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Morning Routine for a Busy Witch

A lot of people have asked me for tips on how to incorporate witchcraft into daily life. How you incorporate it depends on your schedule, your habits, and your tools on hand. However, I’ll list my ideal morning routine in order to give you some ideas. 

  • After I wake up, I add some cinnamon to the coffee grounds before brewing*. Cinnamon increases luck and energy, so I like starting off my day with that little boost.
    • *The reason I add cinnamon to the grounds and not the finished coffee is because powdered cinnamon can’t actually dissolve; it’ll just sink or sit at the top. By adding cinnamon to the grounds, you’re able to infuse the cinnamon into the flavor and charge the spell. .
  • If you don’t drink coffee, you may want to brew some tea. 
    • Black tea (like most chais, earl grey and breakfast teas) aid alertness and energy, their caffeine helping to dispel negative premonitions of the day. 
    • Green tea (like jasmine, senchas, and matcha) can help detoxify your energy and clear your conscious mind. 
    • White and herbal teas help with clarity, serenity and wisdom (though this largely depends on the ingredients in the tea).
  • If you don’t want coffee or tea, drink some lemon water. The water will hydrate you, and the lemon will cleanse your energy and invigorate you.
  • For an easy boost, place a crystal next to your coffee pot, tea pot or cup to charge the drink.
    • Clear quartz boosts clarity.
    • Rose quartz increases chance of love and attractiveness.
    • Obsidian, bloodstone and onyx stabilize and ground you.
    • Opal and lapis intensify awareness and spiritual powers.
    • Tiger’s eye increases courage.
      • I won’t list all crystals here because that would take forever, but those are a couple ideas. 
  • While the drinks are brewing/charging, I take some time to ground. I like to do yoga, but some people will meditate during this time, or practice energy techniques. You only have to do this for as long as the drink is charging (so like literally five minutes, trust me it makes a difference). 
  • If you eat breakfast, give a piece of your breakfast as an offering. If you don’t, give some of the drink you made as an offering. I’m the kind of person who works with multiple deities and spirits at a time, so I like to give an offering to one of them and then rotate. This helps mindset and motivation, because if you have low spoons or a down day, at least you’ve completed something.
  • While you’re getting dressed/doing makeup, light a candle. I like to start my day off with a little light; it acts as a positive omen and can wake you up more.
    • Candle color ideas: white (purity and beginnings); red (courage and strength); green (healing, luck and prosperity); blue (calming and spiritual awareness); purple (psychic powers and control); yellow (positivity and attractiveness); pink (beauty, serenity and positivity); orange (stimulation and energy).
    • Scent ideas for the candle: floral (healing and cheeriness); citrus (purity, energy, and focus); sweet (happiness, kindness and patience); spicy (passion, motivation and magic); subtle (grounding and calm).
  • Do your makeup in the morning? I recommend placing some sea glass or rose quartz next to your makeup supplies as you use them. It’s a simple tactic that’ll really up your look for the day.

This morning routine takes about twenty minutes, and includes six witchcraft spells. That’s a lot of productivity that’ll help wake you up and motivate you for the day!

Other ideas that I don’t personally do, but others do:

  • Turn your morning shower into a cleansing ritual not that i don’t take showers, I just don’t take them in the morning. 
  • Color-coordinate your outfit for your day’s intent.
    • or your makeup/accessories
  • Make some fruit-infused water to carry with you throughout the day for an energy boost.
  • Carry an appropriate crystal in your pocket to help calm, stabilize or motivate you.
  • Add an herb to your eggs (or other breakfast food) that’ll help your intent for the day
  • Say a prayer while you’re still in bed, before you get up in the morning. That’ll count as a simple offering.

Feel free to add some more ideas, especially for the late-sleepers and spoonie witches out there! Have a beautiful morning (ᗒᗨᗕ) /

Grandmother always warned that there are those in life who will try to force affections and create false thoughts and glamours with their sorcery. “There is nothing more dangerous than involuntary love, my child.” she would always say. As a little girl, she taught me how to protect myself, and today I pass that protection on to you. 

A sprig of rosemary for protection
a pinch of sea salt to keep intentions pure
Fresh ginger root to power the magic
and a lock of your hair to make it secure.
Place these ingredients in a sachet
and wear it close to your chest after dark.
breathe life into your enchantment weekly,
so no spell can be cast on your heart.

