i would like to study the phenomenon of Liam Hate™️ and why it seems to permeate so deeply in the fandom considering liam is a ray of sunshine sent to earth from heaven…….. everyone is always so quick to demonise him on the smallest things and yet give the other boys free passes… explain yourselves

henrik_ix Hengasin Slushin bäkkärillä ni joku brittijäbä tuli pyytää selfiee ku luuli mua varmaa joksku julkkikseks ku kerran pyörin backstagella. Sano et sen nimi on Matt Helders ja soittaa ammatikseen rumpuja ja pyys tsekkaa sen bändin settejä jos vaik diggaisin. Ihan hyvän kuulosta oli, voin kyl suositella! Vähän hassu nimi bändillä mut musa aika menevää, tsekatkaa sellanen ku Arctic Monkeys #slush16 #arcticmonkeys #backstage

I think I just experienced my worst customer in all my time working retail, let me explain.

This kid who’s about 20 years old comes up to me and asks me where I go to college as I’m ringing him up. As I continue to tell him I do not go to college at the moment, he goes on to tell me about his college. He goes to Pace University in NYC.

He then says “I don’t really like it there, there’s too much diversity. I’m not used to it so I don’t really like it.” At this point I’m a bit confused, in my head I’m thinking maybe he’s talking about how there’s a bunch of different classes or something like that. I tired giving him the benefit of the doubt before thinking he’s a genuine piece of shit.


He then goes on to say “you know there’s too many Muslims there, they’re all over I don’t feel safe. I feel constantly in danger when I see a muslim person, I don’t want to die.” At this point I’m just trying to rush this horrible piece of shit out of my store.

He then says “that’s why I wanted Trump to win because he makes him feel safe unlike anyone else who ran. Who did you want to win?” Now I’m in complete shock and could barely say anything, I mumbled out that I was supporting Bernie in the beginning. He then called me a Communist for that.

i can’t be bothered to use any of my energy on hating on vilde cause we know she doesn’t actually mean anything bad with these ignorant things she keeps saying and it’s so obvious that skam is going to give her a mind blowing character development and end the entire show beautifully with her season

I’m sad not because I’m a perfectionist or an over achiever. I’m mad at myself for being careless during exam, for not trying my best even though I can.
I’m not obsessed with that A. But I never skip class, always do hw, take note, and study hard for exam. I have the right to want my hard work pay off.

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ok I honestly don't understand the line about how the only way to have something for infinite time is to lose it. it's too deep for my brain to comprehend. can you try & explain?

i don’t understand it either, honestly. i tried thinking on it but i think it’s just even being the fake deep hipster we know (and love) him to be.

so I was tidying the Christmas stock today and a lady from our Arts & Crafts dept comes over to me like ‘you’re lottie, aren’t you?’ and I say yeah and she says ‘I need to ask you something’ and I’m really scared because I don’t know her and she’s quite intimidating

she says 'do you have a boyfriend?’

and I reply 'no….why?’

and then she proceeds to tell me that the boy she works with has a super big crush on me and was too scared to ask whether I already had a boyfriend


I just started listening to the interstellar soundtrack and got to thinking. I know this isn’t the intent, but the film stumbled ass-backwards into a really good analogy for depression.

We see a vision of humanity that has accepted its doom. Not through self-annihilation, but through apathy. Through deciding to forget that we landed on the moon, lest it give the children hope that they go to space. That has all but forgotten that there’s anything we, as a species, can do that isn’t barely eking our existence.

The cure? Doing the impossible. Scraping together every tiny bit of yourself that’s left that can remember what it means to live, and not exist, and fighting to the last solitary fragment of your being to stave off forgettable, placid, cessation.

Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

how! happy! she’s! making! all! of! you!