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DC is really digging their own grave. I wonder what is their goal because it seems they want the whole Batfamily be a bunch of creepy zombies. :| Hope it's just a rumor and Tim won't die. I agree with you. Fans probably care more for the characters than origo writers. Maybe because of how comics are complicated now, I prefer standalone series like Arkham. At least it's relieved of Talia seducing drugged Bruce, her and Jay and now Babs with Bats. Maybe I think about it too much... 😕

It’s because we care about them so much more, obviously. They just need to stop giving us the same old same old. I feel like they didn’t give Tim enough justice in the New 52 because pre-52 Tim was life.

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Here’s something longer for you guys to read hehe hope you guys like it! Also I said it countless times in the tags of my reblog but I just have to say it again that I am RLY obsessed with Jay’s new haircut he looks so good (●♡∀♡) Ok done, till then! (lol I’m sucha loser)

“But I’m tired, can’t I give it a miss?” You whined cutely as you tugged on Jay’s fingers and looked at him with a sulk.

“No, cos the male lead can’t appear without his co-star,” He said. “Besides, it’s gonna be fun cos everyone will be there!”

Yup, another AOMG party. And after doing this for about two years, you’ve figured that you shouldn’t have to ask what the occasion was cos half the time you got a ‘just because’ from Jay with that signature shrug of his as a reply.

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Jaylos Week: Day 3 (Isle Stories)

Hey guys! I am so sorry this so late! I’ve been really busy, so I haven’t been able to write much. I was actually saving this for Christmas, but this is the only story I can give you all now. Besides, I couldn’t have a Jaylos week without contributing anything! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! Comments and suggestions are very welcome! Thanks for reading!❤️


With You, Everyday is Christmas

Let’s get three things straight. Villains do not have friends. Villains do not care for anyone. And most of all, villains do not celebrate Christmas.

But after a dangerous quest for the Dragon Eye, it doesn’t seem so impossible for a certain group of villains…

It was December 24 on the Isle of the Lost, Christmas Eve. Unlike the rest of Auradon, the Isle wasn’t too fond of this holiday. There were no colorful lights and decorations. Instead, they preferred darkness and filth. It was definitely not the Season to be Jolly. The villains remained the same throughout Christmas. No smiling, no laughter and no games… Unless you just plotted an evil scheme.

And most importantly, Christmas on the Isle was never a time of giving. To share and give on the Isle was shameful. They didn’t waste their time looking for the perfect gifts for each other, because they didn’t care. Christmas to them was the time to be selfish, rude and rotten.

“Hey, guys!” Mal and Evie chorused as they arrived at their hangout place, which happened to be an abandoned alley. The two boys turned around and waved back. Ever since their quest for the Dragon Eye, the four of them would stick together. They were still evil, of course, but they decided that it would be badder to be rotten as a group.

“It’s Christmas Eve, you know?” Evie informed. “And you know what that means, right?” Mal joined in, smirking. Jay raised a brow and said, “Nothing?” The girls rolled their eyes. “No. It means that Auradon will have loads of leftover food for us to have…” Mal grinned. “Great! I’ve been starving…” Carlos chuckled. They all shot him a look, Jay especially. Carlos hastily switched topic and said, “Not literally, guys…” Although, it wasn’t exactly true. With his mom being Cruella, he was used to skipping meals. Little did he know that this constantly worried the Son of Jafar…

“Why don’t we all meet up at my place tomorrow for something good to eat for once?” Evie suggested. “Oh. So now I’m invited?” Mal teased. The blue-haired girl merely rolled her eyes. They all agreed to meet there at noon the next day. But for now, they all had to return home. It was getting pretty dark. And everyone knew how dangerous the could get at night.

The Rotten Four exited their narrow alley together and went their separate ways.

