(in the end; it's happy ever after)

GOT7 as Tourists
  • Jaebum: stressed tourist dad that just wants to lay down on the hotel floor and pass out after the kid behind him wouldn't stop kicking hiS DAMN SEAT ON THE PLANE (its probably yugyeom)
  • Mark: falls asleep at the beach but forgets that suntan lotion is a thing and ends up with the worst sunburn ever. maknae line will not stop slapping his sunburn because "hyung, it's just SO funny"
  • Jackson: spends the 6 hour flight trying to learn an entirely new language. uses a really broken version of said language on literally ANYONE he passes. most likely offends the locals but gosh he's just so charming they can't stay upset
  • Jinyoung: extensively researches where he's traveling to. probably wears a dad cap and a fanny pack full of emergency supplies. plans too many excursions and now has a surfboarding lesson and a mountain hike at the same time
  • Youngjae: will stop at every street vendor and buy something from each because he can't say no to the nice people making him buy a snack, a crappy t shirt,- wait did he just buy a timeshare on an island?
  • Bambam: spent so much time planning out his day to day wardrobe that he forgot the amenities like a tooth brush and socks. promptly rushes to the nearest store. takes like thirty pictures of the local culture on his way there to post on sns later
  • Yugyeom: seems like the type to stray from the tour group because he saw a butterfly or something. looks up and the tour group is already back on the bus about to leave without him. cue the frantic running
A big part of our show is the idea that endings aren’t real… In our culture, one of the more damaging things we can tell our children is the idea of ‘happily ever after’—that you’ll find the prince or slaughter the dragon and be happy forever—but that’s not true. What happens the day after you slaughter the dragon? You still have to get out of bed.

Raphael Bob-Waksberg

Diane Nguyen actually takes the quote closest to this, when she talks about her wedding, but its the reality all the characters are realizing


We are gathered here today to say our heartfelt goodbyes to Rey Sk*walker theory. It was a long run, but it finally passed away after long and agonizing suffering.

On this day I want to say from the bottom of my heart that I feel truly happy to see its suffering ending.

May it Rest In Peace and never come back to haunt us ever again!

OKAY BUT imagine a future where team voltron is like coming home and Kieth and lance are going to lances family to stay, hunk is going to his family, pidge and Matt are going to reunite with their mother, and shiro is kinda nervous bc last time he came to earth he got sedated and ignored. So. He asks the holts if he can stay over there and they’re like ‘sure why tf not" and so he and Matt and pidge are about to land when they realize they’re surrounded by earth military and shiro kinda flips shit. But. This ain’t the garrison and these guys welcome shiro and the holts back and brief them and basically they say that they informed the world or whatever and that earth is going to thank them for their service with a gala or some shit

Shiro can’t dance very well

And also needs a date

SO he goes and asks Allura bc she’s a ‘leading lady’, and she’s like “what the fuck is a dance” and so they practice and shit and its really cute and couple-y and at the party they get oohs and aahs bc they’re the literal most pretty people in the universe and Keith and lance dance together and pidge and Matt do a nerdy brother sister dance and they also help hunk wrangle shay in too and coran is studying the human interactions off in the corner like a nerd and then some random dude comes up and asks him to dance and it’s all happily ever after

GOD I’m a piece of shit

i’m kinda pissy bc of people who haven’t even watched skam reduce it to a show about “cute white gays”.

season 3 of skam is literally the most realistic, beautiful and good portrayal of a gay character and a gay relationship i’ve ever seen. it’s the only tv-show i’ve seen that has a canon bipolar character, that’s btw very realistically written and doesn’t romanticize the depressive episodes he has, and makes a big deal out of making sure everyone knows his mentall ilness doesn’t make him crazy and doesn’t define him as a person, and in the end his mentall illness doesn’t stop him from having good healthy relationships. he gets a happy ending. also the only show i’ve ever seen where they mention pansexuality and talk about the differences between pan/bi. 

