(if you ignore the context lmao)

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just watching that afterbuzz thing & i'm kinda amused @ matt heavily implying that alec's actions in 2x12 were inappropriate or, like he said in a parabatri interview, it was for the Drama. it's still frustrating that was the direction the writing took / i know we can still rationalise it somewhat (shout out to harry) but it's nonetheless very… vindicating since matt seeing those actions like that also happens to blow a big hole in certain arguments +

+ that almost gave me an aneurysm abt the strength of alec’s feelings or whatever. (i could be reading into things but i feel like you’ve obliquely ref these posts w past meta? if not nvm lmao). anyway it’s always a treat when actors acknowledge these sorts of things (and prove you right)!

I don’t disagree they had to have drama, but also in the context of the show it still adds to that breach of trust, if that makes sense? Like it didn’t go totally ignored; Magnus made pointed comments in 2x13 about blindly following orders and in 2x17 you can tell part of what’s driving his anger is that once again, Alec has chosen not to have faith in him. So the show did seem aware enough that it was written in as part of the narrative to become decisions that Alec is now facing consequences for. I don’t think it’s all his fault, but it’s just a lot of little things adding up over time and his decisions did have an impact in the final outcome of Magnus’ reactions.

You aren’t reading into things, haha, I do know those posts, but in regards to that, I don’t think we need to disregard Alec’s actions to justify his feelings for Magnus. There’s an odd sentiment that Alec is the only one who prioritizes work/family over his relationship, but this is not true. Magnus does the same. Back in 1x09 he helped Jace and Isabelle steal the Cup, in 2x01 he demands the respect he deserves, in 2x13 he rejects Alec when he’s being foolish. 2x17, he tore Alec a new one. The difference between them is that when Magnus prioritizes business, he’s doing it for the sake of the Downworld, an oppressed minority, whereas when Alec does it, it’s because he’s struggling with how he’s been raised or pressure from the Clave. This is why Alec’s actions are more often called out and yes are worse but that’s only due to Alec naturally coming from a place of privilege as a Shadowhunter, not because him prioritizing his work is inherently a bad thing. This is a nuance some people don’t get – and in a character sense, is also why Alec often fails to predict Magnus’ anger bc he isn’t always fully aware of his privilege. So to Alec, it’s just work, but to Magnus, this is systemic racism. And racism is always painful on a personal level.

Anyway, as I said in a previous post, people who have relegated Magnus to Alec’s doormat and think they’re being “woke” by not shipping malec are in actuality erasing a large chunk of Magnus’ character and agency in order to force him into the ~submissive asian~ trope to justify their faux outrage/shipping preferences. Which is frankly annoying and unnecessary, like just acknowledge that you prefer to ship Alec with his brother or you don’t like seeing Magnus with Alec because you dislike Alec’s character and move on; there’s no need to act like you’re fighting for justice on Magnus’ behalf when all you’re doing is erasing half of his characterization.

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when zen has a stalker from Mint Eye and jumin makes fun of him and tells him it's his imaginary friend lmao :) when zen says he doesn't want to talk about his family anymore and jumin refuses to stop lecturing him about it lmao :) when jumin continues to ignore zen's morals and principles and insists he won't achieve success without money lmao :) when jumin ignores zen's cat allergy and calls him a faker and unprofessional lmao :) when jumin is a massive hypocrite in general lmao :)

I only post a meme about how i feel about that damn phone call during Jumin’s route and you anon decided to be salty. You wanna talk about this ? then let’s talk.

1. When zen has a stalker from Mint Eye and jumin makes fun of him and tells him it’s his imaginary friend lmao :)

Yes he did make fun of him but he also worried about Zen condition. the fact that Zen hurt his ankle during that time and can’t protect himself he give Zen one of his bodyguard

2. when zen says he doesn’t want to talk about his family anymore and jumin refuses to stop lecturing him about it lmao :) 

Jumin believes family is important, no matter what happen you should at least try to talk to your family. they are your family after all and later oh his route, Zen realize what Jumin said about family is true and during his route Zen did try to reach out his family again.

3.  when jumin continues to ignore zen’s morals and principles and insists he won’t achieve success without money lmao :)

He just won’t accept help from Jumin because Zen think Jumin always solve everything with money. i’m not trying to attacked Zen here but did Zen accept echo girl help and that girl is hella rich and then that back fire to him and it cost some scandal and later Jumin help Zen to clear his name even tho there’s scandal on Zen’s back but Jumin don’t care about some stupid scandal and still believe in Zen.

4. when jumin ignores zen’s cat allergy and calls him a faker and unprofessional lmao :)

are you sure Zen’s allergy is the ONLY reason why Zen didn’t want to take the Job ? because i think there’s more than just that because when Jumin decided to go to Zen hiding spot and talking to him. Zen finally realized what kind of person Jumin is and he decided to take the modeling job for Jumin’s cat food line even tho Jumin offer him another job so he don’t have to worry about his allergy 

5.  when jumin is a massive hypocrite in general lmao :)

on what context tho ? because my meme ? every RFA member always making fun of each other that’s because they’re friends but i feel like Zen have cross the line with that phone call. Jumin did nothing but support Zen and yet he did that to Jumin.

