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Technically Speaking

Tech!Killian/Misfit!Emma Fic based off of this post. Tagging @jscoutfinch @xhookswenchx and @trueromantic1 for letting me invite myself into this conversation. 

Special thanks to @snow-into-ash who beta’d for me despite having an actual life this week, I really appreciate it!!!

rated T for language

She’s zeroed in on the stinging of her knuckles when the hall monitor grabs her by the collar of her flannel.

“Seriously, Swan?” It’s Leroy. It’s always Leroy, and the idea of calling hall monitors by their first name to establish equality is the weirdest thing she’s ever heard. She doesn’t need to feel equal to a middle-aged grumpy man.

“He grabbed my ass! I don’t hear you saying ‘Seriously, nameless-jerk-who-can’t-keep-his-hands-to-himself.”

“My name is August!” Mr. Nameless-jerk yells. Honestly, the anonymity was working for her. Now there’s an actual person, with a name, having a flathead screwdriver removed from his bicep. Now there’s a set of parents who are going to flip out and get her expelled from another school.

“No one asked you, August!” she shoots back and he actually flinches. He doesn’t seem so handsy now. If he starts to act like the victim here, she’ll be forced to stab him again.

“You know the deal.” Leroy shoves her like suddenly violence is okay. She brushes him off and marches out of shop class towards Principal Mills’ office.

When she gets there, there’s this boy dressed in all black, with his dark hair and a sad expression. She slumps on the bench beside him and he brings his knees together to allow for space. It’s more than the grown men on the city bus do on her way home, so she figures he’s worth a chat.

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longhairedstyles’ never ending fic rec

i did this fic rec for three reasons: 1. i believe that there are lots and lots of fics out there that we have no idea of, and that we’re missing out by not reading them, so now you have a chance to know what some of them are 2. i love fics 3. i have nothing better to do. so after doing some research on 1dff and tumblr, here are 300+ harry het fics and one shots! i hope you enjoy <3

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A full minute ticks by. Two minutes. Then five. Phone in his hand, brows furrowed, and a network of cogwheels turning rapidly in his mind, Sherlock continues to decode the text he has just received, unable to figure out the meaning behind the three numbers forming the entirety of the message content: 2, 10%, -2. Can’t be coordinates, the format is too inconsistent. In fact he doubts they specify a location or time at all..

Sherlock doesn’t realise he has uttered the numbers out loud until Mary’s casual, curious question. Apparently, within the past few seconds, she has entered the room with John, heard Sherlock speak, and instantly comprehended what the numbers represent, as if Sherlock was plainly stating a piece of information.

For a moment, Sherlock has trouble processing what Mary has asked him. But when the implication eventually forces its way into his denying mind, everything around him in his flat, everything of the physical world, goes out of focus.

If he did pause to give John a brief excuse for his sudden departure from 221B, he doesn’t remember what he said. He doesn’t remember how he left the flat, or how he hailed and got in the cab. His mind is threatening to enter a perplexing and unmanageable state, feasibly comparable to an anaphylactic shock of the immune system – both are severe responses upon recognition of something so ungraspably foreign.

Unlike an offending antigen, however, the alien concept that is currently trying to instil itself into his understanding also kindles a sparkle of anticipation within him. A thrill of an unprecedented brand, with a complex series of effects that not even his most captivating or demanding cases have ever brought about. He might’ve doubted particular aspects of his ability at times, but never has it been an anxious concern. He’s been afraid, occasionally, as he reluctantly admits, but never this strange trickle of fear for the unknown.

Too much, too much. Noise and chaos of rumbling trains of thoughts, rendering the brilliant mind of Sherlock Holmes at a loss for logical analysis of the situation. Input: overload. Output: null.

Fortunately, his body must have implemented some involuntary support mechanism, and he finds himself moving at a hurried pace. Heathrow. Flight. Traffic. And as he dashes once again through busy streets like a mad man, Sherlock tries to brush aside the clouds of unresolved emotions and force his focus on the practical.

Which of course leads to another torrent of problems. How the hell is he supposed to behave in..he estimates 17 minutes, give or take? God, should he get a balloon? A teddy bear? Flowers? Which kind? And what should he say, to her?

He isn’t panicking. The hall is quiet and he acts calm. He has got everything in control, and he isn’t panicking. He just needs to be his articulate self, he is going to make the enquiry whilst sounding controlled and smart.

But then he opens his betraying mouth. “I.. Am here to see a –”

He tries again. “Here to see my –”

The final word wouldn’t form. Perhaps it was stuck in his dry throat, or perhaps the language centre in his brain had simply blocked a set of vocabulary from usage when it comes to personal associations.

Eventually acquiring a room number, Sherlock leaves the nurses’ station, his nerves tangled in an ever-tighter knot. Whatever his demeanour is giving away earns him a warm, knowing smile from a passing stranger (businessman, late thirties, recently welcomed a third child). Has he really become as transparent as he’s always considered ordinary people to be?

Sherlock’s first sight inside the private room is one that he will, after he has had time to acclimatise to the overpowering levels of emotion, come to know as the dawn of his new world. Their world, which was constructed based on battling intellect between two parties, built upon by sentiments evolving into passion, and established with unrivalled complementarity, is now being painted with bright new colours as it greets a third member with tenderness and joy.

