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NOW IM CURIOUS! Why is Annie of royal blood?

okay so i was chatting with @eldiahope a while back, and they’re who told me all this so i’ll just get it out of the way and tell you it was not my idea

the main point of it is that annie was able to call the titans over just by screaming, which we’ve seen both eren and zeke do. zeke because we know he’s of royal blood, and eren because he holds the coordinate and was touching someone of royal blood. however, annie seems to have absolutely none of these things going for her.

this could be arguably part of the female titan’s abilities, but let me present you with: how about no. 

not very compelling evidence, i know, but just listen. we already know that she can crystallize parts of her body, and her human form. as far as we know, every shifter has either a unique form or a unique ability. annie’s form isn’t necessarily unique since it resembles her, so that leaves her with the unique ability to crystallize.


simple: she is just of royal descent. plus, she has blonde hair and i’m not saying correlation = causation, because it doesn’t, but so far all the people of royal blood we’ve seen has blonde hair, like christora, dina, and zeke. i know that’s literally the least compelling of evidence, but it’s a correlation. 

PLUS we have no idea of her lineage aside from her father. we have no record of her mother whatsoever. some are saying that her mother might be a marleyan, but tbh i think i like this theory a lot better.

yeah man i drew him. eggnis. because he’s an egg.

i can’t remember if eggnis is one of the chocoborks but if so, gonna tag @louisvuittontrashbags, @hypaalicious, and @diabolik-trash-heap

drawn on a whim expressed in the tags of this (https://angelic-guardienne.tumblr.com/post/162115299732/ignis-is-such-an-egg) post, which i currently am too lazy to hyperlink from mobile.

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I didn’t think that pesky thief would let up… but this is so much worse than I thought it’d be.


Male!Luminous - 2/4


(( male aran’s clothes credit to @pronouns-and-polearms!! original post here ))

ignis is such an Egg™