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Summer, i see open prompts :3 i really love all of your stories, they are products of thorough thinking and consideration, i really admire you. Can i request a short fic in which yoongi meets jungkook's parents to ask their son's hand in marriage. It's tense at first for jk is only 19 but one way or another yg finally convinces jungkook's parents :)) thank you!!!

!!! oh my that’s young to get married min yoongi what are you thinking

this wasnt exactly the prompt fill but i hope its ok!!

accidentally - 
sugakookie; 1k words? 


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How I Got a 5 on the (hard) AP Euro Exam

One question ive been asked constantly since the 2015 AP Euro scores came out is “How did YOU come out with a 5?” Its not posed as a mean question, but theres this perception that if you are the type of person to get a 5 you have to be super studious, no fun, no boyfriend/girlfriend, loser, no life just hardcore study study study. And…i’m not that kinda student. In fact, i didnt even become a “good” student until maybe the beginning of junior year, to be honest. I had a very small AP Euro class (8 people i mean) and i was one of two people who had a five in the class. The other girl was…kinda what i described about. All her life was all about studying, she took all APs, didnt hang out with people, she even told me once she only went to after school clubs just enough to have them count on her common app for college, not for actual enjoyment… i’m not like that. not by a long shot- so in order to help others in prep for AP Euro, here’s my advice on how I got a 5. (and some advice on what not to do, based on the other people in my class)

Find a motivation

My teacher said he thought i could only score a 3, maybe a four. I wanted to prove him wrong.

Dont listen to haters

My biggest hater was my boyfriend, actually (just for reference we were in the same class). While i was working my ass off everyday, always reading my Crash Course or my Princeton all i would hear from him is “i dont know why you’re studying so hard” “you’re making yourself sick, you need to stop.” “It’s all pointless, its either you know it or you dont.” “Youre studying so much and getting so anxious, here i am playing video games and not giving a shit and im sure im gonna be fine on the test because im not stressed out like you are” Granted, at the time he was going through his parents divorce and i think he was partially taking it out on me- but thats hard to hear from anyone, especially your boyfriend you’ve been dating for years. I was working so hard and studying so hard because i wanted a good score, not even a 5, i just really wanted a 4, at least- and then you hear that discouragement and…it sucks. At the time while it hurt i didnt pay it anymind and still worked as hard as i did and then fast forward to result day… I got the 5. He got a 1. And he cried, i swear to you, he cried. I didnt play the “i told you so game, though i did think so.” To people who work hard, you’ll be rewarded. If you slack and think its all gonna come to you…its not.

Actually read those study books (and heres what i read)

Who wants to hear you actually have to work? Yes..you do. Even if you have a great teacher, youre gonna need to supplement that class time with actual work. My school gave us 4 books in total: two textbooks- Mckay and Kagan, and two study guides- The Princeton Review (long) and the Crash Course book (short review) I read both of the guides…all the way through. Crazy right? I would just read them in my spare time- bus ride home? Lets read about the War of 1812 cause im kinda fuzzy on it. To me, i like history so it wasnt a complete chore, but if you want a good score its good to know your content. And after reading those two, i KNEW European History. If you arent so lucky to have access to review books, message me in my ask and i will give you my links to the pdf version.

…and watch those study videos

This one i dont think is so bad. Honestly you can just play them in the background while you do other things, and having things explained by a teacher online isnt so bad. I recommend

Tom Richey’s Videos (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIcmPM0zwQQ&list=PLfzs_X6OQBOxudw-bxvxBuTWvh6bwaVhQ)

annnd Crash Course’s select videos on euro history (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjEGncridoQ&list=PLO0R3oPRL55yxFBqtxvWyN0CQZ-iSre8m)

…and even sign up for those tumblr AP Euro guides.

does this seem excessive? maybe a bit, but its good to have people who are going or have gone through the same class- even my studyblr might help. Sometimes its easier to review when you have funny gifs or jokes in the middle of your review session,just to lighten the edge. Here’s a list of AP Euro blogs i followed





http://pbsthisdayinhistory.tumblr.com/ (not exactly AP euro, but you’ll find some interesting things that might help you on the test.

