(insert all the characters names)


[character] who [elevated description of sensible, low-risk action].

[character] who [basic survival tactic reframed as shocking altruism].

[character] who [nakedly hagiographic oversimplification of complex situation downplaying or erasing other significant actors].

[character in all-caps with “fucking” inserted between first and last names].


I think I have a new favorite Anna Kendrick movie character after FINALLY seeing Mr.Right!


me, not even 2 days ago: i dont feel like making any new ocs

anonymous asked:

Would you be able to make a list of links to all your "signs as (insert anime name) character"? :D

Ohhh myyy. Okay so, I have been looking through all of our anime post’s just to answer this! (⌒▽⌒)☆ (I’m not gonna link stuff like seiyuu characters, squads or specific hair colored characters. Only all over anime characters posts + there’s some on our queue, that haven’t been posted yet - and ofc they aren’t gonna be on this list)

- Lady Aquarius

FAQ- frequently asked questions

What programs do you use?

I mainly use paint tool Sai for the bulk of the actual drawing while I use Photoshop CS6 for enhancements (textures, color changes,resizing text)

What brushes do you use?

I made a post about this a few months ago click here to find out!

Do you use textures/screen tones:

I do and I would say 95% of my textured art is just me adding noise to the picture if your not sure what that means click here to my super short tutorial about it  

What tablet do you use?

A Cintiq 12 and also a Cintiq companion when I’m away from home.

Can I use your art?

Why yes, you can for pretty much everything anything but steal credit or make a profit off of it and no you don’t need to ask my permission first just do it :)

Can I use your AUs or ideas form your AUs?


Do you take requests or commissions?

At this time I’m not :( sorry

What’s your age?,location? sex?, gender?

I’m a 26 year old  Northern Virginian cis female.

Have you ever drawn <insert character name here>?

I tag all my Hetalia fanart with aph <insert country name> or 2p <insert country name> (minus the bracts) make use of the search function on my blog to find what your looking for and if you come up with nothing then I haven’t drawn that particular character 

How come your spelling and grammar is so bad?

Well I’d say 75% of it is because I’m dyslexic and the other 25% is laziness. This is my hobby blog not my portfolio so I’m not really interested in going over everything with a fine tooth comb or even a large tooth one.

Also no I do not have a portfolio blog though I really should…

Can I message you?

Sure you can! I’m more likely to respond if you send a message with your screen name than just a anonymous just because I don’t like clogging up my blog with a lot of questions I think most people come to my blog for my art and not my stunning personality ;)

Also if you send me a compliment anonymously I totally read it and get all the nice warm fuzzies just because I’m not posting for the reason I stated above doesn’t mean I don’t apprentice them very much and thank you all for sending them :)

Double Standards In Sherlock

My favorite thing is how people villainize Mary Morstan in the captions of (my) gifsets for being a liar as if she is this lone bad egg in a sea of good eggs. Well,  I love to break it to you, THIS SHOW IS BURSTING IT’S BRIM WITH LIARS.

Sherlock lies about almost everything and when he doesn’t tell a direct lie, he represses either to protect himself or others. Yet when Mary does this she is the devil for hiding, when Sherlock does this he’s a “a lil smol bby in love with *insert character name here*”

 John lies to himself all the time. Lies about he hates Sherlock, how he doesn’t miss the war, doesn’t miss solving crimes with his best friend. Yet one of the criticisms I often see written about Mary is that she’s just pretending. Right cos no one in this show ever pretends.

People lie for themselves and each other all the time in this show. Molly lied for Sherlock for two years (which would have involved lying to John too) but I don’t see anyone calling her the devil. Watch The Reichenbach Fall. In hindsight that entire episode is a lie. I think there is only two or three scenes in that entire episode that don’t have at least one person lying in them. But yeah, only call Mary out for being manipulative, sure.

Speaking of manipulation, this brings me to my next (and personal favorite) double standard. I’ve seen this added to captions of my gifsets as well as those of my friends gifsets and I piss myself laughing whenever I see it. People think Irene Adler is pure evil and hated by all because she manipulated Sherlock into loving her so she could use him to screw the government and protect herself.

Oddly enough, I don’t at all dispute that is (in part) what happened, I just dislike people hating her for this when Sherlock Holmes proposed Marriage to a woman to break into an office so he could get info on a man he eventually kills in cold blood to save his friends. Not to mention, in Hounds, John was perfectly okay with dating a woman because Sherlock told him to get info on Henry. But sure, let’s drag Irene and Mary for supposedly pretending to love men. Wow. So evil. No one does this ever. *yawns*

You know what Sherlock also did? Killed people with a flippin sword to protect Irene Adler which is oh so heroic when he kills people to protect people he cares about. But when Mary non fatally shoots Sherlock to protect herself and John (she even calls an ambulance for him!) she is Moriarty, the devil, etc etc

Last but not least, there is my darling Sally Donovan. Hated by many for being an asshole insensitive to the emotions of others. Yeah, cos it’s not like we’ve seen whole montages of Sherlock behaving this exact way towards clients.