season 2 is also so very important, especially the whole rape storyline about the importance of reporting the person who raped you. the reports of rapists went up 30% in norway after that season aired, that’s so increadibly important. when eva breaks up with jonas & says this 

that’s the only time ive ever heard a female character say this on a show even tho its so common irl. the storyline about Vilde’s and Noora’s eating disorder and them helping each other out was so realistic and important. Skam is also a female driven show, the first two seasons surround a girl group of friends and listen, these female characters, they’re so good. so so so good, so realistic. they look realistic, they don’t always wear makeup and have their hair done, they make mistakes and they grown and learn. they take care of, help and love each other. they’re SO real, so so so real, and i’m so thankful for that. 

there’s so much more but bascially. skam is a really really really important show and the absolute most realistic portrayal of teens i’ve ever seen in any tv-show and/or movie. i do wish and hope that they will include more non-white characters (there’s only 3 so far and people who tell u that that’s just how it looks in scandinavia are literally lying lol) and tackle subjects like racism (they did very lightly dab into islamophobia tho, but yeah very lightly).

besides the important topics this show deals with, it’s one of the most detailed well written tv-shows i’ve literally EVER seen, it’s almost impossible to find a single plot hole. there’s amazing subtle symbolism. it’s visually stunning, every single shot planned out perfectly to showcase exactly what they want to show case. it has an amazing soundtrack and amazing actors, it’s honestly one of the most well made shows i’ve ever ever seen.  skam is also very uniqe in the way they release their clips/episodes since it all takes place in real time and all characters have their own social media, we get to see texts between the characters between the clips etc. this have never been done before and it’s really cool. but yeah basically, this is why i get pissed and a bit petty. skam is actually such an important well made show, don’t reduce it to some boring attempt to being “gay inclusive”, because that’s not this show at all.

So heres a rant about Lefou with some points that I think a lot of people are missing. He's just a character that has a thing for dudes.

I get that we all want More™ representation for the lbgt+ community but I think his inclusion (and the way it was handled) was done EX-TREAMly well. This wasn’t a story about a gay guy. It was a story about a headstrong girl challenging gender norms and becoming a furry due to stockholm syndrome. This wasn’t meant to be a story about a gay guy.

While more reprensentation is deffiently on our wish lists, I believe that this movie is a sign of what is to come. It’s a stepping stone and I think we need to stop discrediting it. ((also the movie was flipping beautiful so stop!!))

People are mad that The Fool was our tokin gay guy but honestly!? Disney deliberately transformed The Fool into such a beautiful person? His character development was spectacular and well paced. The growing tension between his morals and Gaston as time went on, his singing numbers were fab, and he had his own mini redemption arc and became a hero at the end! Plus his happy ending was.. like perfect???

Some people are mad at his “it was *only* two seconds (if that)” of dance time but. like. Thats the trope.? Its suuuch a common trope for the sidekick character to cutely/clumsily bump into their love in the last scene of the movie with the music playing and get their alluded happily ever after. that. like? How are you mad at that?? This feel good trope is so well known and now its being twisted because you wanted more gayness? This wasn’t *his* story!

And like. his gayness didn’t even begin and end in that scene?? He was fab at the tavern and all throughout the darn movie flaunting his stuff, winking at gaston and comfortably, unapologetically being himself. ((I mean. Thats the kind of representation i want)) Le Fou is so much more than just his orientation and I think Disney did an amazing job at portraying that. Disney made a dynamic character with a compelling story (that stole the heart of damn near everyone who watched the movie) who just so happened to be gay. And I think thats great??? It would have been totally different if his being gay was the focal part of his character but he is so much more than just that label!

Honestly, Lefou’s character representation in this film shows how much Disney cares about this. I doubt they want to throw something together to appease our hungry butts but have it done the wrong way or not at the right time. And besides, as sad as it is, the world isn’t ready for Disney to just: BAM GAY!! all up on everyone. Yeah, sure it wasn’t perfect. But there was so much more to this movie. There was POC romance, a fab crossdresser, historical accuracy, amazing character development all around, backstory, beautiful animation and the soundtrack (Oh the soundtrack! Be still my beating heart!) I find it hard to believe people are walking out of there bitter.

Beauty and the Beast wasn’t going to be ‘The Film About a Gay Guy.’ But I believe this is a colossal step in the right direction to getting one.


This movie isn’t about a gay guy. Lefou isn’t just a gay guy. Disney turned him into so much more.