Presently, however, as Sherlock gazes in awe at the beautiful sight of mother and son, his feet frozen to the ground by the door, he is unable to think, forgetting to even breathe.

It is Irene who breaks the silence. “I’m still very cross with the both of you, you know.” But her voice is softer than he has ever heard her speak with. She looks up at him with a quirked eyebrow, and cuddles the tiny being on her chest closer.

Moments later, carefully holding his newborn son in one arm, and wrapping the other around The Woman’s shoulder, Sherlock leans forward to press a gentle kiss to her forehead, then to her lips. The confusion and anxiety associated with the foreign concept less than 24 hours prior have retreated, and in their place he feels a contentedness, a completeness.

Sherlock Holmes, MChem Oxon, Consulting Detective, and..Dad.

Pre-Series 4. Irene’s text means “2 cm dilated, 10% effaced, minus 2 station”. Because she either casually forgot, or didn’t think it important to tell Sherlock about a certain recent development in the preceding months. Mary wanted to know who the person in labour was. Sherlock was probably like “Case. I’ve got to go.”

Idea credits to the amazing @elinorx​ (thank you and sorry if I haven’t done it justice! With my deviations/additions/omissions etc. relative to the original) Another possible scenario of when and how Sherlock found out, as an alternative to at other stages of Nero’s life, e.g. during incubation, blue-eyed curly-haired little boy, or orchid-tending NYC detective.

Not One to Forget

A/N: I can’t believe that my first Gravity Falls fanfic is a 9k fiddauthor angstfest that was originally just a short Fiddleford character study. What a hell of a way to come off a 5-month writer’s block lmao. 

Shoutout to @tallykale whose amazing fiddauthor fics MAY have influenced me writing this (seriously, pls read their stuff, it’s so good!!). Also thanks to my friend @toobookishtohandle for listening to me wail about my own writing and who implored me to give this a happy ending and tone down my angst for just ONCE in my goddamn life (I failed, btw). 

Also available on my brand spankin’ new Ao3

Warnings: fluff then devastating angst, non-consensual touching, lots of anxiety, blood, and a few other disturbing things. Nothing too harsh tho, I think. Also mostly canon-complaint? Just with a lot more gay. 

…anyways, welcome to run-on sentence hell… hope you enjoy!

Fiddleford Hadron McGucket wasn’t one to forget things.

It wasn’t to say he didn’t forget things, or that he didn’t have a few memories he’d rather not remember, but he’d always been good at seeing the truth of things. Like how when he introduced himself with his full name, soothed by the Southern accent he’d inherited from his Ma, people tended to either snicker or look doubtful that he was in college in the first place. Or when he first walked into his dorm to the sight of his future roommate dropping a stack of too-many boxes filled with too-many papers all across the floor, and the man had stammered out a quick apology at the same time he introduced himself as Stanford Pines and practically threw himself at Fiddleford, offering him a handshake before remembering his insecurities and wincing as Fiddleford grasped the six-fingered hand. In the space of that time, Fiddleford saw a lot; this was a man that had been ridiculed just as much as him (for a birth-defect rather than just a silly accent and a big brain, Fiddleford thought), someone unused to social interactions, someone that with a wince said silently, “Let’s get this over with…”

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anonymous asked:

...If you still want to write stuff: 18. for KaiShin, pretty please?

This is obviously crazy late, but to make up for it, it’s also incredibly long.  I hope you enjoy it.  8)  Thank you again for sending the prompt request.  I had fun writing this!

“Well, how are you feeling?” Haibara asked, voice flat, but eyes betraying her concern.  Shinichi took stock:  body at its correct proportions, no fever, no pain…

“I feel… okay,” Shinichi said, smile slowly stretching across his face.  “Haibara, I think we did it.”  He laughed helplessly, pressing his hands to his face.  He felt like he could cry with the sheer relief.

“I’d like to run some checks, just in case,” Haibara said, sighing quietly.  “You remember the questions we prepared yesterday?”

“The ones to check my memory?”

“Yes.  I’ll start from the beginning.  Please state your name and occupation.”

“My name is Kudou Shinichi, and I’m a student detective.  I most often work for the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Force.”

“I’d like you to name your closest friends for me.”

“Mouri Ran and Suzuki Sonoko are my childhood friends; Ran, my childhood crush.  Hattori Heiji is a hot-blooded detective from Osaka and one of my best friends and something of a rival.  The Detective Boys are Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, Genta, and Haibara.  They’re supervised—kind of—by Professor Agasa.  I work the most often with Inspector Megure and Detectives Satou and Takagi, along with Mouri Kogoro, Ran’s father.”

“Impressive.  As expected of Kudou,” Haibara said smiling.  Turning back to her notes, she continued, asking him to detail their operation from start to finish, explain the deductions he’d made at the end…

It was weird, though, for all he could answer every question, he felt like he was forgetting something.  But if it wasn’t in Haibara’s note cards, it must not have been all that important.

