(i want to marry this dork)

I want villains who go against the stereotypical bullshit that “evil cannot love” or whatever.

I want villains who spend months in their creepy dark lab building the death ray with their best buddy and hug each other when the superweapon is finally complete.

I want villains who fall madly in love with the other evil prince or princess they married to consolidate their power.

I want villains who tell bedtime stories to the little clone they created to be the successor to their throne and order their minions to get the clone a cup of warm milk because she can’t sleep.

I want villains hanging out with their best friends and acting like dorks while they bowl with their enemies’ skulls.

I want villains who are both evil and real, and real people have friends and families and loved ones.

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Do you think sasuke loved sakura?

This will get a little complicated. 

If you’re asking ‘was sasuke in love with sakura’ in the romantically smitten sense of the term, then my short answer is: No, he was not. The longer answer would be: it’s complicated, but not hard to see or understand.

One thing that is important to remember is that Sasuke as a character has some of the most complicated relationships in the entire series; this was what gave us the giant plot twist that was Itachi, this was what gave us his intense relationship with his dad, and that was what made his feelings towards naruto come off a lot more complicated than that of naruto’s towards him. Let’s break this down.

Did Sasuke love Sakura? Yes, Sakura was, and still is, in fact one of Sasukes most precious bonds. He cared about her a great deal; so much so that he was willing to kill in the forest of death, going against his morals, as well as die for her to escape in the Gaara fight which would have meant he’d have to kiss his revenge (what he views to be the sole reason for his existence) goodbye. There are various scenes where sasuke shows how far his feelings towards Sakura (and team 7 in general) run. To list a few:

But he was not in love with her?

No. Sasuke had far more heavy things weighing on his mind to sit down and dissect the nature of his feelings towards team7, and hell, later on had hate clouding his every move. The first time he did do that was in chapter 698 when he was free of his hatred and given a chance to think clearly and put some dots together. But when his character arc includes and focuses on things such as

It really becomes no wonder that Sasuke just did not allow himself to indulge in a ‘fantasy’ that includes him being happy and healing with team 7

It wasn’t that sasuke didn’t have feelings for team 7. He himself was aware of the bonds they share and how much they affected him, and he himself was aware of the romantic context of the relationship between him and Sakura. It was more like him taking those feelings and pushing them aside as to not dwell on them.

sasuke @ feelings 

bc feelings made him go like this

Given a different circumstance however i have 0 doubt in my mind that sasuke would have fallen for sakura quite quickly. Why am I sure? To answer that question we will have to ask a different question.

What was the context of their relationship? 

Hella romantic. 

The scenes they share are mostly romantic in nature. Sakura was always the only girl that could get a reaction out of sasuke by doing something lovey dovey, he always had a softer spot for her and treated her marginally better than he did most people

My favorite is definitely the one where sasuke winked, it gives a little glimpse of what they must be like married

just scenes like this showing them having chemistry and wanting to be around each other make me 100% sure sasuke would have had a huge crush on her given different luck in life

but noOoo, you CanT cATch mE fEElingS

So, when was he ready to ~play at romance~?

The first time he really wanted to regain her as a part of his life was when he apologized, i’d say that was a moment when he realized how much he wanted to do in order to keep the people who mattered to him close. We aren’t really given much about the blank period but i’m assuming they were rekindling the bonds they shared and that was when sasuke wanted to give romance a shot, after he felt redeemed enough to indulge in such aspects of life, and after he understood the world without burdens clouding his eyes. This is a very mature move in my opinion, they both deserve a happiness they can both fully enjoy without personal issues weighing heavy on them. Hence the famous ‘i’ll see you when i’m back’ forehead poke. It’s intimate and romantic enough to signify something will happen in the future, but it’s not a make out session since it’s not quite right now. It’s honestly very sasuke.

He’s in love now, but when did he fall in love?

Definitely when they traveled but it’s up to your own hc to imagine how it happened. I’d say during their travels the chemistry they once shared flows with a lot more ease; they talk a lot more, impress each other with their strengths, share things about each other, have moments with each other that allow sasuke to experience what romantic love and being smitten with someone feels like and boom, he’s like ‘I think I want to marry this girl?’

Keeping with the The Office theme i’d say it was a moment like this when he realized yeah let’s get married you make me very happy

because c’mon let’s be real, they’re a pair of dorks.


I still can’t believe that these two dorks imported from Transformers Prime are the 2nd pair of canon robots husbands in the IDW comics. They aren’t just window dressing either! There’s a story behind the vain, high speed racer that married a guy who is considered inferior by his whole culture. I want to see it play out so badly!

Knockout and Breakdown are precious and deserve all the love. 


Okay, here it goes. Ames, I love you. I love how smart you are, I love how beautiful you are. I love your face, and I love your butt. I should’ve written this down first. No no no, it’s okay. Go on. I love how much you pretend to like Die Hard. I… liked the second one. You don’t have to. Okay. Yeah. You’re kind, and you’re funny, and you’re the best person I know… and the best detective. Also for reals, I love your butt. I love yours too. Gross.

Amy Santiago, will you marry me? Jake Peralta, I will marry you.








What He Sees

Characters: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: angst, self doubt and self loathing, fan hate, fluff, mild smut

Word Count: 2.3k

A/N: This is the SECOND fic for my 6k celebration and one year fic-i-versary. The line requested was, “You should be able to see that I’m 90% crap..” It will be highlighted in the fic. This is written for Steph, @torn-and-frayed Hope you like it, dear. Thanks for celebrating with me.

Tags at the end

Feedback welcome and appreciated

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Hey! From that huge au list that you said you were accepting prompts on, could you possibly do stucky, the "I hit you with my car and I'm the only one who visited at the hospital, you okay?" with steve being the one hit by the car? It's a sick day for me and it feels like I've exhausted all good fanfiction... you're my only hope!

“Which flower arrangement says ‘I’m very sorry for running you over in my car’?” Bucky asks into his phone, frantically looking between an arrangement with tulips and an orchid.

There’s a long pause, then Natasha asks very level, very calm, “James?”


“What did you do?” she asks in that same, calm voice.


“Excuse me sir,” says the little old woman shopping next to him.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry for yelling,” Bucky says. “I’ll be quiet.”

“No, no, dear, that’s not the issue,” she says.

“Oh, then am I in your way?” he asks.

“No, it’s just that I’m about to leave the store, and drive home. I’m hoping that you’ll give me a few minutes’ head start before you leave, too.”

He nods and smiles at the old lady, then goes back to his phone. “I wish I were dead,” he says, still smiling.

“Daffodils are nice,” Natasha says.

— —

It’s probably presumptuous to go visit the guy you hit with your cat in the hospital and Bucky’s pretty sure that if his insurance company knew about Bucky going over there they’d be pissed, but you can’t just run someone over with your car and not visit them in the hospital. That’d just be bad form.

Bad form like not stopping all the way at a stop sign and grazing the pedestrian who is crossing the street.

He knocks on the door. “Uh, hi,” he says, looking at the guy laying in bed.

The guy sits up a little, then winces. “Hi,” he says. “You lost?”

