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On her insta story she posted him giving her a rose and she was sitting on his lap so they’re defiantly a thing. I wouldn’t call rian a hoe like he’s single he can do what he wants but like she seems like a bitch and I think everyone (well me and everyone ive talked to which was like 6 ppl) are just kinda hoping it doesn’t work out because he can do better

tbh emily im not even mad at Rian (like how could I be? lasgksl) or the girl he’s with or the idea that he’s moved on or trying to move on. I’m just mad at the fact that he’s being called a hoe and he didnt do anything. He’s grown, he’s single, he was with the same chick for 7/8 years, I mean?? I kind of expected him to either be perfectly fine if they split or go M.I.A for a while. I dont have instagram so I can’t like, see his likes or followings like everyone else seems to, but i just think theres a line thats been crossed with this (and with Zack’s new lady friend). Maybe its a fling, maybe he’s trying to move on, maybe he’s just doing his own thing- regardless, he seems happy and that should be all that matters (for both Rian and Zack)

More Adrienette for the soul


Talent swap cuz i can

Fuyuhiko is prince, Sonia is mafia, Mahiru is mechanic, Kazuichi is photographer, Ibuki is traditional dancer and Hiyoko is musician

There are some drawings i don’t really know if i should post or not tbh and this is one of them. I just hope i won’t delete it in my sleep (trust me, it has happened a few times already)

winner is having a comeback!!!
i just saw and so here, have some winner hp!au stuff


  • gryffindor prefect who wishes he was the head boy but is fine with his job because it’s still important,,,,,,,if only the first years weren’t the only ones who listened to him,,,, 
  • plays on the quidditch team, is a beater 
  • is really good at muggle music because he taught himself to play guitar the manual way (didn’t drink a potion or put a spell on the instrument to play itself 
  • even though seunghoon teased him about for a whole semester)
  • does ok in all his other classes but has a knack for divination even though he hides it from his classmates who make fun of the subject
  • you’re pretty sure he isn’t lying when he reads one of the tea leaves and tells someone they’re going to fail their OWLs because the person who he said it to literally sleeps in every class you have with them 
  • so you go over and ask seungyoon to read yours and he’s like “sure,,,,is there something you’re interest in knowing specifically?”
  • and you put your hands up on the desk and shrug like “how about my love life?" 
  • seungyoon kind of flusters for a second but agrees and as he’s looking at the leaf he frowns and is like "there’s not much, which means something is going to happen really really soon-" 
  • and just as he’s about to finish seunghoon walks by and is like "i heard you were watching seungyoon games over the weekend, was it fun?” To you 
  • and you’re like hOON SHUT UP but he’s just chuckling like a madman before skipping away and seungyoon is like “you came to watch me play?” and you’re like m,,,maybe,,,,yes 
  • and he suddenly gets a bit pink in the face and he’s well,,,,if you have time after this i can teach you some tricks on the broom????? and you’re like OMG id love that 
  • and long story short he didn’t see anything in the tea leaves because,,,,,after he teaches you some stuff you guys decide you’ll have a proper date at diagon alley,,,,,next week hehe 