It helps if you’ve taken an AP before, not gonna lie

Its going to be a lot harder for you if youve never had an ap class before. Thats the hard truth about it, its not going to be easy, and some people cant deal with that. Theres a lot more work and a lot more pressure. Can you handle that? I want to warn you. AP teachers will be up your ass. They will give you huge packets of work and expect it done when they ask you for it. They will not accept regular essays, they will accept AP essays. They will give you twice the work of a regular class, and expect it due on the same time. You actually have to work hard if you want to get a 5. A lot of people get fustrated with the work and get angry, but thats the reality of AP work and also there is a reward at the end of the tunnel, trust me.

An interesting tidbit: during the essay portion of the test, me and alex (the only other girl who got a 5) were the last people to finish

little interesting thing. The essay portion of the test is about 120 minutes. The people who got failed were done the first, within about 40 minutes and were confident. The people that did okay were done at about an hour. But me and alex took the longest to finish (about 115 minutes) and wrote about 12 pages in total for the 3 essays. Coincedence? just take your time and reeaally plan out your essays. Here was my strategy: since for ⅔ essays youre allowed a choice of what to write, for any essay you think you can write about in the margins try to write about 3 examples for it, if you cant do it, find another essay to write.

Come into it with a good attitude….but be aware you’re gonna have some major anxiety

This is a stressful class, but its worth it. Trust me, you’ll learn a lot, i promise you.

I kept my AP schedule manageable

A lot of people i know who take APs go crazy and take a bunch. If you can, try to keep a somewhat managable schedule. For example, in sophmore year i took 1 AP, junior year: 2 APs, senior year: 3 APs. Also, they should be classes you have strength in, like if your good at history take history classes.

dont cheat.

you ever hear cheaters never prosper? Its true. You’re not gonna learn the material, and you’re teacher might find out. Which will make him a whole lot harder on you then others. Trust me. And you want your teacher to like you, he’ll let you off a lot easier when you fuck up.

relax and be a teenager for once

in the end, if you work your ass off for too long a period of time you will burn out. Burnouts not fun, ive seen my friends go through it. One time my friend was doing a presentation where she had a wrong fact that the teacher jokingly pointed out and she ran out of the class into the bathroom to vomit. When you pressure yourself so much you can really hurt yourself.

KNOW YOUR TREATIES. Know em’. Do it.

Theyre the hardest thing to remember so of course theyre tested the hardest. Look in the Crash course book for a helpful list.

Watch out for your physical and emotional health

really. Eat right, try to walk a little, stretch after a long studying session. try to meditate. relax. breathe. love yourself, dearies

And you better not stop after learning WWII history

the test makers know most AP classes will only get up to about post WWII history. Dont slack, read bout the Cold War, read bout the Euro law, dont stop, because they will expect you too.


know about russia, know about women. Its the most frequently tested things on any test.

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Hello! <3 could i request an angsty Jungkook scenario where you have been best friends ever since kindergarten times, and along the way you fell in love with him but he is oblivious to everything? Now that you both are in college he finds a gf and talks to you about her everytime, starts ignoring you too and it breaks you so you find a bf too but suddelny he gets jealous and realizes he loves you too or smth? With a fluffy ending maybe? T_T I hope this wasnt too complicated!! thank you <3

Not complicated at all! I actually really love this idea okay. I hope you like it! - Admin Haru

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so i stole this from an episode of girl meets world but imagine simon constantly assuming that raphael's flirting at the littlest things and he knows it annoys raph so he keeps doing it like: "hey simon" "give it up raph, im not your type" that type of thing (anytime raph addresses him, he pretends to see it as flirting) and it becomes a sort of running joke on simon's part and when raphael actually flirts with him he's like ?????? idk how to react i wasnt expecting this??

I also used @noahczxerny‘s prompt: ‘simon doing every fucking thing in his power, if it means that raphael is going to blush, so both of them try to tease eachother/get revenge’

I don’t know how to feel about this one. It was a really nice prompt, but I struggled to get it into a fic. Either way, I hope you both stll somewhat enjoy it!