“No, at least… I don’t think so. You’re Steve Rogers?” The guy nods. “Okay, well, I’m Bucky Barnes and I maybe sort of hit you with my car,” he says, hiding behind the bouquet of daffodils a little. He peeks out from behind it. “Sorry about that,” he adds.

The guy snorts. “Believe it or not, it’s not the first time I’ve been hit by a car,” he says, “and you just tapped me.” He shrugs. “Honestly, I wouldn’t even be in here if it weren’t for my pre-existing conditions.” He perks up a little. “Are those for me?” he asks, looking at the flowers.

“Yeah,” Bucky says, walking forward towards the bed and holding the flowers out to Steve. “They are! They’re… daffodils.”

“I’m horribly allergic,” Steve says, grinning. “Gimme.”

“But you’re—“

“Already in the hospital,” Steve says, taking the flowers and smelling them. The yellow looks nice with his soft blond hair and it’s kind of cute when his thick black frame glasses slip down his nose while he sniffs. “Wow! These are great.”

“I’m glad you like them,” Bucky says, trying not to blush because the guy he ran over with his car is really stinking cute.

“Thanks for coming,” Steve says.

“Oh, uh,” Bucky says, shoving his hands in his pockets. “It was the least I could do.”

“I’m I the hospital so much that my friends don’t even notice at this point, so it’s nice to have some company.” He’s still holding the flowers, and looks down at them again like he can’t believe he really has them, and Bucky wonders why his friends wouldn’t come visit him in the hospital when he is obviously the most adorable dork in all of New York City. He looks back up at Bucky. “You want some pudding?” he asks. “I have some extra.”

— —

Two years later and Steve feeds Bucky a spoonful of pudding. “Yum,” Bucky says, smacking his lips together.

“I can’t believe you convinced the caterers to serve pudding,” Steve says, grinning.

“You know how some couples have special songs or places?” Bucky asks.

Steve nods. “Yeah,” he says.

“Well, our dessert is pudding,” he says.

Steve rolls his eyes. “I can’t believe you,” Steve says.

“And I still can’t believe that you agreed to marry some guy who ran you over with his car,” Bucky says.

Steve shrugs. “You didn’t have enough money to be worth suing,” he says. “And,” he adds, “you only grazed me.”

Bucky grins, leans in and kisses his new husband.

“And you grazed me with your love,” he says. “Same thing.”

“Not at all!” Steve squeaks and Bucky laughs and around them their friends and family dance awkwardly to a mediocre DJ and they’re husbands now, and Bucky will never, ever, run over anyone else for the rest of his life.

A Little Romance (RWBY Snippet)

“Ruby, I have a business proposal that I’d like you to consider.”

“A business proposal, Weiss?” Ruby grinned. “Today?”

“Yes, Ruby, today.” Weiss handed Ruby the file. “Please, read it and let me know what you think.”

Ruby had only gotten a few lines in when her lips began to twitch. “Weiss… this doesn’t seem like a business proposal even if you’ve formatted it like one.”

“Is that so…”

“It says that you want complete romantic exclusivity.” Ruby glanced at Weiss. “On a permanent basis.”

“You would be adequately compensated by the pleasure of my company,” Weiss replied archly. “And I’ve been told that my company is very pleasurable.”

“Yeah… it is.” Ruby chuckled as Weiss blushed.

“Ruby! You know that’s not what I meant.”

“Well, it’s what I meant.” Ruby continued to read. “You also want us to cohabit permanently.”

“It would be the most efficient thing to do.”

“And you’d like us to, and I quote, ‘Consider the possibility of progeny’.”

“Two or three would be preferable although I’m open to having more or less depending on your opinion.”

Ruby raised one eyebrow. “You would also like to make this commitment public through the holding of a formal ceremony and the display of matching rings.” Ruby put the file down. “Weiss… are you asking me to marry you?”

The Schnee made a face. “Maybe… are you saying yes or no?”

“And you call me a dork,” Ruby teased before leaning across the table to kiss Weiss’s lips. “But yes, I’m saying yes.” Her eyes twinkled. “But you’ll have to add a few clauses to the contract.”

“Whatever you want.”

“I didn’t read anything in there about cookies or strawberries. Add something.”

“I’ll buy you the world’s biggest bakery and the world’s biggest strawberry farm.”

“There also wasn’t anything in there about marital relations.” Ruby smiled at Weiss. It was a distinctly toothy smile. “There definitely needs to be something in there about that.”

“I could, ahem, add something to that effect too. What were you thinking?”

“Hmm…” Ruby tapped Weiss’s cheek. “I was thinking a lot.”

“A lot?”

“Yeah, a lot.”

“Uh… how much is a lot?”

Ruby leaned across the table again. “How about I show you?”


X     X     X

“Hmm… Weiss’s office is locked.” Blake frowned. “I wonder if she went home…” The Faunus trailed off as her keen hearing picked up on some very distinct sounds. “Nope. She definitely didn’t go home, and neither did Ruby.”

Pack Mother - Derek Hale - Part 5

Characters: Derek Hale, Isaac Lahey, Werewolf!Stiles, Scott McCall, Lydia Martin, Mason Hewitt, Jackson Whittemore, Malia Tate, Liam Dunbar, PackMom!Reader.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

In the note Brittany left she’d said she didn’t care what we did with the baby, but she really wanted you to keep him. She said he was full werewolf and she wanted him to be raised as one. It’s been about a week and the little boy remains nameless. Derek went out and bought a portable crib just until you figure things out. You hadn’t had time to focus on anything but this baby. The only weird thing about it was that the baby looked like he could be yours and Derek’s. The pack has pointed that out. Multiple times.

“Shh..shh. Come on, buddy.” You stand in the living room at 4 a.m rocking the baby.

Derek comes downstairs, rubbing his eyes. “Still? Here, can I see him?” You nod and hand him over.

You sit on the couch and let out a sigh. “He needs a name.”

“Are we really keeping this random baby?”

“Yes, Derek we’re keeping the random baby.”

“Then we can name him…Henry.”

You groan. “That’s awful. What about Dayton?”

“That’s about the whitest name I’ve ever heard.” Derek chuckles. He’s gotten the baby to be quiet. “What about Max?”

You smile. “I like Max.” You stand and walk over to him. “Hi, Max.” The baby coos and you look up at Derek. “He likes it.”

“You don’t think this will interfere with becoming Isaac’s guardians do you?” Derek asks.

“No..if anything it should help.” You shrug.

“I’m up for good now. There’s no use going back to sleep.” Derek groans as he sits on the couch.

“I’ll make a pot of coffee.”

Scott and Stiles decided to come over to hang out for awhile, so you were all sat in the living room.

Derek was laying across the couch and you were in a recliner, you both were having trouble keeping your eyes open.

“Derek are you asleep?” Stiles laughs.

“I have a right. I’ve been up with Max all day long. All. Day.

“Me too.” You yawn and get up, Max whining from his crib. You grab the bottle off the table and cradle Max. You sit back down and feed him, rocking in the recliner.

“How does it feel to be parents?” Scott asks.

“Not at all what I expected, because for one thing..I thought I’d be married and I’d be feeding my own baby now. Just know that life never works out as planned.” You shook your head.

“Trust me. He knows.” Stiles laughs.

