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26th & 28th/29th December Show Reports

Okay, I’m going to have to come clean at the start. This is another recap of two performances. One was with the full original cast (which I’ll talk less about, but I will cover the mistakes in it which were plentiful and glorious), which I will refer to as the Boxing Day show when I mention it, and the other was with James Howard as Draco and Morag Cross as McGonagall. The latter is the one for which I was sitting near the front of the stalls, and that’s the one I’ll focus on, because it was better and more interesting. 

(You’ll all be pleased to know I wrote over 2000 words less in this recap than I did my last one. It’s still almost long enough to be a dissertation though so… Sorry about that! I hope you enjoy.)

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anonymous asked:

Do you think that percico really has a chance of happening in canon? I don't mean like Rick is gonna make them happen but based on the story. I think that it's unlikely because even after I re read that part in hoh with bob saying 'nico said Percy was a friend' or something like that and percy felt guilty it didn't strike me as real guilt you know? I think that canon based Jasico is more likely to happen. I would love to hear your thoughts about canon Percy/jasico

Okay so some people may disagree with me here, but this is just what I took from reading both series and from analyzing it with psychology and stuff like that.

I do feel Jason would have been the more likely choice out of Percy and Jason. Obviously, Rick has implied that Nico is/might end up with Will, but something just kind of seemed off or rushed with that. Like he felt he needed to pair everyone off. I do think he might have intended, at some point, to pair Nico with Jason. But I’ll get more into that in a second.

Percy is and always will be the original shipping pair that people put Nico with. He was the only likely choice, at least in the original series. Nico didn’t really match well with anyone else. Percy and Nico do follow a very old Greek tradition, which can also be found in historical figures like Achilles and Patroclus. And, yes, back then, it was very common for the more experience warrior to have a sexual relationship with the younger one. That’s a whole different topic, though.

However, I don’t necessarily feel that Percy is the best choice for Nico these days. Nico is a very damaged soul. He’s been through a lot in his lifetime. That’s not calling him weak, it’s just stating that he’s been through a hard life. This is the same reason that Nico would probably never be the top in a relationship. He wants to be loved, he seeks approval. We see that heavily in the first series when he is constantly trying to seek the approval of Percy in the last book. Nico is going to be the type to be grumpy and try to act like he hates getting attention. And he might dislike getting it, from large crowds or people he’s not comfortable with. However, the same shouldn’t be said for someone he’s interested in. Which is why I say that he’s going to want affection dotted on him, rather than him being the one to do it to someone else. He’s the type of person that would want to be held, rather than hold someone else. This is something a lot of shippers overlook when making their placement for top/bottom. It’s a very psychological concept that people need to keep in mind.

So my point is that Percy is very dense and is oblivious to like everything. That’s not the kind of person Nico needs. And I think Nico realized that in the final book of Heroes of Olympus. It might have been rushed, or just out of nowhere, but I think it was appropriate. Percy is hot, nobody can dispute that. But you can be purely attracted to someone, yet know that they are not the kind of person you want to date. And that is what Percy is to Nico. He did hero worship Percy and that did turn into a crush, but Nico realized it was nothing more than that. Percy probably wouldn’t notice if Nico got upset with him, or maybe touch Nico when he didn’t want to be touched. Nico is someone that needs an attentive lover. Percy does care about his friends, but he also has a habit of letting them down. He forgets. So I just don’t think Percy is what Nico truly needs out of a relationship.

Now for Jason.

Jason is the more compassionate of the two. Originally, I thought he would be a carbon copy of Percy, which he was until Mark of Athena. Then he started showing signs of being intelligent outside of just combat. He took notice of his surroundings better. He actually tries to be friends with everyone, including Nico as time goes on. He wants to be friends with you, whereas Percy doesn’t really care. That’s not saying Percy is a bad person. Percy is more of the bad boy/skater, someone that is up to no good. Jason is the guy that you could bring home to meet your parents without having to worry about how he would behave, and know that they would love him.

In House of Hades, I started noticing a lot with Jason that seemed to hint that he was bisexual, or maybe pansexual. Something along those lines. I say bi because most of the book consisted of Jason needing to choose between two things. My original thought was that he was going to have to choose between Piper and Nico, or maybe just foreshadowing that he also was attracted to guys. I never really liked Jason and Piper’s relationship, to be honest. And that was even before I shipped Jason with Nico. They just never seemed authentic, you know? I always got this feeling that they were letting those false memories influence feelings towards each other, or perhaps it was Piper being a daughter of Aphrodite. Jason even said he thought she was influencing his thoughts to keep him from thinking about Reyna at one point. Can we really be sure that’s not the same reason he stayed with her?