Look, everyone has a right to hate what they hate and love what they love. All I’m saying is maybe you need to reflect on your internalized misogyny a little bit if your reasons for hating a female character are the same traits for which you love your male characters AND, if you’re going to besmirch one character for being a liar, you can’t let all the other liars off scott free. But honestly, it’s better to practice common decency and allow people the occasional mistake because they’re humans not Gods. 

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Dear Fandom,

I’m not really sure why I even write this, because obviously nothing I say will change the minds of particular people who (it looks like) dedicate their life to bashbashing (it’s almost a term now, right?). Because apparently he can do no right in their eyes or maybe they’re just watching a different show. Also I find it ironical that those, who are dead serious on hating Sebastian now are the same people who during the first weeks of Reign on air constantly whined about how it is so awful that fandom hates on Francis. But I would keep silence, if I didn’t see the same people actually starting to hate on Mary, which is just unbelievable, because the stuff you’re writing in the Reign tag is disturbingly misogynistic. Even more so, coming from the girls and women about the main character of the show.

I’m not going to bother with those, who actually use words “bitch” or “slut” in relation to any woman on a show, not just Mary, but I’m going to say this. Woman is not defined by any man. So just stop with your ~REALMARY (when with Francis *of course*) / ~OOCMARY (when with Bash *naturally*) atrocity. At the very least it’s laughable, not to mention completely disrespectful. What have she done to become any less ~real?

Does she still care for her country and her people? Check. The reason she begun this plot with King Henry was because of her mother’s wishes and her country’s need for her.

Is she still compassionate and kindhearted? Check. See her treatment of Isobel, Isobel’s baby, Alec the Bodyguard, future Elizabeth the I, even Catherine.

Is she still protective over the ones she cares about? Check. The second reason why she initiated the legitimization scheme was to save Francis, she constantly tries to protect Bash from the mess she put him into.

Does she still take all the responsibility for her actions? Check. See how she blames herself for everything.

Is she still a headstrong cunning woman? Check. Queen vs. Queen showdown is a proof.

Is she still an idealistic girl who just wants to be happy? Check. See how she puts her heart into relationship with Bash, who she believes will be her husband for the rest of her life.

If anything Mary’s characterization was crystallized in these past two episodes. She became stronger, wiser, widen her perspectives about things she couldn’t fully understand before. ~Real Mary isn’t defined by her love for a man JFC. She doesn’t need to prove herself to ~deserve Francis. If all these episodes didn’t show you, that Mary is the most selfless character on the show, willing to sacrifice ANYTHING for the people she cares about, willing to suffer herself, I’m afraid nothing else will, as you are too far gone in your bias. Saying these stuff just further proofs what I suspected before - you don’t really like Mary’s character, you only like her for as long as she is Francis prize. Well guess what? She’s Mary Queen of Scotts not Mary Queen of Frary or Queen of Mabastian. And she is the only character, whose presence is key and required in every episode. This is HER story.

And speaking of Bash and Mary and Sebastian ~THE MANIPULATATIVE BASTARD aka THE WORST PERSON ALIVE. Seriously guys, what show are you watching? Is there an alternative version out there? Because if there is, I would be interested to see it as well just to get, where are you people coming from. Bash is the worst liar ever, he’s not a smooth operator at all. Come to think of it, every single time when he tried to lie, he failed miserably. It was shown perfectly in “Sacrifice” when he couldn’t even freaking tell a fake story about him killing Isobel. He’s unable to manipulate anyone even if he tried: he’s too passionate for that, he gets overwhelmed with feelings too much (unlike Francis, who is much better at manipulation *ahem*1x06*ahem*). Granted, Sebastian is not always a gentle men, I would even call him dangerous at times, reckless, but he comes from a place of love, not cruelty. For the most part he acts violently in self-defense or in order to protect the ones he loves (“his family” - which is not always family by blood, but rather by spirit). And it’s as much positive trait as it is negative. And also understandable. Would you be merciful if a person constantly tries to kill you and everyone you care about? There is no right answer to that. And what is important is that Sebastian knows that, he’s self aware of the wildness inside him and furthermore he slightly despises himself for it. He actually things that he is worse than Francis (which he isn’t, he is just different). And this Sebastian’s characterization was consistent for him since 1x06. He would do anything to protect Mary (started in 1x06), he doesn’t care for the crown (started in 1x07), he only wants to be with her (we saw a hint of that in 1x06, was set in stone in 1x10). Every single point was confirmed by his actions and words in the latest episode. He doesn’t cover anything and never covered before. So where is manipulation in that?

I love Reign, but some people in this fandom really need to stop with their hating issues. You turn the tag into war zone and don’t give a fig about any other character rather than your favorite or storylines no matter how good they are. Now, I love Sebastian to death and I’m ready to go on a killing spree if somebody attacks my Mary-Teady-Bear, but I also love Francis, Catherine, Henry, Kenna, Greer, Lola, Nosty. Diane is my spirit animal. Heck, I even care, where the hell Olivia is now. I watch the show called Reign, not some “All About [insert name here]” clusterfuck. Watching for one particular character and in his name bringing all the others down is just wrong on so many levels.