“It feels kinda weird..I mean, Y/N and I went on one date and now we’re adopting one kid and becoming legal guardians of another.” Derek yawns.

“It’s different for you guys though.” Scott smiles. “You’re pack parents, that means you’re drawn together, it means your soulmates.”

“What do you know about soulmates, Scott?” Derek laughs and you smile.

Scott pouts and crosses his arms, “Enough.”

You smile wider. “Sure.”

“But really..I did a lot of reading on it…pack parents usually are an older couple, people who’ve been married a long time…not people who just met. That’s got to mean something.”

“Yeah, it means we make a good team.” You shrug. “Anyway..Stiles how are you? How are you handling everything?” You look at him.

“I’ve gotten way better at lacrosse, so…” He smirks. “Honestly, I never wanted to be a werewolf..I thought I’d never be able to handle it. I’m having a hard time controlling my changes but Derek’s been helping me.”

You look over at Derek and smile.

“He’s doing well..really well.” Derek nods.

"I’m glad you two have bonded.” You sit up, sitting Max’s bottle down so you can change his diaper. He peed, you can tell.

“You’re a natural.” Derek flicks his eyes over to you.

“You know..it’s kinda strange. I feel like this is my baby already. I’m not really sure how to describe it because I know I sound absolutely insane, but this is my little boy. He’s supposed to be with me.” You grab a diaper from beside his crib.

“I feel the same way. I get it.” Derek sits up.

“Aww. You guys have a baby together.” Stiles remarks.

Derek rolls his eyes. “Kind of..but don’t be annoying about it.”

Isaac slams the door as he walks in, making Max shriek. “Come on, Isaac!” Derek groans, getting up and walking over to you. He takes his from you, relieving you from your turn.

“Sorry.” He winces at the shrill sound. He walks over and looks over Derek’s shoulder. “He looks a lot like you. Are you sure he’s not yours?”

“Ha. Ha. Yeah, I got a fourteen year old pregnant.” He turns and gives Isaac a look, rocking with Max.

You watch adoringly as he talks to Isaac. He was your soulmate. Scott was right, neither of you wanted to agree with him though.

It’s been about a month since you got Max. Adoption paperwork has been started and you’ve gotten legal guardianship of Isaac. If you were being honest it was way easier than you expected.

“Quit fighting! You’re irritating the baby! You shouted into the dining room. Liam and Mason were having a heated argument about something they read at school. Everyone else voiced their opinions on whose side they were on…loudly.

Liam and Mason continuing shouting. You settled Max into the rocker you and Derek purchased a couple weeks ago. You storm into the dining room and slam your hand down on the table. "Stop. Now. If I have to tell you again you’re all getting kicked out of my house. Every single one of you.” You spot Isaac smirk. “Don’t think I won’t kick you out too, bud.” You give a once over of the silent room. “Thank you.”

“You’ve gotten a lot scarier since Max.” Mason said quietly.

You leaned over in front of him. “Good. Maybe you won’t yell in my house if you think I’m scary. If any of you want dinner I’m ordering Chinese.” You spin on your heel and walk back to the kitchen.

You spot Derek walking in, closing his umbrella and taking his jacket off. “I like this whole newfound aggression. It’s makes you even more attractive.” Derek smiles.

“Shut up.” You laugh. “Now that I have an actual baby, I’m not too keen on the teenagers acting like toddlers.”

“We heard that!” Jackson shouts.

“Good! You were meant to.” You smile at them over your shoulder.

You call and order the food before feeding Max. “How’s the loft?” You ask Derek. He goes back occasionally and checks up on things. Scott said he goes to see his uncle Peter. You’ve never met him and you’re unsure if you want to.

“Fine. The same.” He grabs a beer from the fridge and sits beside you on the couch.

You nudge him away when he sits. “Don’t drink beer by my baby.” You laugh.

“He’s my baby too. Do you think he’ll get sick from secondhand alcohol?” He laughs along with you. “You’re a dork, Y/N.”

Stiles and Scott come running through the living room, jumping over the couch and going upstairs.

Derek looks at you, “Do I want to know?” You groan and shake your head.

“They’re having a werewolf race. I don’t know what it means but the boys are doing it so apparently I’m timing.” Lydia pokes her head between you and Derek.

“Wow. And you called me a dork.” You smirk at Derek.

“It runs in the pack.” He laughs.

You smack his arm and laugh.

“Just get married already.” Malia stretches out on the couch beside you.

“Yep. That makes logical sense.” You push her legs off of your lap.

“It does. Plus, if you get married we can be cousins.”

“I look forward to that then. Derek, please propose right now, I cannot possibly wait any longer to have Malia in my family tree.”

“Oh, of course.” He gets down on one knee, showing you his beer bottle cap. You both laugh, Malia giving you both a death glare.

Scott and Stiles jump down the stairs.

“Please be careful. I know you both heal, but I still don’t want any bones broken.”

“Scott won!” Lydia shouts.

“Alpha in the house!” Scott bangs on his chest and Stiles rolls his eyes.

“It’s not fair. You have two years experience on me.”

“Aww. Is the wittle baby sad?” Scott fakes pout and squeezes Stiles’ cheek. Stiles swats his hand away and rolls his eyes.

“You’re all equal in my eyes.” You tease.

The doorbell rings and Mason answers it. Everyone throws money in and he brings the food in, sitting it on the table. “You guys better share! Leave some for me!”

Derek gets up and follows them to the kitchen. “I’ll make you a plate.” You thank him and take Max upstairs. You put him in the crib and grab the baby monitor, bringing it with you.

“Hey, I forgot to tell you that I invited someone over. We were best friends in high school and he just moved back to town. I ran into him when I was out grabbing diapers.” Derek sits beside you with your plate.

“That’s fine.” You smile. “What time?”

Derek glances at the clock. “Anytime now.” Just then you heard a knock at the door. Derek got up and went to answer it.

You were conversing with the pack when he walked in. He was gorgeous, you couldn’t deny it. You had no idea what was in the water with these Beacon Hills guys but you didn’t mind.

“AJ, this is Y/N. Y/N, this is AJ Harding.”

You stand and shake his hand. “Nice to meet you.” You smile and he nods.

“You too.”

Derek goes around the table and introduces him before they both sit down.

Lydia leans over and whispers. “He’s cute. If it wasn’t for Derek..” She raises an eyebrow at you.

“Lydia!” You scold, you can’t help but laugh though.

“I’m just saying..if I were five years older I’d be all over it.” She shrugs.

“So, Derek..is she your girlfriend?” You hear him lean over and whisper. “She’s hot, so good for you.”

Derek chuckles. “No she’s not, we just have a baby together.”

“Oh so you hit that? Again, good for you.”

“No..we’re adopting. It’s a long story but we’ve neither dated or had sex.”

“So she’s available?” You feel his eyes on you.

“N-no..I mean, yeah she’s available. She’s not dating anyone.”

You thought that Derek for sure felt the same way about you that you did for him. You were wrong. You decided to milk this whole situation with AJ. That’ll show him. AJ must not know you’re a werewolf and you’ll definitely use that to your advantage.