I did seem to get a lot of Jasico foreshadowing in House of Hades, though. The Cupid’s arrow thing really stood out to me. Or that Jason would have to make a choice, when he was talking to the wind god. And the god seemed to hint that he didn’t mean just choose between Greek and Roman. Not to mention that Jason was checking Nico out.

I’ve said it before, but I believe that Rick was going to set Jasico up as canon from the point of House of Hades. It’s just that everything in that book that consisted of the two of them, or even just Jason, seemed to point to it. And it sort of got backed up more with the early chapters of Blood of Olympus. I think that Rick just didn’t have the time to do so. He would have had to break Piper and Jason up, kill her, or just never had them date in the first place. Either of the first two would have meant Jason would have needed some time before getting into another relationship. Or perhaps the publishers didn’t like the idea of golden boy Jason, one of the seven, being in a relationship with another guy. I don’t think Rick would have a problem with it certainly.

We’ll never know. But I do think Jason is the more plausible choice if you are looking for someone to pair Nico with. And I mean that out of everyone. Yes, you can ship whatever you want, that’s all fine and good. However, from a psychological standpoint, especially from someone that has studied relationships, Jason will always be the best choice for Nico.

And before I get any retorts to that: Which of the two, Will and Jason(since I know Solangelo will be all over this with my final comment), actually hesitated and wanted permission before making physical contact with a boy that is clearly not comfortable with random touching?


And it’s nothing against Percico or Solangelo, because I like all three ships. I’m just saying through studying all of them, Jason is my personal choice. Will has the issue that we don’t know enough about him to decide anything. Most people base their image of Will’s personality off of one or two of the artists here on tumblr that sort of gives him a life of their choosing. Just keep in mind that those are not actually canon. That is my main point here: we don’t know enough about Will to properly compare him in this.