The youngest of the group suddenly realized how late it was and quickly rushed back to Hell Hall. His mother would be furious with him. Sure, he had finished all his chores, but Cruella wouldn’t miss an excuse to get angry at her son, or even lock him up in her closet again. And, Carlos didn’t want to take that risk, so he quietly snuck into his treehouse. Hopefully his mother wouldn’t notice. Maybe if he stayed there long enough, she would eventually fall asleep.

The white-haired teen entered his treehouse. Inside was a makeshift lab that Carlos set up himself. It was composed of several lab equipment that was either thrown away or stolen. On his desk were various sheets of paper with blueprints and unfinished experiments. In the corner of the room was an old television set. And lastly, on one of the several shelves was his most prized invention. His wire-box contraption, the thing that started it all. This tiny box was the exact same machine that broke a hole through the barrier a few months ago. The small burnt hole on the ceiling proved it.

Carlos sighed as he sat down on his chair. White and wispy steam came out of his mouth as he exhaled. It was getting pretty cold. The young boy was used to it, but even he knew that his jacket wouldn’t suffice.

“I should’ve brought a blanket up here.” he muttered to himself.
“Well, it’s a good thing I’m here, then.” said a voice from behind, making the young teen jump. Carlos jerked his head toward the direction of his unknown visitor. He sighed in relief once he saw who it was, “You scared the life out of me, Jay!” he frowned. The older teen just laughed. “Fine. I’ll knock next time.” he said, putting his hand up in surrender.

“So, what are you doing here? Surely, the master thief wouldn’t be here without a reason.” Carlos raised a brow. “Actually, I do have a reason. I have two.” Jay defended.
“Okay. You can stay, but if my mom catches you here, you’re dead.” the other boy warned.
“That’s a risk I’m willing to take.” Jay replied nonchalantly.

This reply made Carlos think…
Why? Villains don’t take risks for anyone but themselves, right? What could possibly be so important?

“Alright, then. What’s reason number one?” he said, ignoring his thought. “Well, I came to give you this.” he replied. Then, carefully, the older teen place a hand inside the pocket of his jacket and pulled out a badly-wrapped package.
He handed it to the confused boy and said, “I know that Christmas isn’t a big deal here on the Isle. But I figured that if you want to give something to someone special to you, it couldn’t be that bad.” Jay shifted his feet awkwardly, waiting for some sort of response.

“Well… I’m… uh… flattered, Jay.” the white-haired boy replied biting his lip. For some strange reason he could feel his cheeks burn slightly. Was it normal? He quickly decided it was just because of the cold. Carlos turned the package over in his hands and slowly tore off the wrapping paper. His face lit up once he saw what was inside.

“A molecular centrifuge! Jay, how on earth did you find one?!” he exclaimed, beaming with happiness. “Let’s just say, Reza’s probably wondering where that is right now…” Jay smirked.
Carlos laughed. “Thank you so much, Jay! This is the best…and only… Christmas gift I’ve ever gotten!” he beamed happily. Carlos was so thrilled, that he had to fight every urge in his body from squeezing Jay into a tight hug.

“I feel pretty bad now… I didn’t get anything for you….” he pouted guiltily. “Hey! Don’t be. Just consider it as something I stole which I happened to give to you because I don’t need it…” Jay smiled. Carlos gave a sheepish laugh. “Okay, then…” he said, still not fully convinced.

Then, the younger boy carefully picked up his new centrifuge and proudly displayed it on his shelf. He was still extremely grateful. Carlos was just about to return to Jay, when suddenly, a gust of wind blew the windows open. Jay quickly ran to the windowsill and shut it to avoid a mess. Outside, the older teen saw tiny white crystals were falling from the sky. It was snowing! The snowflakes were so beautiful that even a nasty place like the Isle almost seemed magical.

He turned around to tell Carlos about what was going on outside. “Hey, C! Come check this out, it’s sno-” He immediately stopped as his eyes darted to the boy now on the floor shivering. Carlos sat down and wrapped himself up in his own arms, trying to keep warm. His jacket definitely wasn’t enough now. It was freezing! The Isle was always cold which meant it was much worse in the winter. The tips of his fingers turned blue and his lips were purple. Carlos was so overjoyed by his new gift, that he had totally forgotten about how cold he actually felt.