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Kuroo + his gf who gets a lil drunk so he decides it's time to leave but his gf says she can't go with him bc she has a bf (she's talking about him to him without even realizing bc drunk) he plays along and starts asking her about her bf and she gushes about him and says silly things he does. Eventually he asks if she loves him and she says yes and how she wants to marry him, have kids and grow old together. He gets emotional because holy fuck I love this dork so much

Okay, so this is going to be like a continuation of this scenario I wrote a while ago: X

[College - Almost adult life ! AU]

“Oh yes, the gods are favoring me now” Kuroo thought as he looked at his drunken partner.

Currently, he was trying to convince her to go home, but without avail. She looked up at him and said “Ya‘now dude, I know what you’re trying to do” she snorted “and let me tell ya, I have a boyfriend so go away before I call him”

She didn’t recognize him, perfect timing to get a mini revenge on the last time he got drunk.

“Ohh, excuse me then, I didn’t know you had a boyfriend” he said seriously “is he going to come if you call him?”

“Of course he is” she said “he’s like, ya’now, super caring and all those thingsss” she slurred a little “like, almost a father, always worrying and trying to help me”

His heart swelled with pride, knowing that his girlfriend saw him like that, someone whom she could rely on. “That’s very nice, I hope you have a long, love-filled relationship” he said

She smiled “I hope so!!” she laughed “even though he’s a biiiig nerd, always making those horrible science puns” and then she said “but he makes me happy, so I’m willing to hear them everyday”

His puns were amazing, why did she consider them horrible? She had no sense of humor, of course she didn’t. “Do you love him?” he asked cautiously.

She fell silent for a few moments, and those moments were the worst torture for Kuroo. Did she doubt her love for him?

“Of course I love him!!” she said excitedly “I love him lots and lotsssss, like I really can’t imagine a life without him?”

Oh god, someone please save Kuroo’s heart “I like to think of us in the future, happily married, with little children running around our house” she said sweetly “and I want to hold his hand every day, even as the years start passing”

She sounded surprisingly sober right now, but he couldn’t think about that at all. His heart was about to burst from his chest, happiness taking over his body. He didn’t realize a few tears slipped from his eyes, until he felt her hands on his face, and her fingers wiping them away.

“I may be drunk Kuroo, but I’m not stupid enough not to recognize you after a while” she said smiling at him.

“Oh” was all he could muster at that moment “did…did you lie about the things you said?” he asked slowly.

“Do I look like someone who’s going to lie about those things?” she asked.

“Of course not” he said looking in her eyes “God, I love you so much (Name)”

Never in his life had he felt so sure about something. When the right moment arrived, he definitely was going to ask her to marry him. He hoped she liked the ring he saw on a jewelry a few weeks ago.

look I know it’s been like 3 years since any women had a a meaningful conversation in an MCU movie but that’s no reason to skimp on the femslash there are so many possibilities

  • Helen Cho and Claire Temple go out for coffee; end up falling in love over mutual complaining about their ridiculous superheroes.
  • Pepper Potts and Hope Van Dyne meet up to negotiate cooperations between Stark Industries and Pym Tech. Aggressive negotiating turns into eye fucking turns into making out in someone’s office.
  • Sharon Carter having a ridiculous crush on Bobbi Morse ever since S.H.I.E.L.D. boot camp and wanting to tear her hair out every time Bobbi gets back with Hunter.
  • Ayo accompanies T’Challa to Avengers Tower on business; is so hot that Useless Bisexal ™ Helen Cho actually drops whatever she was holding.
  • The Avengers appear on Trish Talk and after being totally unimpressed by any of the guys Trish Walker discovers she can’t even make eye contact with Natasha Romanoff without turning bright red. What are coherent sentences?
  • Jane Foster and Lady Sif get tired of waiting for Thor to quit dicking around and notice one of them; Sif sweeps Jane off her feet and they ride off into the sunset together.
  • Jessica Jones starts jokingly flirting with Claire Temple, asking if she wants to cross another Defender off her list. To her absolute shock Claire takes her up on it. 
  • Before she infiltrated Stark Industries, Natasha Romanoff went undercover at Pym Tech. She stole their corporate secrets and Hope Van Dyne’s heart.
  • Daisy Johnson and Wanda Maximoff take a day off from being stressed out baby superheroes with crappy lives and messed up families to go see a movie together. Making out ensues.
  • Melinda May, who deserves nice things and rough sex, starts hooking up with Agent Piper, who’s a little scared but also really doesn’t want to question her luck.
  • Jane Foster and Darcy Lewis have been living together for a year and a half, but don’t realize they’re married until they absentmindedly kiss in the lab one night.
  • Gamora, the most dangerous woman in the galaxy, becomes a stammering dork when faced with Mantis being completely adorable. Mantis is puzzled.

I could do these literally all day please come talk to me about MCU femslash or tell me yours I need more gay MCU ladies

hi hello just me popping in to say that i love mr tom holland with my whole heart and sure i do have a massive crush on him and probably always will but thats not why i love him so much. i love him for his compassion, for his heart, for his spirit, for his talent and passion for doing what he loves, and for him just truly being himself. i love him for being the dork from london who does backflips to impress people and falls on his face, for how much he loves his dog, for how kind he is to children, for how amazing of a brother he is, for how much he appreciates his supporters. not because he’s attractive, not because i think that i own him/his decisions or will marry him, but because he’s just tom. and he should be allowed to do whatever he wants, and at times like these i hope he knows that the people who really love him don’t care what he’s doing as long as he’s happy and healthy. 

EXO Spending Summer Vacation With You

A/N - Shimmy Shimmy KoKoBop … I think i like it! Hellooooo everyone! I’m back! Here with another reaction/scenario featuring EXO who recently made their 2017 comeback with KoKoBop and Power! Hope this brings a smile to your lovely faces! (Yo I’m still shooketh from The Eve performance doe) :) 

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You were on a double date with Xiumin and his girlfriend when you realized your boyfriend was dragging behind in line. Looking back, you noticed Xiumin whisper into his ear urging him forward. Come to think of it, those two seemed to be talking more on your double date than you had with Suho. You pouted waiting for your boyfriend to join you. “You want to walk any slower grandpa?” you asked with sass. You saw your boyfriend smile up at you and the trio continue to walk forward when Xiumin suddenly exclaimed, “Well we both will be heading out.” “What Why? We are almost in the front.” “Oh don’t worry about us, you lovebirds have fun!” He exclaimed running out of the line hand in hand with his girlfriend. You felt an arm slithering around your waist bringing you closer to a sturdy body. A kiss on your cheek brought you out of the state of confusion you were in. “We’re next in line Y/N,” Suho stated, pulling you into the Ferris wheel Car. You sat opposite him as the operator locked the gates and pressed the keypad to push the car forward. As you nearly reached the peak you noticed Suho pulling his jacket closer to his body. You cold?” He asked. You shook your head. “Why don’t you come here and share some of that warmth?” He asked matter-of-factly. You raised your eyebrow questioning his incentive. He raised his arms feigning innocence. “I’ll behave I swear!” He exclaimed. You walked over to his side and sat on his lap while pulling him into an embrace. A few moments passed when he started speaking of the first moment he laid eyes on you to each memorable date he had with you. You looked up in shock to realize that he remembered so much of the minor details. He continued speaking, “I loved every moment of these past three years with you. Can I continue to be in your life forever?” A breath left your lips when he pulled out a case from his pocket. Opening it, he unveiled a beautiful diamond ring which twinkled in the lights. “Will you marry me Y/N?” A small smile formed on your lips. “Is this what you were talking to Xiumin about?” He chuckled softly. “Yeah I was kinda nervous about this actually … that I might mess it up.” You gazed into his eyes - there was a certain softness and yet, also a strong vibe emanating from them - a quality which made you fall for him in the first place. “Of course I will marry you, you dork!” you exclaimed throwing your arms around his shoulders and sealing the deal with a kiss. He brought you closer until there was hardly any gap between you two. One hand gripped your waist tightly while the other sneakily rose up your shirt. When you two finally pulled back for air he whispered against your lips, “I thought you wanted me to behave.” You smiled and closed the gap between both of your lips once more.

