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Ace! Guess what! Someone saw into the future and apparently you're gonna marry this red-head with these really weird eyes. Didn't know you were into flat chested girls though.

“Marry?! That’s, that’s well, er-”
“Ace, why’re you flailing all over the place, yoi?”
“I don’t believe you! I’m over my stupid crush on Riskua, okay? We’re just friends and we’re not gonna get married or anything like that.”

these replies are little late but here you are, friends:

- /fbi voice/ it’s done. it’s sealed into “band au”’s fate. lance picked up the alto sax bc he thought it would make him cool but kept with it bc he realized he could play “careless whisper” endlessly.
- pidge on drums is actually the greatest concept ever?? wild child all over the place, arms flailing, drumsticks breaking. the works. she actually keeps a very steady beat though, it just looks chaotic
- “shiro is a groupie” omg … he’s like a parent groupie. when the gang is still in high school doing shows in hunk’s garage, shiro comes to every single one. he brings snacks sometimes and every time keith has a solo he shouts “i’m very proud of you, keith! good work!!” from the audience.

A/N: I stumbled upon this at Zara Home yesterday and Sara was flailing over it with me so I thought this would be a nice birthday present :) Happy birthday to the amazing girl I have the honor of calling the Emma to my Ariel, thesassywitchofthenortheast! You know all too well how I haven’t written fluff in ages so consider yourself very special and enjoy all the Daddy!Killian <3

Baby on board

She tells him on a Tuesday night. She’s finally decided to actually get a new place and ask him to move in with her, and it may have been months since they started living at their quaint little house by the docks - which they chose mostly because it stays within a walking distance from where the Jolly is moored - but they are still celebrating their new home on a nightly basis. Not that there are many (or any, actually) surfaces left without being christened in the house, but that doesn’t mean they can’t repeat their preferred mode of celebration on their favourite spots.

Emma guides him to their sofa as soon as they walk through the door of their house by the docks and he is, as always, happy to follow wherever she leads him. The problem is, she’s never been very good with words, that’s always been his department, so he’ll have to excuse her for borrowing some of his.

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Destiel kiss headcanon

As much as I would love to see them kiss all fiery and desperate or slow and passionate.

I really think it would nice and awkward.

Like. Dean doesn’t know where to put his hands cuz it’s different than kissing a chick. And so his hands just are flailing in the air for a bit and when he finally places them somewhere he freaks out and the process starts all over.

Or Cas hasn’t kissed anyone before so keeps looking at Dean to see if he’s doing it right. Then he blushes because Dean keeps giggling at him and he wonders what he’s doing wrong.

Or both really want to top so they keep shoving each other into walls.

That’s my happy place.

In case anyone’s curious, I’m editing/rewriting The Destruction of Hux to make it more cohesive and less all over the place flailing.

In case, y’know, you want to poke me to write it, because I want to write the entirety of this second draft before I post it to AO3. So…if you want sorta-force-sensitive-trans Hux with utterly-torn-angst-fest Kylo with some force ghosts and time weirdness shenanigans, you should poke me to write it faster. I’m only on chapter 3, and I’ve been working off and on since the start of the month.


“Okay everyone, great job, we ran nearly 10 miles today. Next week we’ll go for 12. Sound good?.” Aleksey said, jogging in place. 

His students laid out in front of him; some bent over, a couple on there knees, a few calmly leaning against the walls, all out of breathe in one way or another. A single student stood in the center of them all, dancing to a beat only they could here. 

“How are you not even remotely tired? Some of us practically have super speed and we’re burned out!” Ryouta said, the parasite on his chest panting heavily and flailing its tendrils. 

“It’s all about the rhythm in your step, your groove-” 

“I’ll groove my foot up straight your ass!” Daitan yelled. 

“Okay, okay, relax kids. We’re go inside and cool off, but then it’s right back to training.”

He lead the students back their class where they found Synergy and Ueki sitting in wait. 

“Hey AP, there’s someone I think your class should meet!” Synergy said with a grin on his face. 

But seriously Hancock is like a frickin cat he HATES it when you’re trying to decorate a room, he wants your attention ALL THE TIME

Not even counting the time he glitched through the table, I could accept that as a bethesda glitch but his behavior in houses seems intentional the more I experience it-

Other companions: Sit quietly, interact with crafting stations, generally leave you alone, I’ve actually LOST Preston before because he just left the house and started wandering around talking to people in the settlement.

