(i wish i was joking more than i actually am)

would be nice if ppl didnt shit on or make fun of nds n disabilities, n mock it just bcus the person who calls it out disagree with them.

you all need to stop being ableist, you wanting to insult people and degrade them is actually, in fact not an actual reason to be ableist.

it’s in fact a reason not to use ableist language, that’s how ableism works?? using language that degrades disabled people is a bad thing, using traits of nds n disabilities to make fun of ppl is a bad thing, using slurs directed at nd or disabled ppl to attack ppl is a bad thing.

it doesn’t matter if you don’t think of disabled or nd people as inferior, you’re still stigmatising the traits, still using harmful and stigmatising language, and you’re still being ableist.

stop using names of disabilities or nds as insults, stop degrading people with ableist slurs.

when you use a trait to insult someone, you’re calling it bad or you’re mocking people who live with it, people who have not done you anything wrong and simply exist as nd or disabled.

it’s cruel, you’re all cruel when you do this.. you all need to take ableism seriously, not just when it’s convenient. and you need to check yourselves and unlearn shit when you are being ableist, instead of defending yourself and continuing to be shitty.

i care for more to protect neurodivergent and disabled people, than i care about defending people who are ableist, and i wish you all did the same. i wish you all actually cared to advocate for us.. and i wish you all cared to be intersectional.

i am so tired of people on this site being so shitty about this, putting ableist in quotation marks, making trigger jokes, using ableist slurs, mocking our terms, mocking our bodies and minds, mocking the way we act… attacking disability and neurodivergency. not taking us seriously.

it’s always like this. nobody ever takes us seriously. we’re always forgotten, hidden, neglected, silenced… nobody ever listens to us. you don’t have to contribute to that, it actually doesn’t have to be like this. in safe spaces and in social justice circles, we could actually try to make a positive change here, and actually genuinely try to be inclusive of nd and disabled people.

please… stop being ableist, stop mocking us, stop invalidating us.. start standing up for us, listen to us, and respect us.

“best friends in love” larry aka my favourite thing

  • when they’re cuddling after drinking a few glasses of wine harry takes louis’ hands in-between his own, they’re quiet for a while and then harry whispers “your hands are so tiny” and louis groans because oh no here we go again, and harry starts rambling and giggling “just look how much bigger my thumb is, this is so funny, look at them lou… you’re so much smaller than me..”
  • harry trying to teach louis how to bake, but louis is too stubborn to ask for help or admit he’s made a mistake. when they get their muffins out of the oven and harry tries one and ends up spitting it out because louis may have accidentally poured half a cup of salt in the batter, it was still completely harry’s fault for being too cute and distracting him
  • in the summer they’re outside enjoying the sun when louis gets up from their blanket on the grass and asks harry if he wants something to drink; harry replies with yes please and louis goes inside. he comes back with a water jug and plastic cups, and harry is lying so peacefully with his eyes closed louis just can’t resist and he dumps the entire jug of cold water on him. the older boy starts giggling at harry’s squeal and then runs inside to safety because harry will certainly want his revenge
  • So Many inside jokes… niall and liam are constantly annoyed because sometimes harry would say something like “ballet underwater” while they’re all eating breakfast together and it would make louis choke on his tea and the couple would always refuse to share the joke with them
  • sending memes to each other in the middle of the night when they’re apart (yes they do this and louis thinks the memes harry sends him might be even worse than his knock knock jokes, but he still laughs at them)

anonymous asked:

Hey Meg, I was wondering about your thoughts on Buffy/spike/angel. I always LOVED Angel but then he got his own tv show and it was ruined (my thoughts anyway). But then I loved Spike just as hardcore. Mind you I've only had one full watch all the way through of Buffy. But who did you ship way back when?? I am totally interested in your opinions :)

Hey anon!

OH BOY *cracks knuckles* Brace yourselves this is probably going to get long. Spoiler warning for a show that’s been off the air for longer than I care to think about.

Alright so, disclaimer, take all of this with a grain of salt, it’s been a minute since I’ve rewatched BtVS/Angel all the way through and every time I do my thoughts about different characters change slightly (aside from Buffy she is precious and I will fight bears for her, not that she needs me to).