How to make your local clan leader blush


When he was still human, Simon had a lot of questions about vampirism. It just didn’t make sense to him, especially because there were so many different approaches to it. In some movies they sparkled (though Twilight probably wasn’t the most reliable vampire source) and in others they burst into flames when they came into contact with the sun. In some movies their skin was as hard as stone and you could only kill them by decapitating them and setting them on fire, and in others a nice wooden stake would do the job just fine. Vampires feeding on themselves turned into weird Gollum-like creatures in Daybreakers and they could turn into bats in Dracula remakes. There were just so many inconsistent things about them.

Some of his questions were answered after his Turning, like the sun thing (“no, Simon, we don’t sparkle in the sun. Please don’t try it, or you’ll be a nice heap of dust in seconds”) and others he found out himself (like the erection thing, because, let’s be honest, if you’re undead, does blood still run through your veins? Can it still reach certain places? The answer is yes to both questions, thankfully).

He should’ve probably also figured that vampires are still capable of blushing. Naturally, if blood can run south it can certainly run north too. But he had never really pieced these two facts together until he saw Raphael all red and flustered, trying to hide his blush by ducking his head when he walked past Simon.

Simon doesn’t know why the concept of Raphael blushing intrigues him so much, but he finds himself in his room later replaying the events of the past night, trying to figure out what had Raphael so flustered.

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guys can we talk about this for a second please?

when i first saw this scene i was much younger and tbh i couldnt understand it at all and my first thought was “PB, you are such a jerk choosing your kingdom over the one who truly makes you happy
i was sooo naive, and quite stupid yeah, now 2 years later i understand and rewatching this episode almost brought me to tears

as a med student, what i used to call "studies” before at high school would be a (lame) joke compared to what i have to study and learn now (and by learn i mean, to be able to explain it without stutter) all the information and crazy names about amazing and beautiful stuff about the human body… well, what did you expect? to take such a decision, to study something that hard and tiring yes one must love it a lot and to be honest i am in love with my career there’s no doubt about it, whatever it could take me to succeed i would take all that and all the bullets without even thinking twice
however, before my career there was someone, this person, a good friend, someone i would blindly follow to the end of the world, a potential lover, heck! i have met plenty of people after her and to be honest i’ve never found someone who can make me feel the same
anyway…. we could be together, yeah, this topic comes out between us all the time, and whenever we get to see each other there is tension and a lot happens, its beautiful, id love it if it could be like that forever… 
if only it wasnt for my career

it takes a lot of time and plenty of sacrifices, sometimes i have to choose between a couple extra hours of study or visit family members, to party and hang out with friends or read what’s for tomorrow’s class, it sucks yes (but trust me, at the end its so rewarding, no regrets..)
and when i do have free time, well… you really can’t just choose to spend the little free time you got with only one person you know?
so yes, it’s not easy but whenever we get to see each other it feels like a million stars twinkling inside me, all over again, even if i dont get to see her for a long time, i still feel the same
we decided to take different ways, she knew it and i told her: “to force someone to wait for me..that would be very selfish, i want you to live, you dont have to wait for me, nobody has to, if its meant to be…. we’ll find a way, but i need you to know that i really care about you, so much…but right now i have a big dream, my dream and i have to follow it.. alone” now…  was it easy? hell no, did it hurt? yes, a lot

                                   ( -trust me, she’s not Marcy )

but at the end..  thats just how it is, sometimes, you cant be with the one you love because there are more important things to do by the time (for the people you love or yourself), and to be with that someone in such a difficult moment could hurt even more than just remaining as “occasional best friends” (best option in my opinion) i dont really have to explain this do i? perhaps Bonnie acted distant with Marceline to prevent hurting her but still she did  

However, Princess Bubblegum does not love her kingdom more than she loves Marceline (if we believe in the theory that she was talking about her when she told that to Finn) she knows right now it’s just not the moment, that’s why she doesnt have any interest in having a relationship with anyone because she already knows who’s the one for her, now, will Marceline wait for Bonnie? well, since this is a cartoon (after all) it’s very possible (Hey, it happened in How i met your mother so why not Adventure Time?) … we just have to wait and beg Pen Ward i guess?

