(it has two names apparently

*introduces her shameless self-insert oc* this is my warrior city elf Kallian and i love her

always ready to fight patriarchy. she intimidates people so she don’t have to kill them ; alistair finds that attractive. likes bad puns. has already danced naked in the snow (the french players will know)

End of week update

I’ve been busy these past few days! And not just getting sick with a sore throat

First I fiddled with some scripts and set up others (most that I’m already familiar with like using character busts, message scripts and whatnot) so that I have a base to start eventing the actual game with. Got a headache trying to come up with a custom message box that also has a space for the character names because apparently two scripts that I’m using are in conflict and I just :c

Part of me wants to start fiddling with menu scripts but I just know that’ll be another headache coming so I’m putting it off for now.

Got started on the intro!

With 100% original artwork (because I like making my life difficult welp), I have a basic draft-y version of it ready. It’s fairly short as of now and I still need to do one more CG image for it but it’s a step forward to the start of the actual game, haha

I got a tileset ready to use for interior maps! Turns out my game doesn’t strictly happen in exterior places, haha.

(psst it’s the same map but day/night)

Even though I said this game won’t be horror I’m actually considering having some spooky sequences in the game because I just can’t help myself, I love horror c: I’m devising a plan so that players that aren’t into horror won’t be put off by those, as the game itself won’t be horror-oriented. Now let’s see if I can pull this off lol

Also got a few character expressions done for the two characters that I already have. I’ll start on the third one soon and I’m considering either doing a step-by-step of the process, or maybe some sort of speed-drawing/painting vid? We’ll see!

twillwrites  asked:

So I know the post about the Tsukinos having two daughters named 'Usagi' was a joke, BUT THIS IS A THING IN MY FAMILY! Or it is in my grandmother's family, anyway. She has two brothers with the same name, we'll say James for the sake of privacy. Older!James is the one who actually goes by 'James,' the other does and always has gone by 'Jim.' Apparently they were named after two different relatives who were ALSO named James. So it's a thing that happens, but it's funny as shit in rl too, ngl =D

I’m sorry to inform Jim that his name is now ChibiJames