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  • Luke: "And here we have the lovely (Y/N) (Y/L/N)", the interviewer said, bringing you into a small stage at the red carpet. "Hi", you greeted her. "You look gorgeous", she said, the camera man filming you from head to toe. "Thank you", you smiled sweetly, the first award show you'd attend already blowing you away. "And there's a certain cute celebrity that agrees with me, might I add", she giggled. Really? Who?", you asked. "Let's watch, shall we?", she pointed to a small screen next to her. It was another interview made on that very same award show, only that instead of you, four boys stood on the small stage. "So, who do you think is the hottest girl here?", the interviewer asked. "We all know Luke's opinion", Calum stated, making Luke blush and the other boys laugh. "Why's that?", the interviewer curiousy asked. "'Cause he hasn't stopped saying how hot (Y/N) (Y/L/N) is", Michael explained laughing. "Oh, so you have a crush, huh". Luke shrugged: "I might have". "Well, you should talk to her at the after party", the interviewer suggested. And you sure as hell hoped he'd follow her advice.
  • Ashton: You were on a small trip to Australia, a little bit of vacation. I mean, it'd be a little more like it if you weren't being constantly mobbed by fans and paparazzi everywhere you'd go. Just like it was happening now. While you tried to make your way through the crowd without being rude, the shout of a paparazzi caught your attention: "(Y/N)! (Y/N)! Do you think you and Ashton Irwin could work? Or is his crush unrequited?". "What?", you abruptly turned around. "Ashton Irwin, from 5 Seconds of Summer", he replied. "What about him?", you questioned again. "He said you're his celebrity crush on an interview. Didn't you know?". Well, as far as you were concerned, Ashton's celebrity crush was Hayley Williams and he didn't know who you were. "Oh", was what you managed to get out as a reply, nodding your head. "So...", the paparazzi insisted, "Is it unrequited?". "I might have a crush on him as well", you winked and turned.
  • Michael: "(Y/N), (Y/N)", Ellen shook her head, "It's your first time here and I already am going to set you up with someone...". "What?", you laughed. "Yeah, I interviewed a band here last week", she explained, "And it turns out one of them has a huge crush on you". You turned to a small TV next to you, where you saw 5 Seconds of Summer sitting where you were now and Ellen in front of them. "So, we're going to play a game now. I'll say a celebrity name and you'll say the first thing it comes to your mind, okay?", The boys nodded and sifted in their seats while Ellen began saying some names. "(Y/N) (Y/L/N)", you blushed when your name was mentioned, heart beating faster. "Fucking hot", Michael blurted out quietly, biting his lip. "Well, someone's sexually frustrated", Ashton commented, making everyone laugh. "You have a crush on her, then", Ellen said. "Yeah", Michael shrugged and the screen went black. "So...", Ellen turned to you. "Well", you said, "I'm not gonna lie: the first thing that comes to my mind when someone says 'Michael Clifford' is fucking hot as well".
  • Calum: For some time now, your fans and the 5SOS fam had started shipping you with Calum. They thought you'd look incredibly cute together and had everything to do with each other - the perfect match. So for that reason, there were manips of you and Calum all over the internet. Seeing as many gossip magazines had no way of knowing whether those pictures were real or not - many of them fooled even you -, they assumed they were. And also assumed you were dating. So the reason why Twitter was breaking down at the moment was 'cause a magazine posted an article saying you were officially dating for three months now. You were a little unsure on what to do, seeing as something like that had never happened to you before. But Calum didn't seem feel the same, 'cause, not long ago, he tweeted you about it: "@(Y/T/N) Did you hear the news? We're dating! Congrats to us!!". A little cautiously, you typed a reply, trying to keep it funny and classy: "@Calum5SOS I heard it as well! Been asking myself where's my ring, though... #IfYouLikedItThenYouShould'vePutARingOnIt". Not long after, he had already replied: "@(Y/T/N) Guess we're going to have to meet up so I can give it to you then...".

anonymous asked:

"Give me ten dollars, I'll explain later" for Lams please? (Also you're a cool person and I hope you have a nice day)

A/N: Sorry for the two day wait! I have been waiting to post this, and here it is! Also, you’re a cool person and I hope you have a nice day! (Requests are open; send me a prompt and I’ll see if I can write it!)

As far as good days go, this definitely wasn’t one of them. It wasn’t a bad day either; John was able to hang out with his friends, and his incredibly amazing and adorable boyfriend Alexander Hamilton, at lunch, but he had barely passed his Math test. Barely passed. With a 70! He wanted to be a doctor - even if his father wouldn’t permit it - and he knew that they had to be good at Math. What would happen if he barely passed on an operation? He couldn’t risk is patient’s life like that.

What made it even worse was that Thomas Jefferson, practically the school slacker because he was always on vacation somewhere in Europe (if not France), almost got a perfect grade on the test. John knew he probably cheated off Madison, who sat right beside him, but it still made him mad that he managed to make a 99 without getting caught.

It was Friday, which meant he had Art club after school for about an hour. He didn’t want to go, not while he was feeling so sour, but at the same time they were painting with pastels that day and he thought it might cheer him up. He was at his locker grabbing his textbooks so he wouldn’t need to grab them later, and when he closed the door he was surprised to see Alex was standing behind it, a large grin on his face. Alex always met him at his locker, but he usually wasn’t so secretive about it. John’s lip quirked into a small half-smile. “Hey, babe,” he rasped, leaning forward to kiss Alex’s forehead.