The first time I watched Buffy (aka when it was airing because I am old) I was a lot more into Angel. I shipped it, cried for actual days over Becoming and the s3 finale broke my heart. I loved Angel, he was cool and mysterious and wore velvet blazers. He was great. Then I got a little bit older and when he’d come back or I rewatched, Angel around Buffy got on every single one of my nerves. He was obnoxiously cryptic, withheld useful information, was condescending af and considered his age a good enough reason to make decisions on Buffy’s behalf (when it’s not like he was being the most rational and mature around her like dude so much shit could’ve been avoided if you didn’t keep secrets because they were upsetting). Plus he wore velvet blazers, like what the fuck.

I actually liked him a lot better on Angel. I thought he regained some perspective on the world and how to deal with people and he fit waaaaaay better with Cordelia than he ever did with Buffy (DO NOT get me started on what that show did to Cordelia I will NEVER EVER EVER be over it). I also loooooved his dynamic with Spike in season 5 and wish we could’ve seen more of it. He even cracked jokes! They were often terrible jokes but bless his heart he tried. (Angel disclaimer: I am completely ignoring whatever the fuck season 4 was, that shit was some absolute nonsense)

Angel around Buffy was a mopey, overbearing pitbull type person and I really really hate when one half of a ship feels like they’re qualified to make decisions for the other. I also think there was an pedestal element to how he viewed Buffy and I don’t like that. He saw her as this perfect, golden salvation and that’s not really fair to her, she was a person. Plus, he fed her whole ‘I just want to be normal’ thing and while I get it, she wanted a life without death, darkness and demon guts, she wasn’t normal and it bothered me a lot that he pushed her to try and be instead of supporting her and helping her be a stronger, more content version of who she was. He lived his life with a mopey, the grass is always greener philosophy and encouraged her to do the same. When you’re a Slayer with a ridiculously short life expectancy, seems to me you should embrace what you have and enjoy it as much as possible (also, that paved the way for fucking Riley and GROSS. NO.)

Final personal verdict: Angel on BtVS was at his most interesting as Angelus and I kind of want to hit the souled version in the nose with a rolled up newspaper and tell him no pretty much constantly, Angel on his own show was dorky and endearing and I wanted to hug him a lot. To be clear, I don’t think Angel was a bad person, I think he was a messed up person trying his best and I think he and Buffy loved each other very much, but their ship dynamic doesn’t work for me.

Enter Spike. I loooooooved Spike from the moment he arrived. I think he was one of the most entertaining villains/characters on the show. He was snarky and hilarious and gave zero fucks except oh look he actually gave a lot of fucks, he just kept them hidden away. I adore characters with layers. I’m not entirely sure when I started shipping Buffy/Spike, but somewhere between the s2 finale and s4, I thought they’d be an awesome idea but I never thought the show would go there and when it started going there in s5, I pretty much entirely lost my shit and shifted into OTP mode.

Their relationship was SUPER messed up, I am in no way denying that, but they had the whole opposites attract thing going like WHOA and I generally feel like Spike was the only person in Buffy’s entire life who could see her in all her glory and accept anything she dropped on him (Tara came the second closest but the show did not explore their dynamic nearly enough and everyone else had this tendency to see who they wanted Buffy to be and get mad at her when she was her own person). I adore that they wouldn’t take each other’s shit and would be down to watch them snipe at each other forever. I also love that Spike encouraged Buffy to take joy from slaying, to embrace all the parts of herself. I love that once he committed to Team Buffy he was ALL IN. Part of that was his personality type, he did not know how to hold himself back ever, and part of that was he would do literally anything for her (tbf, to an extreme and scary degree because he struggled with limits). He was also a gross idiot and thought a Buffy-shaped sexbot was a good idea but no one’s perfect. I’m not trying to excuse his behavior but one way of looking at that is he accepted what she couldn’t and wouldn’t give him and tried to find alternative ways of getting what he wanted that, in his mind, wouldn’t affect her. That said, those ways were often deeply gross (although the buffybot was such an ongoing comedic opportunity I can’t even bring myself to hate it).

