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  • me: Man of Steel (2013), Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and Justice League (2017) DIR. ZACHARY EDWARD SNYDER
4am Introduction

Pebbles. Doorknobs. Ribbons. Remus continued to play these three words over and over in her head. It was her fourth full moon at Hogwarts and it was anything but pleasant.

Her father made her promise that if the transformations were too much for Remus to take, she would go back home. She thought this could be a second home to her. No, it never could be. Home is pebbles, doorknobs, and ribbons. This place is candle sticks, parchment, and obnoxious roommates.

A girl with a mop of black hair tumbled down the stairs and fell on the last step.

The girl, one of the obnoxious roommates, looked up at Remus and smiled but seemed unsure of something.

“Oh hey… dude.” She said, scratching the back of her neck. So she didn’t know Remus’s name yet.

Even though she wanted to scoff at the girl’s actions she had to be grateful that everything was working. No one was noticing Remus, which meant no one would care where she disappeared to each month.

“I didn’t know you were down here,” the roommate said, attempting to break the silence between them. “Can I…” She gestured to the empty spot on the couch.

The girl hopped down next to Remus and took no time in making herself comfortable. What popped out of that girl’s mouth took Remus by surprise.

“Are you just super shy? Is that why you don’t talk? Cause you totally had me fooled for the first two months that you were this brooding mystery girl.”

Remus was too busy smiling that she failed to notice the other girl’s wide eyes.

“You-you have more scars?”

She was quick to cover it up but the girl had already seen it.

“Oh, I mean, I won’t tell anyone.”

The girl could tell that Remus didn’t believe her.

“Scouts honor!” She got on her feet and held up three fingers. For some odd, unexplainable reason, Remus found this to be truthful.

“Okay. Cool. Besides, I know a few of my mates would think they’re badass. Kinda sexy even!” The girl waggled her eyebrows.

Remus wanted to laugh again because who the hell would find her mess of a body attractive?

The girl looked at Remus with playfulness in her eyes. “Look at us. Two roomies having a little chat. Well, it’s more of a ‘talk then nod’ sort of thing.”

‘Roommates.’ Remus looked away, attempting to break whatever “bond” was being created. Just stay invisible.

The other girl was surprised by this reaction. To her, the scarred girl was hard to predict but easy to read.

“Do you not like talking to me? Cause I think I’m pretty damn likeable. Have you heard my laugh? Everyone says it’s charming.”

The girl sighed and gave Remus a half smile. “It’s getting pretty late. I should head upstairs, I’ll see ya around…roomie.” She walked to the stairs then turned around before going up.

“I’m Jamie, by the way. Jamie Potter.”

“That’s such a cool name, wow. Well, good night Remus.”

She watched Jamie vanish up the staircase and was filled with happiness for a moment.

Then it dawned on her.

Why was Jamie down here? She didn’t leave a book behind or anything.

She was mocking you. Making fun of the scars in her mind as you ignorantly went along.

She doesn’t want to be your friend. Probably just wants to know where you go off to every month.

Follow you around like that Snape girl does.

Of course. That must be it.

Because she would never like you.

Who would?


She danced, whirled, turned round, on an old Purrsian carpet, carelessly spread on the pavement; and every time her radiant face passed before you as she turned, her large cat eyes flashed lightning.

Classicat #27: La Esmewralda, from the Hunchcat of Notre Dame by Victor Mewgo

Who is Esmewralda, the compassionate and independent Romeowni dancer? That depends on who you ask.

Pawsimodo worships her as angel; Clawed Frollo condems her as a demon or a witch; Furbus uses her like a thing (he was a decent dude in the Disney movie tho.) Pawsimodo sees her as superhuman; Clawed Frollo sees her as subhuman; Furbus hardly considers her human. She is seen as an object of worship, an object of lust and scorn, and just an object– but rarely as a human being.

And well, she is a cat. But that’s beside the point.


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