(if you ignore the context lmao)

yeah except we literally dont have to specify neo-nazi because none of us are like “blah blah the 1940ish nazi social party or whatever” like nazi in the context of today means neonazi. theres literally no difference. yall keep pulling up words we never even use? like weve never fuckin said “and richard fucknuts the member of the National Socialist German Workers’ Party” lmao like shut the fuck up. you know damn well what nazi means in 2017.

you just want to defend nazism thats what it is. you want to ignore these peoples calls for ethnic cleansing and make up shit that doesnt even exist. People dont have to use neo-nazi to describe the nazis of today, all they have to do is be in 2017 and talk about modern fucking times. if only yall were as concerned with the rise in nazism as you are with semantics you made up maybe more of yall would be stopping fascists from gaining power. just sayin.

yall the same as the folks that wanna call nazis the alt-right. because “thats what they call themselves” yeah cause i really give a shit about what a nazi wants to be called. because i really fucking wanna let them confuse the public and hide the truth of their ideology behind nice suits and new names. shut the fuck up.

lit-en replied to your photo “I made a One Piece OC because I approach every series I marathon and…”

i love this, and im really sorry to bug you, but what exactly do the charts mean? in like context? if you don’t want to answer, just ignore is lmao

It’s okay, you’re not the first person to ask. They’re just charts that dictate how each Strawhat reacts to interesting people they’ve just met. Understanding how people form impressions of others and how quick they are to do it is important in manipulation tactics.

bumblebee, fighting in an ongoing war that has destroyed his home and the lives of countless friends: I would not befriend or enter into a relationship with my enemy.
some of ya’ll: UM don’t you think that’s a little ignorant??? some of them might be nice

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I feel like my best friend is ignoring me, she takes forever to message back like hours if not days, she keeps leaving me on read but she's posting & liking stuff on other social medias. I am such an understanding person, when she does answer she always says that she doesn't always have time to message me but posts & likes things on social media. I'm always like it's okay but I've been getting tired of it. idk if I should address it or not. help me, idk what to do.

Confront her about it! Don’t be aggressive though. I have friends who suck at replying to me but spend heaps of time on social media, but it doesn’t affect our friendships because really, they just suck at texting lmao. We all take things out of context online. But if you feel as if your friend is ignoring you intentionally, bring it up with her!!