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I feel old, lol. I saw a the post asking you about your brucenat fics it has been really almost 2 years since brucenat WHAT? I miss you I miss them. It's really a shame how the hate truly killed the fandom tags, and how I don't have the strength to edit them anymore I still follow everyone, we were the tiniest fandom but everyone was amazing. I miss the joy and love that I used to feel for them Idk where it went. Maybe Thor3 will wake up the fandom love for Dr. Banner. Who knows?

Miss you/them, too! And I know! I can’t believe it, either. Two years. The constant hate was just too much — though I did write some hella long meta based off it, yeesh. 

It’ll be so interesting to see what Thor will tell us about Bruce’s POV on brucenat. I need details. Are we getting them? Probably not. But I’ll be waiting with bated breath the whole time in hopes that what we do get will bring back some inspiration!

Question Tag

Thank you @literally-just-yoongi-trash for tagging me!

rules: answer all the questions, add one of your own and tag as many people as there are questions

1. coke or pepsi? Nope

2. disney or dreamworks? Disney 

3. coffee or tea? Coffee 

4. books or movies? Books

5. windows or mac? Windows (but currently using Mac)

6. dc or marvel? Marvel but I do like DC too

7. xbox or playstation? playstation 

8. dragon age or mass effect? I also know nothing about either

9. night owl or early riser? Night owl. Idk what sleep is anymore.

10. cards or chess? Cards, much more flexibility in what can be played. 

11. chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla

12. vans or converse? Nope

13. Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash or Adaar? ok…

14. fluff or angst? Angst with a lot of fluff and a happy ending where at least one person dies. (I know what I want)

15. beach or forest? A forest that ends at a cliff and drops off into a beach.

16. dogs or cats? Why can’t we have both? 

17. clear skies or rain? RAIN MAKES ME HAPPY

18. cooking or eating out? Cooking and then realising how horrible it is and ending up eating out

19. spicy food or mild food? Spicy 

20. halloween/samhain or solstice/yule/christmas? I love them for different reasons

21. would you rather forever be a little too cold or a little too hot? A little too cold. You can always put on more clothes but you can’t take off your skin (well you shouldn’t, but you can)

22. if you could have a superpower, what would it be? I wanna fly. Pretty lame but I’ve always wanted to fly. 

23. animation or live action? I can’t choose. Both can be phenomenal and horrible. 

24. paragon or renegade? Imma pretend I understand

25. baths or showers? Showers

26. team cap or team ironman? TEAM IRONMAN (cause I was there when no one was)

27. fantasy or sci-fi? I love it all

28. do you have three or four favourite quotes, if so, what are they?

Life is monochrome, pretending to be colour” ~ Rap Monster
Go on your path even if you live for one day, do something, put away your weakness” ~BTS
So, this is my life. And I want you to know that I am both happy and sad and I’m still trying to figure out how that could be” ~Stephen Chbosky
It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live” ~ JK Rowling 

I have many many more favourite quotes but these are the ones I can think of right now.

29. youtube or netflix? Youtube 

30. harry potter or percy jackson? Harry Pottah

31. when do you feel accomplished? When I finish making an amazing playlist on spotify (my new strange addiction) 

32. star wars or star trek? Don’t 

33. paperback or hardback books? Hardback. Who would say paperback unless you like those creases the poor baby gets. 

34. horror or rom-com? both

35. tv shows or movies? both 

36. favourite animal? BUNNIES

37. favourite genres of music? Everything honestly, but I really dig music that’s fun but also really smooth and soft.

38. least favourite book? I can’t say I’ve read a book I’ve really hated

39. favourite season? Winter 

40. song that’s currently stuck in your head? She’s A Baby by Zico

41. what kind of pyjama’s do you wear? depends

42. how many existential crises do you have on an average day? hmm… around 4. One after each meal and another random one at like 1am

43. if you can only choose one song to be played at your funeral, what would it be? A Cypher by BTS. Any Cypher, if not all of them. 

44. favourite theme song to a TV show? the theme from Rollercoaster 

45. harry potter movies or books? The books

46. you can make your OTP become canon but you’ll forget that tumblr exists. will you do it? why not?

47. do you play an instrument and if so, what is it? Yes I play the piano, recorder, guitar, harmonium, and ukulele mainly. I play bits of others but I don’t own them so I don’t get practice. 

48. what is the worst way to die? I’ll tell you when I find out

49. if you could be entirely invisible for a day, what would you do? I’d hope to do a lot of stuff but I’d probs end up lying in bed scrolling through the internet. (sad but true)

50. What are you planning on doing with your life? living

51. Favorite Disney movie? This is always a hard question but I also love Mulan (that soundtrack gets me so hyped and that storyline is LIFE)

52. What is your favourite smell? Vanilla sponge cake that’s just come straight out of the oven on a cold winters day

53. (my question) What is your favourite hour of the day?

It says to tag as many people as there are questions… do I even know that many people?
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(im close enough…)

Re: Billboard

If you want to know when Billboard started losing it’s credibility here’s a good place to start: (http://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/08/business/media/billboard-names-tony-gervino-as-editor.html?_r=0) (Currently THR and Billboard have the same parent company and creative director.)

Then it continued with this: (http://www.nytimes.com/2014/11/20/business/media/billboard-changing-the-charts-will-count-streaming-services-.html) which began devaluing the strength of their album sales chart.

That’s generally why industry bigwigs (aka Irving and Co.) are very anti-Billboard right now. It used to be considered the Bible of the Industry, the pinnacle of the trade mags, and now it’s turning into a music-oriented tabloid

So why was Billboard all up 1D’s ass this summer? Well, there was a lot of 1D news. Especially of the tabloid gossip variety, which if you read article #1 up there, you’ll see that’s direction they’re going in.

Why did it change? 1. Because their summer social media intern, who ran their Tumblr and was 1DAF , went back to school. I’m not even kidding. Their Tumblr crossposting is a fraction of what it was this summer. 2. Because one of their Pop Editors (Jason Lipshutz) left for FuseTV. He talked about 1D all the time, and was/is generally excellent to us as fans.