(if that's not a thing already idk)

His favorite is Watmel berries, and I figured they’re like watermelons.


greed, ling, and lan fan as roommates
  • ling, lounging on the sofa: i'm all out of soup and the ingredients to make soup.. ):
  • greed, beside him: no you aren't. i bought more
  • ling: more what?
  • greed: soup. the ingredients to make soup. idk i was at the store and figured why the hell not, anything to keep you from complaining, et cetera. also i made you some soup from scratch, b/c i was like.. bored. that's all. and you and lan fan were out of conditioner. and running low on toothpaste. i was already there. so. y'know. whatever
  • ling: aw, that's-
  • greed: [makes a noncommittal, "drop it" sound]
  • lan fan: [ignoring all of this b/c it's just like a weekly thing for them]
  • ed, who is visiting, and currently in the kitchen: [w/ a slightly raised voice] he bought fruit and made an entire fruit tray again, too. like he really d-
  • greed: enough
Sherlolly Appreciation Week, Day 4- First Sleepover

I’m pretty late with this! For most of you it’s probably Day 5 already lol. But I really wanted to give this one a try. This is how I imagine things, and I guess it doesn’t really directly conflict with canon, despite the fact that this theme doesn’t have to be canon compliant. Idk, hope you guys enjoy it…gonna go do laundry now lol!

He Needs The Space

Molly peered over the edge of her bed, looking down into the sea green eyes that stared back at her.

“Honestly, it’s fine. I’d actually feel better if you just came up here,” she stated sincerely. 

It wasn’t a lie. She did hate to think of him sleeping on the hard floor.

Sherlock had turned up at her door a couple hours before, dripping wet and looking like a stray dog in need of some loving care. Molly didn’t hesitate to invite him in. True, she’d only known him a couple of months, but Mike Stamford had known him longer. She’d heard nothing but good things. Well, perhaps not everything was good. But she’d heard enough to know he wasn’t a man to distrust or fear. And besides…she could just tell. 

It was painful for her to think of him bouncing around from place to place since his move to the city some weeks before. Apparently there was no family or friends he cared to stay with. She hated to think of him in the streets or God knows where else. Molly couldn’t say for sure what had motivated him to descend on her flat that night, but she was awfully glad he did. 

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Ours (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: can you do a bellamy imagine where bellamy and the reader are together and bellamy goes missing ( you can decide what happened to him) and he comes back while later and finds out that the reader had a baby (thats his) idk this was just a headcanon i had

A\N: omg i loved writing this xox hope you like it!!

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“He's– He can’t be gone.” You stutter as the world around you begins to spin in a fit of panic, “Find him!” You yell above the noise of people talking. Finn and Jasper look at you like you’re going crazy, “Please.” You beg, speaking more quietly this time. The last thing you want is for more attention to be on you than it already is. The leader is gone and all eyes are on you as his second in command before Clarke. 

“We’ve been looking for the past week, Y/N.” Clarke states as she touches your shoulder, trying to be comforting but it only makes you flinch, “He’s g–”

“Look harder! He can’t just disappear.” You shake her hand off you as you interrupt her. Tears begin to brim your eyes and you’re so tired of everyone looking at you with pity and talking down to you.

“Just because he’s gone doesn’t mean you have to do this alone.” Clarke whispers to you and your hands instinctively go down to hold your stomach. It’s been a month since you found out about your child. You were waiting for the right time to tell Bellamy – that was the plan until he disappeared.

“Clarke.” You address her in a low voice and she looks a little scared of you, “He was everything I had.” A tear slips past your eye as you stare at the ground. This is the first time you’ve ever talked about him in the past tense - as if he were dead, “I am alone.”


“You’re so precious,” you smile at your young daughter who looks back confused but then bursts out in a fit of giggles, “I love you so, so, so much!” You hold her carefully in your arms as the sun goes down. You kiss her small forehead and soft cheeks, making her laugh even more. Hearing someone step inside your tent, you turn and see Finn who watches on with a look of dismay. You immediately know something’s wrong, “What am I needed for?” You question, standing up and holding your fragile girl as she plays with a strand of your hair.

