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i have nowhere else to complain about this but someone posted an audio post of Arin only somewhat understanding what cisgender meant from like 1 year ago and i hate when people will do anything to make someone look bad

i think ‘only somewhat understanding‘ is a very generous description of that conversation. however, i do still think that it’s a bit unfair to post stuff that’s over a year old, with the sole intention of making arin look bad. there’s no denying that he was absolutely clueless about was cisgender meant in that clip, but since then they’ve talked a lot about trans related topics on the show. they’ve also discussed how terminologies related to lgbt identities have changed over the years, and how they sometimes struggle to keep up. 

i’m not trans though, so it’s not my place to tell people how to feel about this. however, the grumps have also talked about issues that personally affects me (like bisexuality), and been completely wrong about definitions etc. still, even if they’re sometimes a bit (or very) misinformed when it comes to lgbt issues, i’ve never personally felt that they’ve ever had anything other than good intentions. that, plus the fact that they’ve shown that they’ve willing to learn from their mistakes, is what matters to me

Can we be friends?

Like all I want is someone to nerd out with, and text till the wee hours of the morning, and discover new artists to listen to, and basically just have fun with? I’m 22, and female; super open about anything, truly tho I don’t judge. 

Willing to talk on tumblr, kik, email, or even snail mail.

Tagging some things I love to get this out there.

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You've been talking a lot about how Shinjiro's Persona tended to revert to being a shadow, I'm really curious about the details behind that. Would you be willing to expound on that?

Of course!

Okay, so, even with how much focus Persona 4 put on how one gains a Persona in the first place, the games themselves are always fairly vague on what the exact requirements are. However, not only can they be deduced from the various methods seen in the games themselves (as well as some things Philemon and Naoto say at various points in the games), the Persona 3 clubbook helps grasp the connection:

Every game has a different way of putting it, depending on that game’s thematic; “Having a firm grasp on your identity” (P1/2), “Being able to face death”(P3), “Being able to face yourself”(P4), “Having a rebellious will”(P5)

However, all of these are just different ways of saying the same thing: A Persona User is somebody whose self-understanding, self-awareness and willpower are firm enough to control the power of their own Shadow.

Now, however, you have to consider that there are people out there, who may appear incredibly resolved and firm one day, but fall into anxiety and doubts the very next, back and forth. What about these people? Simple: They have unstable Personas

I’m not talking just about being a little uncertain about yourself or scared for a minute or two; I’m talking about people who genuinely cannot maintain their healthy self-esteem and resolve for longer than a few hours at a time before somebody needs to snap them out of it again. People like that *can* still gain Persona Powers, but its rarer, and using an unstable Persona like that is very dangerous to the user; in Labrys’ Story, we see that her unstable Persona was absolutely outside of her control when it first awakened, as she didn’t even have an idea what it was doing. All of Strega are unstable Persona Users as well, though in their case, the instability was due to them being forcibly awakened with psychological experiments. They never actually had the needed resolve to begin with, so their Personas remained fickle. Persona 5 has a very brief instance of an only semi-stable Persona as well, but that’s all I will say about that.

Now, what happens when a Persona User tries to summon their unstable Persona? Simple: They are not necessarily in full control of their Persona. Persona and Shadow are, in essence the same. So a Persona outside of its owner’s control will act like a Shadow. That’s why Strega’s Personas try to strangle them whenever they are off their medication: To them, their Persona Potential is nothing but a window for their Shadows to materialize and try to murder them, like the Shadows in P4 would do.

Shinjiro has an unstable Persona as well, but with him, it’s highly implied the instability was originally just a side-effect of his naivety: He was too overzealous to stay “ahead” of Akihiko and remain as his Big Brother-figure, an aspect of himself he didn’t really face properly. Now, had he worked through these issues gradually, his Persona would probably have stabilized naturally… But due to SEES’ extensive activities, Shinjiro kept using his unstable Persona constantly, until it went on a Shadow rampage at the worst possible time. And so, Ken’s mother died. From that point on, Shinjiro’s Persona remained unstable pretty much till the end of his life, but for a different reason from before: Now it was no longer Shinjiro failing to accept his own overzeal towards Akihiko. No, now it was due to Shinjiro hating himself as a result of killing Mrs. Amada. 

