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chirrut + baze as yr chinese dads


  • wakes you up at 6am every day to train before school
  • pulls your ear when you’re being a shit. does the one finger shake in your face while he lectures you
  • knows every other dad at the dim sum restaurant, somehow, every time
    • remembers all their names and all their kids’ names and what they’re studying in school
  • your friends love him
  • tells your friends lots of embarrassing shit about you
  • never coddles you until you’re sick, then won’t leave you the hell alone
    • you swear he brews your herbal medicine more bitter + disgusting than it needs to be on purpose
  • will never give you allowance and indignantly asks what you even need money for every time you talk about it
  • bad presents. it’s always fucking socks or a screwdriver or something
  • stands and watches you doing homework
    • ETA: you can try to text on the dl. but he knows. he smacks the phone out of your hands.
  • interrogates all the partners you ever bring over (but waits until you’re out of the room to do it)
  • bad cop


  • good cop 
  • constantly talking shit in mandarin around non-mandarin speakers
  • secretly spoils ya when chirrut isn’t around
  • your friends are terrified of him
  • gets you + your friends to stand on his back when he does pushups
  • buys cheap stuff in bulk. ‘you don’t know when it’ll be on sale again’
  • interrogates all the partners you ever bring over (but you can tell exactly what he thinks of them because he’s staring you dead in the eyes while he does it) 
  • doesn’t care how well you’re doing in school except that you’re doing better than that next door kid whose parents he hates
  • incense burning all the time in the kitchen and bathroom
  • dumpling making machine. hand-minces the meat with a bigass cleaver
  • always trying new recipes from the cooking channel
  • PDA all the time. both you and chirrut are lowkey embarrassed but you’re used to it by now
  • ask him anytime for a piggyback ride and he’ll give it to ya

this took me literally three hours and the audio took less than one. enjoy

How the hell do people write fanficton.

I want to write so bad but I’m terrified that I’ll write out of character? I’m sitting here thinking up plots and AUs and ficlets and stuff that I’m so excited about, and I just can’t put words on paper (or a word document, heh).

What would ______ character do in this situation? I don’t know, I’m not them.


In a place far away from everything and everyone, you are the one I want to be with forever.

Tonight on Aunty Fishy abuses the Ewan McGregor Google Search algorithm, here is a WIP of the three Obi-Wans in my fic Where Shall We Three Meet Again? They’re not done by any stretch of the imagination but you know, how could I not give Arulas his proper eye color? HOW CAN I RESIST SITH EYES? I AM NOT MADE OF STONE.

They are from left to right…

Canon! Obi-Wan Kenobi otherwise known as The Old Man or occasionally Ben Kenobi.
Fem! Obi-Wan otherwise known as Little Sister.
Sith! Obi-Wan otherwise known as Darth Arulas.

Sir-Not-Appearing-In-This-Picture-But-In-This-Fic is Anakin Skywalker, otherwise known as The Podracer and you can find a lovely portrait done by @writegowrite right HERE.

Also, please click to make it bigger so you can actually see details, if you want to? You don’t have to but I think it looks better that way. Also, I think Arulas has raided Count Dooku’s wardrobe. I may need to talk to him about that.

Can you imagine this

Its previously known that Taehyung likes being in Hobi’s bed, what with him even adding on that it smells of vanilla and is his favorite scent in the world.

And then now theres the revelation of Guk being another person that’s a frequent visitor of Hobi’s bed, even going as far as to request for Hoseok to “leave your bed open for me”

Can you imagine both Taehyung and Guk hustling for that spot beside Seok? Whining and bickering to Hoseok about the other taking their spot “I was here first”, before Hobi finally has enough and makes space for the both of them?

And so in the morning when their manager comes to wake them up, he finds both of their youngests tangled together with Hoseok trapped in the middle


a series of unlikely crossovers

Loneliness was almost preferable.

Part of my Voltron/TMNT AU, all five siblings are together again, but fuck, is that a giant lion?

Previous fic.


“Okay, I admit it. This is super freaky.”

Mikey privately rolled his eyes at Leo, and tried to focus on Raph and Donnie, who were playing at being the tech-twins yet again.

Even though they’d been apart for over a year, his brothers had fallen right back into step with each other like it was nothing. Even with Donnie’s… interesting choice of look at the moment.

It kept tripping him up, honestly; seeing Donnie with long hair instead of his usual choppy short cut. And the earrings, they were totally distracting, because Donnie had never worn earrings before. Even prior to transitioning.

Mikey side-eyed Leo as they kept pace after Raph and Donnie- which was actually sort of hard, because despite having short legs, Raph could really motor when he felt like it, and Donnie was part fucking giraffe.

Mikey hadn’t seen Leo since the garrison. No contact at all, let alone face to face conversation. Mikey wasn’t entirely sure why his brother had cut contact like that, but he supposed he hadn’t exactly tried to reach out either. None of them had, actually, far as he knew.

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