(i will have a legit galentines day gift for you tomorrow that isnt completely rude i promse heheh)

Happy Valentines Day, Noel: The Fic

Jaime smiled at Bart, his hands shaking slightly around the plastic lip of a small, clear bag.  “The scarab said you’d like this.  For Valentines Day, I mean.”

Bart’s eyes never left the bag.  Jaime wasn’t sure if this was a good or bad sign, but he took it on good faith and went on.  “I wasn’t sure if I should trust him - I mean this is really weird, but he seemed unusually… sincere, so.  Um…”

When Jaime held out his hand, Bart flinched, his form literally blurring at the edges.  Jaime was surprised he didn’t phase right through the ground considering the speed at which he must have been vibrating.

“Bart?  Are you…”

In an instant, Bart was simply gone, leaving nothing in his wake but a gentle gust of wind and Jaime’s memory of his presence.  Jaime hadn’t even seen his speed trail, he had moved so fast.

With a heavy sigh, Jaime frowned at the bag and then hurled it as far away from him as he could.  It landed on the ground with a loud splat, raw, red meat spilling from it’s open mouth.

“I knew I shouldn’t have listened to you…”

You have made great progress this day, Jaime Reyes.  Perhaps you are not as worthless a host as I first believed.