“Let me take her first.” Finn states, taking a step forward and you take a step back protectively, “Y/N, it’s okay.” He reassures you as he holds his arms out.

“Sorry,” you reply quickly, not realising how stupid you’re being - it’s Finn, it’s someone you can trust, “She’s probably missed you.” You smile as you hand her over slowly and gently. Finn holds her with a smile and she starts playing with his hair too.

“Hello gorgeous girl,” Finn whispers in his high baby voice, “how are you today?” She giggles and pulls on his hair lightly.

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What went down in Horrificator
  • Nino: kk let's film a horror movie bc we need a one-off plot for this episode
  • Mylène: I can't act bc Ivan is terrifying
  • Nino: aren't you and he supposed to be a thing at this point
  • Nino: bc that was established when he was akumatized and that's already happened by now
  • Mylène: idk but either way he's f**king terrifying
  • Mylène: imma sing the song that helps me calm down
  • Mylène: smelly wolf, smelly wolf, trapped in the stinky hut
  • Mylène: smelly wolf, smelly wolf, I'm gonna kick your b**t
  • Nino: did you just censor "butt"?
  • Mylène: why is that relevant?
  • Nino: why would you censor that? it's not a curse word
  • Mylène: idk
  • Alya: ok speaking as the only voice of reason in the room, as usual, can we maybe get back on track?
  • Max: agreed, we've got only 78 hours before they kick us out of the school for the evening
  • Nino: there's no way that number is correct
  • Nino: maybe like 7 or 8 hours at most
  • Alya: that running gag is kinda worn out now
  • Chloé: hi
  • Mylène: NOPE NOPE NOPE
  • Ivan: hey Mylène, things are gonna be ok, pls don't get akumatized
  • Mylène: *gets akumatized*
  • Ivan: that defs went well
  • Chloé: so anyway imma take over Mylène's part so I can get to smooch Adrien
  • Alya: that was defs not in my script
  • Nino: I um...may have made a couple revisions?
  • Nino: ok sorry we can take it out
  • Marinette: and there's a whole lot of unnecessary shenanigans averted
  • Rose: aww :(
  • Chloé: anyway imma leave and take Kim and Max with me
  • Max: there is an 87% chance—
  • Kim: that you're a nerd?
  • Max: ...
  • Max: ...yeah.
  • Kim: and that Chloé is a scuzzbucket?
  • Max: now we're talking! <>
  • Max and Kim: *enact sweet high five*
  • Max and Kim: *get captured by Horrificator*
  • Marinette: ok Nino so you know how you wanted a realistic monster in your film?
  • Marinette: and then one conveniently showed up
  • Marinette: so what I guess I'm asking is
  • Marinette: are you Hawkmoth?
  • Nino: oh no you caught me
  • Nino: as somebody who was previously akumatized, Hawkmoth is defs who I am
  • Nino: great theorizing there
  • Nino: anyway can you transform and beat the monster pls
  • Marinette: ok. Tikki, spots on!
  • Adrien: imma leave a shoe here as a diversion bc that's defs how that works
  • Adrien: Plagg, claws out!
  • Nathaniel: anyway I'm standing here and I'm defs not in immediate danger of being captured
  • Horrificator: HEY GUYS
  • Nathaniel: hey Horrificator!
  • Horrificator: *captures Nathaniel*
  • Nathaniel: in retrospect I should have seen that coming
  • Horrificator: *captures Chloé*
  • Ladybug: ok let's have a show of hands
  • Ladybug: who here is in favor of not actually rescuing Chloé this time
  • Ladybug: by an overwhelming majority of literally every person, we're not rescuing Chloé
  • Chat Noir: *traps Horrificator in Cataclysm cage*
  • Ladybug: and now it's time for an impromptu musical number!
  • Everyone: *bangs loudly on miscellaneous cleaning supplies while singing*
  • Horrificator: MAKE IT STOP
  • Horrificator: pls have mercy and deakumatize me Hawkmoth
  • Hawkmoth: yeah that's warranted
  • Ladybug: well that's that then
  • Nino: anyway Mr. Mayor here's our film of very real events
  • André: yeah imma disqualify it bc you left my daughter there to die
  • Nino: ok fine we'll go back and rescue her if you give us the award
  • Ladybug: no way in hell am I going back to rescue her
  • Nino: but that's the only way to get the award!
  • Ladybug: then maybe you should have thought of that before you voted to leave her to die
  • Nino: oh yeah good point