Alexander’s brows knitted with worry as he reached up to hold his boyfriend’s face gently between his hands. “You alright, babe?” he asked, noting the way his eyes sagged and the hoarseness of his voice. He placed the back of his hand against John’s forehead to see if maybe he was sick.

John couldn’t help but chuckle. Alexander was such a mother hen sometimes. “I’m fine… Just tired,” he assured. His shoulders sank as the weight from earlier that day returned. He couldn’t stop thinking about that Math test. He sighed, running his hand through his curls and pulling at the knots along the way. “It’s just… I barely passed my Math test, and I studied my ass off for it. And then Jefferson nearly got a 100 on it.”

“He probably cheated,” Alex retorted. John exhaled a laugh. “You sure you want to go to club today?” Alex asked. He thought it would be best to take John home and have him take a nap.

John sighed heavily but nodded. “Yeah, I think it’ll make me feel better. Besides, we’re painting with pastels today. Pastels, Alex! You know how fun that is?” His eyes were already lighting up and his freckles stretched with a smile.

Alex lifted himself on his toes to kiss John’s cheek. “Alright, I’ll be waiting for you when you’re done. Same place, as usual.” He waved John off and started heading to the library.

On his way, he passed the concession stand in front of the auditorium. A crowd of students flocked the stand, which was selling pizza. Oh, right, it was Friday. The Theatre Company always sold pizza after school on Friday to raise funds for props and transportation. The makeshift sign was posted beside the concession stand window:

Pizza - $1
Pizza + Drink - $5
Box of Pizza - $20

Alex reached into his pocket, but couldn’t find his wallet. He must have left it at home. He sighed and scuffed the sole of his shoe against the marble floor, pouting. Suddenly he heard his name being called in a familiar French accent. “Laf!” he exclaimed, running over to give the tall French boy a hug.

“Hello, Alexander!” Laf greeted, stroking his hair. “Are you staying to wait for your Laurens?”

Alexander nodded, “As always. Hey! Could you do me a favor?”

“Of course! What is it, mon ami?”

“Can you spot me ten dollars? I’ll explain later,” Alexander said.

Lafayette eyed the concession stand and chuckled as he pulled out his wallet. “No need to explain, Alexander. And no need to pay me back, either.” He pulled a crisp ten dollar bill out of his leather wallet and gave it to Alexander with ease.

Alexander took it with a grin. “Thanks, Laf! I owe you one!” He hopped into the sea of students, hoping that they wouldn’t run out of pizza when he finally reached the front. Fortunately, they had just enough slices left. He carefully took the plate and two drinks to the library, sitting outside on a nearby bench. He decided he would eat his slice while it was still warm, but put his drink away for later.

An hour later, John was walking towards him, hands in the pockets of his hoodie, already looking better. Alex hopped up, stepping in front of the pizza and welcoming John with open arms. “How was club?” he asked.

“Fun,” John replied, taking Alex’s hand. “Ready to go home?”

“Yeah, but hold on.” He reached back to pick up the plate, presenting the slice to John. “I thought I’d get you a little something since you weren’t feeling too hot earlier. It’s a little cold now, but still edible!”

John blinked before laughing, accepting the disposable plate and kissing Alex on the temple. “Thanks, Alex. You’re the best.”

“Don’t mention it,” Alex insisted, reaching into his backpack to pull out his can of soda. “So, what did you draw in Art club today?” he asked as he popped the lintel off his drink.

John grinned. “What do you think?” He always drew the same thing, and Alex knew it.

He managed to withhold his sigh, instead smiling with helpless adoration. “Turtles?”


I was having feelings about a rl hockey friendship so I thought I’d just channel those into omgcp fic ideas to calm myself down.

Jack x Bitty.

This could be the largest group of reporters the Providence Falconers has ever entertained. Jack heard there were tens of other media people who couldn’t get in, or who were denied entrance, because of how big the press conference was turning out to be. This was even bigger than his first day as a Falconer, that time everyone was clamoring to hear about his first experience in the NHL.

This was much bigger. For some reason, everyone was interested in what he had to say.

“Jack nervous?” Tater looked at him with a wide grin, vaguely gesturing towards the mass of people waiting for him.

Jack shrugged. “Not really,” he answered, though he was. Just probably not because of the reason they were thinking about.

Tater looked like he was gonna chirp him about his answer but George interrupted by jogging over and pulling him by the arm. “Talk later. Interview now.”


It’s your first game against the Las Vegas Aces. How do you feel?

Jack: “It’s just like every game. We need to do our best. We’ve been winning more and I think there’s a confidence in the room for us going forward.”

Do you feel pressure knowing you might face-off against Kent Parson?

Jack: “Of course I know he’s a good player, so, um, it’s going to be a tough match up but it’s a team sport, so, uh. (shrugs) The coaches will decide on who’ll match-up against who. We’ll see what happens.”

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So this started as me thinking about possible Straw Hat/Stan twins interactions while i was in the bath and yeah

Stanford Pines had no idea where he was.

The last thing he remembered was being caught in a storm, while he and his brother tried to keep the Stan O’ War II from capsizing. However, wherever he was now, it was most certainly not the ship he and Stanley shared.