Hancock: Walks right in-fucking-front of you when you’re holding something trying to place it causing it to flail madly knocking everything else over, walks really close to shelves knocking everything off them, stands RIGHT WHERE you want to place a table and doesn’t move until you exit build mode and command him too, tells bad jokes from TWO INCHES BEHIND YOUR FUCKING HEAD causing you to scream and drop whatever you’re holding ALL WITH THAT PERMANENT SHIT EATING GRIN ON HIS FACE DON’T THINK I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING YOU SMUG BASTARD YOU CAN’T STAND I’M NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO YOU. You are a grown man I shouldn’t have to command you to stay outside my house like a naughty puppy that pissed on the rug (AND I WOULDN’T BE SURPRISED IF HE HAS)

Yesterday I reached this incredible milestone and it honestly feels surreal to me. I just can’t believe I have this many people following my silly blog! I wanted to do something different, but school’s been stealing all my time so I thought I’d do a follow forever :)

In all the years I’ve been here, I’ve had the absolute pleasure of meeting so many wonderful, talented and inspiring people. Being a part of this fandom has brought me so much joy, I can’t even begin to put it into words. I know I get upset and complain a lot sometimes but I really do love being here flailing and crying over cs with you guys and each and every one of you holds a special place in my heart.  (this got very mushy very fast lmao)

To all my amazing and wonderful followers: thank you so much for sticking with me through everything. You have no idea how much your support means to me. I love you all so much! *hugs*

     * I’m really sorry for those of you who get spammed because of the mentions on here. I’d forgotten about this (very) annoying problem and by the time I remembered this was already done and I didn’t want to waste it. I hope you understand :)

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I’m really sorry if I’ve forgotten someone, Tumblr unfollowed a bunch of people a couple of weeks ago and I’m not sure if I followed everyone again. 

Ok so this isn’t my usual initial thoughts post because I was livestreaming at work and only got to half watch, but I feel the need to flail over three bits before I do a proper sit down later:

1. The psychic saying that Cas couldn’t be an angel “because I’m an atheist”. Which YES I LIKED THAT A LOT and have already had a minor meltdown on twitter and other places over it. So here’s this guy who presumably has the power to at least be aware that things like angels exist, yet he says he’s an atheist & doesn’t actually seem to particularly believe Cas, even though he’s living, breathing proof that actuall, yes they do exist. Gosh, what does that remind me of? Oh yeah. All the subtext in the show. All the layers upon layers of bi!Dean/Destiel subtext, that some refuse to believe in even though it’s standing there right in front of them. I LIKED IT A LOT.

2. Dean saying that blood and family are not the same thing. Someone who is blood - like, say, Crowley’s mother (or hey how about Dean’s own father) aren’t necessarily family. Conversely, just because someone isn’t blood (hmmmmm Castiel) doesn’t mean they aren’t family. Which, yeah, has been a recurring theme for most of the series, but to have it reinforced like that now is particularly important. It’s even more important that it’s Dean saying that.

3. Dean fought the Mark. He was gonna do it. He was gonna give in but he didn’t. Ignoring my flailing over being so damn proud of him, it shows he has it in him. It’s really trying to strengthen it’s hold on him, but from somewhere he is finding the strength to fight it off. And I don’t think it’s any coincidence at all that as he’s starting to accept himself more, he’s finding himself more able to fight it. That really does go back to the merging and accepting of all sides of himself that is needed, that was most strongly and obviously laid out with the two Charlies. Dean accepts himself, Dean lets himself be whole, as it were, and he will have the strength to fight. Dean allows himself to stay split and he won’t be able to come back.

I’m really excited about this ep, and I’m sure I’ll have more to say after a rewatch in a few hours.


Okay, I know you guys are probably flailing and screaming all over the place with the spoilers, but here’s more good news.
Notice Yashiro’s sling? It’s still in the shower, then he takes it off when he gets on top of Doumeki. Know what that means? THAT MEANS THAT THIS CHAPTER IS NOT GOING TO END WITH THE KISS IN THE SHOWER AS A CLIFFHANGER!!! They’re going down bitches!!!

Okay, you can flail some more now. I know I will.💕💖💕

So ouat spoilers is an odd place to scroll (I wanted promo pics…alas). 

Lots of flailing and hating and hate in weird places. So the big promo for s5 was Snow voice over with Emma going dark and her family trying to get her back. (I’m including Killian in her family) and that’s so not what we got? Well, sort of, but the Charmings have spent more time with Arthur and Regina then with Emma, and really, they’ve had way better scenes with Regina lately.  

It’s more like Emma saved herself (so yay?), came out with some weird plot involving murdering Zelena which would let her hide that Killian was a dark one and how much he hated that she did that (and if they let that work out, it’s a great character thing for them as a couple). I mean, damn, I think anyone else on the show could have handled surprise dark one powers better, Regina, Snow (zomg, dark Snow would be so fun), Henry, because no one else has hated the Dark One so much.

I’m just sad because we could have had Emma and her parents, and Emma, not having any darkness in her and it being like not having an immune system, and evil dark scary Emma from the first episode where everyone had to be punished, but that’s not what we got. 

Although I can retcon the screwy “I’ll jump off a roof, that’ll bring you.” as Dark One Killian starting to surface, because “here, let me do this awful thing to you to get what I want” is so Dark One. 

And I think the last things Killian said before Emma turned him were the most romantic I’d seen between them. How he’d die, knowing she was all right, that she’d go on. That was nice. 