The only reason Shinjiro’s Persona never went on a Shadow-rampage again while he was in our party were the Persona-suppressing pills he was taking, which incidentally also contained chemicals which attacked his internal organs and greatly shortens his lifespan. The lesson we learn from this is: Don’t use a Persona if you can’t fully control it, kids. You might just end up like Shinjiro.

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I can't stop thinking about the soulmates AU you posted! I really love the premise, and Barry's "promise to dump my body somewhere else" pulled at my heartstrings too. Except now I'm wondering how this would have played out without the soulmark conveniently (well, or inconveniently, depending on the perspective) the encounter, because Len already seemed somewhat reluctant about killing Barry before that. Ack, why is this so intriguing?!

I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s been thinking of it, to be honest. I enjoyed filling that prompt more than I expected.

And it’s a neat question, what would happen were it not for the Deux Ex Machina of them Bonding…. 

Let’s copy/paste and edit the scene to find out, shall we?

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the signs and their best qualities
  • Aries: your enthusiasm and energy is unmatched! you are so fun to be around, and you always make me feel safe and protected. you have a way of making anything fun or enjoyable and are such a great friend. your daring personality inspires me
  • Taurus: everything about you is so endearing and wonderful. you are always so loyal and sweet, and are always thinking for my best interest. you are the best person to chill with, and are such a great listener. all in all, you are always delightful to be around
  • Gemini: you are always there for me, especially when i need someone to just listen. you are great at giving advice and always make me feel validated and okay. even when i'm having a bad day, i feel happy just hearing you talk about anything.
  • Cancer: you are so creative, and have such a fun personality. you always care about me and what i have to say, and are always willing to compromise. your patience is admirable
  • Leo: your smile is the most contagious thing. you are magnificent and amazing. you always understand and are so generous with everything, especially your time. you would do anything for your loved ones.
  • Virgo: you are always willing to help, and you are always up for listening and giving advice. you are always so practical and honest, it's impressive. you are so caring and have such a big heart
  • Libra: you are the friendliest and sweetest person. you make me feel so happy and cared for, no matter how long we have talked or what we are talking about. you are so creative and your ideas are so fun to talk about. you have such a positive and powerful influence on everything you do
  • Scorpio: your passion and ambition is incomparable. you always make me feel so loved, safe, and important. you are so loyal, and your heart is gold. you are so strong and capable
  • Sagittarius: your optimism inspires me. you make me feel like i can do anything. you have a way of speaking that makes me feel so motivated, and with you by my side, we can conquer anything.
  • Capricorn: everything about you makes me feel secure and important. you are so faithful and true, and your ambition and determination is commendable. you can do anything you set your mind to.
  • Aquarius: you are the most genuine person. everything about you is authentic and your intentions are pure. you are so innovative and imaginative, and the way you think and talk about your ideas and opinions is so captivating. you are capable of great things.
  • Pisces: you have a gentle soul and kind eyes, and i appreciate your way of thinking. your bright and brilliant mind is astounding. you are so unique and glorious

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adding onto the anon who talked abt jm getting the room colour wrong,,, jm chose 'white' and while ji/hope's room did have some white, the 'feature wall' was,,, clearly purple not like a rly light purple that could be mistaken for white but like - purple. anyway, whose room was totally white??? yoon/jin's 👀 and unless jm's some type of colour blind,,, i'm willing to put my money on it

i love how he even defended himself saying he thought they were talking about kook’s room instead, but then tae corrects him saying it’s dark grey………not subtle at all park jimin

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I really liked you before, you seem like such a nice person. But in your most recent fic you put 'both genders' rather than 'all genders'. And I for one am not willing to support anyone who doesn't acknowledge the gender spectrum. Thanks for the good reads but I'm unfollowing now. Have a good day.

Okay. I hope you are ready for a rant of an answer, because I don’t even care if you follow me or not anymore, this needs to be replied too.