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[17's Diary - SVT] 2015/05/10 AM 03:12
  • -Wonwoo
  • Today is the last rehearsal, I can't believe that we'll be holding a showcase tomorrow ㅜㅠ I think I won't be able to believe it even after the performances tomorrow!! It's the first (publicly) open showcase so I'm shaking and nervous.. I need to get myself straight before I go to sleep, and do my best for tomorrow's showcase. Fighting!! Will we be able to get 1….or 2 hours of sleep?
  • -Woozi
  • Today, we are preparing for tomorrow's showcase ㅎㅎ it's already showcase day.. it's already the last filming of Seventeen Project…. I remember the first day of filming ..ㅋㅋ It's about a month ago~ it will pass too!! All of us need to do our best until the end, so we'll get a good result! ㅎ Everyone, hwaiting until the endㅎ let's just enjoy it!
  • -S.Coups
  • Tomorrow is finally the showcase.....I don't know whether we will be able to complete the mission or not but as we've been diligently preparing for it, i hope we'll be able to show a great performance.. when I became a trainee.. when I received the ring.. and the first filming.. I'll set my mind (to what I had) during those time and do my best on everything
  • -Seungkwan
  • Today is a day before the showcase. We had a rehearsal in order; just like what we organized until now.
  • I'm worried; will 1000 audiences come (to the showcase)
  • Ha~~it's already the last (filming). . let's do our best until the last
  • Aja aja! I need to wash up quickly, and close my eyes even just for a short time.
  • -Hoshi
  • Today, we had a practice for showcase that will be held tomorrow. Also, I had a chat with the other members as I'm thinking about my original intentions. As we were talking about; if anything changes as we're shooting the reality show, if we still have the original mind..  I think we need to do better on greetings and we need to do our best (on everything). I have to do better in the future.. Also, fighting Seventeen! Let's do well on tomorrow's showcase. We can do it, right?^^ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • -Junghan
  • After the showcase, we have title track's music video (filming) so we need to practice the title track's choreography and practice for tomorrow's showcase . The big things that we haven't experience before is coming near.
  • We are going to stand on a huge stage tomorrow. Also, the numbers of audiences that will be coming tomorrow are the largest (numbers) so farㅎㅎ I want to do well tomorrow to make a great stage ㅎㅎ
  • -Joshua
  • Today, we had practice and run-through for performance that we will show at tomorrow's showcase. I'm anticipating it a lot, ad I'm very nervous. Will we be able to gather 1000 audiences; I'm very worried about that.
  • -Dino
  • Today, we had preparation for tomorrow's showcase !!!!
  • Eua~~!!! We will be holding a showcase for real... I can't believe itㅜㅠ
  • Tomorrow, I will perform without regret and I hope 1000 audiences will be there ^^ hwaiting~~!!
  • -Dokyeom
  • Today we have finished the practice for our first showcase~ showcase in a few hours, i'm so nervous. will  1000 audiences come..? will I make mistake? I'm worried but! All of us need to get ourself straight and we need to show a great performance and great showcase~ we have been practicing overnight until now, I hope we will do well on stage! hardwork will never betray us!! We will make people acknowledge Seventeen through great performance, let's get a live debut showcase!!
  • Fighting
  • -Mingyu
  • Today is a day before the showcase.... I'm having a rehearsal with the members..i already feel nervous... The nervous feeling that I had before...is more like excited and joyful..ㅎ this time...it's different...i'm really nervous. I need to do my best.... not to feel nervous and not too excited on the stage tomorrow.
  • -Jun
  • Today we're going to be holding a showcaseㅠㅠ will we be able to gather 1000 audiences? i'm so worried... i want to finish it fast (and did well) and I want to eat delicious food. Also, i hope we'll be able to get the rings back hwaiting fighting!
  • -The8
  • We have a showcase tomorrow. Will 1000 audiences come tomorrow? 
  • I need to do well tomorrow   Seventeen fighting   I hope 1000 audiences will come. I'm so nervous
  • -Vernon
  • (Doodong…. Vernon diary from this day went missing.... Vernon-ah ㅠ_ㅠ Vernon-ah? diary…………. ㅠㅠ)
  • Vernon didn't have a handphone until few days ago. So, when he need to write diary, he usually use staff or other members' handphone to write it. But we tried to search for it and we can't find his diary from that day on staff or other members' handphone. I wondered if he should write it now, but I think it's better to upload a post that contains the feeling he had that day. We openly confess based on the truth that we lost Vernon's diary.
  • We will drop the (vernon's) diary wanted list.
  • If we ever find it someday, we'll exclusively post Vernon's diary…………….
Castle Fanfic: Love the One You Hold 1/1

Love the One You Hold

A Season 3-4 AU

This was inspired by a little tagfic I wrote on this post: http://bunysliper.tumblr.com/post/151478983856 which then took on a life of its own.

I know I tried
I was not stable
And flawed by pride
I miss my sanguine eyes
So hold my hands up - breathe in and breathe out  - “Lover Of The Light,” Mumford and Sons

His daughter will kill him when she finds out what he’s been planning, but he can’t watch her do this to herself any longer. He can’t watch his child grimace and gasp in pain, even though she tries so hard to hide it from him. He can’t watch his little girl grow more distant, crawling deeper within herself with every passing day.

He can’t continue to watch Katie stare at her phone but refuse to use it.