TL;DR every characters have their own flaws. nobody’s perfect here. Jumin can be a dick head sometimes and his joke can be insulting for most people but at least he’s trying to be better and have some fun conversation with the RFA and not being a businessman 24/7 and anon i know this long ass post won’t changed your mind i’m not here to do that, but stop being so salty if you don’t like it. simply ignore it and block my blog. it’s so simple anon.


Since you actually believe you can argue using the manga let’s go back to

Your words: uHh i doNt seE why anyone would shiP IT

me: invalid argument, it’s one of the most popular ships in history


i dont care who’s more popular dear you’ll notice I called sns an otp, what I keep telling you is to hold both characters to an EQUAL standard..which you clearly fucking don’t like,, what joke.

Anyways, last sns bash of the day, mutuals scroll past

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i keep seeing that post about how the new cars movie is apparently a movie that says ‘fuck you, children’ bc it paints millennials in a bad light with the introduction of Jackson Storm

no matter that millennials are no longer children

or that the post was taking that one paragraph out of context from the article

or that there’s Cruz, a good representation of the better side of millennials

or that Storm probably isn’t even the main villain of the movie

like lmao if you hate the cars franchise so much then just ignore it, stop finding new reasons to hate it or jumping on the bandwagon to hate it because it’s Hip and Cool and What Everyone Is Doing™

there are better uses of your time

-signed, a tired cars fan

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(bc i’m a TAG LURKER...) #i’m going to die #this will kill me —lmao just wait ‘til the buildup before i let them fuck :D :D :D (this ask is really weird out of context but i have elected to not explain it further)

You!!! YOU!!!! I am so fucking excited.  I’m gonna leave a proper comment on it later because that’s a thing I need to do better, but omg it’s just GOOD and I’m so pumped.  SO PUMPED.

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(lesbian anon) they don't use them in a negative context and every time I explain to them that it's still inherently negative they say "well actually f*ggot means bundle of sticks" well okay but that's not how you're using it ????? it's still homophobic because of the context. they watch this youtube channel and there's a series about this kid called like "jeffy??" and it's rlly kind of awful but i still do the things they do from it with them cause i wanna be included but i hate it lmao kill me

it only means “bundle of sticks” in british dialects, jimothy, stop being an asshole

also if your friends aren’t being like… friends, aka blowing you off, ignoring you, mocking you, not listening, etc. it might be a good idea to break off that friendship. obviously not everyone irl is going to be as sympathetic to social issues as they seem to be online, but friends shouldn’t belittle their friends!!!

so you should do what’s best for you, and don’t worry about being included because you can and will find really amazing friends who won’t be rude and Mean

WIP Update

Nearly 17.5k words, guys! Progress is happening!

I finished both scene 2 and scene 3 today…. and completely ignored that climatic scene I said I was going to finish lol. Spent a lot of time rewriting parts of that added emotional scene I mentioned earlier… and I like it better now. But it’s not even a scene, really, just a snippet of one. Where it goes/if it stays… well that’s yet to be determined.

I would have tried to write more later this evening but my cat decided to curl up next to me and fall asleep so obviously I couldn’t move too much. I still surpassed my daily goal by at least 200 words, so that’s good!

Tomorrow’s goals: write at least 1600 words; FINISH THAT OTHER CLIMATIC SCENE; finish scene 4

A line (or a few):  

“No, there aren’t. Because without purpose, without productivity, then life means nothing! Those people would have nothing! They would turn to crime- to terrorism! Wouldn’t death then be a kinder fate?”

“No,” Mygre said flatly, and turned away.

Zodiac signs as stuff said in my art class
  • Aries: Person one - How do you spell aries? Person 2 - *dramatically and demonic* A R I S E
  • Taurus: She's ignoring me because there's shit on my hand
  • Gemini: The tooth fairy in my closet tried to take my teeth out of my mouth last night
  • Cancer: Please help me find my tit
  • Leo: I heard 'shit' and got scared
  • Virgo: Be careful of the tit, it growls
  • Libra: Fatass cactus/You can see all my bones
  • Scorpio: I don't want to put cheetos on my bare skin
  • Sagittarius: We have milky faces
  • Capricorn: You called me a tiny dick
  • Aquarius: Spread that piss water
  • Pisces: *sniffs* smells like cosplay

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i really want to like your president justin trudeau but i hate how he ignores lgbt rights. im sick and tired and i want one leader that represents and understands us. anyway he seems sweet otherwise, congrats.

ahah we have no presidents, he’s a prime minister. Regardless, I’m kind of surprised you think that?

and this bonus kiss with a tv show host (I dk context behind it tbh lmao)