My initial reaction when reading this was me actually saying out loud: What the fuck? What the actual fuck?

Now, I assume you are talking about the story I posted earlier in the day, Girly Things.

Let me get into my response….

I have to acknowledge this first and foremost: What gives you the right to assume I’m not supporting the whole gender spectrum?
Because honestly, you are overreacting to a single line within a fictional story.

I do get where you’re coming from, but you are also completely missing the point of the bloody story.

By definition, there is only two genders, so by me typing “both genders” is not wrong in any form or way.
I understand that people can identify as one or the other, both genders, and even neither gender.
But that does not change the fact that there are only two genders. Male and female.

I do apologize that you feel offended, but I am not changing what I wrote in my story because there is nothing wrong with what I did write.
It also does not mean I don’t acknowledge the gender spectrum, and I like to consider myself a very open and understanding person, which proves evident within my stories because I have touched on various topics including sexual orientation and how difficult it can be trying to choose a “label” and also touched on the topic of not even choosing a label, but simply being who you are.

The point of Girly Things was to dispute the fact that society has placed genders (MALE OR FEMALE, oh look, two genders, which means me putting BOTH was right) on items when it shouldn’t be and that anyone, male or female, can use them.

And another thing to consider: I was writing in the mindset of what I believe Joe Sugg would put, and to be quite frank, he would probably say BOTH GENDERS.

I’m sorry you had to assume shit about me, and get offended over something as measly as a little story on the internet, and I honestly don’t care if you’ve unfollowed me or not. I’d say I’m sorry if that sounds bitchy, but I’m not sorry about saying it. Because you took a simple thing and greatly overreacted.

And i hope you have a wonderful day.
Thanks for stopping by.

And anyone that wants to send me more bullshit hate like this? Don’t bother.
I’ll be deleting it. Because I don’t care for negative energy over something like this.

Don’t assume shit about people.

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Could you please talk about the Rhys/Mor dynamic in acowar? Specifically the CoN scene with Eris and keir... I'm feeling conflicted and even a bit confused I guess idk

oooof. Okay so I’ve made a post on this here  in response to another anon. Personally, I think that Rhys’s treatment of Mor is shitty. But…in keeping with his character. Rhys is willing to do anything to win, even make the bad choice. He’s a bit of an ends justify the means type guy. And Mor is…not. Mor wants to do the right thing, emotionally and morally. And this is an instance in which we see them clash, and where we see their different approaches clash.

A lot of what moves the CoN scene is the difficult decisions leaders are forced to make during war. How far would you go if it meant you would win? Would you do what it took to save the world even if it meant hurting a dear friend? Of course, these questions are not ones that we can really focus on as real people. This is where the gap between fiction and reality, and the actions of fictional character vs real people is a huge, gaping chasm. In the real world, you can’t act as if the means justify the ends, because you don’t know what the ends will be. You don’t know if you’re going to be successful. In a book, the author gets to choose if the means justify the ends, because they know what the ends will be. So Rhys gets the Darkbringers, and they successfully add to the war effort and SJM gets to make sure that Rhys and co wins the war, successfully making the means, which include letting the CoN into Velaris, justify the ends. 

If you read the post I linked, you’ll see that I am…not especially pleased with this scene but that I understand why it’s there. And what it does plot wise. I do not believe, as others do, that the narrative wants us to think that Rhys’s actions are okay. I think that the other characters, namely Cassian and Amren, hold him accountable. I don’t think they hold him accountable enough. I think that Feyre needs to..check Rhys more. To tell him he’s being a shithead. And Mor does not need to apologize- though, I am conflicted on how she throws Amarantha in rhys’s face. That’s…not all that great. But as I outline in my other post, I don’t think this is a resolved conflict. We haven’t seen Keir come to Velaris. We haven’t seen how Feysand handles that. We haven’t seen how this is going to further stress the relationship between Mor and others. 

Frankly, I don’t enjoy how Rhys treats Mor. At all. It made me really dislike him in that moment…but….I have to say that I enjoyed this from a plotting perspective. It’s in character for him but it isn’t what we expected him to do. It had me screaming. In anger. And that’s…what I want from a book. I like when authors take risks. this is a risk.

