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another psa about ships on this blog

recently i have been hesitant to post any ships involving shiro (especially with matt and the paladins) on this blog before i felt that i had more solid information to go on, even if i headcanon them all as adults minus pidge (and have for a while now). now that we have information about the garrison being a college/university institution, i feel more solid in my headcanons and more comfortable posting shippy content with shiro in it.

i still won’t be reblogging any ships with pidge in them though, since pidge is a minor. i also won’t be posting any nsfw on here, like, at all. if something is very minorly nsfw/risque i will tag i appropriately. since i reblog a bunch of shippy stuff there will be LOTS of pda so if that makes you uncomfortable it may be best that you unfollow since tagging like 99% of my posts with pda would be very redundant and if you have the tag blacklisted you’d hardly see anything from me anyways.

i will be tagging every ship thoroughly in case people want/need to blacklist things, and as always if this makes you uncomfortable due to a difference in our headcanons, you are absolutely free to unfollow me to be safe.