“Cause its’ new chicks poppin’ up every day,
And they want the same thing”

I don’t have a caption, I just fuck with this wig heavy. Finals and work been kicking my ass so excuse me if I become less active, I got a life nigaas. I’m abou to grab a couple drinks with my girls at some bar they found idk I just need some liquor in my system. Can school just be over already? That would be great.

liiike to clarify it wasnt that we were thinking he said ta@kitz was noncanon it was that we were distressed with how noncommital hes been out of the podcast, this was just another thing he said and its not much to ask for a straight dude to commit to a gay character, if he was uncomfortable flirting with his brothers ocs then thats understandable and no one is forcing him to, hes Literally done it before hes the one that suggested the date but outside of the podcast hes made comments that sound extremely noncommital (ie saying u can interpret ta@ko as a girl, thus saying its alright to not see him as a gay man, which he had already confirmed prior)

its saddening when content creators do this kind of thing, i do apologize for jumping to conclusions but you have to realise this lack of commitment is extremely present in media and just because justin hasnt made taako a painful sterotype doesnt mean hes a saint, thats like, the bare minimum

Since my master post got a lot of attention i’m going to make one with fun facts on the members! here we go this is gonna be long.

Kim Youngbin (11/23/93)

-he likes to play korean chess
-strict when need be but also very cute and surprisingly funny
-mismatched eyes. Said they were his charm in one of the earlier neon lessons
-sucks at basketball but does that stop him? no
-he’s caring. he scolded hwiyoung in d.o.b once for doing the move not the way he pictured is and then went to comfort him when he cried, saying they’re gonna debut together since they’re all apart of the team.
-he’s an angel and loves his members a lot before they debuted he did everything to make sure they all debut together
-he dabs…a lot…i mean most of them do too but..
-another quote that made me cry was when he was like “I want to debut for the happiness of our 9 member’s families. Let’s succeed with debut since we’ve been struggling and trying hard”
-HE LOVES EVERYONE SO MUCH i love him he’s an angel
-he gets shy and flustered and its so cute??? thanks
-he’s the thrill junkie in the group imo he was always hyped to go on every ride in spectacle fantasy 9
-selfie king thanks 

Kim Inseong (7/12/93)

-eldest member
-VOCALS he has such a sweet voice wow
-He’s learning english with Jaeyoon and he’s very good at it tbh if he keeps it up he can be fluent in no time 
-he has great taste in movies he recommended three when they did their q&a thing in the fan cafe and i watched one that caught my eye (bc of him) and it was literally one of the best movies meaning wise thank u inseong please recommend more 
-HE CALLS HIMSELF A FENNEC FOX BC HE THINKS HE LOOKS LIKE ON can u say furry…im kidding i love him 
-also used the fox filter on snow when they did that video of all of them…using snow filters…self explanatory i guess but yeah
-usually adds cute drawings to his signatures
- really doesnt act like the eldest tbh but he is dont let that fool you 
-hes a happy little baby 
-he’s always next to Zuho and holds hands and HONESTLY they do that for me thanks 

Lee Jaeyoon (8/9/94)