I also love the effect Buffy had on Spike. He definitely also saw her as salvation but he included all of her, flaws and all, in that picture. He didn’t want her to be anyone other than who she was. His whole learning to be a better person without an inherent moral compass arc was so powerful and, unpopular opinion, I’m not hugely jazzed that he went out and got a soul. I thought his journey and struggle was a lot more interesting without it. I waffle back and forth over how I feel about the s6 Incident. I think the show tried something very risky and I fully understand and support everyone who hates it and puts Spuffy on their notp list, but for me I see how they got there and I think the whole situation is a lot more nuanced in context than most people seem to consider when they talk about it. The incident itself mostly bothers me because I think the whole thing and fallout was partially a semi-transparent ploy on Joss Whedon’s part to get people to unship and his strict adherence to what he wanted his vampire canon to be and kind of wish he would’ve allowed it to morph organically and not gone to such an extreme and fucked up place to try and accomplish his goal but whatever.

(Fun fact, I had a long talk with James Marsters at a con about Spuffy and behind the scenes, Joss DID NOT want people to ship Buffy and Spike but James wanted to keep his job so he played Spike with extra layers towards Buffy to keep that door open and was absolutely FLOORED when Joss approached him with his s5 arc like okay buddy you win we’re gonna try going there at least with your character, we’ll see how that goes. Also, James is an absolute SWEETHEART and genuinely touched that people love his character so much and was super down to pause his signing line and talk with me and my mom about Spike which made our day. I know he’s an actor and this is at least partially a gimmick, but he’s really good at making you feel like your question is the best, most insightful question he’s ever been asked.)

ANYWAY. For all its flaws, I found the Buffy/Spike dynamic infinitely more interesting and layered than the Buffy/Angel dynamic. Both ships have their pros and cons but Spuffy hits way more of my ship buttons and they’ll be on my OTP list forever and the ‘you’re a hell of a woman’ speech will always, always make me bawl. It encompasses everything I love about them and is my favorite OTP speech of all time.

(Also, thank you for asking me about Buffy, this was a super fun can of worms to open)

Hey, demons, it’s me ya boi

No seriously, I’m nonbinary trans (AFAB/DFAB) and I’m actually sustained a lot of alter over the summer. ;-; The trip was far more stressful more than I thought….

I got the twin alters and Jeremy is probs. an introject. And no, Unknown is from MysMe….and Steph is from NGNL. -__- Aiden is def gay boi. Andrea is tad cold. Rinnie is a new demon. Yiiie….and and boi, I have a lot to do.

Here’s my alters….

  1. Kagehime (aka Kage):
  2. Shiriayukihime (aka Shiri):
  3. Dawn:
  4. Ricky:
  5. Sheila:
  6. Chukukuro (aka Kuro):
  7. Aiden:
  8. Stephanie Dola
  9. Lilith
  10. Liliah
  11. Rinnie (aka Nie/Rin)
  12. Unknown  
  13. Marie
  14. Andrea
  15. Phoenix  
  16. Jeremy
Don’t pretend to be something you are not. UNCOOL

I feel like since Gay marriage was legalized, there are a lot of people who pretend to be LGBT just to fit in or simply for the community.
I feel like since people started opening up as transsexual, people who are not trans pretend to be because they want to be part of the community.
I feel like a couple more sexualities were created or told, people started making up sexualities, just to FIT IN with the community…
See the pattern?
See where I’m going with this?
I’m not saying anyone here is like that, but I am saying it is a problem.
I am glad that it is becoming big and known and celebrated, but I am not happy about the things that make me, me…

It’s not fair to say you identify as a trans male if you are not one, just for attention.

It’s not fair that you make up things (i.e. dinosexual) just for attention, then you make a poster and try to convince others that it is real.

It is not fair to make it seem like your sexuality is more important than others.

I understand that some people need attention but by pretending you draw people away from actual issues.

I am pansexual, and i respect others sexualities and try to not make anyone uncomfortable. I am not trans, but I respect those that did go through disrespect and years of confusion because people try to tell you that you don’t understand your OWN body.

My sexuality is not a joke. My body is not a punchline. The LGBT community is supposed to be supportive. So be freaking supportive!

I respect others and I wish more people in the community would do that same.

Sure be unique, be adorable. But Don’t use LGBT as a joke.