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_I don´t mind the rain_|Part VIII|

Bucky x Reader[Gender neutral!]

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Warnings:Fluff.Again.Pure fluff.And stealing waffles.The plot is moving slow and this chapter is basically just for fun,some stuff gets explained but that´s it.The next one will get the story moving again~

2.592 Words

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Everytime someone walked past the door, you would hold your breath for a moment.
You knew it would not take long until someone found you,and then it would be time to run.
But right now you were calm and enjoyed the sound of the rain against the window.
If you really wanted to get to that house, you still had to drive for nearly one hour .
You tried your best to remember where the one broken window was. The house had one window that could just be pushed open from the outside, but you could not remember where exactly.
As the train drove through a tunnel, the sound of rain stopped. You also realized that there was a small lamp above the two of you,illuminating you and Bucky in a warm light.
The dim light was nearly invisible again as the train left the tunnel,and immediately the sound of the rain hitting the window could be heard again.

With a silent ´huh´, you came back into reality, seeing Bucky look at you. By the sound of his voice you could tell that he already called your name a few times.
“Sorry, I was kinda lost in thought, what is it ?”
“One Million.” Bucky began, making you furrow your brows before he continued"What I told you yesterday, I was right about the bounty. We need to find out who started all this.“
"Really? Oh my god…” You said while shifting around a bit until you sat with your arms crossed.“Wait. How do you know that all of a sudden?”
“I talked to someone…”
“Someone ? When?”
“In the hospital. Her name is Kat, she is a nurse and helped me find you. Her brother is involved in all this.She was probably also the person who started the false alarm to  save us from getting shot.”
“Oh, so that is how you found me. But how do you want to find out who started this mess?”
“Get to the roots of it somehow. Who would just throw around with one million dollars to have us dead? It has to be something serious.
And it wont be enough to get you off their radar anymore, and I don’t even know how I would do that. These people are everywhere.”
“But even if we find out who did it, just because we delete the files about us…"You explained while running a hand through your messy hair before adding "That doesn’t mean they will stop looking for us. We would have to reach the top of this whole thing.”
“Yes. No bounty hunters or killers would come after us if there was no one to pay them the promised money.”

Bucky nodded at you before he turned his head to the side, listening to something.  
“I think I heard someone talk about getting out tickets. We should get away.”
A bit unsure of what the hell to do now, you looked around the small room.  
You were still way too far away from you destination, you could not get out now.  
Cursing, you stood up and looked at the door.
“We can’t get outside, they would see us and the train is not endless either. ”
Bucky pursed his lips at your words before standing up and walk to you.
You knew he was right as you heard a lady laugh a bit and talk about how she nearly forgot her ticket.
´Well fuck
“Bucky what do we do? I don’t even know in what city the train will stop next!”
Your voice was hushed and you wildly gestured with your hands.
He looked around before looking at you.
“I have an idea.” He looked around the room before asking: 

“You are not claustrophobic, right?”
“No, why are you-?!”
“Come here.”
Your eyes widened as you felt Bucky grab you and drag the both of you to the side.
Before you could ask what his masterplan now was, your right arm and hip hit against wood.
Wanting to know what has gotten into him, you saw that you were standing inside the small cabinet now.
Passengers would normally store their jackets and suitcases in there. You also had to be careful that you did not stand up straight,because you would hit your head on the shelf above you.
Bucky stood opposite of you and closed the curtain that luckily went to the floor, so no one could see your feet like in some bad game of hide and seek.

The dark curtain hid the both of you, a few seconds before you heard a knock on the door.
To silence your breathing, you held a hand over your mouth.
But even more, you had to stop yourself from laughing.
This was so ridiculous.
This would never work, they would see you and drop you at the next stop.
Bucky clearly noticed your shaking shoulders while you tried to stay silent as the door opened.
You moved your leg a bit and felt your knee hit Buckys shin. You nearly said sorry, but stopped yourself in time.
As Bucky moved his arms you could feel his hand brush against your throat, making you shiver.
It was warm inside this small space and you could sometimes even feel Buckys hair on your face.