And the parallel of Robin dying and Regina begging Emma to save him and Killian dying and Emma not having anyone to beg so she runs away and I had half a shower thought about how support structures are so important. Regina has one now, she’s good but Emma, Emma could and she’s pushing it all away because if she’d stayed in Granny’s with Killian, they would have talked her down because Emma using dark magic to save Robin is Emma’s choice and the consequences are hers. Emma binding Killian to save him is not Killian’s choice and the consequences are his, and that’s harsh. 

Emma, you have all these people who love you and you’re focused on one man, and okay, that’s all you’ve ever had before and he left you and then he died but you have family now. 

I did not think we’d get more meaningful Snow, Charming and Regina discussions than Snow, Charming and Emma discussions out of this arc. 


Right guys, I’m going to be keeping this ridiculously brief, bc I’m tired and lazy! Like seriously; I’ve been awake for 29 hours now, I think?!
This post will be an all over the place MESS! 😂

This whole holiday was a ten day event, not just the three day weekend! It was my first ever trip outside of the UK, and wow, what an amazing time I had! Literally from sunrise, to sunset, I was out and about, in and around Atlanta!

I just couldn’t stop myself from admiring the architecture; watching the people, wishing there was a way I could send people what I could smell, and just general flailing because of how grateful I was to be there in that beautiful city!
I also think I annoyed the shit out of my brother by going “Carol and Daryl dropped from here, in the van!”, “Beth got killed here…”, “This is the walkway where sleeping bag walkers were!!”…he just kept “wtf-ing” me!

One of the highlights of my stay, was taking a walk round Fernbank Forest. Wow, seriously. It was just so beautiful!

(I love how I’m just jumping from one topic to another, without a care in the world…sorry!)

Walked Stalker Con was out of this world! I’ve never been to a convention in my life, so was absolutely buzzing to be attending this event! I felt so happy to be under the same roof as so many people, who share a passion and love for something so great! The atmosphere was incredible! I loved watching people hug it out; seeing the happy smiles of people who had just met their faves, listening to the delighted flailings of people meeting up with others…it just makes me sigh with happiness!

Just a quick shout out to the amazing people I had very brief meet ups with! @carol-on, @leigh57, @illusianation, @silver-89, @princessnerfherder, @faith5by5-1013, @krazy-jenni, to the people who recognised MiniC and stopped me for a chat; to the others who don’t have a tumblr, but who follow on Twitter! Seriously, thank you guys so much!
One of the main reasons for this trip was wanting to meet with the amazing people I’ve met through social media, and even though they were very brief, I will literally treasure the memories forever!

Now that I’ve bored you to the point of wondering why you even read this post, I’m going to tell you about meeting with The Queen!

I love queues.
I’m British, all we do is queue.
So, I loved nothing more than standing in a queue with so many others, who felt sick with excitement about meeting her.

My brother was ahead of me, so got to meet her first. And literally the first thing he said to her was “I’m dying…” 😂
He was so thrilled to be meeting her, that he just said the first thing to enter his head! It was brilliant!

Now, my brother and I are dickheads, so we each wrote a letter to Melissa…(I’ve already mentioned the British-ness, and we love nothing more than to write letters, ok?!)…so he handed them over, declared what was in the envelope…

And you know what Melissa did?!
“Oooh, you’ve wrote me a lettah!”
I was almost pissing, then thought, shit…we actually say letter like that?! 😬

Melissa + British Accent = 😍👌

I zoned out a bit after that, I wanted my brother to enjoy meeting her without me being all 😁😍 stood beside him.

Then it was my turn.
Holy shit I thought I was going to burst in to tears, right there and then. I had to distract myself before I turned our meeting in to a snot fest, so I just plonked MiniC on the table in front of her, and smiled.

(I’m such a dork, I swear.)

After telling her it was MiniC, she sort of frowned at me.
Then looked to my brother, who was waiting along the side, and frowned.
Then frowned at MiniC.
Then repeated the frowning process.

She then smiled, recognition written all over her face, and says “Brother and sister?! You’re short, he’s tall…and you’ll have MiniC on you?!”


But on the outside I was just “Yeah, that’s us!” Again, such a dork.

She then gave me the permission to take a picture of herself with MiniC! (My son is delighted with the picture, and keeps saying “Mummy Carol is with her toy Carol” and I’m just all “T. you’re melting me, shush!”)

She then signed the autograph, I thanked her for her time, she thanked me…and that was it!

My brother and I went to sit down, which is when my resolve completely broke, and I sobbed. Like proper snot faced tears and everything! (Thank you to the lady who handed me a tissue, and offered a one armed hug! 😘)
Carol Peletier was the inspiration I needed, and coming face to face with the woman who essentially helped me change my life, was more amazing than I ever could’ve imagined.

I don’t think there’s much to say about the photo ops; apart from Melissa is a trooper, Norman smells great, and the queues were amazingly long!

And that wraps it, I think?!
I would tell you about my four days in Atlanta after the con, but it was basically me walking round the city all 😱😍, eating southern inspired food, and trying not to annoy my brother again!

It’s been one hell of a holiday, but I can’t wait to come back, and do it all over again! 🍻🤘