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Have you ever thought about opening a Patreon? I'd totally support you!

HHHHH aaa yes I have been considering it these past few weeks *o* I’m super thankful to ppl who bought me coffee and it would be nice if they could get something in return as well *__*

I’m thinking of offering mainly psd files and hires versions of original art (with occassional fanart stuff maybe) ++ posting sketches/wips of all my stuff? maybe small resources like patterns and textures too haha i make those sometimes lol

since i have a day job i’ll probably only be able to offer few full-rendered art alongside sketches but hopefully it would be possible to get more time to work on art someday instead of pouring everything in my office job lol

idk but omg thank you so much for your interest 💖💖💖


President Trump is in a peculiar position: He runs the country, advised by his daughter and son-in-law — while also profiting from his own worldwide Trump Organization, run by his sons.

This arrangement has spurred a number of ethics and conflicts-of-interest concerns, numerous lawsuits and a consistent stream of headlines. Though President Trump has stepped down from managing his 500+ businesses and put them in a trust, he continues to own them. The top government ethics official has decried Trump’s arrangement as insufficient.

Meanwhile, the specifics of Trump’s financial ties — including his debts and actual sources of wealth — remain unclear. As the president often uses his own for-profit properties to host foreign dignitaries, and his Trump Organization continues to operate overseas and do business with foreigners, an archaic word emoluments has entered the daily lexicon of ethics watchdogs. It refers to an obscure but newly relevant constitutional clause.

Check out our video for a brief walk-through of what all this means, how it happened and why it matters.

Trump: The President Who Is Still A Businessman

while it’s still april i wanted to make an autism acceptance post !

this post is a shoutout to every autist with a “weird”, “cringy”, and mostly otherwise unknown special interests – and i mean things that actually arent liked by tons of other people like minecraft and fnaf and undertale

im talking about all of you with special interests that no one’s heard about, that have little to no fan content, that are hard to get other people interested in hearing about let alone invested with you

i see you, i support you, and i think your special interest is wonderful and unique. you arent weird or embarrassing or boring, you are passionate and individual and that’s amazing!!

i encourage us all to celebrate each other’s niche special interests. i absolutely adore having seen all my friends speak so lovingly about their special interests and ive been introduced to so many fantastic new forms of media and information !

because the people around me have had the confidence to share their “strange” special interests ive had the joy to discover so many things ??? i never knew wordgirl existed but now i wish i’d watched PBS more as a kid. i’ve learned more about trains and betta fish than i ever thought i would ever. i’ve never thought more about the pixar cars movie, pinky and the brain, and snagglepuss in my whole life and i LOVE IT

ive heard great music, movies, art, and facts all over from the autistic people i follow all about their special interests that to most would be anything but special. i love seeing all of your care and passion and i hope that i never see that end.

everyone is encouraged to reblog this !!


Ok but seriously never bully people because of their interests.

I was a writer (also a very efficient one, who wrote chapters at light speed because I frigging loved what I was working on) and I was learning to draw (anime style, but w/e).

Then my ‘talents’ became the target of classmates and teachers, and I was constantly called out and shamed for my interests.

After years of harassment, I got tired and gave up. The depression took control of my life.

Now I haven’t written anything in years, and forgot the few things I knew about drawing, and guess what?
I have no talents and interests anymore.

Don’t be a dick and please never bully anyone because of their hobbies, you’ll ruin their fuckin’ lives.


Whomever you’re waiting for … they’re never coming back. But there’s someone who still could.

Made these a while back for a Star Wars / Peter Pan AU I’ll probably never write~

some things i’ve noticed about the new volume cover

After staring at the beautiful new volume cover Adachitoka made for who knows how long, I noticed certain details that I thought were worth mentioning. For anyone wondering what cover I’m talking about, it’s this one :

One thing I noticed was that Ebisu’s plaque had two strings attached: one for the current Ebisu and one for the past incarnation.

 Almost immediately I looked at the plaque of the only other god we’ve seen reincarnate, Takemikazuchi, who just so happens to also have a second plaque.Unlike Ebisu’s, however, his is facing the back instead of the front.

It seems to me that gods who have reincarnated in the past have several plaques tied together. I also decided to look at all the other gods to see if maybe one of them had a secret reincarnation, which led me to find this:

Kofuku has two extra plaques instead of just one and, similarly to Take’s plaque, both of hers are facing away too. Could Kofuku have reincarnated twice before? Could the plaques facing away mean something? Could reincarnation become a huge plot point in the future? I honestly don’t know. I could be reading this completely wrong, or none of these images are meant interpreted in anyway at all.  

Another detail I noticed:

Nora’s plaque has no string attached to it. Trashdad’s, however, does. 

Both Nora and Fujisaki are currently unknown entities whom we only have theories of what they could possibly be. The fact that Nora’s has no string while Fujisaki’s does seems to point towards something.

All of this is just observations and half-baked speculation, so I could be completely wrong on all accounts.