Jay realized this and swiftly rushed to his aid. He quickly grabbed the blanket he was carrying earlier and wrapped it around the freezing boy. “C, you should’ve said something!” Jay said angrily.
“This is the second reason I came here. I knew you didn’t have a blanket, and it was getting cold, so I thought I’d stop by to hand you one. But it totally slipped my mind.” he explained while taking off his own jacket and putting it on Carlos.

“Y-you don’t h-have t-to.” Carlos murmured through his chattering teeth. “I insist. Besides, I don’t get cold.” he grinned smugly.

Jay would never admit it, but he cared for the boy. Whenever he was being bullied or teased by the Gaston kids, Jay would always step up to protect him. He was even ashamed that he used to tease the young teen himself. And whenever Cruella would treat him as her personal slave, Jay could feel his temper rising.

But, he was a villain. And villains didn’t care… Maybe he was different. No. Carlos was different. He was special. Jay couldn’t understand how Cruella could treat such an amazing and sweet boy that way.

Once Carlos had begun to feel slightly warmer, he smiled and said, “T-thanks, Jay.”
“No problem.” the older teen replied. “Um… I guess I’ll just get going now…” Jay said awkwardly. He was just about to head out the door when, “Wait!” Carlos exclaimed. Jay turned around. “You forgot your jacket! And you can’t go out there, it’s freezing…”

The older teen thought for a while. Eventually he shrugged and said, “I guess not,” returning to Carlos’ side. “So now what…?” “Well, you’re always welcome to stay here, I guess…” Carlos offered shyly. Jay smiled “I’d be glad to.”

“Uh, Jay…” the younger boy said nervously. “Yeah?” he replied, raising an eyebrow. “I never really got to um…properly thank you yet.” “Don’t mention it…” Jay chuckled sheepishly.

There was long awkward silence. All they could hear was the wind howling. To break the silence, Jay finally plucked up the courage to say, “Actually Carlos, I’ve been thinking about it for awhile, and I was wondering if it would be okay if we could be…um… friends?

Cruella De Vil’s son sat there stunned. “You want to be friends with me?” he asked in disbelief. “Uh… Yeah… I know that our entire lives we’ve all been told that friendship was meaningless and that it was weak. But I figured that if all friends were like you, then maybe having one wouldn’t be so bad.” he replied, still avoiding eye contact with the younger teen.

“Of course we can be friends!” Carlos exclaimed, absolutely delighted. “Really?”
“Yeah! I guess, I’ve always been kind of lonely. And, I’ve disappointed my mother loads of times, so having a friend can’t possibly compare to any of that, right?” he laughed.
“I guess, Mal, Evie, you and I, are all technically friends. Even if we don’t admit it.” Jay shrugged. “I’m glad we’re friends…” Carlos smiled, maybe even blushing slightly. “Me too, C.”

They grinned at each other, knowing fully well that they had probably broken almost every single rule of being a villain. Because in one night, they had each met a villain who had friends, cared for others and celebrated Christmas.

Who would’ve known that exactly a year from that day, Jay would ask Carlos the same question? But it was slightly different: “I’ve been thinking about it for a while, and I was hoping to ask you if we could be more than just friends…?”

Ever since that special day, to Carlos, everyday was Christmas with Jay…

Drunk Captain - Captain Boomerang (SMUT WARNING)

Read this on AO3 here.
Word Count: 2017
Requested by the lovely @dangerous-like-a-loaded-pistol here. I hope you enjoy it, this was really fun to write. I’m not going to lie but I would definitely let that bogan shitbag fuck me anywhere.
Contains: Very mild violence, strong language and hard fucking. 