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After wishing Suho luck with his proposal, you and Xiumin rushed off to one of the game booths to try your luck with winning one of the stuffed animals. It had always been a wish of yours to go out to a theme park and play these games with your boyfriend. Since he would constantly be at practice, the two of you would rarely have enough time to meet up on fun occasions like this. You wanted to make the best of it. You had to agree that he was pretty good at these games. It was almost as if it was the stress relief he needed. It wasn’t until he maintained a winning streak where you felt like you were more of his manager than his girlfriend since you ended up carrying all his prizes. You came across a shooting range booth when Xiumin exclaimed, “Y/N can you hold this too? That puppy plushie will be perfect for Baekhyun! I have to win that!” Before you had a chance to respond you were immediately holding the largest teddy bear known to mankind since it was bigger than your own body! You stumbled a bit trying to gain your balance with the amount of weight you were carrying. Who ever thought plushies could actually be heavy? Thankfully you found a bench behind the booth and took a seat. You dropped the plushies off to the side when you looked up to see Xiumin running towards you with a puppy doll in his hands. “I got one for all the members now!” He screamed with joy when you stood up with a pout and began to walk away. Xiumin noticed your sad demeanor and pulled you back to him. “Aww is my baby sad cause I didn’t win her anything?” You scoffed and nudged his chest. He giggled and asked opening his arms out wide, “Why do you need a plushie when you have me?” A small smile appeared on your lips. oH gOD. Even you couldn’t resist this cuteness. You leaned forward and pinched his cheeks when he quickly tugged on your jacket pulling you into his chest. “I was just teasing. Of course oppa won them for you, baby ~”

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“Yixing will you slow down?” you exclaimed as your boyfriend ran up the stairs. Your legs literally felt as if they were moments away from plummeting to the ground with all the running you have been doing. Your gaze shifted upward to see your boyfriend turning back to face you with a sly smile on his lips. “Aww is baby tired already?” he said softly earning a glare from you, “We are almost there, just a little bit more.” You sighed. “And why are we doing this exactly?” He responded with another smile. “You will see.” Before you had a chance to respond, he raced up the stairs causing you to follow in pursuit. When you finally reached the top door, he grasped your hand and together the two of you walked through. The crisp, warm summer air rushed through your loose hair, easing your soul after that hell of a workout. A soft gasp escaped your lips when you saw the soft flickering lights from the city below. “Yixing this is beautiful.” You turned back to see your boyfriend leaning against the cement walls with his hands behind his head, clearly proud of accomplishing this feat. He slowly puckered his lips and blew a kiss towards you, causing your cheeks to heat up. He gestured you to come forward and you sauntered towards him. Picking up his phone, he started playing music from your favorite tracks. He left one earbud in his ear and placed the second into yours and then pointed to the sky. As if on cue, a shot of light burst from the ground to an array of dancing sparks which illuminating the night sky. And from this vantage point, the entire scene was simply spectacular. You smiled back at him. “You raced all this way just so we could have this moment with fireworks?” He brought you closer to his chest and pecked your nose. “Yep, its this kind of moment which means the world to me.”

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“Let’s try this one!” You exclaimed tugging your boyfriend’s hand towards the tallest roller coaster in the theme park. Baekhyun glanced upward and squinted from the sun’s rays. “Now you have officially lost your mind,” he mumbled giving you a judging look, “How about we just go in the Spinning Tea Pots?” “Because I’m pretty sure you’ll use that moment alone to your advantage, you pervert!” He threw his head back in laughter, astonished by how well you know him. “It’s either this or the haunted house,” you challenged, knowing his intense fear of anything horror related. You saw him shifting his eyes in deliberation when you thought of an idea. “Rock Paper Scissors?” You asked suddenly catching him off guard. You didn’t wait for him to respond and immediately played the best out of three match which you ended up winning. Jumping with joy, you exclaimed, “How about we do the Haunted House?” Beakhyun’s eyes grew wide as melons when he fought back, “Wait you said you wanted to go on the coaster!” “Well I changed my mind!” you sang out loud and pulled him towards to creepy maze. The entire five minutes you spent in there you only heard high pitched shrieks and cursing in dialect - all from Baekhyun. By the time you exited the maze you turned to face him, shaking your head disapprovingly while he panted in trepidation while clutching his heart. “Now wouldn’t it have been better if you had just agreed to the coaster in the first place?” You asked with a smirk on your face. He glanced up at you with those fiery eyes and you began to run for your life.

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A gentle breeze caressed your face as you heard the soft waves from the ocean crash into the shoreline. The hammock swayed from side to side and the gentle rocking motion drifted you in and out of sleep. You shifted to your side when you heard a whine, “Ah waee ~” A gentle tug pulled you back to a sturdy chest. You peeked up to see your boyfriend’s face nuzzled in your soft hair. “Hmmm you smell so good,” he mumbled sending a crimson blanket to cover your cheeks. His arm was draped lazily around your waist and he gently pulled you upward until you were eye level with him. “I really don’t wanna leave tomorrow. Five months on tour without you is going to be torture.” You smiled and quickly pecked his nose. He smirked. “If you really continue to be this cute, I guarantee we will never leave our room in time for the flight.” He bent his head forward and nipped the edge of your ear. You giggled from the ticklish sensation and buried your head in his chest and embraced him. Your eyes shifted softly upward when you whispered, “If it extends our time together then its fine with me.” You felt his lips curl into a smile and he quickly slipped from your embrace and swung his legs over the hammock. “What is it?” you asked. Instead of responding, he swept you up into his arms bridal style and placed a searing kiss on your lips. “We might as well get a head start, beautiful.”

