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imagine stydia holding scott baby for the first time,imagine when they enter the hospital room stiles looks at scott and his wife ( hopefully kira ) with teary eyes and adorable smile on his face and scott know that stiles really want to hold the baby so he picks up the baby from kira arms and hand it gently to stiles,and when the baby finally is in stiles arms he starts to gently rock the baby back and forth. his face softens every time the baby make little noises , then he looks at lydia who is right next to him,he gives her encouraging smile , she comes closer wrapping her left arm around stiles waist ,her face softens when she sees the baby face,she looks at stiles and he says in a cheery tone  “i know she is so adorable” , and then she start to caress the baby cheeks gently and then she starts to stroke the baby hand and when the baby grabs her finger,stiles and lydia look at each other smiling in awe , after minutes of them staring at the baby, stiles feeling all the emotions,happiness,protectiveness and sadness all he is thinking about was that they spent most of their life losing people it’s a good change that now scott brought a new life, she gonna grow up with both of her parents next to her, they will shower her with love , she will have the whole pack to protect her , he looks up and shares a look with scott that both of them know what it means “we’re alive,we’re happy and i am glad that you’re with me” 

stiles says while stuttering “scott you made this” then he looks at the baby “ how?wow” scott laughs at his best friend and then he say while he kisses kira temple “i am sure you know how buddy” and stiles looks at him still overwhelmed “scott you and kira made this” and lydia laughs at him then she rests her head on his shoulder and drops gentle kisses on it .  

scott then tells lydia “ do you want to hold her? “ lydia hesitate a little bit but then she nods and when she opens her arms for stiles to hand the baby to her stiles turns his back to her , lydia,scott and kira raises their eyebrows at his behavior and he tells them “give me 5 minutes” and the three of them roll their eyes  .

after 30 minutes stiles speaks,looking at lydia who is almost falling sleep on the couch “okay you can hold her now” 

  “5 minutes huh ?” lydia replies yawning 

he just rolls his eyes 

  “ okay lydia, first you have to slide one of your hands under her head and the other under her little bottom and then-”  stiles says while leaning down to hand the baby to lydia .

she interrupts him saying “ smart ass,i am sure that i know how to hold a baby” 

stiles looks at scott and he sees him face palming and next to him kira laughing  . 

as soon as stiles locks their apartment door , lydia goes on her toes and kisses him,her arms around his neck pulling him down to her , his arms goes around her waist bringing her body closer to his , she grabbed a fistful of his shirt and deepens the kiss , he picks her up pushes her against the wall and whispers against her lips “ i thought we said that we want to wait “ she kisses him and pulls back “do you want to wait?” he groans and says “lydia, i want whatever you want , you know that”

“take me to bed then” 

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I've read everything I could about accidental space pirate Obi-Wan and it's awesome but there is just something I don't understand . Is he married to Satine And seducing Vader?

Hello Nony! How’s your Sunday going? Good I hope! :D Lily and I are going to get donuts soon!

Nony, Auntie Fishy is a firm believer in multiverses. What is a multiverse, you ask? A multiverse is essentially a collection of universes bound together by complicated physics that I don’t understand but saw on a tv show once and thought it sounded really cool. All of the universes are related in someway and they all run parallel to each other, never quite touching but still connected. For example, all of my fics and @writegowrite‘s fics could be considered a shared multiverse. We share planets, songs, buildings and make references to each other’s fics in our own every now and then.

I like to think that Accidental Space Pirate Obi-Wan is its own little multiverse. That way everybody can have what they want and feel like they are a part of this great and wonderful collaborative AU.

If you want Satine to have survived Maul and the Mandalorian Civil War then you can have all the glorious Obitine you could ever want! Celebrate that ducal marriage! Oya!

If you want some deeply tragic, mostly-based-on-canon Vaderwan, you go get you some! And take some kleenex with you. And send it to me! I mean, yes, very sad. Super tragic. Where was I?