The man who stepped into the room was looking around for a moment before he shrugged his shoulders, wondering why the curtains were closed over the glass door.
Without doing anything else, the old man walked back out of the room.
As Bucky heard the door close and steps going away from the door,he moved the curtain away slowly as you just sticked your head out a bit.
“Is he gone?”
Bucky did not answer your question but he pulled away the blue fabric, stepped outside and straightened his back with a sigh.
Grinning like mad, you walked out of the small space and walked back to your seat.
“I can’t believe your plan actually worked.”
“Well, have more faith in me, please.”
You looked up and saw him grin at you.Bucky walked over to the seats and sat down again.
Laughing a bit, you realised that he used your exact words from earlier.
This would be a long day.

As you heard the monotone voice announce the next stop over the speakers, you realized it was yours.
It has been nearly 50 minutes since the whole cabinet thing and you still grinned,remembering how childish it was.
“We should get out of here, we are nearly there.”
Bucky nodded at your words and grabbed the bag he had put under the seat earlier.

After you opened the door, you looked around for a bit, making sure no one would see you.
As you saw that this part of the train was still pretty empty, you stepped out of the door,Bucky behind you.
Through the window in front of you, you could see the city already. It would take some time until you would get to the docs.
Walking to the nearest door, Bucky was next to you again.You could feel how the train slowed down and while you tried to hold your balance, you could not do anything but fall to the side as the train fully stopped.
Wobbling weirdly on your right leg, while your left one was in the air as you tried to regain your balance.
As the door opened you carefully stepped down the one step and jumped onto the concrete again.
Then, as fast as you could, you hurried away from the train, not wanting to get overrun by all the people who would get off and on now.
But let´s just say, Bucky did not get the memo and was pretty surprised when all the people just started walking around and shoving him so he couldn’t see you anymore.

You pinched the bridge of your nose as you saw a very lost Bucky in the middle of the sea of people.
When it comes to this, he was worse than a little child.
He just stood there, turning his head and looking around, probably looking for you between all the people.
“Bucky! Over here! ”
As you called out his name, he turned in your general direction and it took him a few seconds to spot you.
With a small sigh he walked over to you, glad that you weren’t gone.

So the two of you walked through the big station, and you smelled so many different things.
Besides cheap deodorant and weird smells you did not want to think about,you smelled coffee, tea, bread and waffles.
It was horrible.
Now that you saw all the food your hunger only got worse.
The last thing you ate was that pizza and for Bucky it was probably the half pastry he ate at the bus stop.
“Bucky.."You began and he looked at you "We need to eat”
Slowly the two of you came to a stop.
“You are right. Wait here.”
Before you could pull him back to you again, he vanished in the crowd .
Oh god.
What if he is going to leave you here?
What if he will not come back?
Your mind filled with worst case scenarios while you started to look around.
´What is he doing now?´
All you saw were people rushing past you, some on their phones and others running,  trying to get to their train on time.
Not far from you, a boy slipped on the wet ground while the other guys around him laughed and helped him up.
A women in a beige dress was dragging a suitcase after her and held a baby on her arm while looking pretty stressed.
Turning around, you still could not find him again after five minutes.
You let out a sigh and started to plan how you would get by on your own from now on.
“I can’t believe it. Well, I will miss that basd-”

“You were saying?”
You jumped back a bit as you saw a paper bag in front of your face. You followed the gloved hand, then the arm and had to turn around.
Behind you stood Bucky munching on a…Waffle on a stick?
“Did you really think I would leave you?”
You smiled and let out a short laugh. His voice almost sounded hurt, but by his eyes you could tell he was joking.
´This guy…Unbelievable´
“Did you just steal a waffle?”
“Two, if you want to be exact.”

