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Empty Gold (Halsey)
Empty Gold (Halsey)

In case you thought differently, I’m still on a massive fucking Halsey kick

((I’ve been doing some thinking. Once I hit 400 followers here, I should join the bandwagon of introducing a guest here for a little bit. 

However, the guest will be from the Charlotte family only! So anyone of his siblings, his mother, father (headcanon), or step-fathers (Pound included with headcanon thoughts) can be a possibility to be a guest here. 

Should I give this a try or nah?)) 

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the a in lgbtqia stands for ally

It can stand for “ally”. There are some sources that say so. But many of these sources also make the A in LGBTQIA interchangeable with “asexual”, or they add a second A for “asexual”. Some sources don’t use “ally” at all.

You can dig around and find more sources for yourself if you’d like. You’ll be searching through pages and books for hours. I just don’t have that kind of time.

My favorite source (coming from my biased opinion, mind you), comes from the LGBTQIA Resources Center at UC Davis. This is mainly because I like their definition of “LGBTQIA Allyship”, which reads:

The practice of confronting heterosexism, sexism, genderism, allosexism, and monosexism in oneself and others out of self-interest and a concern for the well being of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and asexual people.  Is founded on the belief and believes that dismantling heterosexism, biphobia, transphobia and genderism/cis-sexism is a social justice issue.

People are entitled to their own opinions. They can make the A in LGBTQIA mean whatever they want, since there is no firm answer on the matter. They can choose not to accept people in their community. There is nothing I can do to stop them. My posts, my sources, and my opinions will likely change no set in stone opinions on the subject. Likely, that means yours as well.

That does mean nothing anyone says or does will change my opinion either.

The A in LGBTQIA means “asexual” to me. Asexuals will always be welcome. I will offer them the support and friendliness that I will offer everyone else in the LGBTQ+ community. People will disagree with me on this, but I’m not changing my mind.

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I'm so happy this lovely place exists, I've made a few things from quotes on here already if you'd like to see them. Stay awesome, will you?

And that makes me happy! Of course I’d love to see them! I’ll stay awesome if you stay awesome, friend. ❤️

ᶤᶰᶜᵒᵐᶤᶰᵍ ᶤᵐᵉˢˢᵃᵍᵉ  ⁞ all contacts. ⌟
  • NEELS: u kno where my pants went?
  • NEELS: lol i can't find em

Jim had never gone out of state, let alone a new country, so when he first heard they were headed to Spain, he was ecstatic. It was the place where Lexus filmed their hoverboard commercial. It was nothing like those two-wheeled scooters people called hoverboards. It was real, and there was no way he was going miss out on the opportunity of checking out that specially designed skatepark. Granted, he was in Barcelona, and the skatepark was in Cubelles. However, that wasn’t going to stop him. Googling the distance, an almost sly laugh left through his lips. It was too good. It was an hour away.

It was then he turned around without much thought, and unknowingly, he crashed into the person behind him. “Sorry about that. I didn’t see you there.”

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How's Joffrey gryffindor?????

You’re breaking my resolve not to log into tumblr at work for the next few weeks, anon!  

You’re referring to the graphic  by queenwaldafrey​ that I reblogged this morning, right?  (She’s actually done another one here that I like.)

Yeah—I’m very much a believer that Joffrey is a Gryffindor.  

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11x06 “Our Little World”
“You said you were close. Dean how did she get away?”

Oh Dean… Just be honest with them. They suspect something already, maybe even know the answer: Cause you couldn’t. And even if ou couldn’t say more than that. Just that you couldn’t would be better than deflecting. End of story? It rather feels like the beginning of one… And Cas’ little headmotion and slight squiny eyes  I just love both and I actually have to somewhat smile to myself about Sam, because even though he’s exchanging conspiring looks with Cas here, somehow I just can’t not headcanon him looking back and forth between Dean and Cas and thinking “No, no, no please don’t fight”, “Okay you won’t stop, uhmm, I’ll just disapppeeeeeaaaar somewhere now, byeee”.