(in french)


Inspired by @malteseboy‘s post.

  • l’extraterrestre (m/f)  - alien
  • l’alien (m/f) - alien
  • l’astronaute (m/f) - astronaut
  • l’astronome (m/f) - astronomer
  • l’atmosphère (f)  - atmosphere
  • la terre - Earth
  • la vie - life
  • l’étoile (f)  - star 
  • l’orbite (f) - orbit
  • l’observatoire (m) - observatory
  • la planète - planet
  • la lune - moon
  • la fusée - rocket
  • le systeme solaire - solar system
  • la découverte - discovery
  • l’espace (m) - space
  • le télescope - telescope
  • l’univers (m) - universe
  • le soleil - sun
  • Le/ la scientifique - scientist
  • la zone habitable - habitable zone

Remember when I went hiking and camping for two days and I woke up to this on the first morning?


ZAK STORM - Ep.03 [Extrait]

anonymous asked:

honestly how do you read your username?? I read it as kay + lattes and feel so lost,,,

It’s like Twenty One Pilots except without the twenty one and the ‘pilots’ is actually more like ‘pilates’ except the tes part isn’t really like ‘tea’ it’s more like tay and the pi is replaced with kei which isn’t prounounced key but k-EI and there’s more emphasis between the first two syllables. so yeah, it’s kay lattes.