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Oneshot: Emma’s Fairytale

Set in the run-up to Emma’s wedding. She and Regina have been meeting up in secret for months now but as the wedding draws nearer, Regina realises that she no longer wants to keep things a secret leaving Emma with a decision to make. Mentions of CS but an SQ story. Established SQ. Apologies for any mistakes. I don’t own Once or any of its characters. Hope you all enjoy :)

Regina sighs as she stares up at her ceiling. It should be a sigh of contentment. After all, she’s wrapped in just a sheet, in Emma’s arms enjoying a rare moment of peace. It’s all she’s ever wanted, to feel so serene, so happy and so loved.

Yet…it’s not perfect and Regina knows that she will have to end it. She will have to put aside her feelings and feel her heart shatter inside of her once she asks Emma to make a choice. She could always avoid the question and they could keep doing this dance. Emma sneaking off in the middle of the night or stealing moments during the day.

Snatched parcels of time and furtive glances. Fleeting moments of pure joy and love as they tangle around one another. Their meetings grow longer, moving on from just passionate sex to holding one another after to staying together for hours until Emma eventually realises she has to go home. For a while it was enough.

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buffynerd  asked:

I love writing and I love coming up with great ideas for stories and reading about how to write, etc. But, I sit down to write and nothing ever comes out of my head and onto the paper. I write outline after outline, but I can't put it together and when I do, it's shorter than expected and often a mess. What can I do to improve my ability to actually write anything?

Nobody decides they’re going to be a marathon runner and gets up and goes out and runs 26.2 miles. Because the first guy to do that might have gotten the job done, but he had a less than happy ending

You work up to it. You train. You practice writing in small bits. Honestly, if writing one good sentence is all you do today, that’s hella more than a lot of people are doing.

Write one good sentence today. It can be about anything. Tomorrow, pick a random topic or setting you’re familiar with and write one good sentence about that. The next day, pick a topic or setting about which you know exactly nothing, do 5 minutes of research and write one good sentence about that.

Then you move to two sentences, then a paragraph. Keep at it. Write more each time. Save everything you write. 

In addition to running, a lot of marathoners work out in other ways. For the writer, that means READING. READ, READ, READ. And now you get to read like a writer. If you missed this post we shared on reading like a writer, check it out. 

I suggest reading at least one book and taking actual notes on each chapter. You might not ever have to do that again, but I guarantee, the way you read will change and when you read good stuff, your life and your writing will get better. 

– Mod Aliya


Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader
Requested: No (Just thought of this)
Warning(s): Physical attack (a slap)
Sirius couldn’t silence the whirlwind of thoughts spinning in his head. He raised a hand to knock on the door ahead of him.

He didn’t know if she’d answer. It had been twelve years. It had taken him a month to figure out where she had been living. If she was dating someone. If she was married. She wasn’t.

The door cracked open and he saw her eyes peering through the space between the wood.

“Who is it?” she asked sternly. Merlin, he missed her voice. He missed everything about her.

"It’s me, love, open up.” Sirius breathes out.

The door inched open.

"Sirius?” she asked.

"That’s right. It’s me.”

The door slammed open, a slim hand immediately stretching out and slapping him across the cheek. He lifted a hand and covered it numbly, not knowing why she’d done it.

"Love?” he croaked. “Y/N, why?”

"Why?” she gasped out, and Sirius noticed that she’d started crying. She almost never cried. Only when she was seriously angry with him. “You left me! You left me and killed Peter and, and I was all alone! You disappeared off the face of the earth! Remus told me you were in prison! In azkaban! I couldn’t visit you! And Harry started Hogwarts without us! He doesn’t even know us! I couldn’t take him! They wouldn’t let me because of you and what you did! Sirius, I—” he cut her off with a sob as he collapsed on the floor in front of her flat.

"Darling, I’m so sorry.” His voice cracked and Y/N immediately knelt beside him, wrapping his broken body in her arms.

"Shh, come inside. I’ll make us some tea.” she mumbled as she pulled him into her flat. He sat down on a chair at her kitchen table quietly, tears still streaming down his cheeks. Y/N had never seen him this broken.

"Here, Sirius.” She handed him a cup of tea and he held it in his shaking hands, not even attempting to take a sip. Y/N sighed.