If she isn’t going to call, isn’t going to reach out to someone, he’ll do it for her. She had given him a boost – a shove, really – when he had needed it most, when he had hit rock bottom and couldn’t see a way to climb out of his pain and his misery, and now he’s doing the same for her. She’ll be pissed, she may well rail against him (God knows he did all those years ago), but he has to believe his plan is for the best.

On a quiet, cool morning in early July, Jim Beckett steps out onto the knotted wood porch of his cabin and does what his daughter can’t or won’t do for herself: he calls Richard Castle.

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meromiro  asked:

MY DUDE prom is this saturday so i'm getting those prom feels so guESS WHAT HEADCANON ITS TIME FOR! KLAPOLLO PROM NIGHT!!: apollo gets a rental tux that doesn't fit quite right so he looks a little out of place next to the stunning and fabulous klavier but klavier doesn't give a single fuck and is a total sap with his boyfriend. apollo gets overheated easily, so he and klavier have to step out to cool off and eat cookies and fruits a lot and they chat for a while then head back in


  • klavier and apollo are close friends during the run up to prom and they’re not together, despite the fact they’ve been romantically interested in each other for a long time, and neither of them want to take the first step to ask each other because they don’t want to ruin the awesome friendship they have and make it weird for clay, because he’s close with the both of them
  • it’s a couple of weeks away and neither klavier, apollo or clay have asked anyone, although they’ve both turned down quite a few offers each. they’re sitting around together and watching people plan detailed parties to ask their partner, seeing people who have already asked each other walk around holding hands, and clay finally puts down his drink and says “are neither of you asking anyone???”
  • apollo says no, and klavier who’s in agony wanting to ask apollo says maybe, and after a little bit of gentle teasing and prying to try and get klavier to ‘fess up’ clay eventually turns around to apollo and asks if he wants to go to prom with him, as friends, so they won’t be alone when klavier asks his date
  • klavier is SCREAMING INTERNALLY and he almost does externally when apollo says yes, and they immediately settle into jokingly trying to match their ties and apollo reminding him this is fancy and a one in life time thing, so he’s going to have to brush his hair for this while klavier’s suffering to one side
  • apollo only accepted because he didn’t have the guts to ask klavier, and he has literally no idea that klavier wants to ask him, and for like a straight week klavier’s suffering because he knows they’re only going as friends but he wanted the opportunity to treasure apollo, make him feel good
  • this goes on for like a week and klavier’s getting a little snappy and defensive whenever anyone tries to ask him about his wannabe date and people eventually back off even though they’re super worried about him now, but one day clay corners him coming out of class when apollo’s off school sick and asks “you wanted to ask apollo, didn’t you?”
  • klavier tries to deny it but clay’s adamant he’s right so he eventually admits it, and clay is just “jfc gavin go ask him, he wants to go with you and only went with me because he thought you weren’t interested” and he ends up annoying klavier about the whole thing until klavier finally tells him he’ll go to apollo’s after school and ask him
  • turns out apollo ‘human disaster’ justice has a chest infection and he sounds like absolute shit and he’s coughing and wheezing to the extent klavier’s worried he’s going to die, but he still greets klavier warmly and smiles at him when klavier brings him all the notes and homework from his classes and a lil slice of apollo’s favourite cake from a bakery apollo frequents 
  • klavier stutters over his own words and wastes a lot of time because he knows apollo’s adoptive mother and his siblings are in the house with them and he knows he’s going to make a fool of himself, but he eventually stutters out “prom?”
  • apollo misunderstands and tells him he’s be okay for prom, it should be gone in like a week, and he still has to get his tux with clay and he’s gonna rent it because he can’t really afford to buy and klavier cuts him off with “nein, will you go to prom with me?”
  • apollo stares at him and mama justice who was literally just in the next room is like !!!! OOOH MY GOD
  • cutting a long story short apollo has to apologise to clay for cancelling on him and clay refuses to hear it because he knows klapollo is as cute as heck, and klavier ends up getting a nice as hell tux and tries to convince apollo to let him buy him one but he sees how expensive it is and he refuses point blank
  • apollo looking cute as heck in his tux tho, imagine it. he thinks they look odd together, with klavier’s height and elegance and apollo’s lack thereof, but klavier refuses to hear it and insists he looks amazing
  • apollo shyly asking what this all means like “so, are we…boyfriends, or?” and he’s so shy and hates the fact he asked but klavier grins down at him, puts a hand over his and says “if that’s what you want. it’s very much what i want”
  • it’s absolutely what apollo wants
  • cut to actual prom night and it’s roasting and apollo’s dying in the heat of the crowd of students and asks to get away from it all, so they go out and try to cool down for a bit before heading back in, and they have a great time with clay and his cute little date he eventually found, but apollo gets overheated so easily he asks to step out again
  • and klavier grins at him and says the breeze when he’s on his motorcycle will cool him down in a second and apollo point blank refuses to get on until he finally gives in and says “fine, but go slow and take me somewhere nice or i’ll kill you”
  • saying their goodbyes to clay for the night and klavier taking him down to a tiny little late night cafe he knows and they end up sharing a huge plate of chips and drinking ice cream milkshakes and apollo’s much happier away from the noise and heat alone with klavier
  • later in the night, klavier takes apollo off to one of the local lovers lanes and he finally realises how screwed he is that he brought his motorcycle- he wishes he could cuddle up with apollo in the back seat and enjoy the rest of their night with the blankets over them as the chill creeps in but fool he is, he took his damn bike instead
  • instead klavier lays out his jacket on the grass just a lil way away from his motorcycle and apollo without complaint lies next to him and rests his head on his chest, listening to the slow, relaxed pace of his heart
  • it’s a clear night and eventually cold as hell, but they stay out there for a long time with apollo pointing out the stars but almost falling asleep and klavier is dying over how adorable and perfect the night has been
  • apollo’s mother didn’t give him a time to be home by because apollo’s usually such a good boy, but he starts worrying about her so klavier drops him off home (going slow so he can enjoy the feeling of apollo clinging to him) and apollo doesn’t want the night to end either, so he fumbles a lil getting off and looks at the ground and shyly asks if klavier wants to spend the night, not like that, not anything sexual, but if he wants to stay he’s more than welcome
  • klavier might not have any family and would just be going back to his empty apartment and he doesn’t want to do that, he wants to stay with apollo, so he accepts and tries not to wake everyone up in the entire house as they tiptoe up the stairs
  • klavier borrowing some of apollo’s older clothes and being so pleased that he’s going to smell like apollo in the morning and he has literally the best night’s sleep he’s ever had because apollo was there, and apollo leaned forward and kissed him sweetly and chastely and thanked him for the perfect night
  • i screm