Love Bites
  • Ashton: You gasp when you feel a pair of arms wrap around your waist as you're cooking dinner. You smile when you feel a familiar pair of lips on your neck and feel his soft hair tickling your skin. "Mm, hi to you too," you say, making him smile against your skin. He lifts his mouth from your neck when you turn your head to face him. His lips press against yours gently before you pull away. "I have to cook and you can't distract me," you scold him as you shove his arms off your waist. He sighs before he backs off, choosing instead to sit on the counter next to the stove. "You know, you're really beautiful," Ashton says as you add a few more vegetables to the soup you're making. You blush under his kind words and soft eyes. Your relationship with Ashton is still relatively new to both of you, in its first few weeks, and you both know that this, what you two have, could be something really special. You're both trying to be careful, to take this slow, but you're both falling too hard too fast. Still, his sweet words aren't something you're used to hearing. "Thanks, Ash," you say, not looking up at him. "Look at me when you talk to me," he tells you. "I like your eyes." You bite your lip as you look up at him and he groans. "I didn't say bite your lip," he mumbles before hopping off the counter. His lips connect to yours suddenly, his tongue parting your lips instantly. His large hands rest on your waist, almost encircling you as he pulls you into him. You wrap your arms around his neck, your hands sliding into his curly hair. He groans against your mouth when you tug on the strands softly. "Baby, you can't do that and expect me not to react," he says in a sing-song voice after pulling away from you. You bite your lip and look up at him through hooded eyes. "What if I want you to react?" you ask. You barely finish your sentence before his lips crash against yours again. His hands grip your waist tighter as his lips move roughly against yours. His lips leave your and you almost whimper at the loss of contact until you feel his lips on your neck. He kisses down your neck slowly, finding a sensitive spot near the base of neck that you didn't even know you had. The second his lips rest there, you moan and tighten your hands in his hair, making him suck a quick breath between his teeth. Seconds later those teeth are gently pressing into that spot on your neck. You gasp at the new feeling. You feel his lips pull into a smile on your skin before his teeth leave your skin in favor of gently sucking on your skin, focusing all his attention on that sensitive spot. You bite your lip to hold in your moans when he starts to sooth your irritated skin with his tongue. He pulls away from you for a moment before blowing cool air over your damp, reddened skin. "How am I supposed to hide that, Ash?" you ask him when he relaxes his grip on you in favor of setting his hands on your hips loosely. He shrugs and simply says, "Not my problem, babe. I make them. It's your job to keep them between us." He presses his lips back to yours without another warning.
  • Calum: Calloused hands roaming your soft skin. Smooth lips pressed against your jaw. Dark hair ghosting across your skin. Your heart pounding in your chest. Calum was the only one who made you feel like this and he knew it, but you didn't care that he knew how much he affected you. "Stay with me forever," he mumbles in your ear before his lips brush against the bruises on your neck he left last night. "Man, I got a little carried away," Calum chuckles against your skin. "Sorry, babe." You hum in response, running a hand lazy through his hair as you mumble, "It's okay. I don't mind." Calum pulls his head back so his eyes lock with yours before he says, "You showering with me or on your own? We've got to get ready to go." You groan and shake your head, pulling him back down so you can hide your face in his neck. He laughs and says, "Babe, it's your family barbecue. You're the one who said you have to go. I'm coming because I'm a good boyfriend. Now, come on. I'll help you shower." He hops out of bed first while you grumble, "Oh yeah, help me shower. That's definitely what's about to happen." He laughs loudly from the bathroom before turning on the shower. You follow him in slowly, too slowly for his liking. He lightly smacks your butt when you enter the bathroom, earning a squeal from you and another laugh from him. "Get in the shower, woman. Goodness," he says, pushing you into the shower, not more than a step behind you. You two finally arrive at your parents house, barely in time thanks to too long of a shower and forgetting the cookies you'd baked due to that same shower. Your mom smiles and kisses your cheek before hugging Calum, greeting both of you warmly. You adjust the scarf you'd thrown around your neck to hide the marks Calum left, making sure it covered all of them. Calum's lips brush against your ear as his whispers, "You're good, babe. Stop worrying about it." You dad greets you with a massive hug when he sees you and so does your older brother. Both of them nod to Calum. Neither of them are big fans of your boyfriend, but they tolerate him for you. You hear your little cousin shout your name as she comes running into the kitchen, a few of your other cousins hot on her heels. You bend down and scoop her up with ease. She sees Calum and he smiles as her, bending down closer to your height to kiss her cheek, making her giggle. "Nice to see you again," he tells her, ruffling her short hair softly. "I like your scarf," she tells you. Without thinking about it, you unwind it from your neck and give it to her. She immediately struggles to get down, so you set her down to run off and play with the other kids, your scarf proudly around her neck. "Um, sweetie, what happened to your neck?" your aunt asks from her position behind the stove. You immediately remember and try to duck your head to hide them, but it doesn't help. "Well, those are some serious love bites," one of your other aunts says as she enters the room. "You should've at least tried to cover those up, goodness girl." Calum's not normally shy, but he has clammed up under the accusing gaze of your father. Your brother on the other hand is livid. His hands clench into fists and his next words come out through closed teeth. "Hood, I'm giving you a head start. Run," your brother says. Calum tears out of the house faster than you've ever seen him run, your brother not more than a few feet behind him.