I also like how this scene further demonstrates all of the utter bullshit Mor has to put up with. I like that this scene nicely ties in with her coming out scene which was like…look at how Mor is always forced to hide her true self, to ignore her emotions, to deal with things. Well isn’t Mor fucking tired of just dealing with shit? In fact…I really think she is. I really think and hope that the spin offs deal with Mor…being like, no fuck you Rhys, and Az, you don’t get to tell me my emotions are wrong, you don’t get to trigger me like this, you don’t get to let my abusers into my home. 

The larger question here is whether or not we think survivor narratives should include things like this. I’m still conflicted on that nonnie. Because on the one hand, this is a realistic portrayal of how abuse victims are silenced over and over again. And it’s GOOD that the fandom is pissed. I think we are meant to pissed. I think we are supposed to react emotionally and angrily to that scene. IT’S SO FUCKED UP. it’s awful. I think that this dynamic between Mor and Rhys, and the out come of the CoN scene can be a good teaching moment, depending on how Sarah handles it. It can either crash and burn- Rhys is never held accountable and faces no consequences. Or it can have a lot of real meaning- Mor doesn’t trust him any more, Mor refuses to allow Keir in, Feyre refuses to allow Keir in, Rhys decides to renege on his promise to Keir etc etc. My reading of this issues depends entirely on how it is resolved. 

At the moment, I am 60% satisfied with how it is handled. I’m upset for Mor. But I’m not upset with SJM because having characters do shit things to one another does not mean that the author is doing shit things to her characters. She’s creating conflict. She’s making us think. That’s not a bad thing. 

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I agree, this is a smart and savvy plan all around. This initial tour gives harry a chance to develop his stage craft on his own on a reasonable scale. People keep talking about how this isnt going to make a ton of money, but that's not even the point right now. Columbia invested a lot in him and their promotion in him reflects that. the primary focus right now is expanding his fanbase and establishing himself as a major star because they're planning for long term success. I'm so proud of him 🤗

Harry, a man who is worth £50 million+ and has signed with a company that is willing to throw $80 million towards his solo career, is not worried about making bank on his first tour.

The way I look at it is a test-run. How will things go? How quickly will tickets sell out? Is what they’re doing with Ticketmaster and the verified codes actually worth it? Is the preorder system through the UK beneficial to the fans? Who is Harry Styles on tour? What’s the best-selling merch? Is having a lot of the venues be 18+ a good idea? Is there a proper amount of personal security for Harry and the band?

There are things that his team need to consider when booking his first tour. And like you said, I’m proud of him for doing it this way. It shows he cares about his career and is willing to take the time to do it right.

He’s got one chance to introduce the world to Harry Styles, solo artist, and he’s taking that quite seriously. It’s a good thing.

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What is that whole Laci Green post and the notes on it even trying to say? I'm so confused....

She basically said that she’s willing to hear and have discussion about what people with different politics from her have to say and her fans didn’t react so well to that. They immediately assumed the worst and used the “so that means you’re going to listen to people who literally want marginalized groups dead?!?!?” talking point. 

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Ok so Cynthia is gorgeous and she and jack seem to have a deep bond, but they seem to be unwilling to explore that bond romantically (at least for now?) so what is it about Judy that makes Jack seem more...willing? I'm not sure if I'm wording that correctly. Is it just because he and Judy are the same species ? Love you guys and your wonderful work!