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Title: Grandmothers Love Spell Protection
Copyright:  © Ivan Ambrose 2017
Deck: Madame Endora
Safe Space Tags: Love Spell 
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Could you pls write a fanfic in which Theo goes to Liam injured in his wolf form and Liam makes him shift back and takes care of him??

I have zero idea how long this has been sitting in my inbox, so I apologize for the lateness. Anyway, hope this close to what you wanted. 

Sorry for any grammatical or spelling mistakes, I tried to do this quickly. 


There’s a whining sound, high pitched and pained, coming from just below Liam’s bedroom window. He tries to ignore it at first, assumes it’s just a stray dog, but the whining doesn’t stop and the animal doesn’t go away.

Liam groans into his pillow, he can not deal with this right now. He has a game tomorrow and if he fucks up because he’s too sleep deprived to play then he’s never going to hear the end of it from his coach or his team mates.

Liam throws his blankets to the floor and angrily rolls out of bed. He stalks over to the window, flings it open with enough force that he momentarily panics about damaging the house. He pats at the window in an apology and sticks his head out, hoping all the while that the window doesn’t try to enact revenge by slamming closed and taking his head off.

There, just below him, curled up into a ball, is a large black wolf. The furry beast whimpers in pain, head lifting with difficulty to stare up at him, eyes flashing gold. Liam catches the scent of it on the wind, Theo and pain and blood.


The wolf gives a pitiful yip in reply.

“What the fuck,” Liam whispers, staring down at the wolf in surprise.

The chimera’s been missing for days. He’d just up and vanished after a pack meeting the week before. Liam hadn’t been worried per se, because the chimera was prone to that sort of behavior; disappearing for days or weeks on end and then just reemerging like he was never gone. So, no, Liam hadn’t been worried, just curious about the other boy’s whereabouts.

Liam quickly shuts and locks his window before darting out of his room and down the stairs to the front door. He moves as quickly and quietly as he can, so as not to wake his sleeping parents.

Theo is waiting for him on the front porch, one injured paw raised up from the ground dripping blood all over the welcome mat. Liam doesn’t even hesitate to hoist the wolf up into his arms and carry him up the stairs. He ignores the disgruntled huffs of dog breath against his neck.

“Shh,” Liam shushes him. “Both of my parents are home.”

He nudges his bedroom door open and leans carefully against it until it closes once he’s on the other side. He sets Theo down as gently as he can, rushes to the bathroom to grab towels and the medical kit.

“Theo,” He calls out quietly to the wolf, dropping to his knees on the carpet beside him. “Theo, I need you to change back.”

The wolf only whines, nose snuffling at the carpet.

“Come on you giant baby, change back so I can see what’s wrong.”

Liam won’t admit it out loud, but he’s worried. There’s a lot of blood coating his arms and shirt from when he carried Theo. Liam can’t see any wounds, or the extent of the damage, through Theo’s thick coat of black fur and he seriously doubts the chimera would be very forgiving if Liam took a razor to his pretty coat.

He leans in close, catches the wolfs burning eyes and says; “Come on Theo, please change back.”

The wolf whines, long and low, turns his head away leaving a smear of blood across Liam’s carpet. A minute passes, two, and then there’s the sharp cracking of bones. Liam shuffles back quickly when he realizes that Theo’s shifting.

Before him is a very injured and very naked Theo Raeken. Liam spares his door a worried glance, he probably should have taken a moment to lock it. If either of his parents wake up and decide to peek into his room, they are going to be extremely surprised by what they find.

Theo’s gasping for breath face down on the carpet. His tan skin is oddly pale and tacky with blood.

“Shh,” Liam murmurs quietly. “It’s okay, Theo.”

Liam rolls Theo over onto his back, eyes roaming over the exposed expanse of skin. He grits his teeth when they his eye catch on Theo’s completely shredded torso. Claw marks stretch down from the boy’s right pec all the way to his belly button.

“What happened,” Liam asks pressing a towel against the freely bleeding wound. “Theo, what the hell?”

Theo doesn’t answer, just lets out a low grunt of pain at the press of fabric against his injuries. His eyes are closed, breath heavy and slow as though he’s passed out from the effort of switching back to his human form.

Liam is angry and scared and worried all at the same time. Fuck Theo’s: You only feel one emotion at a time bullshit.

Liam moves the towel to watch as the wound slowly tries to stitch itself back together, decides he’ll help the process as much as he can. He uses on hand to flick open the medical kit sitting beside him and pulls out the roll of surgical tape; with gentle fingers he squeezes the wounds closed and places strip after strip over them, leeching the pain away as he works.

When he’s done with the worst of it he checks over Theo’s bare body for any other grievous wounds. Finds that one of Theo’s wrists are broken, the skin mottled and bruised, but there’s nothing he can do for that. The bone will reset and mend itself.

With nothing left to doctor up Liam works on cleaning the blood from both of their bodies. He doesn’t care about the floor, he’ll figure out something to do about it tomorrow.

Liam takes a deep breath to calm himself, push back the anger at who—or whatever– did this. He rips off his bloody shirt and tosses it to the corner with the rest of his dirty laundry. He doesn’t bother grabbing a clean shirt, just rummages through his drawers until he finds a pair of shorts that will fit Theo and tosses them at the bed.

Slowly, he lifts Theo off the floor and carries him over to the bed. It’s harder now that Theo’s human, causes Liam to stumble, but he makes it there with over falling over or dropping his injured friend.

He lays Theo on the bed and carefully eases him into the pair of spare basketball shorts before retrieving his blanket from where he’d thrown it on the floor and covering the chimera up.

He doesn’t know where Theo had been or what the boy had gotten himself into, he just knows he’s glad the chimera is safe now. Even if he is fast asleep in Liam’s bed.

Liam stares at the open space left on the bed before shrugging and crawling in beside him, careful not to jostle the sleeping wolf. Liam reaches out to wrap a hand around Theo’s uninjured wrist. A grounding point of connection and reassurance for the both of them.

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I think the writers seriously believe that if women are doing the raping and children who are produced from those rapes are accepted by their fathers, it's no big deal and can be brushed under the rug. And not having Robin or Hook properly addressing the acts is also a way of the writers ignoring the reality of having decided to use rape as plot points. As if the men were totally okay with it and knew they were bedding witches who were taking advantage of them, right? 🙄

Sorry, this got a little buried in my inbox.

The argument Brigitte Hales and Leah Fong used on twitter was that Gothel is an evil person, doing evil things. Which annoys me, because evil can be entirely separated from rape. One does not need to be sexually despicable to be evil. 

Pan was very very evil, and made no sexual advances on anyone. The Black Fairy was supposed to be their biggest evil, and again…made no sexual advances. 

Zelena uses sex as a weapon, as Regina does, and both of them obviously have a very skewed idea of what sex is. Considering Regina had Cora as a parent and was married off at an early age, she knows sex is power, and when you’re in power, you control it. She also knows that she’s attractive, so she can use that too. It’s not good, at all, and the way Regina treats Graham is one of my most difficult things about her character. 

then I remind myself that the writers wrote it. 

We don’t know how Zelena grew up, or what she learned about sex, but she definitely knows sex is power, and when you have it (the dagger, the spell that makes her look like Marian) you use it to get what you want. 

The part that absolutely disgusts me about the way the show handles it is that after Robin is raped, there are jokes about it. Dr. Whale has “it’s more fun making the baby” - which is so appalling it makes my stomach twist up. No, being raped is not at all “fun”. Imagining someone you care about is NOT someone you care about and you have had sex with them, is horrendous, hideous, and…they play it for funny. “Once you’ve gone green, you’ll never go queen” is a rapist taunting her victim about how sex with the person he loves will never be the same. 

And it’s not. As a rape survivor, sex after you’ve been raped, even with people you really care deeply for, is fucked up. Everything is fucked up. It is absolutely not and should never be the source of a cheap joke on a television show. It’s offensive, it’s vile and lacks all empathy. 

I hate it. I hate that they wrote it in so many times, I hate that they didn’t address it with Robin and they won’t address it with Hook. 

I hate it because it hits that trigger point that “you don’t matter, your experiences don’t matter, shut up and let people enjoy things, shut up and watch the show, it’s just an evil act by an evil person”

One of the most awful things about sexual assault, is that most people who hurt other people don’t seem like evil people. They seem nice. They smile at you at the store and can be nice in most of their lives. 

The idea that Gothel is just evil and being evil is physically disgusting to me because yes, rape is an evil act, but nt all evils are rapists. Rape is so often the weapon of someone who can see as good, someone we love, that I’m deeply troubled. 

Rape is so weird, because most people know it’s awful. Many people would rather die than be raped, and yet, we make jokes about it. We think it’s funny, We sweep it aside. We use it for dramatic twists. 

If Hook started kissing Rapunzel, then the lights were turned off and Gothel started kissing him instead, people would agree it was rape. He started kissing Rapunzel, not Gothel. (there is a court case that goes this way, with two men).

I have many feelings about rape, and many of them are rage. I was never allowed to be angry about my own. He was family, and I had to see him, over and over. I had to be polite and kind. 

I connected with Robin so much, because he has to play nice with his rapist. She gets some kind of shared custody. She’s Regina’s sister. She will be in his life no matter what happens and my heart ached for him. 

And we barely saw anything about his feelings, his recovery, his struggle. 

Do the writers of the show know how hard it is to have sex again after you’ve been raped? How terrifying it is to trust anyone with that part of you? They obviously cannot handle the responsibility of writing about that kind of pain with any truth, and I hate them for going there. I hate how callous they are. 

I love Robin and Hook for being good fathers. I love that they embraced their children. That takes nothing away from how they were abused, both by Zelena and Gothel and by the writers of the show. They deserved better. They deserve to be allowed to have feelings and heal. 

Hook seems to have enjoyed sex before, has he even been comfortable with that part of his life afterwards? Substance abuse is a big problem with rape survivors…did his experience add to his alcoholism? 

Robin had so much deep emotional ground to go over, things to talk about, and they killed him instead of addressing the messy storyline they made. 

I really can’t say enough how much I hate the people who made that choice. Reproductive freedom and choice is just as important as sexual consent and the writers of the show made a mess of both issues. 

They don’t get out of it because they have cute babies and cute daddies. Yes, I applaud both fathers and their children, but I don’t think I’m going to stop raging at the writers because none of this needed to happen. 

You want Zelena to have a baby? She sleeps with Walsh, she sleeps with some random man in New York. She uses a spell. 

You want Hook to have a baby with Gothel? You set it up so he knows who she is and has sex with her anyway. “Sleep with me and I will give you what you want.” Sure, it’s a little skeevy, but it’s honest. It’s not rape. 

I’m usually nice. I’m usually polite, but fuck everyone who was involved with the writing of Robin’s rape and Hook’s. Fuck the producers who signed off on it. Fuck them for being so cruel and closeminded. 

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Re Outlander accents: "Although the “worst” one was Murtagh’s 😜" Beggin' yer pardon, Mistress, but ye must ken me lovely wife gladly would translate me words fer ye if only ye asked her. She speaks fluent Murtz and kens how to spell "help" when writin' in The Gàidhlig. I bid ye a pleasant buenas noches. Truly. — MFF ⚔️



You can’t even imagine how happy your messages always make me ☺️ I’m sure your Murtagh speaks a language that only his beautiful “wife” can understand 😜


Book Review: Goodly Spellbook- Olde Spells for Modern Problems 

 Author: Dixie Deerman, Steve Rasmussen

When I first bought this book, I mostly bought it because of its volume and how cheap it was. At the Barnes and Nobles that I bought it from, I got it for $17. In some (other) stores, you can get it for even lower. However, this book is worth so much more than it costs!

A lot of “spell books” at stores are merely an book-size list of spells usually categorized by common means and those categories are usually in alphabetical order. I’m not trashing on those books or people who read them- it’s just not my favorite type of witchy book. At all. But when I flipped through it at the store, I saw that a giant portion of it was text. This was what ultimately got my attention and sold it to me. For those of you who read my past review on “Basic Witches”, some of you might be a little sceptical of books I buy before reading a good chapter of before buying it. But this time is different. This book is beginner friendly, but not the same as the typical beginner book which usually say the same thing as the hundreds of others. It’s so much better than that.

This book starts with the history of witchcraft. Not many people may be interested in this, but I personally think this is something that witches needs to at least know general information about the big stuff. It starts in ancient times and makes its way modern times, as you would expect and goes in detail about the different types that developed as well. 

Next section is for scope: They go into extreme detail of the theories of witchcraft. This includes the solar and sun cycles, the sabbats, correlations, different paths of witchcraft, etc. This section alone is a few hundred pages. 

After this is skills. This is easily the largest portion within the book. Yes it covers little basics like drawing a circle, how to make a spell, how to utilize the moon phases, etc. But I want to focus on what else they talk about. Not once have I encountered a book that talks about historical phrases and word of power. Not once have I encountered a book that talks about different traditional witchy dances with a diagram of the steps. I have rarely encountered a book that discusses SEVERAL different types of divination and THEN go into in-depth instructions for each one like a guide book for them (including tea readings, numerology, tarot, astrology, pendelum, and scrying with water, fire, smoke, and much more). It introduces a template for spells as well as a few methods of creating sigils. This is only the tip of the iceberg. There’s so much in there that this post would be way too long if I included everything.

Lastly, of course, is the spell book portion. It’s just as what the name suggests.

I REALLY REALLY REALLY recommend this boom for adepts and beginners alike. I learned so much myself and despite it being really voluminous, I appreciated the length due to the sheer detail and enjoyed reading it 100% of the way. 

RATING: 10/10 (I would love to give it a 11 though)

Shit you hear in the Ravenclaw common room at 3am:

How do spells even work since we can do magic without using incantations or even wands? How do you create a spell? Incantations are probably 100% bullshit since wizarding communities from each country all have their own. So like, are incantations even necessary? Or have we just been conditioned to believe they are? Spells are fake, Susan. What’s stopping me from creating a spell that can maim people and have the incantation be “pygmy puff”? WHAT’S STOPPING ME SUSAN? Imagine creating a spell that can, like, blow up people or whatever, and making the incantation “Dumbledore’s Hairy Dick”. Hell yes I fucking would, Susan! Imagine Death Eaters running around just shouting “Dumbledore’s Hairy Dick” at people. It would be hilarious Susan. Anyway nothing is real and I’m going to bed. ‘night, Susan.

dovakel  asked:

ok, hoping this one doesn't stump you: if a monsters conjured magic cesis to exist after the monster dies, why does the barrier still exist? pretty sure the mages who created it aren't around anymore. unless it's a different kind of magic? do the high levels of determination keep it going? or maybe it involved some sort of ritual to make it last beyond the lifespan of its castors? or just the fact that it was a group effort instead of a single cast? these things keep me up at night. -_-

Heheh, that’s half the fun of Undertale; we’e given just enough information on how things work to have a basis, but not everything, which lets us speculate all over the place!

I think you’re on the right track; personally I think that yeah, because it was humans that cast the barrier spell, it probably has different properties from monster magic relating to how much stronger a human’s soul is in comparison. Considering how important it is to Undertale overall, it’s almost definitely got something to do with determination; after all, that was the goal of the DT experiments: to give a monster’s soul the power of a human’s in the hopes it could break the barrier.

Considering how efficiently the barrier was designed–you can pass through if you have both a monster and human soul, you can break it with the power of 7 human souls–I have to wonder if human magic is kind of like what we’re used to seeing in other media, where it takes lots of study but you can plan and build spells according to your needs and skill. With monsters, it comes directly from their soul, and they tend to have magic based on what kind of monster they are–so they may not be able to learn different types of magic or customize its expression much. But who knows for sure.

It’s definitely a lot to think about!

Simple Shower Spells

-I see a lot of love for bath spells, but some of us just don’t have access to bathtubs, whether we are at college, camps, or homes without them

-There are ways to modify them, but some can’t be altered that significantly, or you may not want to change the energy or power by disrupting the original ritual

-Here are some basic ideas on how to make a good shower:

•Cleanse and charge the shower head. Give it the intent to imbue your water with whatever properties you wish

•Simple rhymes can have so much power. Focus on the water flowing down, and the drain taking it away. This can create powerful energy.

•Some sample spells include,

“As the water flows down from above,

I call down beings of love”


“Just as the water goes down the drain,

There goes all of my troubles and pain”

•Similar rhymes, or small variations will make very powerful small rituals, especially with intent. Even just keeping the first lines the same every time can give those power each time you shower.

•At the end of the shower, do another simple rhyme or ritual ender. This can make everything feel far more powerful, and even amplify some of the other rituals if you have the right ending ritual.