You were nothing like the ‘typical/stereotypical girl’, according to your friends of course. They had many reasons to say that and you didn’t necessarily disagree with them. Your predominantly dark wardrobe was the most common thing that they would comment on - your love for blacks, blues and especially your trusty leather jacket. When you were out with the girls and they ordered their cocktails - you were the one with the pint of beer or a glass of scotch. You were a man’s woman, so you had always been told by your male friends. You didn’t typically enjoy the club scene with thumping house music and happy hour drinks - you preferred sitting in a quiet, probably dingy bar with a glass of scotch after a game of pool with the guys. Of course, that’s exactly what you were going to do.

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Shamy as Pokémon Team Rocket style for this #shamysunday

With their Pokémons: Lovey Dovey the Blue Jay, Zazzles the cat, Ricky the lab monkey and Giuseppe the turtle.

I had SO MUCH FUN DOING THIS, you have no idea!!!

I only can picture Shamy being the Team Rocket as Jessie and James (original names Musashi and Kojiro)

I hope you like the crossover!! Have a great Sunday!!! Go catch them all!!
Will TBBT talk about Pokémon now that we have this international BOUM again? I was catching pokémons 17 years ago and now I’m going to catch some more. Life goals. Talk later!!!


Genre: Fan Fiction (Suicide Squad)
Pairing: George “Digger” Harkness/Reader
Warnings: Mild Altercation, Language, Humor , and Sexual Content
Rating: Mature Theme
Disclaimer: This a strict work of fiction, I own nothing except the original characters and the plot line.

*This was a request by an Anon for some kinky Boomer/Reader involving paint. As always, I used my best interpretation and came up with the following. This is NSFW per the request.If its hot where you live take a cold shower before and after reading. :) I hope you all like it. Please remember that feedback is always appreciated.*

Throwing your hands up in disgust, you watch the large man slip all over the painting that has taken you weeks to perfect. You had just finished the final touches and were cleaning brushes when the feral looking man burst through your studio door and slipped onto your masterpiece.

“Seriously?! You fucking oaf! Get off!” You scream at the man that appears to have finally caught his balance. Standing on the edge, he takes two large steps towards you, and suddenly you feel as if you underestimated his size.

Pressing a finger to his lips, he nods over to the door. You glance over and hesitantly move to shut it.

His eyes narrow and he tilts his head, you strain to hear what he’s focused on. As he moves behind a stack of easels, canvas rolls, and frames, there are heavy footsteps in the hallways accompanied by loud voices. You hold your breath, listening as the men are talking. Your eyes shoot over to the pile in the corner as you press your ear to the cold metal door of the studio.

“Do ya hear anything?”

“Nah! What about you?”

“Fucking Captain Boomerang! We’ll catch back up with him eventually.”

“We always do. Let’s scram.” The footsteps retreat and you slowly exhale.

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The Summer Dress - Jai Courtney (SMUT WARNING)

Read this on AO3 here.
Ratings/Warnings: Smut, mild language, mouth-fucking and Jai feels.
Word Count: 935
Inspired by this.
I’m literally meant to be up in four hours for work but I had a bit of a breakdown before, so I can’t sleep and my stomach hurts. I had this in my notes for a few days but I only just finished it while in bed. Hope you all like and more Mr. Courtney is coming soon! :)

“Jai..” You unlocked the door to your house and smiled. He was sitting there on the couch, shirtless and fanning himself with his hand.

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Jayroy drabble? :o

“Don’t do it.”

“I swear I won’t,” Roy says, and he’s probably trying for innocent, but his grin is too wide and Jason doesn’t exactly trust him right now. Not after this morning, when he set their couch on fire for the third time this month.

Jason sighs. “Roy, I swear to god, if you push that button, I’m going to break all your fucking trick arrows.”

“You wouldn’t do that. I’d have to make new ones and that’d cost money. Our money, Jay. In our joint bank account,” Roy says, and really, Jason kind of wants to punch him in the face. He also wants to punch himself in the face for thinking a joint bank account wouldn’t be so bad.

