(i'm actually pleased and a little proud with this one)

  • Me, awake watching YOI 2am: man. this show is so damn good I cannot wait for season two it's going to be absolutely amazing. It's the only thing keeping me going at this point I cannot believe I have been so blessed but where's that announcement tho..
  • Me, at 3am: ok but season 1's soundtrack was so 🔥LIT🔥 how will they possibly top it?? Each song was so beautifully crafted and fitting to each skater and I don't think I could possibly love another set of pieces as much as I already love these...
  • Me, at 4am: and someone please tell me, how are Victor and Yuuri so damn perfect for one another?? their relationship makes me incredibly happy and feel so full inside. They love and care for each other so deeply and are for real life actually engaged it's so beautiful. I wonder who's big spoon and who's little..
  • Me, at 5am: oh Yuri Plisetsky. That boy. I'm so damn proud of that kitten. He is so determined and strong and at 15 years old he accomplished what many never are able to achieve. And I am so glad that he found Beka after being alone for such a long time now he can know life and love just like his fathers...
  • Me, at 6am: and another thi- *school alarm starts blaring* ..what... the hell....... anyways,, the WEDDING.

anonymous asked:

People on twitter are already going "congrats to everyone involved in the show, all cast and crew". Emeraude tweeted about the win and some people are actually replying to her saying stuff like "congrats I'm so proud of you you're the perfect Izzy". When will they realize that this has nothing to do with the straight characters or the overall plot? This is about an interracial lgbt+ couple that's making history, no one else. Sorry I'm petty

PLEASE I KNOW I’ve seen those people lmao. esp @ emeraude of all people ?? pls. anyway i’m tired of people treating this like shadowhunters is winning against all odds of being a little freeform show like no this is about malec winning despite being an interracial couple featuring an actual actor of color (unlike some OTHER ships no names mentioned) because interracial lgbt+ couples are 1) rarely ever on tv 2) rarely ever BOTH the main characters and 3) rarely ever get any recognition or a fanbase.

this is really important for qpoc everywhere and it really shouldn’t be so casually erased. the only other person you should be congratulating aside from harry and matt is michael reisz.