(i'm not even willing to talk about this

Can we be friends?

Like all I want is someone to nerd out with, and text till the wee hours of the morning, and discover new artists to listen to, and basically just have fun with? I’m 22, and female; super open about anything, truly tho I don’t judge. 

Willing to talk on tumblr, kik, email, or even snail mail.

Tagging some things I love to get this out there.

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i don’t know the opera, but i’d totally believe it’s just a rent thing. the bohemian types i’ve read about all seem more or less willing to accept that, at the end of the day, you’ve gotta have at least *some* income. like, even victor hugo gives marius a real paying job while he’s busy idolizing destitution. i’d actually be curious to know when the concept of not working at all because Art really came into its own. it feels like a later reaction to capitalism

Oh, I mean, *Hugo* had a nigh-superstitious belief in The Glory of Work; you’ve heard me grumble about that with him before. But leaving him well out of the discussion (for several reasons) , like—you never see Gautier saying that artists *shouldn’t* Work For Hire, only that in an ideal world they wouldn’t *have* to, which is extremely different. And of course he had his Day Job, that he hated, in keeping with that. 

(though I know there WERE people at the time who thought Gautier was pulling some high-and-mighty-art-bs by his refusal to take bribes for good reviews. I *do* think there’s a difference between refusing to take any work but your Most Favorite , and refusing to outright lie for money, but that’s still, like, a perspective of the day that should probably be acknowledged.) 

…And it occurs to me that the idea that artists and writers were *necessarily* sitting around refusing to even look for paid work in their fields because it wasn’t Art  is something I’ve found sneaking into even academic works that *know* better, because they go on to talk about those commission efforts! But they have the attitude that Of Course These Guys Just Didn’t Want To Work and a certain disdain for them, based on that. Which is not what any of them said or did! And yet it’s a recognizable ideal now. I wonder when that changed?

(and of course Murger’s Bohemia was very different from Gautier’s, too, but that’s like a whole post all on its own, if not a whole book.:P) 

One of the worst places to be as a writer is having no one to talk to about something you’re working on. There are some plot points or character traits or even scenes that you need outsider input on because you don’t know how realistic it is or thought out or even if you’re capable of writing it. Plus having someone who knows these characters the way you do or at least a grasp of them is incredibly helpful.

Get a beta or a friend who’s willing to read your work because trust me you’ll need them

Wang So is a man of honor. I don’t even need to talk about the fact how brave it was of him to take the poison. He was willing to risk everything just in order to protect the Crown Prince. Although he just met Hae Soo, who’s able to make him smile and let him forget about all the years of suffering and feeling alone and hated by everyone. After he was poisioned he walked after Soo just to tell her that she can’t be seen there. After almost dying he gathered his strength just to see her in prison because he said that she’s all on her own. I just need to say this after all the discussion everyone had about him the last ep. Other than Wook he’s still willing to risk everything for her. And that’s exactly what makes him so lovable.

I’ve been talking about ace stuff a lot and even if I sound angry I’m always willing to talk things out with people who have questions or are confused (so long as they aren’t coming from a place of How Can I Debunk All of Your Lived Experiences). Like yeah I’m angry at a lot of the stuff that’s being said in other parts of this website and even on my dash but I’m not going to be rude or hostile if someone comes to me genuinely. Especially if they are friends or mutuals of mine. I’ll always approach privately and I’m always here to answer questions. I just feel a lot of people view aces as Uniquely Awful (read transphobic, racist, homophobic, serophobic, etc) when that’s just not the case.

something i realized about connor (that i’ve sort of mentioned before but admittedly only in not so serious posts) is that not only is he so willing to offer help to strangers, he’s also willing to give advice and put his complete faith in others, especially those really close to him.

when kanen didn’t think he’d be a good hunter, connor gave him some words of encouragement. when warren told him about how many times he and prudence had tried to have a baby, connor gave him some reassurance and told him to not rush things. when norris had doubts about courting myriam, connor was right there to cheer him on (okay maybe not full on cheerleader cheering but you get my point).

connor had to go through so much at such a young age, he’s constantly being told by others that he’s naive, foolish, and lower than everyone else, and i’m sure at times he didn’t believe in himself as much as he wanted to. but with his friends and loved ones, he never doubts them for a second and always believes in them, even with the ones he’s only known for a short while.

idk man i just love connor so much

To the people talking about Scotland being responsible for this fucked up situation: Scotland did not vote tory. England voted tory. Even if every SNP seat had gone to Labour it would have made 0% difference. And people blaming us for English voters being scared into voting tory to keep out some kind of SNP coalition is unfair. Especially since Labour were very vocal about not being willing to do that.

People in Scotland were and are sick of both parties. We’ve always been a strong Labour country but everyone knows Labour are not what they were. They don’t stand properly left of the center, they don’t give voice to the working class and their party is full of the same old Etonian career politicians, if to a lesser extent. And still I’d much rather them than the tories. Because they might be shit but the tories are terrible and are going to hammer the poor, hammer the working classes, they are going to shit all over students and the NHS, they are going to privatise and talk about how austerity is for the good of the country while they give big businesses tax breaks. And they still have powers that effect Scotland, a country which has literally one conservative constituency.

So Scotland continues to inch further left while England goes further right and just look the the political map, it is so entirely different. 

I really hope this wakes up England because you fucking deserve better.
We want something better too, and that’s why there has been a change in Scottish politics and attitudes.