“Roy, don’t do it,” Jason repeats, because maybe Roy will listen, right? Maybe Roy will finally take pity on him and let him live in peace. As peaceful as it can be if you’re a bat who has issues and a predilection for guns anyway.

“I already told you that I won’t!” Roy says, pouting in the way he always does when Jason calls him out on his shit. “Would I do that to Cupcake? Take her here and show her these sweet digs, make her think she’s got a home with me, only to take it all away when you tell me again that our landlord doesn’t want pets in our apartment? I would never, Jay. How could you even—I’m so offended.”

Jason closes his eyes, pinches the bridge of his nose, counts to ten. He needs to find a new bestfriend who’d give him less headaches.

“If you promise—”

“Yes! Thank you, Jay. It’ll be great, I swe—”

“Roy, let me at least finish what I’m saying, I swear to god.”

“Of course, Jay.”

“Okay.” Jason sighs. “Okay, if your promise to clean up after her and to take her out for walks and to not spend too much money on spoiling her, then you can adopt Cupcake.”

Roy, of course, tackles him to the floor and presses a kiss to his cheek. “She’s going to be so happy when I go get her! You’re not gonna regret this, Jay.”

“Yeah, well don’t get used to it,” Jason grumbles, even though he always gives in to Roy’s requests because Roy is Roy and smiles enough for the both of them.

“So, I already have plans for her toys.”


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MTL w/ B.A.P, NCT U and AOMG to like a girl who appears badass and confident (lol I hope I did this right, this is my first time requesting something like this) TY!!



Jongup and Zelo would both find that kind of person really attractive. Confidence is sexy, and they’d also like that you had a bit of an edge to you.

Daehyun and Himchan would find it really cool, but I think they’d be better friends than lovers for someone like that. It could work out in a romantic way, but I just see you connecting a lot more on a friendship level.

Youngjae could go either way. He could either be really into it or really not into it, there is no in between. The confidence would be a turn on, but I think he’d generally prefer someone a bit “softer” as opposed to badass.

Yongguk is someone who looks all rough and tough on the outside but is actually the biggest freaking teddy bear. I think he’d connect best with someone more gentle and sweet.



Ten, Doyoung, and Jaehyun would all find it sexy and cool. I can definitely seem them being drawn to someone confident, and being a total badass would be really cool to them.

Mark and Taeyong would also like it but I see them preferring other “types” of people.

Taeil could go either way. He’d either love it or hate it.


Jay Park
Simon D

Jay and Kiseok would be so fucking into this are you kidding me? Confidence is a huge turn on for them, and they’d love someone a little bit edgy and different.

Gray would be relatively indifferent. I don’t think he’d find someone like this particularly attractive or unattractive, though he could fall for your other qualities.

Loco is a smol precious bean and I think he’d lowkey find it hot but he’d also be really intimidated. 

The Worst Date - Jai Courtney (SMUT WARNING)

Read this on AO3 here.
Word Count: 1898
Requested by the lovely @mimigemrose here! Thank you again for the fun request so sorry it took so long - I’m working on all my requests now but I hope you like this! :)

The taxi pulls up in front of the restaurant and your best friend handed the driver a crisp twenty note. “Thanks!” She shouts and steps out onto the pavement, her six-inch heels drawing attention to passing people. The cool night air hit your face and blew through your hair when you stood beside her. Tonight was the night that you were doing something spontaneous and out of the ordinary - a week ago your friend asked you to go on a double blind date, at first you were completely against it but she persuaded you and there you were standing outside the restaurant about to go inside.

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Did you know Becky with the good hair is racist? I mean, I know she was joking, but I hope she didn't offense anyone.

I know. I think she barely knows what it is. She probably likes Beyonce, and heard the polemic about her song. She called the girl who Jay Z fucked “becky with the good hair” because that’s how white people used to be called, so she wanted to give her fans a clue about who it really was. I don’t think Gillian knows anything about that, and she found David’s hair funny and slightly feminine. That’s it. 