"What happened, Sirius?” she asked quietly. He turned to look at her. She almost couldn’t handle the tears on his face. He looked like a wounded animal.

"It was Peter. He was the secret keeper.” Sirius started.

"But I thought James—”

"No. I made him choose Peter. Peter was supposed to be the safe choice. But he chose Voldemort’s side. He sold James, Lily, and Harry out. He killed them.”

"Who did?”

"Voldemort. Peter told him where they were, and he came and killed them. He almost killed Harry. When I found out, I—” he took a breath and paused, “I went after him. I went after Peter. I confronted him, but then he threatened to blow up the square and I had to stop him. I tried to disarm him, but it was too late. He blew up the street and himself, and I ran. They caught me soon after and threw me in prison. Remus tried to get me out, but it was useless. I wasn’t allowed visitors.”

"Oh my …” Y/N breathed, her hand reaching to clutch onto one of his. “Sirius.”

"I thought about you. I thought about you every single day. I wondered if you were dead. Or if you had moved on. If you hated me. Or if you still loved me. You were the only thing to keep me sane in that horrible place. It took me a month to find you. You moved out of my flat after the war?” he asked, the crack in his voice reappearing as he stared into her eyes.

"I couldn’t stay there. It reminded me too much of you. I loved you too much.”

"Loved?” Sirius croaked.

"Love. I love you too much, Sirius.” Y/N corrected herself quickly.

"Oh thank Merlin,” he gasped out, and suddenly she was in his lap and they were kissing. Their lips clashing and melding together all at once. His hand were wandering across her waist, recommitting to memory the way her body felt. Sirius felt like he hadn’t been living or breathing since he had last kissed her. “I love you so much.”

"I know.” she mumbled, “Just kiss me, you big idiot. I’ve missed you. Don’t you ever leave me like that again.”

"Trust me love, if I do, I’m not going by choice. I love you too much for that.” he whispered, hands tucking stands of hair behind her ear. His tea was long forgotten on the table as he looked at her. She smiled.

"That’s all I ask. Don’t leave me without a reason.” she traced his jaw and hands with her fingertips.

"I won’t.” he promised before kissing her again, just like she’d asked.

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mortuusflores  asked:

I just want to reiterate that as larries, all we want is for Louis and Harry to be happy. yes of course there are some people out there who would be upset if H came out but was dating a different guy, yes there would be people who would still believe H and L are in a relationship. but at the end of the day we just want them to be happy. and it's clear L is unhappy with Eleanor now. so that's that

I’ve never seen a Larrie be happy for Louis and Harry. Ever. I’ve seen them pick apart their lives, humiliate their girlfriends, harass their family members — after being asked to stop. I’ve seen Larries go at Liam for speaking up about how you lot have harmed Louis and Harry’s public friendship, I’ve seen Larries go after Nick Grimshaw — an openly gay man who is one of Harry’s best friends (which, as advocates/allies, you should be supporting). I’ve seen Larries joke about mental illness, about disabilities, about coming out, about every single thing you shouldn’t joke about.

If people would genuinely be angry at Harry for dating a man that isn’t Louis, that says something. That says a lot. If people would still believe he and Louis are together, that says a lot, as well. You don’t care if Harry is gay — you only want him to be gay for Louis. That’s disgusting.

Harry’s happy right now. Have you seen how happy he is lately, on SNL and walking around with Jeff and Glenne and his pictures with Nick? And Louis’s happy, too. He’s at Coachella with his girlfriend, with his best friends, and he’s happy. And their happiness has nothing to do with each other. That’s that.

  • Me: Noah-
  • Me:
  • Me: I JUST FEEL--

braveten  asked:

au where victor is a horse and yuuri is the ranch person thing

(this. this is why i was regretting taking prompts.)

(and eXCUSE ME ‘ranch person thing’ is my JOB)

Never in his life has Yuuri seen a finer looking stallion.

He leans on the fencepost, gazing dumbfoundedly at the perfect creature in front of him. He’s flawless. Ethereal. All long legs and flowing silver mane billowing in the breeze as the sun shone down on his sparkling white coat, galloping through the open field in the bliss of the springtime. How he ended up on his ranch, Yuuri had no idea. He had just appeared, like a creature out of a dream.