Anyway…Now you see why Bubbline is so important for a lot of people? because many can relate to Bubblegum or Marceline, and thats why this couple is so important, i think… thank you

(and to my Marceline, i’m so sorry, i wish for you to live so,so happy that you dont even feel sad for a second because of my memory while i’m gone, i hope the best for both of us, together or not.)

Friends with benefits II

Pietro x reader

Warning: none really until part 3

N/A: there will be a part 3 but that should be the last part. If you want smut in the final part I may do it if its requested.

Part 1-



After a few months the team had genuinely accepted me, their fear was still there but their adoration was greater. I have become closest to Wanda and Pietro, even after Pietro doubted me. Man, did I prove him wrong. I had channeled my powers to mimick so I can copy others appearances, which I use to turn into Pietro.

“What? Did see that coming?” I say in his thick accent with a smirk. The look on his face was priceless, almost cocky, he was definitely checking himself out. I try and pull the same face but I dont think I did because of Wanda and Clints laughter. Actually even one was laughing causing me to laugh, which was very strange at first. “I figure, why only be as fast as you when I can be you.”

“Wow, I didnt think you could get anymore attractive but here you are proving me wrong, twice.” That shakes me back to my normal form, after that Tony and Bruce looked at each other. They had a new challenge, honestly a very tricky challenge, making me a suit.


“So what have you all been able to do?” Bruce questions, his eyes filled with concern. I cant remember all of what I’ve tried, only what all I have somewhat mastered.

“What can’t I do?” I joke, he doesnt laugh but cracks a smile. Tony on the other hand cracks up. “So far I have been able to do fire and water manipulation, super speed and strength, advanced senses and invisibly. Along with telekinesis and mental manipulation. I’ve messed which earth manipulation and if I try hard enough I can talk to animals.” I state, looking at my fingers that are playing with a loose string on my over-sized sweater that way nearly swallowing me.

“Impressive.” Tony replied, I cant quite read his face. Bruce isnt saying anything only scribbling some notes.

“Were you born with these abilities?”

“That I know of, unless I was snuck something as a child, pulled a Sam Winchester.” I laugh at my joke but no one else is. They dont understand the reference.

“You really are something else, Y/N.”


As my friendships with the team grew and I focused more on training the more my relationship fell, I had someone for a bit when I first joined. He understood my job came first, which was hard to find. We became very close very fast, I told him everything, besides my about my powers. Even how I believed in true love. He seemed as if he was totally fine with it, actually called it adorable.

I never saw what the big deal was about my belief, its not like I was expecting him to be my prince charming. Well, He thought I was and it became too much for him. He broke up with me right before our fifth date.

“I think we should see other people.”

“How long did it take you to think of that one? Its pretty original.” My arms cross over my chest and my weight falls into one of my hips. He chuckled lightly as if I was joking.

“It not you, its just, well. You.” This time I laugh, Im ready to walk away,  Just leave and never look back but my damn curiosity gets the best of me.

“Let me ask you a quick question, and I’m not at all hurt by this breakup so be honest. Why?” I question, He looks confused, as if I just asked him the square root of pi. I know I could just use my powers but I almost want to have the trust in him that he would be honest, I mean we are broken up, he doesnt have to car about me anymore.

“Is this a trick question?”

“Nope, just for pure anthropological research.”

“Okay. You want someone to sweep you off your feet, but you’re more interested in getting swept off your feet than the someone who’s doing the sweeping. You seem like you got it totally together, but you’re actually really emotionally damaged. Also you are like really intimidating, especially in bed, you’re like super strong. Then that mixed with your slight daddy issues.”

“Alright, thats enough.” His words did sting, but I moved on. Or at least tried to. It wasnt him I missed at all or the break up I was messed up about. It was his words that constantly played in my head.


Pietro and I became really good friends, it was nice to have someone I didnt have to hide from. We are at the tower, watching a movie. I was talking with him about it until his phone interrupts us. He groans when he looks at it.

