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ProJared and SpaceHamster are really good examples of how Internet personalities can have wildly different boundaries and comfort zones with fans and how both are equally deserving of respect. Jared actively courts flirtation from adult fans while Jeff dislikes even discussing what he finds attractive in another person, and both approaches are valid!

As fans, it’s important to keep in mind that celebrities have just as much a right to give and deny consent as anyone else, and what one person might be okay with won’t necessarily fly by another person, even when the people in question are friends with similar content and audiences. Just like with people you meet IRL, one person saying yes doesn’t necessarily mean the next person will have the same reaction.


Knock on my door, boy come home

(*´ー`)ノAll couples fight. But they’re a team; they’ll work it out. [listen]

Domestic Victuuri Week | Day 5: Rain, Snow or Shine

Ravenclaw: Do you ever sit in complete silence and hear this kind of ringing noise?

Slytherin: I’m not one to really care for your health, but please get that checked out.

could you like or reblog this if you’re okay with late replies to roleplay threads / asks / etc.?

by late, it means anywhere between 1 day to 1 year. because i know some people prefer writing and replying on the spot, but i’m also sure lots of peeps struggle with that for various reasons, and threads get dropped because their partner has long lost interest or something, which can be very discouraging. so i hope we can all be understanding here!

Jeremy Zag posted this on instagram a couple of hours ago and maybe everyone has seen this already but I haven’t so looooook 


does this mean that they are all going to return as part of some sort of future plot :O