(i will attempt it)

Eva: But hello Sana.

Sana: Hello.

Eva: Is there nothing we can do to persuade you?

Sana: No.

Chris: Now I know.

Chris: You’re just fucking with us. Classic Sana. Am I right?

Vilde: Regardless, Russetiden isn’t just about the Kongla.*

Noora: Just? I would say Russetiden has nothing to do with the Kongla.

Chris: Maybe a little?

Eva: This is the last party together for us five, after thirteen years of schooling.

Chris: HEHEH schooling.

Chris: Sonic, you have to come with us!

Eva: It won’t be the same without you!

*the Kongla refers to a Russ “prize” involving sex outdoors.

Did I ever tell y’all about the time...

Mister Pangur made blueberry pancakes for our dinner? 

Now, granted, a wok on high heat is a little unconventional for pancakes…

And seems a little unorthodox to, you know, mix an entire bag of frozen blueberries into the batter…

But, hey, just give those pancakes a couple more stirs and prods with that rice paddle there, and I’m sure they’ll start…looking…

…more golden honey warm and scrumptiously pancake-ish… 

And that was the first time I had to use a spatula fend off someone offering me dinner. 

Y'all!! Keep in mind if you see an icon that I made that you like but you want a different background, JUST TELL ME you want a different background instead of cropping my shit and claiming it as your own

HELLO I AM NOT DEAD (i don’t think..?)

for some reason my brain has been in Intense Dissociation-Malfunction Mode for like 2+ weeks now (symptoms include sleeping until 4pm regardless of sleep-initiation-time + total lack of motivation for being alive + If I Stand Really Really Still My Own Existence Won’t Be Able To See Me Right..?).

this is probably a combination of delayed housequest burnout, work-security-ambiguity stressing, and general i-probably-have-needed-my-meds-upped-since-like-december brainfuckery.

but regardless, it has made me stop talking on the interwebs for a while, so i thought i’d just let you all know my corporeal existence carries on. 

what if drunk kanan looks melancholic and mysterious, adding to her popularity and number of fans, bc she gets really quiet but she’s actually just musing things like “what if dolphins have hands” and “oh theres free breadsticks maru likes breadsticks right how many breadsteaks can i shove into my hoodie without anyone noticing”

anonymous asked:

(headcanon) As a person with a shamefully thick southern accent myself, I find it that the later it gets at night, the worse my accent gets. So its fun to think of a situation where the more tired or delirious Jesse gets, the more southern terminology and shit he uses to the point where he hardly makes sense.

Bless his heart.

speaking of being a massive ecology nerd, guess what season it is, folks! That’s right, it’s FLEDGLING BIRD SEASON here in North America, which means it’s time for an annual reminder that most species of birds have almost no sense of smell. Someone probably told you that if you touch a baby bird, the mother will smell you on it and reject her baby. THAT IS NOT THE CASE. 

Pictured: a young Mourning Dove, after being rescued from the tender mercies of my dog, circa spring 2005. It’s a fledgling! Note how it has most of its feathers, but still looks a bit awkward and scruffy, and, being unable to properly fly, can be caught by an elderly husky or a child. 

  • Hatchlings: IF it is covered in fluffy down (or partly naked) and cannot flutter successfully, it’s a hatchling, and has fallen from its nest prematurely. Look for the nest- if you find it and can reach it, return baby and then gtfo and let the parents return. If you can’t find the nest, or if you find it in pieces on the ground, use a small box lined with dryer lint or dog hair or similar fluff and attach as close as possible to where you found the bird or where you think the nest was. Return baby!!!! 
  • Fledglings: If you spot a young bird covered with feathers on the ground, chances are it’s a fledgling (bird tween, can flutter) who is not doing well in flying 101, but it is probably NOT injured or sick. Hanging out on the ground is part of the learning to fly process! If it looks like it’s in immediate danger (i.e. of being run over, stepped on, or eaten by a cat or dog), the best thing you can do for it is to gently scoop it up and place it in the branches of a nearby tree or shrub, and then LEAVE. The parents are likely nearby, and will return once the coast is clear of humans/predators. If it flutter-hops away from you and you can’t catch it, then don’t worry! It just successfully avoided a predator (you), and therefore can probably continue to do so. 
  • DON’T DON’T DON’T: Try to feed it, bring it into your house or car, or take it to your local vet or animal shelter. 
  • IF it IS actually for-real injured, you can catch it and contact a local wildlife rehabilitation professional (and then listen to whatever they tell you), but keep in mind that they get a LOT of fledgling birds, and those birds have a pretty high mortality rate. They may tell you that there is nothing you or they can do but allow nature to take its course, and that’s hard, but important to hear and respect.