(i'm sorry but i'm not)

I’m still recovering from all this shit. This is unbelievable and unacceptable. My art wasn’t mean to pay anyone’s cravings. My time wasn’t mean to fulfill anyone’s selfish needs. I gave all my heart to this project just to get it back broken into pieces. I feel miserable now. Empty.

I’m devastated. 

PS: my fellow, loved artists/authors, and also the people who supported and bought the zine, I love you all. I’m sorry.



08/13/2016 - Hibiya Outdoor Concert Hall

For peeps who haven’t heard/watched GRANRODEO perform Trash Candy live, here. Treat yourself and watch this.

I don’t usually upload videos from original DVDs, but I uploaded this because most of my followers are Bungou Stray Dogs fans, and if you love Nakahara Chuuya, then here, love his seiyuu/voice actor too. In other words i just want to spread the love 😊.

A proof that Kishou sounds the same or even better live than recorded CDs. 

My gosh, he is real. His voice is real.

Tbh, Trash Candy isn’t even a favorite for me among GR songs, but watching this again just gives me feels.

I love him. And please feel free to me talk about GRANRODEO, or anything about Chuuya and Kishou.