-vocals!! during their hour long v-app he sang and I melted his voice is like honey just like he says 
-he’s so extra but in a good way
-he’s the best at girl group dances in my opinion along with Dawon 
-Learning english with Inseong, his english is also fairly well!!
-amazing body proportions 
-glowing angel
-can be a meme i guess
-he has amazing self confidence i wish i have
-He’s from busan and love to let people know that he’s from Busan
-manly busan man Jaeyoon
-he’s scared of big rides someone needs to protect him 
-he has cute squishy cheeks 
-we need to hear him sing more please

Lee Dawon (7/24/95)

-was in AOA creams MV as the main man there…the only man in the video but u know what i mean yeah ok 
-he said in one lesson that he strives to be the worlds best vocalist and he’s there ok he’ll get there i believe in him and you should too 
-happy virus and mood maker
-was one of the main love interactions in CYH
-in the one hour v-app thing they had at the very end of it he did a high pitched scream and honestly so relatable 
-always. screaming. 
-but a ball of sunshine even if u don’t stan him u stan him 
-he says he’s a fashion enthusiast i agree 
-the MOST extra member but thats what people love about him and i do too 
-and flirty tf he knows how to give fanservice y’all Dawon stans are lucky
-he loves eating and i support that 100% he should have his own eating show with inseong ok thanks i’ll petition for that are u guys in?
-he has a soft looking smooth face like tell me ur skin care routine 
-he tries to make everyone happy and comfy even if he’s not happy he’ll be the type to make sure the people around him are
- loves making people laugh stan this sunshine

Baek Juho (7/4/96)

-Stage name Zuho idk why they changed it it’s the same pronunciation but yeah if he’s happy with it so are we
-MY BABY MY WORLD MY ANGEL i love this dude…so much can u tell who i stan..
-visuals…for days
-was one of the main love interactions in CYH
-deep toned rapper 
-his voice is so beautiful like..imagine waking up to his raspy sleepy voice wow sorry
-literally a lyrical genius 
-he writes most of his own raps can you say TALENT? 
-sharp nose is his charming point and he likes to let people know he’s happy with his nose which i love like yes be confident baby 
-people (FNC and members) call him tsundere but i don’t like using that so pretend i didn’t just write that
-members say he’s the most boring dsflak
-he trained the longest..6 years along with rowoon
-both him and rowoon where in a FNC show way before NEOZ SCHOOL was born 
-cheekbones!! he has really sharp and strong features
-invented wearing headbands…
-he says he has the broadest shoulders of the group and that he’ll show them off once he’s more comfortable 
-a BTS fan !! i bet he’s excited for their comeback, and excited they get to promote together wow 
-meaningful lyrics 
-the members woke him up once in DOB by dragging him out the hotel room and fed him a piece of bread lfakf
-bc he’s the hardest to wake up that part was so cute 
-just a shy bun whom i’d lay down my life for if he tells me to 

Kim Rowoon (8/7/96)

-like i know i said everyone is the visual but thats bc they are ok but the title belongs to him if u understand what im trying to say
-was one of the main love interactions in CYH
-in CYH he played a baseball player and u can tell how good his proportions are in the uniform wow he can pull off the uniform better than anyone ok 
-he feeds the members and cleans the dorm
-basically the caretaker of the group
-so he’ll be a good husband to whoever he marries !!
-he’s so sweet a literal angel thank u 
-his hight intimidates me he’s a whole foot and inch taller than me he can LITERALLY step on me
-but he’s gentle so there’s no need to be intimidated he’s a gentle giant with a warm heart
-FT islands biggest stan, biggest minhwan stan 
-when he met him in dob he was so cute and flustered
-nice butt but u didn’t hear tht from me 
-he could literally be a model i’m WAITING
-trained the longest with zuho
-alone with cleaning the dorm he also nags the members to clean and put their clothes away. 
-during dob he and two members made a picnic for the group i support
-also accidentally hit chanhee’s nose and he has a nose bleed he felt so bad it’s like a father who was playing with his son i,- 

Yoo Taeyang (2/28/97)