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You placed a plate of perfectly sliced watermelons upon the table when a rush of laughter and squeals caught your attention. When you turned around you saw your boyfriend caught in an intense water gun fight with the neighborhood kids who your parents so graciously invited to your annual Summer Party. You rolled your eyes. Clearly, you were dating a chid. It took you a moment to realize things got a bit too quiet. Before you could comprehend what was happening, you felt a rush of cool jets slamming you from all directions, soaking you from head to toe. You cried out in agony while trying to shield your face with your flailing arms. When the sprays stopped, you heard a rush of laughter and peaked up to see your boyfriend snickering at your current state. “Channie!” you cried out while coughing miserably. He chuckled and made his way over to you. In one swift motion he lifted you by the waist and placed you onto the table so you were eye level with him. “Sorry about that,” he said softly dabbing a napkin on your forehead, “But I couldn’t resist.” You pouted. “Well thanks to your fun and games, my dress is soaked and completely ruined.” He raised his eyebrows and scanned you from head to toe, memorizing every curve on your body accentuated by the wet clothing. “It’s not that bad,” he replied with a smile. “Urgh, why are you such a pervert?” you asked throwing the napkin back at him, “I’m starting to think you did this on purpose.” He titled his head to the side with a mischievous glint in his eyes. “Now what gave that away?” He pulled your body closely to his own and instantly placed a passionate kiss onto your lips. You couldn’t help but melt in his arms as he brought his body closer until there was no gap between you two. A series of groans and exasperated cries resonated from the sides as you noticed the kids starting to point their water guns at you two. Oh Great. Before you two could pull away, you both felt an army of water attacks flying forward. Almost immediately, you grabbed the nearby gun beside you and fired back, “Oh its on now!”

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Summer walks along the boardwalk were the best, especially when you were walking hand in hand with your boyfriend, Kyungsoo. During the afternoon peak of the summer heat, you two were fooling around by the shoreline, stepping into the cool refreshing water which usually ended in sudden tackles and a tickle war. As the temperature cooled down in the evening, you would walk along the brilliantly lit boardwalk and admire the twinkling lights above and laughter in the air. This moment was almost too perfect. The silence was interrupted by your boyfriend’s snickers. You looked to the side while still clutching your ice cream cone in your hand. “Whats so funny?” you asked. “You have a little ice cream on your face.” “Really?” You exclaimed in shock, urgently trying to find the spots on your face where the specks of vanilla could have landed. “But where?” You asked. “Here,” he replied nudging his own cone forward and brushing the right side of your cheek. Your eyes grew wide in shock. Oh this little shit! “And here,” he stated while brushing your forehead and the left side of your cheek. “Kyungsoo!” You exclaimed trying to wipe the cream off, “Urgh, where is it? Take it off!” He leaned forward and quickly pecked the regions on your face with ice cream with his lips before leaning back with a smirk on his face. Dumbfounded, you stood completely still and almost couldn’t believe what you witnessed. When you came to your senses, you smacked his shoulder as he threw his head back in laughter while exclaiming, “What? You asked me to take it off.”

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Your eyes skimmed the last few words and you eagerly turned to the next page, highly anticipating what would happen next. Your moment was cut short when a high speeding volleyball sent a heavy blow to your skull, knocking you back and sending you and your book flying off the beach chair. Thankfully, you plummeted onto the soft sand while simultaneously looking like a deer in headlights. Well … that was quite embarrassing. As you frantically tried to brush the sand off your hair and face, you heard a scurry of footsteps approaching you. “I’m so sorry, are you ok?” came a voice. You glanced up to see the most handsome face staring back at you. He offered you his hand while flashing a radiant smile which nearly made you stumble as he pulled you up to your feet. “I’m Kai by the way,” he said nervously while handing you your book. “Y/N”, you replied quickly trying hard to not blankly stare at his tanned broad shoulders and his toned abs. “So-um Y/N,” he stated timidly while tossing the ball back and forth in his arms, “Are you free to join us for a game?” We are missing a player.” “I’m really not that good at sports.” “It’s ok, neither am I,” he said almost too quickly causing you to raise your eyebrow in suspicion. Uh-Huh, sure you are with that body, “I can teach you,” he said softly, his eyes clearly earnest. You nodded softly, earning another heart stopping smile from him. “Come on then,” he answered, leading you towards the net. 

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You stood upon the balcony of the cruise ship overlooking the tranquil ocean with a warm cup of coffee in your hands. A soft breeze drifted though the air causing you to pull your loose cardigan tighter over your shoulder. You took a small sip from your mug and leaned your head in bliss. Yep, the first sip is always the best. You softly swirled the stirrer in your coffee and gazed back into the sea. A soft shade of crimson blanketed your cheeks as you recalled the events of last night with your fiance - well husband now - seeing this is now your honeymoon. Just as you were about to turn your attention back to your coffee, a pair of arms slithered around your waist, filling you up with an overwhelming amount of warmth. You looked up to see a handsome face peering back at you with a smirk on his lips. “You left me alone,” he whined while dipping his head forward, pecking your lips and bringing you closer to his bare chest. You felt a breeze again and this time he nuzzled his face into your neck, breathing in your scent and leaving small kisses on your shoulder. “Sehun,” you said softly placing your mug aside and turning around to face him. “Hmm?” he whispered tugging your cardigan down to move his kisses to your shoulder. “We should probably get ready if we want to make it to the show on time.” He chuckled softly while gently nipping the skin on your collarbone. “Actually,” he replied, lifting you off the ground until your lips were barely a centimeter apart, “I have some other plans of my own.” 

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BTS reaction to their S/O telling them sweet things while they think they’re asleep

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S/O “You are the only one I ever want to get married to. Hopefully we will have a huge family one day.”

Seokjin *Just smiles to himself imagining your future family while he drifts off to sleep*

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S/O “You’re a huge dork you know… And you work too hard…

But i wouldn’t have you any other way.”

Yoongi *Is torn between protesting and smiling but is overwhelmed by sleep in the end*

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S/O “You know you don’t have to try. You are already perfect in my eyes.”

Namjoon *He is quite baffled and turns red like a tomato*

*probably falls out of the bed somehow*

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S/O “I know I don’t tell you that often… but thank you for being my hope.”

*Tries very hard not to ruin the moment but he can’t help but squeeze you tight and squeal into your neck*

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S/O “You always keep me warm and safe and I’m so thankful for that. I love you Minnie.”


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S/O “You have the most beautiful heart I’ve ever seen TaeTae. You make me happy every day.”

Taehyung *Has the biggest smile on his face but won’t say anything*

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S/O “I want to stay this close to you for ever. Let’s live happily ever after.”

Jungkook *Gives you a kiss*

“I’d like that.”

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(Is it just me or do they all sound like fire emblem S rank conversations?)

-Admin S 

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I've noticed the gradual increase of hatred within myself towards the ending and how rushed everything was. Particularly with a certain female character, and it's gotten bad to the point that I have said senseless things at times without even realizing it. Do you have any suggestions for me on how I can reset myself and simply focus on the positivity of our fandom, specifically with us the NS fandom?

I too was very disappointed and upset with the ending, but to be honest, I was prepared for a bad ending. I didn’t realize it would be this bad, but I had no confidence that Kishimoto would end the manga well. I was happy that the end of Naruto was announced because I thought finally, he can’t make the manga any worse than it’s become…

Anyway, here’s how I look at things: NaruSaku has nothing to do with Naruto anymore. No matter how much people cross tag, address us as the Naruto fandom, or whatever else, Kishi and majority of Naruto fans want to pretend we were never a thing, so let them.

What does our “Naruto” really have to do with the canon Naruto now? Nothing.What about canon is anything like the Naruto we previously liked? We NaruSaku fans not only wanted Naruto to become Hokage, but we wanted him to confess to Sakura and fix Konoha for real. Not some whish washy “everything is solved because I’m Hokage. Massacre what? Council who? Orochimaru where??”. We CERTAINLY couldn’t have imagined the kind of characters Naruto and Sakura have become.

