True Love’s Kiss

based on this post.

It’s my fault that he’s here.

Well, maybe it was the dragon’s fault, but I still should have done something about it. Simon was channeling all of his magic into me, practically leaking energy. And I couldn’t control it.

The dragon was taking a huge breath, getting ready to incinerate both of us, and I was really fucking freaked out. So, I kind of just unleashed Simon’s magic and it ended up turning the dragon into a lizard. And throwing Simon into a brick wall. Hard.

So now he’s here, at Watford, in the hospital wing, in a coma. And I can’t even make some snide comment about how he’s drooling because he can’t hear me.

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I don’t look at my photos much, not after posting (only sometimes when I see them reposted by some lovely person, ha, ha, thank you all) but this is a look at my favorites.

This has a horrible background, it’s a little blurry, and it was just quick pic, but I think it’s my best photo of my body, if you like that kind of thing..

I think this is a good photo. If the sun would have cooperated it would have been perfect, maybe. 

This turned out well, focusing on the bubble and not the body, ha, ha.

I think this pic turned out well.

I don’t plan well when it comes to pictures. There is much fighting with the camera, but these two were planned and turned out.

But the picture with my tin foil wings is my favorite picture.


Our newest incarnation of hawkman & hawkgirl variants- High Seas Hawks! They debuted at Dragon Con 2015 and we were pretty happy with how they turned out. I did the costume design and Josh did the wing design.
 He built the wings, my sword and his helm. I did all the painting, leatherwork (bandoliers, my enormous hat, belts, corset etc), weathering, boot mods, and all the sewing/fabrication on my outfit (except for the shirt which I had from a previous pirate costume). It was my first time working with silk which was a bit of an experience (dyeing the silk for my itty bitty shorts was kind of scary, but it worked out. plus the bloomers turned out real cute).  Also only my second time making an enormous leather hat…I think it turned out rather well (i love big hats, i cannot lie). I will probably be tempted to make more really big leather hats in the future (i keep eyeing Cole’s hat from DAI…but i do not really want to do full cole cosplay…who wants to commission a big hat?)

They were also pretty well received and it was awesome that we got to do this photoshoot with Kyle Nishioka!

characters: High Seas Hawkman & Hawkgirl
cosplayers/costumers: Josh Phelan & Tori McKenna (me!), Cool By Proxy Productions
photo taken by: Kyle Nishioka, kylenishioka.com/


I believe this will likely be the last report from Project TP Origami. I wil let Mr. Slippy’s pictures and words speak for themselves here.Sayeth he:

I completely forgot until this morning that I have a mini rotary cutter. That turned out to work quite well at cutting the paper. I only made the flappy bird because it’s quick and easy. I seriously doubt its wings would flap if I were to pull on the tail–the model would probably just tear apart. In fact, right as I was finishing this up, I went to clean up the fold on the very tip of the tail and it began to tear–you can kind of see in the last photo. Anyway, when it comes to delicate paper I generally tend to stick with things like flowers rather than animals or geometric stuff.
My tweezers were indispensable in making this, both because of the small paper size and the properties of the paper itself. I just had to remember to be gentle gentle gentle. This kind of paper creases poorly, so I also used my bone folder at every step to reinforce the folds. With this kind of paper I’d definitely do that over thumbnail creases–it would be waaay too easy to tear with the latter.
I’ve made origami out of just about every kind of paper product imaginable, including cocktail napkins and sandpaper, and this has been one of my least relaxing and least favorite papers to work with, probably my flat-out least favorite and most frustrating. With little in the way of payoff at the end to offset that experience. If i were in prison and couldn’t get someone to bring me proper origami paper, I’d seek out literally anything but TP. If somehow I couldn’t get my hands on any newspapers, magazines, library books, printer paper, notebooks, forms, construction paper, currency, etc., and TP was the only paper product I had access to, at that point I’d rather just kill a prisoner and make origami from their skin. After all, elephant hide paper is a popular high-end origami paper.
Hopefully this information is helpful.

(He did check in again later to say, “Shit, he’s in solitary, isn’t he?  Scratch that last bit.”) 

TL;DR: Toilet paper origami is feasible but requires special tools, sturdy TP, and a good deal of patience. Hanners might have the last two, but likely not the first, so probably if he wants to do origami he’s using the paper from his creepy fan mail, or bargaining with Alana for proper origami paper.