(i'm sorry for your loss)


Had to take some serious pics for my ID photo for the new job! Here’s some silly ones that I took while I waited for the serious ones to print🙈🙊😂

(To be honest, I think I’m looking cute but shushhhhh😛😳🙈)

Till today I honestly I had no idea who Christina Grimmie was. Maybe it was because I never came across her youtube channel or maybe because “The Voice” is not a huge thing in my country.
But that doesn’t matter because when i heard what happened, I was torn. She was just 22. She was so young, she had her whole life ahead of her.
I’m so sorry for the people who lost her, I’m so sorry for all the fans who looked up to her, I’m so sorry for your loss.
Today on twitter, I came across so many lives she has touched and it just made my heart heavy.