Grinning,you grabbed the bag from his hands, seeing another waffle on a small wooden stick.
“At first I wanted to get us a coffee too,but I was not fast enough.”
“How did you even get these?”
You asked before taking a bite.


You laughed a bit at his answer before you started to walk again.
If you could now only forget that people where out to kill you, this could be a normal day in town with a friend.
Bucky seemed so different when you first met him, so distant..Well, you could not blame him.
But now, it seemed like you had known each other for some time already.
This weird dude with the mysterious past and his metal arm, was getting really close to your heart.

“Can you at least tell me where you got them?”
“A stand. The person it belongs to was smoking a cigarette and not paying attention.”
“Let´s just hope they did not see y-”


You ran.
You both ran as fast as you could.Well, maybe not Bucky because he would clearly be out of here already.
Knowing that the men was probably not going to run after the both of you, you just stopped around a corner and leaned against the wall, so you could catch your breath.
“This is so weird.”
Bucky looked at you, wondering what you meant, but he already had an idea as he saw you smile.
“I mean, we were getting shot at a few hours ago and now we are hiding from some old dude because you stole waffles and got seen.”

And then you heard a very rare sound, you heard Bucky chuckle as he shook his head.
“Well, at least it never gets boring.”
You hit him with your elbow before walking off again,Bucky to your right now
“So,where is that house you talked about?”
“We should have to walk about 30 minutes, then we should be there.
"Ok,lead the way.”

Walking through the station and the mass of strangers, you were both enjoying your food.
As you reached the exit, you saw many people carry umbrellas or wearing hoodies to stay dry.
“We can’t stay dry for more than a few hours,huh?”
So with a last sigh, the two of you walked through the rainy streets.
A thought hit you as a women under a pink umbrella walked past the two of you.

You looked at Bucky,seeing him fumbling with his wet hair again,before you said in all seriousness:
“Bucky.We are bad people.”
His eyes widened and he stopped in his tracks, asking you:
“What do you mean?”
“Bucky…Don´t you remember?” You turned to him “We never gave that pink umbrella back.”
As you saw Buckys dead-pan look you couldn´t hide it anymore.
You threw your head back a bit and laughed, while Bucky grinned at your stupid humor and smacked you upside the head.
“What was that for?!”
You exclaimed,still laughing while rubbing the back of your head.
“For being an idiot.”
You huffed and the both of you started walking again.
Your now empty bags were long-lost and laid somewhere in a trashcan a few streets from where you were walking now.

For the first time in years,the rain did not feel uncomfortable,it felt comforting if you were honest.
But that quickly changes as the rain got worse again and in the distance you heard thunder.
It was still pretty far away, so you didn’t pay much attention to it.
“Hey Bucky?”
“Thank you.”
“For what…?”
Again,he seemed genuinely confused by your words, so you added:
“The food. It was nice.”
“Oh that, you are welcome.”
“What about your shoulder, does it hurt bad?”
“No..It is ok at the moment, actually. Thank you for helping me with that earlier…”
“That was no problem, really.” You said smiling before you turned serious again"But we need to get that stitched up, the bandages wont be enough for long..“
Bucky just shrugged with the words:"I know.”

The wind picked up also and a piece of paper flew to you and then was stuck to your stomach.
With a frown you pulled it off and threw it behind you, where the wind carried it a few meters until it landed on the wet ground.
Cars and buses drove past you, making small drops of water fly in the air as they drove through puddles on the street.
This city seemed way busier and alive than your hometown where you met Bucky.
Every now and then someone would rush past you or bump into you or him.
You got rather abruptly taken back to reality as you heard a loud clap of thunder, and by the noise you could tell it was already pretty close.
As you weren’t really looking forward to getting into a storm,you said:
“We should wait until-” You let out a small gasp, before adding: “You gotta be fucking kidding me.”
Bucky was already standing under a small plastic roof to your right, smiling slightly.

A bus stop.

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