shortly afterwards, but I didn’t upload any of the stories because I was studying for the exam I took yesterday. Now that that’s over and I need something to tie me over for the next few agonizing days until I get my results, I figured this would be a great time to distract myself with a pixelated character’s simulated life. Because I have none of my own.

Actually, there are three scenarios to choose from. A scenario based on the movie Mean Girls, one based on Demi Lovato, and a fairly original college setting. I started playing the Mean Girls one and I was going to start uploading stuff, but then I realized that it had been years since I had seen the movie and there were probably references that were going right over my head and I didn’t want to embarrass myself talking about things I know nothing about. But story sims like these are my crack and since I was having fun, I figured it was time to start up the college game.

This is Campus Crush.

(Btw, if you don’t want these posts taking up your dash, feel free to blacklist: Episode, Choose your story, CYS, or Campus Crush.)

Here are the parts we have so far: 1-2-3-4-5

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last  asked:

Hey! I need some help! I am trying to find my girlfriend a birthday present, I know she loves summer dresses... can you maybe link me to some good sites?

Of course!!! I recently bought a cute black Maxi dress from this site, and I reallyyyy love it; and it only took about 12 days to get to me! I kinda did some shopping for you and linked below a few summer dresses she may like!

One - Two - Three - Four - Five - Six - Seven

** And these dresses are each under $25!!! So if you are shopping on a budget, these should be great :) *** and if you scroll to the bottom, people who have bought the dress uploaded pics of them wearing it, so you can see how it fits!!!

Okay, here’s my thing for Bbrae Week Day 1: Arguing.

I’ve never posted any of my GOOD drawings on here before because I’ve been terrified of people stealing them legit terrified, so I really hope nobody does.

Also, sorry about the bad quality. I used my Magic Wand 2 to upload this and I had SOOO many problems, it literally took me three hours to get it just on my laptop. Don’t ask how long it took me to get it onto Tumblr.

So yeah. Enjoy? Sorry it’s not very good. My handwriting is scratchy because I had to go over everything and make it darker so you could see it and it’s still not dark enough wtheck as you can see, I am really annoyed right now.

But yeah. End rant. Enjoy.