“Who are you?” Yuuri asks to himself. “Where did you come from?”

The horse turns his head and points his ears towards him, as if he had heard the question Yuuri has whispered into the springtime wind. His mane and tail whipping wildly in the breeze, the stallion suddenly tosses his head back and rears up, his front legs striking the air as he sends a whinny skyward.  He lands, then gallops directly to where Yuuri is standing, stopping only a few inches in front of him.

Yuuri reaches out to place a hand on the horse’s neck.

“What are you doing here?” he asks, gazing into the stallion’s sparkling blue eyes.

Yuuri freezes as the horse moves closer, lowers his head and nuzzles his ear, as if trying to speak to him, as if trying to give him an answer.

“Yuuri, starting today, I’ll be your new horse.”

Yuuri bolts upright in his bed, hands shaking and drenched entirely in a cold sweat.

His husband stirs beside him. “What’s the matter, love?” Viktor drawls, attempting to shake himself from sleep.

“Oh, nothing, I just-” he tries to start, but not quite finding the right words to explain.

“I just had the weirdest dream.”

aRE YOU HAPPY NOW @forovnix and @actualyuuri ??? have you harassed me enough?? will you ever end my misery??? 

im quitting my job after this. deleting my blog and all my writing. thx. 

send me prompts i guess!

rapha-senna  asked:

I still want my Stormpilot fic so how about Poe coming back from a long mission and Finn greeting him as soon as he lands with the fluffiest of kiss because they missed each other a lot ? (I am making myself swoon just imagining it) (Also, you gotta watch Rogue One) (Also also, so sorry if my madness over it spammed your dash ! I just ... aaaargh, best movie ever ! And the fandom is so nice and talented, it's insane) Hum. Anyway. Love and hugs, darling !

sorry it took me so long and also this thing decided to not be a drabble also angst but there’s the happy sappy ending I’m putting most of it under the cut hope you like <3


Every time Poe lands after yet another successful mission, Finn is there, waiting. Poe takes his helmet off and grins at him, spotting him among the crowd almost immediately, and then they weave their way through people and droids and cargoes being unloaded, running towards each other, colliding somewhere in between the unspoken words.

You’re alive. You’re back.

Hey buddy, I missed you.

This hug is where Finn wants to stay forever. Poe is his best friend and there’s nowhere else he’d rather be.

The hug lasts just a few seconds and Poe’s hand ruffles Finn’s hair as they pull apart and Poe grins at him, again, telling him that the jacket still looks better on him than it ever did on Poe. Finn laughs and shakes his head and Poe slings his arm around Finn’s shoulders, steering them towards the base and their friends to celebrate another small victory. They laugh and drink and talk missions and plans and strategy and Finn is still, after all this time, amazed by how effortlessly he fits in. How this place and these people feel like a home he’s never had.

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so i was digging around in my ao3 bookmarks and reading through some of the oldest gravity falls fics i have saved.  these are from 2012, 2013, 2014, back when the show was all mysteries and quirky characters that still seemed as two dimensional as their media.  no real plot just yet - no ford, no bill, no looming end of the world.  still light years away from the slightest hint of a resolution.  

and, they felt different.  not in terms of canon information - at least, not exactly. 

yes, it was jarring seeing familiar characters written in such a strange, alien light, lacking the parts of their personality that we now know as truth.  it was oddly maddening seeing stories progress normally months, years into the future without the Right Events happening - when is the portal getting completed?  where’s ford?  what happened to weirdmageddon? - even though we knew, at least superficially, that they were written long before those were valid questions. 

we Expect things to happen, now.  x character is supposed to act This Way, y event should end Like This.  fandom and, to a much lesser extent, canon has set rules about creation that judge whether something is right or wrong or just plain Weird.  risk and danger felt dampened - how genuinely invested or excited can you be when you had seen the same character arc, same plot line, same flow of events happen half a dozen times earlier?  as eagerly as the fandom anticipated new information, those same revelations ended up really pigeonholing fan creativity.  

and i mean, that’s the natural cycle of a fandom, regardless of size or source media or era.  it’s sad, it’s frustrating, but it happens.  it’s not to say that what comes out of the fandom nowadays is bad or boring.  it’s different, being able to reflect on a piece of work in its entirety.  there are topics that can only be tackled now, after most questions are answered and the finale has aired.  

