You know what I think about a lot? Tony Stark reeling in the wake of Civil War, going on 72-hour work benders, trying to clean up everyone’s mess and whip the Sokovia Accords into shape and rebuild the decimated team and figure out how he can build Rhodey a new spine and forget about a metal hand squeezing the life out of his mother, and when Happy reports back to him about Peter he hates himself a little for holding the kid at arm’s length, but everyone who’s in his orbit eventually ends up getting hurt and it’s better for everyone if he keeps his distance, but that doesn’t mean he’s not keeping tabs on the kid and sometimes at 4.30 in the morning when stress and anxiety and too much coffee won’t let him sleep he sits in his office and listens to Peter’s inane voicemail messages and can’t stop the helpless smile from tugging on his lips as he learns about a kind old lady buying the kid a churro and for a moment he feels a little less alone and broken.


AU where Prince Lance falls in love with a half-human, half-galra soldier named Shiro, whose heart was already stolen by the altean the moment he laid eyes on him, but is scared to accept his feelings because he doesn’t think he’s good enough for King Alfor’s only son.

Also a point to make: klance really don’t follow the trajectory of a typical rivals to friends narrative that we see in media - especially children’s media. For example, if we take Ash and Gary from the pokemon anime as the archetypal rivalry turned into a friendship to base all other rival relationships around (and I will because for the longest time, they were the picture for The Rival trope on tvtropes), then Keith and Lance don’t actually follow that trajectory. They became friends far too soon. The “we are a good team” scene came way too early in the show. If the entire purpose of their dynamic was to lead to an eventual friendship between two rivals, they’ve rushed it. And yet - whatever is developing between them is slow enough that it’s hard to assume it is just that. Like there’s another step, and the question is what that step is.