  • hufflepuff whose part of herbology club and likes plants,,,,,,,,and being nice to people,,,,,,,,,,
  • and is fiercely loyal to his friends because people like to downplay hufflepuff’s as serious, studios wizards but,,,,,,if one of his friends gets hurt jinwoo is the first person to perform healing spells and to put himself on the line to protect those close to him
  • but he’s all like,,,,,,,,,,the most handsome wizard ever,,,,,,,,,like he’s famous among the entire school and other schools overseas because like Have you Seen his Perfect Face
  • when his photo got printed in the newspaper for a discovery by the club he was in on a new kind of magical plant, the newspaper literally was sold out. that has never happened????? but everyone wanted his moving image for themselves?????? jinwoo’s impact
  • you’re his underclassman but you really like herbology just like him and you’ve got a first press copy of “one thousand magical herbs and fungi” and phyllida spore is literally your Idol
  • and no one has ever really shown interest as passionately as you do, especially with how outspoken you are during club meetings and how you even insist that you guys shouldn’t be scared to go into the dark forest to find more samples of plants
  • and sometimes your overexcited voice and overflowing knowledge gets on other students nerves, but jinwoo,,,,,,,,really sees you only have good intentions to learn and so if he hears anyone start whispering something mean he mutters a spell under his breath that makes it impossible for them to speak above a certain volume for a bit
  • and he thinks you don’t notice, he thinks he’s doing a great job at being subtle but you do know
  • and you,,,,,,,,are really thankful but you’re way too shy to ever approach him and thank him,,,,,,,,,until one day it’s just you two left in the club room
  • and jinwoo is humming softly, using his wand to put away all the chairs and books and you’re watching the way he’s so gentle when handling a wand and performing magic and it makes you just like him more
  • and you’re like “,,,,upperclassman if i can say something,,,,,” and jinwoo is like “go ahead!” and you’re like swallowing your fear and you’re like tHANK YOU !!!!!!! FOR PROTECting,,,,,mE,,,,,,,,,i know i can get annoying and talk too much but you always try to hide peoples negative thoughts from me,,,,,,,,,and i-it’s very sweet and im very happy for you,,,,,,,,i really like having you,,,,,,,,,,on my side!!!!!!!
  • and jinwoo is so shocked that he almost drops his wand and the chair floating mid air almost breaks but he manages to regain his wand and you rush to catch the chair before it comes crashing down
  • and jinwoo is blushing, bringing up his sleeve to shield his face and he’s like “so,,,,,,you’ve known all along what ive been up to?” and you’re like “Yes,,,,,,,,,,,it’s very nice,,,,,,of you” and he’s like “then if it’s ok, ill keep doing it?” and you’re like !!!!!! please do and then you see him smile as he lowers his sleeve and he’s like “ill always be on your side, does this mean i can count you to be on mine?”


  • ravenclaw who looks like he shouldn’t be in ravenclaw,,,,,,,because everyone is prime and proper and mino doesn’t even bother tying his tie correctly or wearing his robe to class
  • and his broom? it breaks every month. the poor thing is falling apart its been bandaged so many times that seungyoon thinks mino is a flying hazard when he gets on it
  • surprisingly though,,,,,,he takes studying serious. especially transfiguration.
  • is actually a metamorphmagus, meaning he was born with the skill to alter his appearance to look like a completely different person. his hair and eye color change along with his emotions,,,,,,,he’s kinda learned how to control but it’s still something that happens
  • “im not mad seunghoon. i promise.” “mino, your hair turned red and your eyes are swirling into a dark black abyss, i can tell that you’re mad.”
  • doesn’t talk about it much, but he wants to be an auror,,,,,,,,,because like it’s such a cool job and no matter how messy he might present himself to be or laidback,,,,,he can be really serious and determined
  • is in a punk band called ‘gremlins and goblins” along with seunghoon. neither of them play instruments they really just scream into mics and fool around LOL
  • you’ve always been super jealous of mino’s abilities as a metamorphmagus because you have to be born as one to be able to transform like that
  • and for a while you tried to teach yourself spells that would at least let you change hair color or your nose or something but it’s super hard
  • and mino’s just,,,,,,,,so good at it because it’s natural and when everyone in class is like “turn into the professor before they get here!!!” and mino does it in like the blink of an eye and everyone is like wOW
  • and you’re just like,,,,,,,,,,,,,why can’t i make my magic strong enough to do that
  • and mino’s sweet so he’s always nice to you and you kinda act cold out of your own jealousy and accord
  • until one day he’s got to sit next to you in class and transfiguration of all,,,,and you’re like grumbling to yourself and the teacher is like “alright, we’re gonna turn a dinner plate into a mushroom!” and you’re like omg this is such an easy spell,,,,,
  • and you do it in a flash and mino,,,,,,,you see is struggling even though he has the highest scores for this class???? and you’re like “um,,,,,are you ok? are you sick?” and mino chuckles and he’s like “nope, ive just always been bad at this one.” and you’re like ,,,,,,,,,,let me help
  • and you help him repeat the spell and you’re like leaning over to help re position his wand
  • and like,,,,,,,wow you’re the one helping mino,,,,,,the top student and he’s smiling at you and thanking you and ok,,,,,,what,,,,,,he’s so cute,,,,,,um,,,,,,,,who,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,allowed?? him??
  • and after class mino catch up with you and ok seriously he looks so cute with his shirt untucked and his tie loose around his neck and his ravenclaw scarf thrown over his shoulder and he’s like “OWLS are coming up and you’re super smart, we should study together?”
  • and you’re like “oh,,,,like a study group?” and mino laughs embarrassingly and he’s like “is it bad that im kinda hoping it’s a study DATE instead?”
  • you: drops your wand lfkjdgsmgg