-I have a mini playlist on YT with his predebut videos i might make a post abt them bc wow he did that
-his smile is the literal sun? No pun intended with his name his smile is just !!
-dancer !!
-he choreographs along with youngbin!
-big eyes and is proud of his eyebrows and honestly me too when will i ever
-went to that famous dance school that literally all the best idol dancers went to like zelo 
-usually sings the chorus, or the beginning, his voice is beautiful
-before wanting to sing he played guitar and i think he still does!
-calls himself sexy charisma like ur 6 please 
-loves chanhee
-prolly the biggest chanhee stan next to me bc im chanhee’s certified mother 
-cHANHEE SAID HE RARLEY GETS SLEEP BC HE WORKS THE HARDEST AND THAT MAKES ME SAD like you’re a hardworker you deserve some rest please :(
-his hard work pays off he’s an amazing dancer ?? and singer one of the best honestly he’s just full with passion 
-the selfie with him in the pink sweater is my favorite 
-i think he can beatbox or am i just making that up?
-lmfao like in January people gave him shit bc of his name since taeyang from Big bang has the name like? there’s thousands of taeyangs stfu let this sweet boy live.
-a little shy awkward baby 

Kim Hwiyoung (5/11/99)

-a baby
-a little awkward but not really but yes
-he knows he’s handsome y’all he prolly uses that to his advantage
-i already said this in youngbins thing but he cried when he got scolded by the leader bc he though youngbin was mad at him :(
-he’s sensitive pls handle with care
-doesn’t look or act like his age? he’s really mature for his age
-there’s a selfie of him sleeping with a kitty…my favorite
-he loves cats
-like so much he used to add a cat face at the end of his signature idk if he still does? 
- can u say Jumin Han
-^ im kidding please
-in an episode of DOB he volunteered to bungee jump first and the members called him courageous bc he is !! 
-he talked informally to the eldest members in a episode of DOB he really did that nice
-nice arms 
-beat chanhee in arm wrestling he was so proud 

Kang Chanhee (1/17/00)

-cutest nose and smile ever please
-played sunwoo in signal and was in other dramas as a chil mostly
-when he was little he was friends with moonbin of astro and chanwoo of ikon!!
-with those two they were in an epsiode of star king with DBSK and played mini DBSK
-he’s literally been in the business since childhood thank GOD he debuted he deserves this 
-his goal is to play in a movie!! let him do this please..
-forces the members to be cute. He did that with Youngbin in a DOB episode i love him 
-was one of the main love interactions in CYH
-other than signal he was also in hwajung and to the beautiful you
-has amazing facial expressions on stage 
-i already said this but his nose is so cute :(
-I need to protect him im his #1 mom 
-before the group name change like even before dob he had an interview with a magazine bc of him being in signal, and he said “the other members and myself will try our very best to debut together because that’s our dream” and i cried
- that was before dob so member changes were more speculated 
-every other member is a chanhee stan 
-if u don’t stan him u still stan him bc u gotta? 
-everyone’s son
-since he’s been exposed the most he’s one of the more popular members!!
-he loves chicken and ramen if u buy him chicken he’ll prolly ask u to marry him 
-when he sleeps he kicks off the blanket he’s a baby bean
- he loves to dance and is really good at it! he says he’s lacking but he’s training hard to meet everyone’s expectations please love him 

friendly reminder that your gender identity is completely independent of how you decide to present yourself and that being a femme transboy or butch transgirl doesn’t make you any less trans

it’s all about what you are comfortable with, your happiness is the most important thing and transitioning is already hard enough without feeling guilty for dressing a certain way

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i HATE my boyfriend's friends. I try to be as nice as I can, but all they do is aggravate me to the point where I don't want to try. They are all immature, make crude jokes about women and any other race that's not white. My bf seems to get more immature when he hangs with them. idk what to do. As a woc myself, it sucks.