With NaruSaku, we can do what we want. The key is to “cut off” what we want, and add what we wanted and BOOM, it’s so much easier to deal with the characters (and plot) we previously enjoyed so much. So just envision it like this:

(Yes, I had too much fun with this. A part of being in the NaruSaku fandom is just having fun~)

*clears throat* Now that we NaruSaku aren’t bound by canon and literally can do whatever we want, let’s put Naruto on the chopping block first.

Now as we chop chop him up, we just have to leave the parts we like, his love for Sakura, his carefree attitude, his genuine stupidity, his heart of gold, his desire to fix the world, his dream to become Hokage… etc etc, and separate it from the parts we don’t like.

We can also add the parts we THOUGHT we be a thing: a family man, a real hero to the people, a person who puts family and friends above paperwork. I think it’s very important to stress that Naruto wanted nothing more than acknowledgement (because people pretended he didn’t exist) and companionship when he was an orphan child. Surely Naruto with a family would be a bit of an overbearing dork who tries to hard to stick his nose in everything regarding his family. I mean, the a big part of the manga is about him sticking his nose in Sasuke’s business.


We’ve got us a wonderful new version of “Naruto”, our personal fanon version with an added bonus of a new mature hair cut, and optionally, a black and red Hokage cloak similar to his sage one. A guy happily married to Sakura with kids who has done heaps and loads of good to the world such as: end the militant training of children or streamlining them into what is essentially a ‘military’, adding more shinobi villages to the alliance of peace, slacking off of his other work causing him to be scolded by Sakura who is one of the people keeping him on the straight and narrow when it comes to paperwork and actually staying in his office. That’s a very Naruto like laziness/goofiness to me, never wanting to stay at work and finding a way to be among the crowd or around his family and friends. He can be whatever we wanted him to be. (art by @pumyteh​ by the way)

Now it’s Sakura’s turn. She’s tricky, but also very easy. So CHOP CHOP CHOP.

In this case, we’ll have to add a bit of seasoning to Sakura because a lot was left out of canon or completely trashed. So of course, we keep Sakura’s super strength. We add a little seasoning called Ino in there to make sure that bond is more prevalent (after all, it was originally written as a mirror to Naruto and Sasuke). We need to make sure we cut the line so that her growing feelings for Naruto is properly continued and addressed by something other than, “You only liked me because competition.”

We gotta make sure she keeps a sometimes stern or angry outer shell towards her loved ones silly/stupid antics, but very gentle and kind when it matters or behind the back of the person who just earned a scolding. We must also make sure to emphasize she doesn’t actually dislike the silly/stupid behavior of her loved ones, she just pretends she does. (refer to chapter 3)

We need to make her goals more clear, like how she wants to affect the world with medicine or a clearer example of her surpassing her master like Naruto and Sasuke did with theirs

Here we are!

Sakura, head of the hospital and Tsunade’s successor. She’s not only in charge of Konoha’s hospital, but she manages hospitals and clinics in all their allied nations to help the sick all around the world. She advises the Hokage and the other Kage on leadership and the implementation of health and human services of all kinds. Yeah yeah, some people think healers are nothing and not worth admiring, but a humanitarian Sakura suits her perfectly and is admirable.

In a world of orphans and mental/physical pain, an understanding Sakura who cares not just for the health of the body, but the health of the mind and has a personal interest in saving children like Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, and many other shinobi endured before Naruto changed the world is a heavy task to take on. Maybe it won’t be Naruto who ‘saves’ the world, or maybe it wasn’t even Naruto who came up with a plan the bring peace to the world. It could’ve been Sakura who gave Naruto a headstart and I love that idea. Really brings out the whole teamwork/partnership thing. No doubt Sasuke would also have a hand in all this.

There are more things I could say about Uzumaki Sakura, but this blog isn’t meant for that~ I can’t just go around spitting out all my headcanons like that.

Anyway, we could chop chop some others too. We could chop chop anyone we wanted to in our NaruSaku universe and we never have to look at canon again. We write our own story now. And for me, a big part of that story is Shinachiku. I don’t think I’d still be around had it not been for Shinachiku. I love him and his siblings. There are other cute NaruSaku kids that doesn’t include Shinachiku of course…. but I admit, when I see them I think,  “But… what about Shinachiku?”

Either way, whether it’s with Shinachiku or the other NaruSaku kids, go along with what makes you happiest! With Shinachiku and the other kids, we can explore Naruto and Sakura success from the viewpoint of someone who didn’t know exactly how bad it was before.I think a really interesting combination comes out of Naruto and Sakura’s union. Someone with a similar genetic makeup to Tsunade actually (¼ Uzumaki, plus the genes of other successful shinobi)

At the end of the day, we have to make our own happiness now. We may be less active. We may find new things we love. And trust me, the disappointment will probably never fade away. But, through this disappointment, I found new things that I enjoy, and I can write my own stories for Naruto and Sakura and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. That’s the greatest feeling in the world, not having an author you distrust writing and 'developing’ a character you like. Not having the author decide the fate of your favorite ship and how they will act or what their family will be like. I revel in it because we’ll never truly know how Kishimoto would have written NaruSaku, but knowing what I know now, I would prefer him never writing NaruSaku again.

The easiest way to reset, is to chop chop chop until all that’s left is what you like.

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Valentine's Day prompt: hamburr is opening candy hearts. Alex as a joke, puts a heart labelled ‘Kiss Me’ on their tongue and Aaron just gets up and leaves

“You wanna split these candy hearts?”

Alex slowly looks up from the book he’s reading, blinking the words away from his eyes so he can focus on Aaron’s face in front of him, which is looking back at him with a strange look of nervousness that Aaron never expresses.

“Candy hearts are kind of gross,” Alex tells him with a shrug, looking at the box of them clutched in Aaron’s hand. “They taste like chalk.”

“Is that a no?” Aaron asks, looking crestfallen, which causes Alex to throw the book of his lap and sit up a little straighter on the couch.

“No.” He stares at Aaron for a beat longer, wondering why his boyfriend is being so weird. He’s never mentioned liking candy hearts so much. “It’s not a no, I guess. We can eat them if you really want to.”

“I do.” Aaron scurries over and sits next to him, opening the box and shaking one out onto his own palm before shaking a second one out to hand to Alex. “There. Eat it.”

“Thanks,” Alex says slowly, still wondering why Aaron is being so weird. His leg is shaking up and down against the couch, too. “Is this because it’s Valentine’s Day? You’re trying to do something romantic? Cause let me tell you, making me eat chalk flavored candy is not high on my list of romantic things to do.”

“Shut up and eat the heart,” Aaron grumbles, popping the one he’s holding into his mouth and grimacing, rolling his eyes when Alex snorts at him. “I just thought it would be nice to do, that’s all.”

“I thought we agreed no grand gestures on Valentine’s Day?”

“Well, since you hate candy hearts, I’d say this doesn’t count as grand and we’re still sticking to that promise.”