“Crazy ex lover?” I say jokingly but to my suprise, he nods.

“She wants to be friends. Even with my emotional unavailability.”

“Your emotionally unavailable? I’m emotionally damaged. I havent seen you at the meetings.” He chuckles still looking at his ringing phone. “Here let me.” He hands me the phone, I swipe the green, answering the call.

“Hello, this is Pietros therapist. He cant come to the phone right now. Hes too busy being emotionally unavail-” She hung up, I start to laugh and hand him his phone. He joins in on the laughter.

“That was great.” I nod in agreement. Silence settles after a minute, not awkward silence but comfortable silence. We both focus on the movie, Friends with Benefits, thats when Pietro looks over at me, a shit eatting grin on his face.

“So, We are both single and friends, No?” I nod, not realizing where he’s heading with this. “And I find you attractive, I know you find me attractive.” He smirks, I lightly punch his arm, not confirming anything. Its true, his bright eyes make me melt and paired with that smile, especially a smirk, is enough to make my knees weak. I didn’t say anything, his ego is big enough.

“Why don’t we do that?” He points at the television, the scene is when Justin Timberlake is going down on Mila Kunis, his head completely under the covers. My cheeks flush horribly, he had to of noticed.

“Have you thought about this? Completely?”

“It seems to be working out for them! I mean look at the joy on their, well, her face.” I shake my head in complete shock. Heat rushs to inbetween my thighs causing me the cross them.

“You havent watched the ending yet! It could go horribly wrong. You dont know.”

“Come on. You cant tell me you havent thought about it, maybe not this exact way, but you have. I know it.” He say low and seductively. It was alluring, his eyes were full of lust, a crooked smile on his face. Oh fuck it.   I pull him by the collar of his shirt so his lips meet mine. I didnt know at that time but I was starting something I just couldnt stop.


This went on for months, constantly sneeking around into each other rooms, mostly him into mine. No one else knew what was going on. It was our own little secret. We were at it like rabbits, it was amazing, not having to worry about my legs not being completely smooth or just feeling bad about myself in general. It hurt me to have to end it but I want a relationship and Pietro wasnt ready for that, which I am okay with but I need to move on.

I had to just rip off the bandaid no matter how much I wish I didnt have to and could just fully be with him. I just cant help my love for the speedster.

I wander to the common room but slow down to a complete stop when I hear the two accents I have come to love.

“Wanda, you promised you wouldnt ever dig in my head!” That was obviously Pietro, he sounded hurt by her.

“I didn’t, I dug into hers! You cant keep doing that you two will catch feelings. Brother, you seem as if you might have already.” I know I shouldnt be eavesdropping but I couldnt help it. I focus and make my body invisible. I needed to see his face.

“No, shes too emotionally damaged. You couldn’t even fix what is going on up there. Shes also pretty scary.” Now, I wish I wasn’t listening. It hurt, like hell, Fuck him. Tony comes rushing in, quickly noticing the heavy atmosphere.

“I dont mean to interrupt but have you seen Y/N?” They both shake their heads, Tony groans and rushs out. I follow him, still unseen, toward the lab. I wait a minute then allow myself to be visible again.

“You needed me, Stark?” He looks at me fake offended, probably because of my unamused tone and lack of nicknames.

“Is that anyway to talk to the person who made to a perfectly compatible suit for you.” A huge smile spreads across his face, I run up to him and embrace him. The project that has taken six months to do is now finished, thank god. The suit is a beautiful light purple, the same as my eyes, with dark purple accents and mask.

“Steve thought the mask would be a good thing, I said you didnt need one but he won, obviously.”

“It’s amazing, I agree with you by the way. Thank you so much Tony. When can I go on my first mission?”

block b ny showcase 2014 fanaccount

i’m talking about the concert from start to finish + high touch so it is rather lengthy but i hope it is worth the read bc i talk about some absolutely cute as fuck things that block b does here ok omg (i’m repeating stuff from my twitter from last night but going more in depth so yes take a look if u want) 

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