but there are also storylines, premises that have been rendered effectively obsolete.  their times have passed and so they have gone as well, existing only as 1/? WIPs somewhere deep in the archives. it’s difficult, rare, borderline impossible nowadays to find fic that replicates that same sense of originality.  

which is why i lost my shit when i found @marypsue‘s HIVE because woah woAH WOAH WELCOME BACK  

[loud yelling and general raving under the cut.  and mild spoilers for the fic]

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Final Farewell

I’ll write a part 2 depending on the response (probably)

It had been a year since Chloe had seen Beca. She could still remember that day vividly. It had broken her heart to pieces when they said their goodbyes. Beca and Jesse had moved to LA together right after graduation. Sure they kept in touch, but as the months passed their conversations got shorter and longer apart.

 About a month ago, Beca had sent her a picture of her hand. An engagement ring. Chloe shouldn’t have been so surprised to see it. Beca and Jesse had been together for four and a half years now. This was obviously the next step after moving in with someone. Seeing that picture had hit Chloe hard. This was actually happening. She would lose the girl to the guy forever. It would soon be final.

 It’s not that she doesn’t like Jesse. He’s actually a really good guy and he treats Beca like she should be treated. If Beca were to marry any guy, it should be him. That’s what hurt even more. Knowing that Beca was actually with someone who could give her things that Chloe only dreamed about giving her.

 Chloe knew she shouldn’t be so selfish about this. She should be happy for her friend. This was a huge deal. So of course she would go to their engagement party. No matter how tough it would be to see them together. So, when she arrived at the hotel, she took a deep breath and walked in there with a smile on her face. 

 She did that pretty well. When Beca walked up to hug her she held on to her tightly. She breathed in that familiar scent she had missed so much not wanting the moment to end. Being in Beca’s arms reminded her of the many times they had at the Bella house when they would snuggle together to watch a tv show. All too soon Chloe was forced back to reality and Beca was guiding her into one of the private rooms in the hotel where they held the party. The room was decorated nicely. There was a champagne fountain. Thank God. She knew how she would spend most of the night.

 She caught sight of Aubrey and could already see the sympathy in her eyes. That was probably the worst part about all of this. Seeing those looks from everybody. Like she was a lost puppy someone had abandoned. She smiled back anyway hoping to at least appear to be kept together.  

There was a DJ playing and some of the girls were already on the dance floor. They all seemed so care free, like this was something to celebrate. Which, obviously it was, to others anyway. No, this was more like a farewell party. Like it was some sort of funeral. Rest in piece absurd fantasy that gave Chloe her dream of ending up with Beca.

 She glanced over at Beca. She watched as Jesse whispered something into her ear causing the girl to laugh. She wondered how it would feel like to be Jesse right now. Claiming the girl of his dreams. Of their dreams. And with that thought Chloe downed her second glass of champagne.

 The champagne came in handy. It helped mask the pain she was feeling. It allowed her to talk and laugh with her friends. She had pulled Beca onto the dance floor. Her mind was fuzzy from the alcohol but the brunette felt so good dancing behind her as Chloe grinded into her seductively to a slow beat. Beca had whispered in her ear laughing that the guys were staring at them. Chloe hadn’t even noticed. The only thing she knew right now was Beca.

The brunette spun Chloe around and the other Bellas joined in once ‘No Diggity’ started playing. It brought Chloe back to Beca’s freshman year when the then reserved girl busted out rapping that song. Chloe knew at that moment that Beca was something special. A rare gem once you knocked down the layers of the wall that she held up so well. Chloe worked hard to knock it down and once she did it was something magical.

Getting Beca to open up had been a wonderful experience. She finally got to know the real girl hiding behind all of that eyeliner. She had seen Beca at her most vulnerable times. Those were her favorite moments. Something she would hold dear to her heart forever. Because Beca acted differently around Chloe. It was like there was a whole other side of her. The side where she was playful, sincere, joyful. Others would never had described Beca in those words, but Chloe could.