  • slytherin troublemaker and captain/seeker of the houses quidditch team
  • likes to play pranks on everyone. even the house ghost, the bloody baron
  • is only passing his classes because he has to to be able to stay captain,,,,,,,,,,pretty sure he has some method of cheating but like,,,,,,who knows,,,,,,,tbh seunghoon is probably the most cunning in that whole house and that’s what the house is known for so can you imagine,,,,,,
  • tried to smuggle in a dog onto the platform when taking the train to school, but it was confiscated and seunghoon was forced to make due with only his frog,,,,,,,
  • like mino, he’s part of ‘gremlins and goblins’, and his lyrics are all incoherent noises and sometimes lowkey disses at some of the teachers at school and mino is like bro,,,,,,,,,,,we can’t and seunghoon is like bro,,,,,,,,,no one listens to this “music” but us let me talk shit about the charms professor-”
  • seunghoon is actually an animagus. and most people are shocked because to become one you need a lot of patience, the process is super long
  • but he did it, and his form is the same as his patronus,,,,,,a cheetah 
  • and he shows it off like all the god damn time like WE GET IT you’re an animagus seunghoon sit down before you knock something over with your long limbs or your cheetah tail
  • and ,,,,,,,, there’s a certain person seunghoon likes to show off the most to,,,,,,,that person is you
  • and most of the time you just roll your eyes and play off his corny pick up lines and that time he drank a potion to be able to imitate your favorite actor at the time
  • and like,,,,,,you’ve been friends with him for a while so you really just think it’s all teasing so you don’t take it seriously
  • not until one day he’s trying to show you a cool trick on his broom, but end ups falling back first onto the hard floor of the hallway and you hear something crack and you’re like seunghoon,,,,,,,SEUNGHOON
  • and you drop down and move his head into your lap and you’re like turning his head this way and that and you’re like “can you lift your hand???? leg???? listen if you can’t ill levitate you and get you to the-”
  • and seunghoon suddenly starts chuckling and you’re like ???????
  • and he’s like “i knew it,,,,,,,,you do actually care about me. so are you free after the match this afternoon, i know we’re gonna win and as a victory gift how about you let me take you on a da-”
  • and you’re like oh my god did you fall down on PURPOSE and you take out your wand like “im going to seriously poof off your eyebrows for that”
  • and seunghoon is like nOOO spare my handsome face, which you totally like, pleaaaaaaaase
  • and you really wanna do it because he messed with you but at the same time you just sigh and you’re like getting up
  • and seunghoon is like “wait - where are you goi-”
  • and you’re walking down the hall and with your wand you pick up his broom without looking and use it to thunk him on the head and you’re like
  • “pick me up after the game. you better win.”  

bonus their patronus’: seungyoon = brown bear, jinwoo = deer, mino = coyote, seunghoon =cheetah 

@artofcrows first event → favorite characters week : inej ghafa 

hm i tried to finish my inej portrait but i was barely able to draw one (1) eye and i gave up ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ so here have a panel of me trying to figure out how to draw my babe inej ghafa treasure of my heart

also much credit to burdge tbh because i use her art as reference way too much (one day ill figure out how to have my own style but today is apparently not the day)

MCAT prep sites, friends, etc: you need AT LEAST 6-8 months to prep for your MCAT!

me, starting to study for it two months before I plan to write it: 

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boyfriend!youngmin, college au? thank you:)

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thanks for requesting!!

also, i reached 300 followers already?? thank u so much im njdkc??? i wasn’t active that much, and im really sorry about that!! but ill work harder to get more stuff out as a thanks!! 

but really, thank you so much!! <333

under read more bc its kinda lengthy!! 

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For @nenya85. The faces all worked so well together, I had to make them part of a single composition. I also tried a new style out. It honestly reminds me of my art from my Danny Phantom phase like….7 years ago. 

EDIT: fixed Mokuba’s necklace because I forgot to color it in :’)

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For the OTP challenge thing: Number 15 (so hard to decide) RivaEre, please? Thanks a lot! <3

((send me a number and get some v sloppy and low quality smut hhhhh sorry)) 

#15 - sweet and passionate

“Look at you, so adorable,” Levi coos, his eyes full of fondness as he cradles Eren’s face in his hands. “My little darling, I’m gonna eat you up.”

