(i will simultaneously love you and hate you forever)

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how did you become friends with sophie irl? i'm so jealous...

We bonded over our love of alien dick when she introduced me to Mass Effect (a gift I will forever simultaneously hate and love her for).

But for reals I met her because she started dating my best friend, and we clicked because…well we’re both awesome, sarcastic and hate human interaction. And now we live together and life is good.

Don’t be jealous, be thankful you don’t have to clean out your recycling bin every day because you don’t live with someone who has replaced cigarettes with drinking 6 cans of coke zero in a night. Did I say 6? I meant 12…

I love you Sophie.

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Hey. I think I came here to you as someone to a psichologist. I know I shouldn't be angry with anti-Juvia posts but I am when I get them personally. I was told that it is sick that Juvia still stalks and annoys Gray. That in the latest chapter she was rude and doesn't deserve to be in team B. Couse her team mates just tried to help her and she was rude. They said that this means she ISN'T a real FT mage. That was what did it for me. Why can't they see trough comedic relief? That's pathetic.

Juvia wasn’t rude at all in the newest chapter. She was genuinely wondering why she was on team B, and Mira agreed with her, as to why they were split up into teams. If Juvia is being rude, then so is Mira. The whole point was to address the question of why they all couldn’t go together (Team A and Team B), which is why Lisanna replied that there was nothing they could do because Gray and the others had already left, and Lily/Gajeel further explained that smaller groups are better.

But yes, Juvia was disappointed that she couldn’t be with Gray. And? She hadn’t seen him in 6 months, has been requested to take care of him by his own father, and now Gray has taken off again on a dangerous mission before she was even given the option of accompanying him and helping out. So, yes, she wants to be with him. I don’t see what’s so wrong with it. It’d be weird if she wasn’t disappointed. In fact, this whole arc thus far is incredibly reminiscent with how Tenroujima started off. Juvia was disappointed there, too, because she couldn’t partner with Gray. Mashima threw back to a lot of things from that arc thus far.

The stalking and annoying Gray part is a completely asinine claim at this point. Gray and Juvia LIVED together. The scenes we saw when Juvia recounted her time spent with Gray weren’t fantasies, they were FLASHBACKS. They did everything together, and it showed, because their habits rubbed off on each other (the stripping and the hugging). People also tend to forget that Gray happens to be a tsundere character. If he really didn’t want Juvia to live with him, he would have MADE her leave. This is a man who had previously buried his face in her chest and sought comfort in her arms. Again, when people put more stock in the comedic comments rather than the serious developments, it really invalidates their opinions by showing their bias.

As for her not being a real FT mage, Juvia has ALWAYS done what was best for her guild, and has protected her guild mates again and again throughout the series. To who’s rescue did she come to in Tartarus? Gajeel’s and Lucy’s. As I’ve said before, people have scarily selective short-term memories when it comes to Juvia. It was only in the last major arc that Juvia defeated Keith for her guild and the world’s sake, even though she was also simultaneously killing the father of the man she loved, and thus risking being hated by Gray forever. 

People always pick and choose what matters and what doesn’t when it comes to Juvia’s character, so it best fits their opinion of her. I focus on the serious moments that are actually important. Those who trash her can only bring up comedic ones that Mashima is playing for laughs, and any and all evidence that goes against their negative statements is labeled null and void in their eyes. So, that should tell you how seriously you should take their opinions, anon. In other words, not at all. ^__~