If you wanted Padme to live (LIVE DAMN YOU!) and escape to roam the Outer Rim as a Pirate Queen in her own right and you want a kind of fractured (but still working) Anidala or ObiAniDala, GO FOR IT!

Or if you just want the hysterical Nonsense Verse where all of this exists all at the same time, and somehow Hondo Ohnaka is officiating some kind of bizarre four-way wedding, you sign yourself up for that cracky delivery system!

I know I’ve written a few things for Accidental Space Pirate Obi-Wan but it’s not really MY story. I feel that it’s OUR story. Anybody, ANYBODY, is welcome to write, or draw, or craft songs and poems in the happy little multiverse of Illegally Swooshy Hair and Excessive Flirting.

I’m sorry I didn’t give you a definitive answer, Nony, but I don’t really feel like it’s my place to tell other people how to have fun in this sandbox. I know what I like and what I like to share with others but what’s really great about this whole AU is that anybody can join in.

So, basically what I’m saying is, who knows who you’ll find on the Lucky Duchess? You might just find the ship’s namesake and you might just find the terrifying right hand of the Emperor, surprisingly unburnt and not brutally chopped into pieces, reading a story to Bail Organa’s adopted daughter and the adopted son of some moisture farmers from Tatooine! Who knows?

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bendy in a fancy victorian wedding dress. DRaW tHaT pLeAsE

Anonymous said:

*cough cough* make Boris the groom*cough cough* 

“ C’mon Bory! Get’cher Sungay Sunday suit on and let’s get this show on the road!~ We’s gettin’ wed!! “

Shorties in big, fluffy dresses is the shit <3

Plus, that dress is beyond ruined inside, covered in inky demon– Hope you don’t mind losing at least $500 bucks Mr. Drew~

  – since there work a lot faster than normal promos, in my opinion (and since i’m way too lazy to make a proper promo myself), could you please like/reblog if you would be interested in interacting with a multi-muse blog? characters are both canons & ocs, and we’re all multi-verse, multi-ship, etc. nsfw is a common theme on here, so forewarning !

               thanks guys!

an AU in which Tina is a senior in college. she’s graduating and she decides to go to one last college fling, dragging all her friends along with her. Queenie and Jacob are happy to come along, but Graves is a bit more reluctant cause he considers himself “too old for these kind of things”

but he comes along in the end, of course, because you only graduate from college once, and Tina would be disappointed if he didn’t

he tells himself he’s the responsible one so he’s not going to get caught up in the drinking and the crush of bodies, and all that but seven beers and three shots of vodka later he’s not so responsible anymore

in fact, he’s so thoroughly abandoned his ideas of being The Adult, that he’s doing body shots off some pretty young thing whose name he doesn’t even know. he finds out later when Credence whispers it in his ear as they’re making out in some darkened corner

the night comes to an end and they all drift home

Graves and Tina both wake up with massive hangovers the next morning, and Tina takes him to a cafe that she swears has magical hangover-curing powers

imagine Graves’ surprise when the waiter who comes to take their order is none other than Credence

Graves isn’t too bad at holding his liquor so he remembers all the events of the previous night, including running his tongue up and down Credence’s torso, lapping up alcohol. And if he remembers, Credence does too, right?


of course, Graves is under the impression that Credence is just as aware of what went on between them as he is, so he can’t help but read into every little look Credence sends his way

what was that smile for? did it mean he’d liked last night? could it possibly be because he realized how old Graves really was and thought him too old to be doign what he’d been doing?

Credence is oblivious to the tangled web of thoughts inside Graves’ head and is just trying to do his job as best he can. he kinda gets the sense that something is off with Graves, but he can’t for the life of him figure out what it is

so the end of the meal rolls around and he gives Tina and Graves the check, and he zeroes in on Graves and asks “was everything okay?”

and Graves’ mind has a field day with that one.