                      GREETINGS, TRUE BELIEVERS, AND 

I’m your HORTATIVE HOST, DRAVEN, and today I’ve been joined by five stunning starlets who’re looking for a few good summoners to take them out – out of this world, that is! HA HA HA! Many of you will try, but only three lucky contestants will win a once-in-a-lifetime date of intergalactic proportions with these star-studded ladies of justice! Let’s get to know our spunky sailors, shall we? First up is a personal favorite of mine; the only one capable of leaving this BLATHERING BROADCASTER gasping for air, introducing


Her hobbies include reading, taking long, romantic walks on the beach, and blowing away evildoers with her HOWLING GALE! HA HA HA! Don’t let that beautiful face and those kind eyes fool you; make the mistake of calling her breeze ‘harmless,’ and you might just find yourself in the EYE OF THE STORM!

Next is the newest member of the Star Guardians! Introducing


Here’s a question for you: what’s your idea of the perfect date? Is it seeing a movie, then going out for a fancy dinner? Maybe it’s staying home and doing that ‘Netflix and chill’ thing all these 16 year-old virgins are obsessed with? If you said ‘yes’ to any of the above, then guess what – YOU LOSE! Bore this little firecracker, and she’ll be introducing you to her friends of varying sizes! HA HA HA!

Our next starlet is the youngest of the bunch! Introducing


Ever wondered what you’d get if you mixed sugar, spice, and everything nice without the Chemical X? Well, you’re looking at her! I’m sure she’ll be pleased to meet you! Oh, and her little familiar, Pix? He can’t wait to make meat of you, too! HA HA HA!

This one’s for all the tsundere-lovers out there! Introducing


RPG fans, you’re in luck! This yordle’s been holding out for a hero! I’m talking a white knight riding upon a fiery steed kind of hero! And he’s gotta be sure, and it’s gotta be soon, and he’s gotta be LARGER than LIFE! Hey, this ‘hero’ is starting to sound a lot like somebody I know: DRAVEN! HA HA HA!

And last, but certainly not least


The original Star Guardian! The brightest light in humanity’s darkest hour! The one who taught us all what a ‘double rainbow’ really is! Just know that if you want to get with her, then you’ll have to go through three hundred pounds of Demacian Might. That’s right – she’s got an older brother! HA HA HA!



  • TBA; assumed to be all five STAR GUARDIAN skins


  • Your choice of any of the STAR GUARDIAN skins
  • TBA; assumed to be a STAR GUARDIAN-themed ward


  • Your choice of any of the STAR GUARDIAN skins


FIRST AND FOREMOST: You must have a League of Legends account on the NORTH AMERICAN server. I know our bachelorettes are out of this world, but my Riot Points are in the Northern Hemisphere! HA HA! Now, on to the fine print:

  • You must be following theblogofdraven during the time of the giveaway.
  • You must like or reblog this post to qualify.
  • You must own the champion whose skin you want/win.
  • No giveaway blogs! That’s what we in showbizz call CHEATING.
  • The giveaway ends once the STAR GUARDIAN skins come online the NA server!
  • Winners will be contacted through tumblr, so keep your ask boxes open!


I’ll Just Hum Along | ao3 | Listen to I’ll Just Wait Here Then

(DeanCas, 2k, post-10x05 coda)

For most people, waking up to the smell of coffee was heavenly.  The curling scent pulled the mind from a dream as stiff limbs stole a few extra moments to stretch out across the sheets before having to greet another heavy day.  However, Dean couldn’t remember the last time anything happened to him like most people and the only thing the smell of coffee caused was his stomach to plummet.  As he threw off his sheets and launched out of bed, Dean couldn’t help but think back on all of his brother’s disastrous attempts in the kitchen.  In the darkness of the room, he could see the playback.  The Father’s Day Pancake Incident when Sam was 7.  The Cupcake Catastrophe of ’92.  The dead patch on Bobby’s small lawn that never really grew back after Sam tried to dispose of the evidence of his fried rice attempt.  Dean had started to think Sam had a better track record taking out kitchen appliances than monsters.  There was a reason Dean taught Sam to make salads from such a young age.  As much as the older brother hated rabbit food, it was safer for everyone involved.

