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Top 20 McCall Pack Dynamics: (as voted by my followers)
   ⇾ #11. Sheriff Stilinski and Stiles Stilinski

“I remember when Stiles first got his Jeep. It belonged to his mother. She wanted him to have it. The first time when he took a spin behind the wheel, he went straight into a ditch. I gave him his first roll of duct tape that day. He was always getting into trouble. But he always had a good heart. Always.”


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Fiendishly clever, putting this in black and white…but this isn’t a Sonic confrontation, it can’t be, his arms are the same color as the rest of him…and there’s only one character in this game so far I can think of that would match this description.

I think Shadow had a throwdown with Infinite…

And lost.



Favourite Exhibitions [YUZURU: 1/?]  Requiem of Heaven and Earth, 2016 NHK Special Exhibition (x)

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Who do you think says "lit" in response to like everything

kaminari fucking denki, that’s who. and it spirals into a class-wide inside joke.

  • he thinks he’s sooo funny every time he says it oh my god
    • “geddit? lit, because lightbulbs and electricity and–” yeAH boy dude buddy pal we understand we really do and we love you very much but please s t o p
    • sero’s rolling his eyes
    • mineta is considering shoving one of his sticky grape things into kaminari’s face to get him to stop, which is saying something because it’s mineta of all people
  • kaminari’s dumbassery causes kirishima to start saying it too. innocent child. what has that monster meme lord done to you.
  • and whatever kirishima does, bakugou is gonna find out really fast bc kiri and baku hang out way too often
    • bakugou will never admit it, but he thinks the lit joke is actually kinda funny
    • this is bc his own quirk has to do with fire and explosions and lighting stuff on fire, bahaha. 
  • ashido, being a part of the BakuSquad, hangs out with them and hears this and just. “what”
    • but then she starts doing it too! and then all the girls learn from her. 
      • yaoyorozu is amazed at “commoner language.” uraraka and hagakure are choking on laughter. 
      • tsuyu is confused, bless her. aoyama believes that the word is in reference to his sparkling
      • jirou, upon finding out that the origin of everyone using this word all of a sudden is kaminari, aptly labels it as plain ridiculous. tokoyami overhears her and nods sagely.
  • iida, midoriya, and todoroki all learn from uraraka whereas ojiro, shouji, satou, and kouda hear about it from hagakure.
  • the whole class now completely, unironically uses the word ‘lit.’ Aizawa considers resigning, only to not go through with it out of pity for the poor fool who’d have to take care of these idiots the rest of the year.
  • and do you know who told kaminari about the word ‘lit’ in the first place?

Has Louis ever been this open in 1D interviews before? He mentioned already that he would always have the chance to stay in the background while being interviewed with the other boys unless he wanted to crack a joke, so I feel like we’ve never actually had Louis be this open and speak about himself so much, and it’s really incredible to see the type of amazing person he is all on his own

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When Chanyeol buys a new rilakkuma, he presents it to all his other plushies so that it can feel welcomed ☕️

agree! it probably has to sit with the senior ones for a few days to help it get settled in (´;ω;`)

send ☕️ for an agree/disagree  

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Stiles/Allison/Derek? (I'm not sure how you feel about this ship, please feel free to ignore it if you're not a fan 😊)

((don’t worry, i am so totally a fan))

- This grouping doesn’t come together easily. Well, Stiles and Allison fall together pretty quickly after they get past the fear of hurting Scott’s feelings. But Derek has misgivings on both parts. Their age gives him pause, but they’re both eighteen by then and far past the naive innocence he’s so afraid of accidentally manipulating. And with Allison, well…..sometimes she reminds him of all the things he loved in Kate, just with none of the things he hated. It’s enough to make him question his own judgment, to make him doubt her all over again when she’s already proven herself a dozen times over. It takes time to work through that but with Stiles’ help, they manage.

- Allison and Derek both speak French and Stiles is jealous as fuck. Sometimes the two of them chat in French just for the sake of using the language and making sure they maintain their fluency, and sometimes they do it just to rile Stiles up. But they’re always careful to make sure they don’t really make him feel too left out, and then Derek sets about teaching Stiles Italian so that they can speak a language that Allison doesn’t. Stiles and Allison considered getting a language of their own, but they had too much trouble finding a language Derek didn’t speak so they gave up on that idea.

- They like to spar two on one, pitting Stiles and Allison’s combined skills against Derek’s supernatural abilities. It’s usually pretty evenly matched that way (especially once Derek starts picking up combat tips from Allison so he’s not just relying on brute strength like he used to) and the outcome is never guaranteed. What is guaranteed is that at least two of them will end up making out. It would end in sex but Stiles put his foot down about outdoor sex when he got leaves in very uncomfortable places. Now he insists they take it inside if they’re heading for anything more than a quick blowie.

- Allison and Stiles are both fascinated by Derek’s full wolf shift. He’s so goddamn fluffy and soft, and he’s large enough that they can both use him as a pillow at the same time while they all watch movies together. Derek was very reluctant to admit that he likes getting petted at first, but Allison made it a point to loudly proclaim how much she loves it when her boys play with her hair until he gave in and sullenly demanded belly rubs. Stiles is still working on getting him to admit that he wants to play fetch, but Allison is pretty sure that one’s a lost cause.


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Hey Seo I'm Korean but I don't know what a Koreaboo seems to mean can u explain it to me? And it seems as if u have dealt with them so can u tell me how to deal with them if I ever meet one? Thanks a lot

it’s basically someone who overly idolizes korean culture and language, often to the point where they say things like they wish that they were korean themselves or making themselves seem “more” korean through their habits / language. they often accessorize words from the language like “oppa” and “saranghae” and do the entire aegyo stuff + talk about having a real, korean boyfriend / girlfriend or fetishize koreans + wish to live in south korea themselves.

it’s fine to be genuinely interested in the country and language and people + learn about them, but koreaboos fetishize, accessorize, and stereotype them. 

i personally feel very uncomfortable when i have to deal with them, so i usually just try to avoid them lmao

@youvegotenoughnerve was born today, so uh, here’s Ginny Weasley 


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What is coming?

BS 3.0

Because apparently having a kid and a long term girlfriend isn’t enough to prove his heterosexuality.

One can suppose there will be an “I am in fact straight. The straightest laddie lad of all times. Larry is a load of bullshit.” tomorrow. Maybe an engagement to Eleanor, sooner or later.

And one can only hope that it serves the higher purpose of ending BG.

But why this is necessary… why it’s him who has to suffer through all of this, time and time again, and has to have a fucking leech on him at all times… why they just keep tightening the rope around his neck, when they have been strangling him for years…