I’m black, and I’m not offended, by the way. And my hair is good too. 

New Jay Park Scenario


I am planning a new Jay Park scenario that will be 15 chapters!

Originally posted by jaywalkerzz

New chapters should be up on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting on 7/19. 

Since this is such a large work, I hope you will understand if I am a bit slower on requests. There is only one admin (myself) who runs this blog, so when I do chaptered works like this it can be difficult to keep up with everything. 

Anyway, I hope that you will really enjoy this. I am still trying to write ahead but I am excited about it and hopefully you are too! As always, let me know what you think!!!!!

Oh yeah, all the chapters will be tagged with “clouds” on my blog :) 

July 19th

“Timothy, it’s your birthday. Get your ass in here.” His big brother called.

“No, no, no. I appreciate all of this, but no…”

“Tim, just blow out the fucking candles so I can hand you this piece of paper and head home.”

“JASON, LANGUAGE!” Bruce shouted, unimpressed.

“Nice to know I mean so much to you, Jay.” Tim was quick to respond to his big brother’s remark.

“Well anyways, best wishes Timmy Turner. I hope you like your present.” Jason said, smirking at his own wit.

“I really doubt that.”


On Set - Jai Courtney (SMUT WARNING)

Read this on AO3 here.
Word Count: 1337
Requested by the forever fabulous @bookwarm85, I hope you like this! :)

When you found out that you had gotten the part for a big feature film, you went ballistic! It was going to be your first big feature film and to say that you were ‘excited’ would have been a drastic understatement. Not only was this going to kickstart your career in the film business but you had the pleasures of starring alongside one of Australia’s finest - Jai Stephen Courtney and the more and more you thought about that aspect, the more nervous you became.

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@parkjiminbiased tysm for tagging meeeee!!!♡

Who was the last person you held hands with?  lmao @lillystanleyy Y DONT U LOVE ME???
Who are you looking forward to seeing? HOPFULLY BANGTAN ONE DAYYY *cries until the year 4000 when they finally come to england*
Are you easy to get along with?  I think i’m a bit like Hoseok? so easy I guess!:)
Who from the opposite gender is on your mind? Park Jimin. all day erry day
What are your 5 favorite songs right now? BTS For You, Jay Park Party, NCT 127 Another World, EXO Artificial Love & ZTAO Black White
Do you like it when people play with your hair? Who doesn’t?:)
Where would you like to travel? Ofc Korea, Japan and NYC
Favorite part of your daily routine? Knowing i’ll see Jimins face:’)
What do you do when you wake up? Look at my lock screen (it’s Jimin)
Who are you most comfortable around? Tumblrs and irl friends

Is your hair long enough for a pony tail? Yeeee
Spell your name with your chin. romik, Nearlly lmao
Do you play sports? I did a golf club for a month and really enjoyed it, i’d like to continue
Have you ever liked someone and never told them? Yeah, Jimin LOOL*cries*

What are your favorite stores to shop in/on? YESSTYLE & Urban Outfitters
If your being extremely quiet what does it mean? I’m probably daydreaming
Do you smile at strangers? ALL THE TIME BUT THEY TAKE IT BADLY
What makes you get out of bed in the morning? Food
What was the colour of the last hoodie you wore? Noirrr
Ever wished you were someone else? IU so jungkook would want me aye
One thing you wish you could change about yourself? eye colour!!
Favourite blog/s? @carrotjiminie @dressagestarbts @150625 @kihyxun @btssaveslives @fawnave @just-the-crazy-one @hob-e @sagittaerus @taemyhearteu @parkjiminbiased @varietae @wataermelon @chanyeolparkvevo ♡♡♡
Favourite colour? J’adore bleu
Favourite food? Onigiriiii♡🍙🍙♡
Do you like your tumblr friends more than your real friends? I like them equally♡
Craving something? What? Jimins lips on mine AHAHA LOL “JOKES”
Favourite animal? Doggiessss
Favourite movie? Gangnam Bluess
Favourite actress? i dont have one😹
Favourite actor? LEE MIN HO//KIM WOO BIN ♡♡♡
Are you listening to music right now? Yeee Monsta X!!!
Do you believe in true love? My love for bangtan is real so yes.
What makes you happy? BTS √√√♡♡
What’s your favourite quote? ‘Go on your path even if it’s for one day’- Jiminahh
Get the closest book next to you, open it to page 42, what’s the first line on that page? lol its bts now3 and on page 42 is a picture of kookie