  • Luke: You're laying between his legs, your back flush against his chest, and your fingers tangle with his as you watch a move together. Suddenly, you feel his lips on your neck, surprising you. You smile and say, "Luke, stop, I'm trying to watch this." He squeezes your hands tightly before mumbling almost incoherent words against your neck, "Pause it or something. I want you right now." Your breath catches in your throat at his rough words. "Too much?" he asks hesitantly. "Ah, I ruined that. Let's just watch the movie." He starts to pull back, but you cut in and say, "No, you're fine, Luke. You've just never said anything like that before." Luke is basically your first everything, so he's trying to be as careful with you as possible, never pushing you for anything more than what you're willing to give. You pause the movie with shaking hands. Luke notices and recaptures your hands in his. "What's wrong?" he asks. You push his hands away and turn over slightly less gracefully than you wanted. You press your mouth to his, shocking him for a moment. He takes over control of the kiss easily, which is definitely for the better since you're not quite sure what you're supposed to be doing. "Tell me when to stop," he whispers in your ear softly before his lips ghost down your jaw, his warm breath fanning out across your skin, leaving goosebumps. "Mm, as much as I like this," he pauses as his hands grip your hips. He flips you two around. He guides you carefully so you're in his spot with your back on the couch and he's hovering over you. "This is definitely preferable," he finishes, making you giggle and bite your lip. He groans, his voice significantly lower than before as he says, "No lip biting unless you want me to stop being able to control myself." You think about doing it again, but decide to simply nod instead. He keeps his weight off you with arm against the couch next to your head as he lowers himself back down to you. He takes one of your hands in his, squeezing tightly. "Seriously, say red light and I'll stop," he says, his eyes locking with yours. You nod and he smiles in response before pressing a soft, gentle kiss to your lips. His hand leaves yours to cup your cheek, allowing him to deepen the kiss. His tongue moves tenderly across your lips, asking for entrance, which you grant. You hesitate, not quite sure of yourself, before sliding your hands into his blond hair, tugging him a little closer. He moves his hand from your face to your hip to brace himself better. He curses as he breaks the kiss. "Where did that come from?" he asks. Your eyes go wide and you say, "Was that bad? I'm sorry, Luke-" He cuts you off with a rough kiss, his lip ring cold against your warm, slightly bruised lips. "Loved it," he tells you breathlessly before placing an open-mouthed kiss on your jaw. Your chest is heaving and your heart is pounding in your chest as his mouth moves down your neck, leaving lazy kisses everywhere. His hand that was resting on your hip moves to push your t-shirt off your shoulder. His mouth starts to explore the skin previously untouched by his lips. You gasp when you feel him gently suck on your collarbone, biting into it suddenly. You tighten one of your hands in his hair, keeping him close to you. He sucks on your skin a little harder, irritating it further, before soothing it with his tongue. "Mine," Luke mumbles before kissing the red patch of skin gingerly. "If you get to mark me, then I get to mark you," you tell him. Luke freezes, only moving his head so his eyes lock with yours. "That was literally the hottest thing you've ever said," he tells you. You're not as good as him, that's for sure, but you manage to leave a dark mark on his collarbone, the same place he marked you. "We match," he chuckles as he runs his thumb across your lips. "I like it. And you."
  • Michael: You double-check your hair in the mirror one more time before grabbing your clutch and exiting the bathroom. You slide on your heels and head into the living room where Michael has been waiting not-so-patiently for the last twenty minutes. "Thank goodness you're-" He stops mid-sentence when he sees you. "You look amazing," he breathes out as he stands up and comes over to you. He starts to move to kiss your lips, but you stop him. "I spent five minutes getting this lipstick just right, Clifford. Don't you dare mess it up," you say. He smirks and shrugs before saying, "Fine then. I guess I'll just have to improvise." Despite your heels, he still has to lean down to press his lips to your neck. His hands splay across your back, pressing your body flush against his. He hums in pleasure against your skin. Having you in his arms and his lips on your skin is his favorite thing, even better than being on stage. You slide one of your hands into his hair and grip his arm with the other. The second his teeth press into your skin, your fingers dig into his arm. "Michael," you mumble when he pulls back on your skin just a bit, causing a mixture of pain and pleasure to run through you. You grip his arm harder as a moan slips out of your lips. He releases your skin from his teeth as his lips form a smile. He blows cool air across the sore spot on your skin, sending a shiver down your spine, before reattaching his lips there, gently sucking on your skin. You suck in a breath through your teeth. He's not being very gentle right now, but you don't mind because neither are you. You're nails are almost piercing the skin on his arm and your hand is tangled messily in his dyed hair. His hands run up and down your sides, feeling your curves under your dress. "I wish we had more time," Michael mumbles before finally alleviating the pain with his tongue. You sigh with relief, relaxing your hold on his arm and untangling your hand from his hair as smoothly as possible. "Huh, I did a good job," Michael muses when he finally pulls back. You turn to face the mirror on the wall. You walk over to further inspect just what Michael has done. "How am I supposed to cover this up?" you ask him. The spot he'd focused on was red, already threatening to turn purple. You could even seen the indentations from his teeth in your skin. "Mikey," you groan, "how am I supposed to hide this?" You see him shrug in the mirror behind you. "I don't know. You've got a bunch of makeup. Surely one of those skin colored things will cover it," he replies. "I mean, you could just leave it. That's another choice." You glare at him through the mirror before saying, "I'm not going to just leave it, Michael. This thing is ridiculous. Why did you have to do this now and not when we came back?" Michael smirks and says, "You're the one wearing the killer dress, babe. You knew it would get to me." You roll your eyes and start heading to the bathroom, continuing your conversation along the way. "Yeah, but I thought you could at least contain yourself until we got back," you tell him. "Thought wrong," he chuckles, now standing in the bathroom doorway as you dig through your makeup to find your heavy concealer, the one reserved solely for horrible bruises and now, thanks to Michael, the massive love bite on your neck. Much to your relief, the concealer does its job well enough that no one will be able to see the mark on your neck for the night. You toss the concealer into your clutch in case you need to touch it up. "Mm, I think I'm going to give you a matching one later tonight," Michael says casually as you slip into the car. "I can't have a giant mark on each side of my neck, Mikey," you sigh as you buckle your seatbelt. "Oh, who said anything about it being on your neck?"

Anon requested a continuation of this ficlet, so here we go! Fair warning, if you haven’t seen High School Pt 1 yet, here there be spoilers.

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