I think you already know that this is unacceptable. If your boyfriend has no problem with men who act like this, then he is also like this. If he acts like that when he is with them, it’s because that’s who he is too and he is showing you. You sound unhappy, unfulfilled, and like better things are out there for you.

Okay but some deaf!Mikasa au things (on mobile so pardon the format)

- Mike and Levi taking her to an aquarium on her birthday
- Mikasa being so excited because she’s never been but she ADORES seahorses and turtles and thinks sharks are the bomb
- Levi getting her dressed in a puffy pink parka and mittens and a white scarf and hat because it’s so cold and she doesn’t like being cold
- Mikasa asking for Mike’s hat by pointing and roughly saying “papa” because she can’t sign with her mittens
- The hat being WAY too big for her lil’ head but she loves it
- Mike and Levi holding her hand on the way in/around and letting her hold their tickets before they go in
- Mikasa running up to the turtle exhibit and smooshing her face against the glass as she stares, entranced
- She stands there for at least five minutes just watching
- Mike picking her up so she can see an exhibit because it’s a little crowded in front of it
- Going to the sharks and Mikasa just being so freaking happy and clapping her hands as she watches them swim around
- Mikasa being scared by the rays in the touch pool, but Levi hugs her and tells her they’re harmless and to prove it he puts his hand in the water and she follows in suit
- Mike signing to her that he likes the jellyfish because they remind him of Levi - beautiful and dangerous, and Mikasa agrees while Levi flicks Mike and smiles
- Levi and Mike watching as Mikasa runs from tank to tank, trying to take everything in and staring with wide-eyed wonder
- Taking Mikasa to the gift shop, where she’s confused when they ask her if she wants anything because she’s not used to gifts
- Buying her a stuffed jellyfish, turtle, and shark, and some candy
- Going out to eat after, Mikasa signing insanely fast because she’s so happy
- Levi wiping her mouth off because she’s rushing to eat so she can sign more
- Mikasa being freaking happy
- Mike and Levi tucking her in bed that night with her new stuffed animals and she sleepily signs that she loves them - the first time she’s done so
- Levi having to leave because it made him cry because she’s so precious and he’s so happy
- All of them being happy and content

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How far is too far in phanfiction terms? I mean are dan and phil still represented and based off dan and phil when you change their gender, personalities, possibly sexuality, time era they live in, jobs, appearance and sometimes even species? Like what continues to make them 'Dan and Phil' apart from their name? I just find some phanfic writers change so much about the duo that the only thing they have in common with the real duo is their names and sometimes that's changed too? Idk man

See the good thing with fanfiction is that nothing is ‘too far’! People use fanfiction as a way to express their own creative abilities while being able to stick with a certain pair that makes them comfortable. This is so much easier than making up your own characters because the population of readers already know who you’re talking about and what they’re like. The writer doesn’t have to explain what the characters look like or any backstories (if they’re writing a reality fic) and it’s easier for the reader to visualize than with original characters. The ones that you’re talking about are AUs, which means that basically ANYTHING can happen. And that is so beautiful because just imagine Dan and Phil in space. The authors would have a much harder time getting readers for their original stories than they would with fanfiction, so it’s a wonderful way to express creativity while relying on something a lot of people know about


Why Tanaka x Yamaguchi should be a thing!

Tanaka physically/vocally showing his happiness toward Yamaguchi’s success

Got super angry when he thought Tsukishima wasn’t being supportive



Yamaguchi already thinks he’s hot ;)

I’m still on my trials of apollo kick lolz anyways I feel like Apollo might give up his godhood for love by the end of the series ngl and I’m totally down for it like his past is so tragic in the romance department and its sad because he’s such a hopeless romantic and the whole thing with emmie and jo giving up immortality for love feels like foreshadowing and idk I want Apollo to find love and not heartbreak again and maybe it’s with a mortal like maybe thats what he needs! We already know he’s willing to die for platonic/family type love (Meg) so I bet the dude would give up mortality for romantic love for sure