tagging; @miilktae @lillystanleyy @carrotjiminie @taemyhearteu  ♡♡

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Jay! Season two of Earp has been confirmed


I saw!!!!!!!!!!

But couldn’t blog about it b/c I was trapped at a 5-year-old’s birthday party. I’M SO EXCITED! And I hope hope hope Kat is promoted to series regular!

12 Years - Jai Courtney

Word Count: 1402
Requested by the amazing @rafinhoe here. I hope you enjoy this and it’s not too bad! :) 

There was chaos in the air, people were rushing around, the troops were rallying together and gathering their weapons. The war was about to begin and you were terrified. “Lana, I love you. No matter what happens tonight - I always will.” Eric checked that his gun was fully loaded and holstered it.

“I know. I love you too. Lead our people into battle safely.” You cried. “I love you so much.”

It felt like you were saying goodbye to him, like you were going to see his face for the last time and he knew how you felt but he was a fearless leader.

He put his hand on your cheek, wiping away the tears and you kissed his hand. “I’m a husband first and a Dauntless leader second. I’ll come back.”

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Chocolate Pieces and Stolen Items-2 Broken Pieces (Jaylos Week-Tuesday)

Hello again! There are a couple of things I want to explain about this story, and this is to say that, given how protection stories with these two are a little overrated with Chad and the Gastons and everyone being mean to Carlos I wanted this little something to be special, to have something that made it different from all the other stories you can read in this very same page about the exact same couple.

First I thought about making this about Cruella herself, but in the end I couldn’t find a plot for that one. Then, while discussing this particular day with a friend we came up with a story that had nothing to do with the theme other than protection. It was still good, don’t get me wrong, but I didn’t like it for this day.

In the end, I came up with a character that I hope is not as overused when it comes to Jay protecting Carlos from her, and that other story that is complicated and darker is something you will be able to read tomorrow!

I hope you enjoy this little something!

Tuesday-Bullies/Protection stories

Broken Pieces

If you had asked what Carlos de Vil’s relationship with Mal was, he would have answered complicated.

That was to say they didn’t hate each other, though they weren’t close either. Plainly, he was much too insignificant for Mal to pay attention to, and that was neither good nor bad—that was just a fact, the way things were done.

Not that a bunch of people treated him any differently, only minding him when they needed something from him, either ignoring him or mistreating him when they didn’t.

Honestly, Carlos wasn’t even bothered by that statement anymore—as long as Mal wasn’t against him he could deal with her nonchalance.

Which hadn’t been the case for the last two days, with the whole thing about breaking the magical barrier going on.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want the barrier to be trespassed, it wasn’t that he didn’t wish to open a crack in it big enough for him to take off and leave that rotten place, it wasn’t that he wasn’t trying hard enough to find a way out of this hell of a life—it was plainly that he couldn’t manage to do it.

Unfortunately for him, Mal didn’t seem to understand that.

“I’m telling you for the last time, Carlos, I need this thing done!” she yelled, letting her open hands fall on the surface of the table the boy was working on, making the piece of furniture shake under the impulse.

“I’m trying, Mal, I just have no material to work with!” he managed to reply, knowing he was no match against the girl’s anger.

“And how is that my fault? If you’re missing material then what in the world are you doing here lazing around? Get your ass to move and go find it!” the daughter of Maleficent continued, leaning over the table closer and closer, until she was practically screaming at his face. Cowering, Carlos could only shut his eyes in an attempt to block the words from entering his mind.

