(idk why its so blurry

how i edit cas screencaps

i almost did a voiceover, but it was a disaster so i scrapped it. anyway, here’s how i edit my pictures in photoshop! note: i do not use reshade in cas, my settings are on ultra, and i use photoshop cs6 extended. there’s no music or anything, just 5 minutes of delicious, blurry silence. enjoy!

>bright almond action<

how i edit in-game screenshots

pls click on it idk why it’s so blurry


I lie, this was not for my pride.
I know this was my time.

I was listening to Handshake by Two Door Cinema Club and I can only think of Taco talking to Mic tbh
also!! my marker ran out halfway through colouring Soap, so I’m sorry if it’s uneven!

anonymous asked:

I DEMAND (politely request) MORE SOFT JOTAKAK PLEASE. (If you're still doing these.)

Your wish is my command~
Thanks for the request!! 
(slowly but surely working through ship requests!!!) 


John Reese  — Rick vs. Nick

“tell me what your secret is 
and now you've crossed the line”

[Image description: Six images featuring John Reese. They are captioned with lyrics from the song “Rick vs. Nick” by Before Their Eyes. Click here to listen to the song on YouTube. 

The first image is in black and white. It shows John from behind, walking away. Only his torso and head are in the frame. The caption reads “We’ve reached the crossroads of what makes truth and lies”. 

The second image shows John’s face when he was a kid, and his face when he worked for the CIA. The one on the left side was taken from the scene of his father’s funeral. His face is sad. The one on the right side was taken from a scene where he convicts a corrupt soldier. His face looks dark, the lighting makes it appear like a scull. The caption says “Tell me what your secret is”. 

The next three pictures show the faces of Jessica, Joss, and Iris while they look at John. 

The caption for the one with Jessica is “No more time will pass by, we need to draw the line, the words you never said now begin to fade away”. 

On the one with Joss, the caption reads “No excuses this time, we need to draw the line, the act is slowly fading, it’s time to step in the spotlight”. 

The caption for the one with Iris reads “You have a way of hiding everything in your life, it’s not too late to escape this fate, tell me what your secret is”. 

The fifth picture shows John during his hallucination, caused by hypothermia. He sits in his car with Joss. His profile is shown through a hole in the front side window. Joss sits on the passenger seat, her face is blurred. She looks at him. The caption reads “This is your crossroad, this is where your secrets die”. 

The last image shows Harold and John from behind, sitting on a bench at the Brooklyn Bridge. The caption says “Out of time, when your life was on the line, when you start to see the signs, don’t let go, just let your wings unfold”. End description.]

Ken ga Kimi sketches from the limited edition booklet! Not sure if anyone scanned these yet but I thought it would be useful for those wanted to make fanart or just something nice to look at. stares at saneaki If you want the full size just send me a message because Tumblr is bound to resize these. orz