You got it, in every way as possible. Probably, now as now, Jack’s animal instinct has somehow awakened (and he doesn’t know how to manage these “feelings”). But the bond with Cynthia is another thing. If you noticed, during the phone call with the vixen, he didn’t even mention the fact that the agent they were talking about was a fox. I wonder why…

Originally posted by gameraboy

i’m not like. an artist or anything so here comes my infodump about asagao being a fuckin lifesaver

i originally downloaded the game after watching jared’s let’s play of his route (or at least part of it, anyway) on my birthday, around a month after it had released. i was home early from a standardized testing day, and i had the house to myself for a good three hours.

that decision to pick up the game had changed my life for the better.

while i haven’t completed the game 100% yet, i’m gonna make it my goal to someday. because this game, as stupid as it may sound to anyone who’s not in the fandom, sort of gave me a renewal on my life.

see, for the longest time, i felt…out of place. not just on the internet, but in real life as well. i didn’t have any actual friends up until recently, and if it wasn’t for asagao, well, i feel like i’d be off a lot worse.

for starters, it gave me the courage to be public about my self-insert. this fandom being one of the most si-friendly ones i’ve been in gave me the courage to write what i really want, even if that sounds stupid. and i don’t think my writing would’ve improved as much as it has if i didn’t have a medium to share it with people.

and even then, this game exposed me to the rest of the normal boots and hidden block gang. before this, i only knew of pbg, jared, and ian, and now i know about all of these wonderful people making content for us. i would’ve never been able to see the absolute talent they all have, no matter how they express it.

but i think the biggest change is that now, i have friends. actual friends that i feel like i can really talk to. hell, i don’t even think i would be in a relationship if this game hadn’t brought me and my datemate together. this fandom makes me feel like i have a place in this world, that there are people out there willing to talk to me and care about me. and i think that’s one of the best things this game has brought me.

but enough rambling from me. happy birthday, asagao academy. thank you for everything you’ve done for me and so many other people. thank you.

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Love u binch. Slay the haters

Thank u my love. 😘

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katie i'm loosing my shit right now but in a good way. there was an insta post that implied that margo and seb were in the same place at the same time a few days ago and some of /those/ blogs are SO DRAMATIC about it. Like talk of how disappointed they are and how it's ruined their day and talking about boycotting the next marvel movie and shit I'm cracking up. Like HOW DARE they both occupy the same space in the same city. They're not even in the pic!!!!!!!!! I've got tears I'm laughing so

Are they really saying they’re gonna boycott infinity war because seb has a gf I wanna see this for myself