“I told you, Mal, even if I try to find it the only thing we have here at the Isle is garbage! I have nothing to work with!” he replied again, clenching his fists and chewing on his lower lip in defeat.

“Well, then look harder!” the girl pressured through he gritted teeth. “But listen to me, stupid piece of—”

“Enough” Jay suddenly pipped in, stepping away from the wall he had been leaning on.

“Pardon me?” Mal replied, blinking in something akin to surprise, as if she couldn’t possibly believe someone had dared refute her words.

“As you heard, Mal, stop bugging” the son of Jafar added, walking up to them so he stood between a furious Mal and an astonished Carlos, the younger boy too unsettled to believe his eyes. “If your useless magic can’t conjure what he needs then it’s not Carlos’ fault you ain’t trying hard enough”.

“How—how dare you?” the purple-haired girl replied, raising both her chin and her voice in disbelief.

There was something fierce in her emerald eyes, Carlos noted almost with fear. She was, as a matter of fact, a dangerous person to have as an enemy, both because of who her mother was, but mostly because of who she was, of the influences she had and of the facility with which she could make your life in the isle a living hell more than it already was.

And yet—Jay was willing to do that, to risk a feud with her, for him.

Jay and Mal were not friends, of course not —friends didn’t exist in the Isle—, but they were partners in mischief and had each other’s back. Sure thing, the son of Jafar didn’t always agree with what the daughter of Maleficent did or ordered him to do, but he was nonchalant enough to do it anyways.

But not now—there was something just as fierce and threatening in Jay’s chocolate orbs as in Mal’s green ones. There was something noble and passionate in how the son of Jafar was standing, sheltering the younger boy from the daughter of Maleficent with his own body.

“I can’t believe it!” Mal concluded, turning on her heels to leave the treehouse in two exaggeratedly long strides.

In contrast to the worried glance with which Carlos followed the girl’s departure, Jay merely shrugged and turned to meet the son of Cruella’s eyes, being forced to kneel down as the boy didn’t seem to hold any desire of raising his gaze.

“Listen, Carlos, I know you’re trying” he attempted, failing to bring the younger’s attention to him. “See, Mal is under a lot of pressure herself, and I know she can be a pain in the ass, but—”

But Carlos had stopped listening because he couldn’t hold tears any longer and how stupid, how stupid was this, and so he drew his arms around Jay’s waist like he’d seen the people in those stupid Auradonian programs do, unable to stand still for any longer.

He knew he was being an idiot, a weakling, he knew he would regret it and yet—at the time… at the time he just wanted to feel the warm, human contact of someone next to him.

“Now, now, you’re not supposed to be doing this” Jay murmured in the kindest, most awkward voice Carlos had heard him use, already regretting having done such an idiotic thing.

However, out of pure human reflexes the son of Jafar circled the younger boy’s shaky shoulders and held him close, his strong arms the one true shelter Carlos knew in that rotten place.

That was the first time Carlos allowed himself to just show how broken and useless he was instead of faking indifference and nonchalance towards how he was treated. That was the first time he even dared break down into tears in the presence of someone else. The first time he decided it didn’t matter anymore, when overall it did, because that was the first time he allowed Jay to see how shattered he truly was and the son of Jafar decided to stay by his side and collect the broken pieces.

How did that go? Please let me know in your comments! Okay, I get it, it’s a little cheesy, and yes, I made Mal a little too much of a bitch, I declare myself guilty. The thing is (and you know it as well as I do), I’m a sucker for the Rotten Four, and I especially have something with the sibling-like relationships, so, yes, it was hard for me too because, most of times, I write with Mal protecting Carlos herself, not putting him down (not on purpose, anyways), so… yes, sorry about that, I hope tomorrow’s story makes up for this one. At least I can assure you something—tomorrow’s story is way longer than this one!

Read you soon!