 Unfortunately, there was someone else who was tearing down those walls as well. Jesse. He got to have not only the emotional side of Beca, but the sexual side of her as well. Something Chloe would never be able to obtain. No, that side of Beca would forever be Jesse’s. Chloe wasn’t the jealous type, but when Jesse cut in to dance with Beca that’s all she could feel. She returned to the champagne fountain, watching the girl she loved dance with her fiancé. The Bellas surrounded her giving her emotional support. It did help some, but nothing would ever make her feel complete. Not without Beca.

 As the night came to an end, Beca had come to Chloe asking her to be the maid of honor. She was somewhat shocked. She asked Beca why her? Beca just laughed telling her that she was still her best friend, even if the past year they had been a bit distant. Chloe smiled. Of course she would be if it made Beca happy. That’s all she ever wanted was for her to be happy. Being the maid of honor did have its perks after all. She would be spending a lot of time with the bride to be planning all of the details to the wedding. Even though it wasn’t their wedding, she would make sure her best friend would have the perfect one.


Rated: General Audiences

background shou/ritsu, adoption fic, ageswap au, Angst with a Happy Ending, Fluff

Relationship(s): Terumob, Ritshou

I’m never going to be over this fic it’s my absolute fave fic ever.

Its an ageswap fic where Mob takes medication to keep his emotions under lockdown to avoid any emotional outbursts. He meets young Reigen and after that, he decides he wants to be a better person and works for the next few years to better himself.

Word count:  8623 (Finished)

You can find the author right here: @amaranthinecanicular

Honestly  rlly do wonder what would happen if Apple had been destined to be the villain… would she do what she was supposed to? Or would she be resentful of her lack of a happy ending and how she wouldn’t be a beloved ruler? I really do wonder… its easy enough to say a good story ie more important then one person’s life when its not ur own life.

Call to action - Storytellers.

Right now, children are growing up in a world where global leaders and growing movements are promoting hate. Where you can be a misogynist, a racist, a xenophobe and a homophobe and end up in the most powerful position on this planet.

The result of yesterday’s vote sends all the wrong messages. It teaches young people that if you are different, that if you do not conform to social norms, you are not valid. Your voice will not be heard.

The media have undoubtedly played a large role in this election and it can be discouraging and difficult to accept but all is not lost. Remember some of the great storytelling that has been commissioned in recent years. This work is more important now than ever. If we cannot rely on our governments to set the right examples then the media has a responsibility to do so.

Film studios, production houses, television networks: Be brave, be bold.
Independent filmmakers, artists, aspiring storytellers: Unite, collaborate. You have mobile phones with incredible cameras, you have the internet, you have a platform when others don’t. Use it.

Champion unheard voices.

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Expose difficult truths.

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Hold a mirror up to society and highlight its flaws.

Promote inclusivity and diversity, respect and kindness.

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Show young women they can be strong. 

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Show young men that emotion is not weakness.

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Show that people fleeing war and poverty deserve to live in a safe and fair world, to be welcomed, not feared.

Show that everyone has a right to be who they are without shame, that love is love, that every human being is unique therefore and that being different is really the norm.

Educate by shining a light on the difficulties in our countries’ pasts.

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Explain why we must never forget our history in order to learn from it. 

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Emphasise that the colour of your skin, the religion you practice, your physical health or mental health, the person you love, the person you identify yourself as, the country/body/family you were born into should never dictate your treatment by society.

Create stories where people are people instead of subject matters or tropes.

One race. Humanity. Don’t let society split it into factions and decide who is valid and who is not.

Show the world it in all of its glory and all of its shame.

Importantly: Don’t ever stop finding humour in the darkest of times(lines).

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After all, laughter is the best medicine.

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So keep entertaining, provide escapism for those who will need it. Create the world you want to live in, a future people can look towards and fight for.

Don’t forget to write the happy ending once in a while.

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late to class bc dreams by fm came on….

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maybe if we're lucky alina will leave mal and come out of hiding and all of ravka will be like tHE SUN SUMMONER SHE LIVES and she and nikolai will rule happily ever after, the end

okay now THAT is the nikolai trilogy we deserve…. they finally realize how in love they are (or at least alina does bc we all know nikolai’s already smitten with her and has been since day one, facts only) and they both get the ending/happiness they deserve and they travel the world and go on adventures and it’s just one long joyous ride that never ends I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE