Why We Didn’t See Caitlin

You guys, you guys, I’ve figured it out.

Okay, so everyone in Flashpoint seems to be in Opposite Land for most of their important details.

Iris doesn’t know Barry and is married to someone else.

Joe’s life is a shambles and he despises Barry.

Cisco is a capitalistic, superfamous, womanizing, health nut. (I’m hoping he’s not actually that bad of a womanizer and that the chick on the elevator turns out to be his trophy wife or something, which would be bad but not as bad as the arm candy of the week I’ve seen her already classified as. And yes, I’m well aware I did the same womanizing thing in Morning Meeting, you don’t have to tell me I’m problematic.)

ANYWAY. So, the Flash writers seem to have taken one or two major traits from each character and inverted them to create their Flashpoint selves. So. What’s Caitlin’s major trait?

Her love life.

So in Flashpoint, she doesn’t have a love life.

And as we all know, the Flash writers don’t know how to write a woman without a love life. Which is why she’s barely in the trailer. Because they don’t know what to do with her if she doesn’t have a boyfriend.

BOOM. Solved it.

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(This was asked on my main, so I’ve screenshotted it over to here!)

Favorite trope: oh my goshhh, so many, I love tropes and inverted tropes and all the stories that come from them
-if we’re talking most ridiculously disproportionate reaction, I am such a sucker for soulmate aus, it’s not even funny. It doesn’t matter what type, I fall for them every time
-I also need to read more dark!rey
-I really love aus
-and both of them being awkward because, really, how much relationship experience/positive human interaction have either of them had?
-seriously, their awkward fumblings at forming a relationship from whatever scraps of knowledge they can pick up is so good
-also: bed sharing. It’s the best. I welcome all tropes that involve this premise.
-cuddling in general, tbh
-I just want them to be happy

Dominating in the relationship: hmmmmmm

I’m good with either, honestly. I think I tend to write (and read) Rey being more aggressive in bed because that’s how I see that going? Kylo dominating also tends to lead to a lot of dfp, which is fine, there’s some very enjoyable fics in that direction! But overall, I think I like them best as switches, both taking their turns. Balance in the force and in bed ;)
(And that goes for the not-in-bed relationship as well, lol, my absolute favorite is them finding a balance in their relationship, but I am also always down for Rey kicking Kylo’s ass.)

Thank you so much for the ask!!!


So I continuing from my adventures last week (which I am coining as “fen hopping”)  I went up to Urbana Ohio to visit the famous “Cedar Bog” (which is actually just a fen), and boy did it live up to the hype! After a bit of waking though a sedge meadow I was greeted with some Round-leaved Sundew (Drocera rotundifoli) the first carnivorous plant that I have ever seen in the wild! I was also greeted by a surprising number of Seepage Dancers (Argia bipunctulata) a critically endanger state species that you would never know is endangered if this was your first experience with them. As was expected the plant and invert diversity was amazing there, i’m really envious of anyone that lives close by!!

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Vanessa remains best noncanon girl. Thank you for that.

Lass is best girl for me so much, that its inverted into worst girl because I feel guilty about it.

Delighted observations from women on Ghostbusters
  • no fat jokes
  • no gratuitous sexiness
  • no sexed up costumes
  • women interacting like actual women
  • no romance
  • realistic awkwardness a la Erin over Kevin
  • women eating actual food and not in a sexy way
  • women not needing to ask a man for help
  • women being skilled in their fields
  • women being affectionate with each other
  • women being confident in their identities and not being plagued with self-doubts and crying into ice cream
  • an actual action sequence without tit shots or ‘sexy’ camera angles (which, fyi, was the hottest thing I have seen on the big screen this year)
  • a line-up where the standard gender ratio of 4-to-1 is inverted

I has made some Toriel fanarts for some swap AUs ^^

From left to right:




@utunderswitchau (my au lol)


Royaltyswap, there isn’t a comic for this AU, it was created by my friend, @piemastersmiles

I am sorry if I messed up some details on the designs. ^^;