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anonymous asked:

Clawen Prompt: "I can't have sex with you. I'm married." Drunk Owen said to his wife, Claire, as she tries to get him out of his dirty clothes.

I honestly didn’t think anyone would send me a prompt, so hello anon, and thank you. This was a great prompt. I hope it garners some part of your expectation and satisfaction. 

It wasn’t every night that Owen managed to stumble through the front door, balance off, limbs completely useless. ‘Whoa there, Soldier,’ Claire teased, watching on from the hallway.

Jason’s bachelor party was an opportunity Owen couldn’t miss. He was a groomsman after all, and for some reason the idea was far too appealing. Owen held a particular fondness for the young monkey keeper, their camaraderie akin to brothers in arms. The announcement of his wedding only set into motion devious plans of a night full of alcohol and quite possibly scantily clad women.

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Drenched in hundreds and thousands of water droplets I approach the front door of my house. I fumble around in every pocket for the keys, only to drop them before finding the right one to open the door. I groan and lean forward on the head of the doorway and finally manage to shove the key into the hole, despite the numbness of my cold, quivering fingers.

Pressing the weight of my body onto the door, I turn the knob to open it. I gently close the door and shudder with the chills running up my spine. I remove my shoes and place them in the usual spot, blending the pair in the pile of shoes; I take my first step into the house and hear the thick, wet slop of my sock as it slaps against the wood, but I don’t stop there. I don’t care much; I just walked for thirty minutes from work, and on the way home I just happened to take part of the sky’s tantrum. Just a few minutes earlier the rain had pounded on my back harder than usual; the wind steered me off the sidewalk and onto the squishy mud. And when I attempted to regain a steady footing, the wind violently shoved me in all directions, as would a bully to a wimp. The trees that waved their branches to me earlier that morning now arched and conqueringly towered above all angrily. One moment I’m like the new kid at school being greeted by all, and the next I’m just part of the routine.

However, I won’t complain. Yes, the journey was long and rough, but it was worth the trouble because now, I’m home. I am not slogging away through puddles, nor hugging myself for warmth anymore. I’m still pretty wet here and there, but I’ll dry off eventually. This troublesome journey home is really similar to the journey ‘home’ in life.

There isn’t anyone who hasn’t come across a misfortune at least once in their life. Life is full of hardship and disappointment, but what really turns the boat is how each individual accepts them. Many, when in a predicament, place the entire situation under the ‘bad category’ because that is how things unfolded at the time. They could plan, plan, plan and everything still might go horribly wrong, and because of this it’s easier to expect the worst. On the other hand, there are people who see the good in things/try to find the best in every situation. Life is not afraid whatsoever to throw things to make your path bumpy. We can get frustrated and credit all of our problems to life, but that’s exactly how we shouldn’t respond; we should not let the tribulations that we encounter consume us and push us to force blame onto anything. Bad things happen everywhere but we, in our own time, get past them… somehow. After my long and tiresome walk, I ultimately was able to arrive home; even after being in the comfort of my home I was still wet from the rain, but I knew I’d later dry. Problems in life can leave us emotionally wounded, but with time the feelings that wouldn’t before leave us will go away. Yes, it may even take years for those raindrops to dry off, but it was worth getting ‘wet’ for.

Also, for those who seek Christ, a huge goal is to to go ‘home.’ Right now, or maybe later in life you might feel horrible about the different things that’s gradually enervated you to that low point, but after ‘this’ is all over, wouldn’t it be worth it? When you finally are able to be with your loved ones in that special place away from Earth, don’t you think you’ll look back and think, “For being given something so amazing as this, those things weren’t that bad”…? No matter how hard things may be, everyone has something they live for, something they strive for; seeing the ‘welcome mat’ of home is worth the long, difficult walk. Going through a lot of hardship makes the fulfillment even greater.

—  E.G. // It’s a Long Journey Home
Big-Sister Talk.

Swarto one-shot, totally SFW, SFF and fictional! 1000+ words, thoughts?

Replying to one last email and closing her laptop with a soft thud Sarah breathed a contented sigh. Off the clock at last. Rising from her post on the sofa she quietly padded into the kitchen.

‘I’m going out babe! See you later’ a voice called, echoing throughout their shared apartment.

'Wait, Hannah’ Sarah frowned, and rounded the corner to see her girlfriend pulling on her jacket.

'Where’re you going’ the blonde questioned, confusion pooling in her green eyes.

'I have plans’ Hannah smiled, grabbing her keys from the shallow bowl by the door.

'Plans..? Hannah I’m your manager, I know when you have meetings, appointments and all that shit. You’re free tonight’ Sarah stated, a small frown creasing her forehead.

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Butterfly Therapy

Summary: Rei is feeling down so Rin and Haru being awesome boyfriends take him to a butterfly pavilion.

Oh dear I hope this is okay… I’ve never wrote an OT3 before. Gosh just don’t even look at me. I’m so sorry if this is utter rubbish. I’m just going to go now… 

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