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When peridot said that shouldn't we fight for our home I was thinking they would Kinda be forced to fuse Since 1, Peridot Might not full power of controlling magnetic stuff or they get cornered if Lapis comes back to fight and they fuse or something idk it just sounds like they are going to

im still holding out hope that their first time fusing would be out of love and trust and not out of desperation tbh

morning glory ( alt! 2D x reader )

this is an imagine for the lovely @2ds-melodica ’s version of 2d!!! if u haven’t checked it out yet u should rly do urself a favor n do that bc got dam he a cutie

anyways i hope its ok!! i may have gotten just a lil bit carried away whoops. enjoy!!

❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

Sunlight poured in from in between half closed curtains, dousing the bed in morning light. You opened your eyes to see your boyfriend still asleep, his lanky limbs entangled with yours and his blue hair strewn across the pillow. A fond smile spread across your lips.

You rubbed the tiredness from your eyes and sat up, seeing that the aftermath of last night was spread across the room. Clothes and undergarments decorated the floor. Grabbing a shirt from one of 2D’s drawers, you threw it on and made your way downstairs.

You yawned as you walked into the kitchen to put on a pot of coffee. As it was brewing, you let the events of the evening play in your mind. Hot kisses, purple love bites, soft moans falling from your lips only to grow louder as the night carried on. You smiled thinking about it all. The coffee machine beeped and pulled you out of your thoughts. You poured a cup, and as you were sipping from it you heard the sound of bare feet walking across the hardwood floor. 2D shuffled in, shirtless and wearing a pair of reindeer patterned pajama pants that Noodle gave him last Christmas. You couldn’t help but chuckle. It was an odd choice for mid-July.

“Mornin’,” 2D yawned, stretching his arms above his head. Upon seeing you in his shirt -and only his shirt, for that matter- a smirk spread across his face. Safe to say, he liked the view.

“Morning, sleepy head,” you replied, “Coffee?”

He shook his head, “No thanks,” he mumbled, coming up behind you to wrap his arms around your waist. 2D rested his head on your shoulder and began planting kisses over the marks he left last night. A gasp fell from your lips, which turned into a soft giggle, bringing the familiar smirk back to his lips. He knew the bruises were still a little sensitive. That tease. The two of you stayed like this for a short while, just enjoying the warmth of your bodies pressed so close together. You closed your eyes and sighed blissfully. If you could, you would spend the rest of your days here. A hot cup of coffee, the loving embrace of a lover, and a blue morning sky. It was your own little slice of heaven.

Eventually, though, you had to pull away. Unfortunately humans need food to survive and your stomach was giving you a reminder. You popped a few pieces of bread into the toaster and leaned against the counter top to sip your coffee. 2D had taken a seat nonchalantly at the kitchen table and pulled out a lighter to light a cigarette. He let his eyes sweep over your figure.

“That’s a good look on you, y'know,” he teased, blowing a cloud of smoke. 2D always loved the way you looked in his clothes.

“You’re quite a looker yourself, Stu-Pot,” you replied, “The classic Christmas themed pajama pants and no shirt combo. That’s a fashion statement right there,” you joked. He laughed, smoke drifting from his lips. Even though you poked fun, you had to admit that he made it look good. Well, he made everything look good, for that matter. You let yourself admire every little detail about the man who sat in front of you. From his messy blue bed head, to the stubble on his chin, all the way down to the dark happy trail peeking out from his pj bottoms. He really was beautiful. And not just on the outside, either. 2D may like to act like a badass, but it was all just for show. You knew how sweet and loving he could be, how soft he really was behind all the piercings and pocket knives.

“See something you like?” he chuckled, pulling your attention back to the sunlit kitchen.

“Yeah, actually, I do,” you answered honestly. A genuine smile took over your features. You strode over to where he was sitting and placed yourself on his lap, resting your arms around his neck, letting your fingers play with the hair on the nape of his neck. “I like it a whole lot,” you whispered and planted a gentle kiss on his nose.

Looking into your eyes, he beamed up at you, pure adoration in his gaze. 2D could feel his heartbeat pick up. Damn it, why did you have to be so cute? A sudden urge took over him, his eyes flicking from your alluring ones down to your rosy lips, which enticed him more than ever. Slowly, you leaned in and pressed your lips to his in a sweet kiss. Soon the sweetness began to fade and transform into something more intense, something more passionate. Hands began to wander and a soft whimper flew from your lips. 2D let his fingers trail up and up, eventually crawling under your shirt and rubbing his thumbs over the soft skin there.

Suddenly, you pulled away, eyes wide and urgent as you hopped off his lap.

“Oh, shit, my toast is burning!”

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I love your hide with sidecut sO MUCh ;-; admdksbsn do u ever think about kaneki with under/sidecut??

i do now thanks to you