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give back my “father”: a theory

So….Vanitas’s li’l brother is demanding his father back from Vanitas.

Who could this be?

Probably not a blood relative, as he’s saying “my” father and not “our” father. [but he and vanitas don’t look incredibly alike so far…though we haven’t seen his eyes yet]

Well, it couldn’t be Moreau…unless something very insane was going on… Because Moreau seems to be a very self centered person who wouldn’t form that close a relationship with a kid. 

Maybe the father is someone we haven’t met yet. However, this is unlikely because at first the brothers were raised as experiments, and then they were kept with Blue Moon Vanitas. Since some of the most powerful vampires in the land don’t know if they exist, Vanitas (Sr.) seems to be very well hidden. Or maybe the “father” is Blue Moon Vanitas himself.

rereading that paragraph and picturing non-vampire Vanitas is really scary. From now on in this theory “Vanitas” means blue moon Vanitas and “Vani” means non-vampire Vanitas. Oh, and Vani’s brother is Mini-Tas.

From his appearance, MiniTas is saying this after he’s been stolen from Moreau by Vanitas.

As well as that, Mini’s the first of the brothers to go with Blue Moon Vanitas. Vanitas is holding him in a protective manner, and that combined with the lines similar to Vanitas’s long hair in the “give back my father” panel suggest that Mini’s father was Vanitas. 

But then- why would he be saying “give back my father”? Did Vani do something to take Vanitas away from Mini?

This brings us to another question…is Vanitas dead? If Vani was seeking revenge on Vanitas, wouldn’t it be easier to just kill them? 

The dead bit seems like a bit of a stretch. If Vanitas did die, it was premeditated as he gave his treasured book to Vani. Maybe Vanitas killed him and took the book? But then why would he need more revenge?

So, Vanitas Sr. (these names are still so confusing) is probably either dead or in a place not accessible to Vani or Mini. And they miiight just be the father MiniTas wants back.

Deep Blue sketch dump (ft. a random girl i saw at starbucks and my inability to draw sharks)

About Bluepulse.

Okay here we go, I feel like with some hate going on recently, I need to make this post.

There are people in the YJ fandom who are hating on Bluepulse. Aggressive fans of it have seen the hate, and instead of ignoring it, people go and send hate to specific individuals.

Can people who do that fuck off? Like I love Bluepulse, but a lot of people have valid and personal reasons to hate it and that’s okay.

Yeah maybe it’s not to mature to put it right in the Bluepulse tag, because that’s where people go to enjoy Bluepulse content. But regardless, grow up a bit and try to be kinder when dealing with these things.

Stop hating on people because they don’t like your ship. Just don’t do it. I don’t want the Young Justice fandom to become toxic.

Black Butler Chapter 127-128 Review


Chapter 127

Rest in peace Agni you will be missed. :( I had a hunch that it would be Agni who got killed instead of Soma. After all, as long as Agni is there, we don’t have to worry about Soma’s safety. Which begs the question what will happen to him now. Obviously, this is going to devastate Soma, but perhaps he will carry on his dream of helping Ciel. Even so, things are going to change drastically for him.

Even though this chapter is heartbreaking can we take a moment to appreciate how BADASS Agni is!!!! He took a bullet to the back, multiple stab wounds, and injured his eye. Yet despite this, HE HELD THAT DOOR SHUT! Even though he died, he died honorably protecting his master. In my opinion, Agni has the most noble death in Black Butler. While I am so sad to see one of the few genially kind characters get killed, Yana handled this in the best possible way. But dang, this was quite the wakeup call. We need to remember that the only characters that have plot armor are Ciel and Sebastian (and that questionable).

Now we just need to know who was strong enough to take on Agni. Killing him is no easy feat even when he is focused on protecting someone else. Honestly, I still thing the only plausible killer would be Ciel’s Twin. We shall find out soon enough I hope.

Chapter 128

So Agni’s official name is Arshad Satyendra Iyer and he was 31. Thank you Yana for giving us this information! Rest in peace Arshad. :( ………….Soma punched Ciel therefore (if it wasn’t already) TWO CIEL THEORY EXTRA EXTRA CONFIRMED! …………*Sees writing on wall* WELL THAT’S SCARY AS HELL!!!! “Who stole the candy from my tummy?” That is either an inside moto between evil Ciel and our Ciel, or it’s referring to him getting stabbed at the altar. Hmmmm I honestly have no idea what the deal with asking Sebby whether or not he lied to him means. Nope I’ve got nothing.

In all…

  • AGNI!!!!!! WHHHHYYYYY!?!?!?!?!?!
  • Agni is more badass than us all.
  • Agni is the only one to call Sebastian a friend after all.
  • 2 Ciel theory is AS CLOSE AS IT CAN GET to being confirmed without being confirmed!!!!! But come on guys it’s confirmed.
  • Ciel’s bro is crazy! CRAZY!
  • Save everyone 2K17!!!!
  • Is it just me or are these chapters getting shorter and shorter?

some bits of the second season of sense8 did i’ll never recover from:

  • the “who am I?” speech
  • every time all eight of them were together
  • capheus and kala and wolfie connecting through sex
  • riley and will tricking whispers with seagulls
  • all eight of them with sun at the cemetery
  • dani being lito’s agent
  • “are you sure?”
  • wolfie appearing next to lito when joaquin threatens him
  • sun not giving a fuck about lito crying
  • kala and wolfie sex
  • “wolfgang?” “ask for help?” “can’t picture it”
  • sun and her dog
  • lito screaming at the museum
  • “take your hands off my daughter”
  • kala saying “bring it, bitch”
  • all sensates coming together for the head move of wolfie’s on lila
  • sun showing sexist and transphobic motherfuckers you don’t mess with her or with her cluster
  • são paulo pride parade
  • amanita and nomi getting engaged
  • wolfie’s face when rajan kisses him
  • kala blowing up a car
  • sun chasing after her brother using only a bra and panties
  • will beating up whispers
  • “You want a war? We’ll give you a war”
  • every about this fucking season

Lesbian romances with little to no build up or emotion that result in gratuitous sex scenes that are there for the (male) viewers’ enjoyment  

Lesbian romances that are actually romantic, fleshed out, not overly sexualised and portray the characters as three dimensional people who share a powerful bond and care deeply about each other


Jace and Simon in the Season 2B trailer