The signs from a Cancer Point of view (use 🌞 + 🌜):
  • (My posts are backwards on purpose)
  • Pisces: Oh my lord, you can be so silly. I love how infectious your giggle is. You can think of things in ways I would have never even thought; you're almost too creative for your own good. I know sometimes you're not so good at art, like most posts predict, but the way you speak is beautiful, like your words were perfectly arranged to form a mosaic of variegated interpretations. You let everyone's experiences influence you to the point where you take them on as your own, and that's ok. I know that just helps you stay close to the ones you love, as if living in their memories with them strengthens your connection with them.
  • Aquarius: You can be distant, but care with every pulse of your heart. Sometimes that's what confuses me. There's a reason for everything to you. You want to know cause and effect, but I'm worried for the day when you realise that not everything has an explanation; at least not one easily confined by mere words. You're not devoid of emotion. You're just much better at deciding when and how to deal with them. How do you do that? How do you know how to reach out for help without burdening everyone?
  • Capricorn: We are opposites. You work so hard to be happy, that sometimes I think you hardly stop to enjoy even the small things that have a magical air to them; like the plush towels against your skin, or the pattern of the sky that will only freeze for a few seconds more. To you, it's all about pushing forward and getting things done, and I love your motivation, but don't you realise how stressed out you get yourself? You can be cold, but that's only because sometimes you don't want to stop to feel...you know what will happen if you do.
  • Sagittarius: I am amazed at how much patience I have with you. You're so carefree, and I don't believe I have ever seen you stressed. Sometimes I get frustrated with how you treat others, but I know you don't mean to hurt people on purpose. I love how you want to be a free thinker, you don't let others cloud your thoughts or decisions, unless you really love them, then in that case you trust their opinions. Not everyone can or could ever earn your trust. You have clarity when most others are stressed because you've detached yourself from them so successfully. I'm glad that you of all people could take the weight that you do, though I'm not pleased that you have to in the first place. You handle beatings with grace, and you hold your ground firmly.
  • Scorpio: You're the most passionate person I know. When you talk about what you love or hate, I can see the propellers churn in your eyes. You love to love and hate to hate. I know it's hard to let people in, but I'm thankful you chose me of all people. I'm sorry I can't always be there when you sob in your bed late at night, but you always hold off when you're ready. That's ok too. I know you don't like to be pushed. Sometimes you let others passions overtake your own and you get so confused and tired that it's hard to face anyone. You want to love so badly, but you're always doubting yourself. Your thoughts can be overwhelming and it seems lonely in crowds, even around your own family, but even you need to trust more than one person.
  • Libra: You of all people know what to do and say all the time. I enjoy just sitting back and watching you talk and interact with people; you get that everyone is different, and you treat them according to how they are. If only people had that same respect towards you. I love how you can diffuse conflict as if you're stroking the nuzzle of a wild horse. You listen and think before you speak. You thrive on the subject of philosophy because you think, and it does, makes you a better person. You love everyone and you value friendships and relationships. You don't know who the right partner is, but I know when you find them, they will make you feel like the only person in the world, just like you do with everybody else.
  • Virgo: There's a lot to worry about. You are the one that I wish I was the most like. You live in the moment, without leaving the past or planning for the future. You're aware of the things larger than life, and you respect them, but you understand how all the little things contribute to the infinite tapestry. I wish I could notice and appreciate as you do. I know you focus too much on the tangible, and I understand that it's easy to get lost in the world of perfection and imperfections, to ignore the thoughts and feelings of others. Most people think you are cold, but I think there's more to it than that. Maybe you just know what to do with your feelings, and they're under your control, and yours alone. You're calm and always seem to be at ease. In no way should that be a crime, after all, many could learn a thing or two from you.
  • Leo: I find a lot of admiration towards how confident you are. Your presence alone is awe-inspiring. Everything you do--the way you walk, how you speak, your gestures, everything--looks so effortless but well thought out. Watching you is like enjoying a movie where every movement is perfect. I love the way you make me feel like we've know each other for years. I am at ease and comfortable by your very presence. One might expect your voice to be loud and authoritative, but it's soothing and suggestive more than anything. You want to make everyone feel like your friend, and I know it has no malevolent purposes, but it's for your own conscious because you can't bear a single person disliking you.
  • Cancer: I could tell you how seething your own mind is, but I'm sure you already know that. You can be so optimistic that you become blind to the worse in human nature. You have fallen victim to many schemes of manipulation, and each time you've beaten yourself up for it. It's ok to yell and scream and cuss. In fact, it's normal to let yourself explode. Nothing could ever right the wrongs that you can never seem to forget. I'm sure that even though they haven't made it up to, or apologised, that they still love you. Not everyone is like you where they can hold onto their emotions and keep it from lapping over the edge. People say things they don't mean, and they make mistakes. It's ok to not be able to forget, you just have to find a way to love again despite their wrong doings.
  • Gemini: When I am with you, I am never bored. There's always something to talk about, and you're willing to look at every side of a story because you love to be fascinated. You are so animated when you speak, as if you're trying to replay and exert the experience to everyone so that they can experience it as you once did. I love your acceptance of art in all its forms but most of all, I appreciate your desire for knowledge. You may not be the smartest, but you are the one to show me how to think.
  • Taurus: I see a lot of posts categorising you as being a glutton for food. Truth is, you love to enjoy things you like, and by no means is that bad. Some people talk about what they like and you feel their radiance through their words, but with you, you don't have to say anything. I feel your content seeping into my veins and I too become enveloped in this world of yours where the finer things of life are adored. I value your opinion because you learn to know and feel every inch of something before you can decide to love or hate it. You have to know for sure because once you make a decision, by God you stick to it. I love how you're supporting and refreshing for anyone who needs it. You've made some good calls, and also so bad ones, but you've learned from both and you can separate truth and fiction like nothing I've seen before.
  • Aries: You are the epitome of fire. I know it's easy to think of everything at once, and it gets extremely overwhelming. I think you tend to overlook other people's feelings for the small minute things that really don't matter. Your opinions and desires matter, just understand that you can't make anyone agree with you. You have a silver tongue, and it's hard to resist your logic, because despite how wrong you may be, you take record time in thinking up of an argument and at the same time shred your adversary to pieces. Some say it's water that wears you down slow and painfully, but I have witnessed the hot flash of your flames burn and dissipate. You get caught up in the moment. It's no biggie. I respect that you have confidence, I love that. You are into fast paced things, and I don't think I've ever seen you relax without falling asleep. You really amaze me at how adept you are at working under so much pressure. You've been through a lot, heaven knows, but we both know you've become a better person because of it. Your optimism is what pushed me through my own experiences, and I am most grateful for you especially.

