(if that's not weird)


hello my s2 ichi hoodie is here and im gay
((i added the tiny sleeping ichi’s so Ugly wont take up ur entire screen and also the photo quality is Not Good))

its v different from my season two hoodie,, there are no pockets and the sleeves are short (as they should be) but the fabric is Nice
my friends and i are probably going to be s2 matsus for na//ka kon 2018 if they ever get their gotdam hoodies ordered,, 

i mention a lot of my own signs but i wanna make it clear its not 100% based on compatibility but instead based on who id want as an enemy lover or friend. this also means if i rate you high on enemy that doesnt mean i hate your signs its basically who id love to fight, only exception is sagittarius who id beat up first if given a row of people with different signs to beat up


so begins the war

Dinosaurs may have been just minutes away from surviving extinction. Some researchers believe it wasn’t the size or scale of the asteroid that wiped them out, but the location of where it hit Earth. If it had landed just a few minutes earlier or later, it would have hit the Atlantic Ocean instead of the Yucatan Peninsula, and the dinosaurs might have survived. Source Source 2

Photo: BBC
The asteroid unleashed mass devastation on the planet, including the largest Tsunami in earth’s history, scientists said.

Harvest Celebration
The Petrojvic Blasting Company
Harvest Celebration

Figured it was an appropriate time of year to remind everyone of my favorite, somewhat underrated, song from the OTGW soundtrack. I love the harmonies!

From flesh removed our chalk footfall
tempers this holy ground
Where timeless spirits meet
Round the heart of Pottsfield town

O Hi thee forth o’er golden mead
yon is the maypole set
A ribbon to wind thy soul
And to bind love to thy breast


it’s important to be here and to be able to embrace each other, love each other, uplift each other. and also to show young people i’m here because as a leader amongst young people to show that you’re not too young to get out and make a difference and to be apart of something that’s much bigger than yourself.

One thing I really hope for incredibles 2 is that it’s just as violent as the first incredibles. I’m getting really annoyed with PC parents who hate violence in kid’s films so they end up being safe and watered down, so I’m really hoping Brad Bird says “fuck that” and continues making it violent fun.

Like the first incredibles had kidnapping, torture, death, a guy literally attempt suicide, child endangerment/harm, and a Murder Robot™. It would be so jarring to see none of that in the sequel you know?