“You’re weird,” Alex says, smiling when Aaron sighs heavily. He loves messing with Aaron. Actually, he just loves Aaron in general, if he’s being honest. Alex sits up even straighter, struck by a sudden idea. “Hey, gimme those.” He reaches for the box and yanks it from Aaron’s hand, ignoring the angry sound that escapes Aaron as a result.

“Give that back!”

But Alex ignores Aaron, shaking out several of the hearts and then discarding the box entirely when he finds the one he’s looking for, the one with the words kiss me written on it. He pops the heart into his mouth and then sticks out his tongue so Aaron can see it, wiggling his eyebrows as he does.

Aaron stares at him for a few moments, his face switching from angry to completely blank. Then, he lets out a slow breath and stands up, turning away and walking into the kitchen, leaving Alex alone on the couch.

Alex sighs and swallows the heart, pouting slightly as he leans back on the couch. Aaron is no fun. Why did he even want to eat these stupid candy hearts in the first place? Alex stands up with the intention to demand some answers, but a slight crunching sound distracts him.

He looks down to see that the box of candy hearts had spilled onto the floor, one of which he’s just crushed with his foot. Knowing that Aaron will have a fit if he leaves the mess, Alex bends down to pick up the hearts. As he’s cleaning them, one catches his eye, and Alex feels his breath catch.

He grabs it with a shaking hand, holding it up closer to his face, re-reading the words on it over and over until he’s sure that there’s no way he’s hallucinating.

The heart says marry me.

Now, Alex may hate candy hearts, but he’s pretty positive that they don’t usually come packaged with ones that have marriage proposals on them. Holy shit Aaron was trying to propose.

Alex scoops up the rest of the hearts and stumbles his way into the kitchen, where Aaron is just standing there, leaning against the fridge. Alex goes up behind him, trying to find the words, when Aaron slowly turns to look at him.

“Is this…were you-” Alex stutters to a halt, holding out the candy heart wordlessly, watching in amazement as Aaron’s expression turns nervous and then embarrassed, and then closed off once again. “Hey, no, you don’t get to act like this isn’t a huge fucking deal. Were you gonna propose?”

“I don’t know.”

“Bullshit,” Alex breathes out, stepping closer to Aaron. He reaches out to take his hand, squeezing it. “You were gonna ask. Aaron,” Alex pauses and licks his lips. “Ask me. I want you to ask me.” 

“Are you going to say yes?”

“Why don’t you find out?”

“I…” Aaron’s hand is shaking in his, but he swallows and nods, squeezing Alex’s hand tightly as he takes a deep breath. “Alexander, will you marry me?”

“You dork,” Alex says softly, blinking his eyes rapidly and starting to laugh. “You absolute dork. I can’t believe this is how you’re proposing to me.” He laughs even harder and then leans forward to kiss Aaron, needing to wipe off the scared look on his face. Then he pulls back and looks down at the candy hearts he’s still holding in his hand, letting some of the drop until he’s only holding one. He reaches out to give it to Aaron.

“Is this supposed to be your response?” Aaron asks, finally starting to smile, his eyes warm. He looks down at the heart, his smile growing wider. “Alexander, this one is blank.”

“No, it’s not,” Alex argues, leaning his forehead against Aaron’s. “It’s a candy heart, also known as a symbol of love. I candy heart you, get it? I candy heart you, as in yes I’ll marry you, because I love y-”

Aaron cuts off the rest of his sentence by connecting their mouths again, his free hand coming up to cup Alex’s cheek gently. Then he pulls back, smiling the biggest smile Alex has ever seen and stroking Alex’s face this his thumb. 

“I candy heart you, too.”

Alex laughs, wrapping his arms around Aaron’s neck and pulling him close, feeling like he’s going to burst.

He’s got the best fiancé ever. 

Helicopter Husband//Stiles Stilinski

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Reader.


Short and sweet 🤷🏻‍♀️

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“Where are you going?” You poke your head out of the bathroom.

Scott and Stiles stop dead in their tracks. “I-uh..I..n-nowhere.” Stiles says, quirking an eyebrow as he turns to face you.

“Don’t lie.” You cross your arms.

“I said nowhere. Would I lie to my beautiful wife?”

“Cut the shit, Stilinski.” You sigh.

“You cut the shit, Stilinski.” He huffs.

“Just answer the question.”

“We’re going to Derek’s.” Scott says.

“Scott!” Stiles gapes as he turns to face his friend.

Scott shrugs and walks down the stairs, leaving you to glare at your husband.

“Pack meeting?” You ask.

“No.” Stiles raises an eyebrow. He was challenging you.

“Scott! Pack meeting?” You call out.


You raise an eyebrow back, “Why aren’t you taking me?”

“Because you don’t need to be involved.”

“But I want to be involved.” You argue.

“And I don’t want you to.” He shakes his head.

“Stiles, I’m not out fighting the bad guys like you are. I just want to lend a hand.” You sigh.

“I don’t want you there. Plain and simple.”

“Oh.” You take a step back from him, “Okay.”

“Y/N…” He reaches out for you, “I didn’t mean it like that.”

“No, you should go.” You turn around completely and walk to the bedroom. You close the door and sigh. He didn’t want you there. He didn’t want you to be involved. Maybe he was embarrassed of you. Maybe he didn’t want everyone to see the mistake he made by marrying you.

You flop onto the bed, wiggling under the blankets as you feel your heart begin to feel heavy.

“Baby girl?” Your favorite voice called softly, opening the bedroom door. He chuckles softly when he sees you, “Baby, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. I don’t want you there because I don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Really?” You mumble into the pillow.

“Really.” You feel the bed shift as he sits beside you. He runs his hand up and down your back over the blankets, “I don’t want you involved because once you’re in, there’s no getting out. You’re stuck and in danger forever.”

“Well, what if I told you I didn’t want you involved?” You lift your head up.

“I’d understand, but I’m already in. I’m very in. Out isn’t even in my vocabulary at this point.” He shrugs.

You move, spreading out across his lap. He laughs as he plays in your hair.

“I just want to help. I want to help you, and I want to help the pack.”

“And you’ll help me by staying home and cuddling with me. I told Scott to go on without me.”

You grin, “You did?”

“I couldn’t leave my princess all alone and sad, could I?”

You roll over, wrapping your arms around him to pull him with you. He kisses your forehead, “You’re my best friend, Y/N Stilinski. I would rather hang out with you on any given day.”


He smiles as he places his hand on your cheek, moving his thumb in small circles, “No buts. I love you.”

“I love you too.” You mumble as you bury your head in his chest.

He pulls back and lifts your head up, pressing his lips to yours, “You’re my priority. The pack can wait.”

“I really just want to help. You can understand that, right?” You look up at him.

He nods, “Of course I do. I just wish you could see where I’m coming from. I’ve dealt with this since high school, you’re already in enough danger as it is by just being married to me.”

“Good. Makes our marriage thrilling.” You grin and he chuckles.

“You’re a dork.” He grins.

“You’re one to talk.” You retort, making him laugh, “You almost left our second date because I’d never seen Star Wars.”

“That makes me a nerd. Not a dork.” He corrects.

“Well, whatever you are, you’re mine. That will never change.” You kiss him repeatedly, making him smile.