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You don't like Donnie Yen anymore? I don't see much of him in your blog recently. I remember you talked about him even on Twitter. Something changed?



Listen. I love Donnie Yen. And as soon as my belated birthday present arrives, i.e. Ip Man 1 & 2, possibly also Ip Man 3 depending on how much money my mother was willing to spend, and another DY movie I’ve forgotten the title of because I’m only really in it for him–there will surely be another episode of Luka Liveblogs Chinese Movies. Never fear.

But I haven’t been looking at his tag here on Tumblr as often as I used to, because SOMEONE has been going around sending people increasingly absurd ANON ASKS about him and I’m tired of seeing them.

I hope that answered your question.

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Ok but like with your Monster Lance AU, you mentioned that only Pidge and Shiro knew about him. I just kinda like the idea of Pidge going down there to play with him, talk to him, try to remind him what it's like to be human. (i'm not talking ship i'm talking friends). But like Pidge is starting to get so desperate to get Lance back that she turns to magic like the druids. She naturally inquisitive, and curious...I just like the idea of magic Pidge helping Monster Lance.

I like the fact that Pidge would even be willing to ditch science just to help Lance out. :O

Do you think Lance would recognize Pidge? I feel like even though Pidge is desperately trying to help him, he’d still be super hostile around them unlike with Shiro. And with every attempt to connect with him, they’re met with a growl or a hiss which is the reason Pidge sobs at night alone in their bedroom. At one point, Lance ends up biting them and once they started crying in pain that’s when he gained a little of his humanity back. Afterwards, he’s pretty chill with them now.

  • Alicia: On a scale from 1-10 how drunk are you?
  • Elyza: [Mutters] Not drunk enough to kiss you.
  • Alicia: [Chuckles] I think you're mistaking liquid poison from liquid courage.
  • Elyza: [Sighs] Things people do when they're drunk is what they wish they could do when sober.
  • Alicia: So what's stopping you?
  • Elyza: There's no way you'd be willing to put up with my smartass, you may not be into girls, you might forget the kiss even happened, hell, you don't reciprocate my feelings. It wouldn't be right. I mean kissing when being being drunk never ends well. Of course, I'm one to talk when I used to be all about no strings and one night stands. Then all that shit changed when I met you. On my god! I'm turning into a romantic sap- Holy fucking shit!
  • Alicia: So if we were both sober right now would you do it?
  • Elyza: I don't know, it'd be weird to kiss you out of the blue without even asking you out or- And I need to shut up. What the hell is happening to me? Anyways no, I probably wouldn't have the guts to do it.
  • Alicia: Just kiss me now then.
  • Elyza: But-
  • [Alicia pulls Elyza forward by her shirt and presses her lips against the blonde's, by the time the brunette pulls away Elyza is a blushing flustered gay mess]
  • Alicia: Wow, didn't know I could make the great Elyza Lex a rambling nervous wreck.
  • Elyza: Shut up.
  • Alicia: I've liked you for awhile now. You either miraculously remained oblivious or refused to make that assumption and acknowledge it. Speaking of which, there's no way I could forget ever kissing you.
  • Elyza: [Panting] How can you say all of that right after what just happened?! I can't even catch my damn breath!
  • Alicia: If a single kiss is going to leave you breathless, I can't imagine how breathless you'd be in the bedroom. [Winks]

There are so many people out there that would be willing to give you the world, Y/N. Why waste your time on someone that doesn’t even truly care about you?”