Enjoy, and share if you see an idea! Also feel free to add your own ideas or experiences in the reblogs!!

Sado + Zero's Home - Wednesday, 1:40pm

“To be fair, Chriss, you showed up at her house completely under a spell. Who knows what you said, did or even how you looked at that time.” He knew how he looked. Like his father when Ashton was under Demonic possession. He could vaguely remember the orange haze that had plagued his vision the other night.

“That’s why I said I made a mistake. She probably doesn’t want to be near me again.”

In a small sense, Sado knew what her brother was going through. Something similiar happened between her and Zero that she hadn’t spoken of to many people. When a Vampire fed from you, it could go either way. It could just be a moment of satisfaction or it could become something more possessive. More deadly. When she first fed from Zero, she nearly lost herself. Not just because of the act, but because in order for her to feel comfortable doing it, they were in the midst of an intimate moment.

She could have hurt him. Drained him. There were still times when a territorial sense would come over Sado but she never showed it around Zero. She didn’t want to turn him off by claiming him as, “hers.”

Sometimes feeling something to strong for someone, could be detrimental for the both of you. “You don’t know that for sure. All of this is still fresh. It just happened. Give her time to process. Let her reach out to you when she’s ready.”

Previous 👽👽

✨how to ward off negative people👌🔮

step 1. no need for crystals this time. go outside and find some nice, fist sized rocks

step 2. Draw protective sigils and runes on those rocks

step 3. just fUCKING THROW THOSE ROCKS at those NEgaTIVe shitshows

step 4. be happy 😎

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can I get a fuckin uhhhhhhhh Meulin Peixes sprite edit? with meenah's colored glasses and long crazy hair tied into a poorly done braid and the tail being fuchsia instead of the patented LeijonBlueTail™?

TG: yknow how when you stare at a word for too long it doesnt feel like its real anymore and then you start questioning the english language
TG: yeah uh fusshcshscshias got me trippin
TG: i dont know how to spell it,
TG: please help

nancida  asked:

Ooooo have you figured out a backstory for Elijah??(i think that's how you spell it)

uhhhh a bit i think ?? the most i have is that he just grew up as a bit of a pampered kid and his parents never tried to teach him things like proper social behaviors. he’s very polite but as a kid he had a tendency to be really mean to other kids  who never liked him too much it was just other rich parents hanging out w/ his rich parents. they never really paid too much attention to him either so his habits of doing. concerning things. never really got handled. like he’d go out and burn bugs w/ magnifying glasses or catch and kind of torment small animals

when he was like 12 or smth a nanny finally got him in order but that point the guy had already settled into having almost no empathy for anyone or anything so still when he said or did rude things he wouldn’t care if he hurt someone and his apologizes were always empty and he didn’t understand why he had to care

currently he just lives in a mansion and works fr some sort of organization. mostly double-agent like stuff like he’ll research other groups that need to be taken care of and will ‘apply’ as a member and then throw big parties when he’s hired to thank them and will have fake wait staff plant things to slowly kill off the enemy group

fr the assignment i designed him for i’m using harry’s “catholic whore” line from kingsman which turned into the idea of “oh when he throws parties regular or not women flirt w/ him all the time bc they want to marry him and take his money but he’s gay and also just uninterested in general so he’s been making up this fake boyfriend but panics every time somebody asks him to go indepth about him and he’s just been sticking w/ the same story that is slowly becoming kind of ridiculous”

he basically has everything or could at least afford anything he likes but his ideal partner is still someone who will pamper him and buy him things (with his credit card but he still gets gifts and doesn’t have to leave the house ) 

i ‘m thinking ?? i might give him an actual BF but i have no ideas so i just told chris to have at it lksjgd (so far we’re thinking he’ll either be a tiger or a rat. 2 things that absolutely do not match chinchilla)

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“Imagine Eto et al trying to manipulate Hide.” Now I need this. A 4-koma version like the omake.

Itori: …and then we hear that Arima is coming to town and U-san does a 180 and we have to stay to watch Renji and Arima fight…

Hide: *writing it down* You’re all suspicious motherfuckers, but continue… how do you spell Arima again?

Kurona: Kanou took us in after a ghoul had killed our parents!

Hide: yeah you do know your dad worked together with Kanou for the Washuu, right? Like, if anyone killed him it was them.