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Is it just me or does Chris change his voice from sweet to sexy when he says “yeah?” while talking to Kara? Like “So, I had a really nice time..” “Yeah?” “I’m just happy.” “Yeah?” “Reporting is my calling and I help people.” “Yeah?” AND EVERY FUCKING TIME HE DOES THAT I LIKE GET SO TURNED ON BY ONE SINGLE WORD FROM HIS MOUTH OH SHIT CALL A FUCKING AMBULANCE

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it’s cherry blossom season again!!!!!!!!! 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸💗💛🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼🌼

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Hi!! Sorry to bother, but I was thinking.. isn't this a not-so-smart thing to do for H right now? I mean, I'm SUPER excited for his music and I can't wait to hear it, but I honestly thought he was gonna wait till after Dunkirk. Do you think one will overshadow the other? I mean, im sure they thought about that obviously, but.. the two things just seem a little too close in time to me... (ps sorry for my English, it's not my native language, and thank you for your time!)


So, here’s the thing. This fandom has been saying that the best way for Harry to release his music would be to wait for Dunkirk promo to be over. I, for one, months ago, when asked how I’d handle Harry’s career moves, had theorised something like that. In the last weeks, though, it started being clear that their plans were different. And you know what? I think I’m gonna trust them over fandom’s talks, because they’re professional and they’re inside and close to the situation. Sure, to go with his first music project right at the same time as his first movie project, that mean they MUST be really confident they have great material in their hands. If they only put out average stuff, that’ll end up not so good. This also mean something people might not have considered. That yes, Harry wants to be an actor and a respectable one (he wouldn’t have gone for this kind of role otherwise), but that he wants to be a musician just the same, if not more. 

To do a joint, double promo push, you have to be brave and take a risk. What’s about to come for Harry is so so very delicate. They seem to be quite confident and I don’t see a reason to be worried about it. I’m personally excited and tend to trust them, if only for the huge bet they’re about to make. Harry’s been so very queit and hidden for an infinite time, he’s ready to handle this now. And if it works out as it’s meant to do, well, he’ll make a very big boom.

Your English is perfect and if it weren’t- just like mine- it certainly wouldn’ be a problem xx

Imagine, if you would, that Serena and Yuri got into an argument. 

Okay. They bicker back and forth. Yuri finds it amusing at first, but Serena’s not letting up. So eventually he gets bored and just stands there like this:

And then, while Serena is still yelling, Yuri just slowly lifts up his arm, activates his duel disk, and does this:

Serena becomes even more angry as she realizes what he’s about to do, and as she screams, “DON’T YOU DARE!”, he just deadpan stares at her while activating his magic card and disappears. 

He knows he’ll get an earful later when she finds him again, but making her mad is one of his favorite games.

Yuratchka-Speaks BLOOPER REEL Pt. 1
Yuratchka-Speaks BLOOPER REEL Pt. 1

Contains: every mistake I’ve made worthy of humour between my first audio to now, plus some behind the scenes type info on some audios

Okay so between my parents yelling and a thunderstorm, I couldn’t record a new audio, so I decided to put this up instead!

A/N: I had been saving my favourite bloopers from my first audio until now and I wanted to make a compilation, and since we’re close 1,500 followers I thought I would give this as an early milestone gift! I thought some parts were pretty funny, so I hope you guys enjoy!! Thank you so so much for listening!!!


okay so like remember when bin talked about eunwoo laughing in his sleep? he said he woke up because of a mosquito, right. but didn’t eunwoo say that bin is a heavy sleeper and therefore eunwoo has to call out to him a million times in the morning because he doesn’t wake up? so did bin really wake up because of a mosquito buzzing or was it a lie to cover up that they were sleeping in one bunk and moonbin woke up because eunwoo laughed into bin’s ear. 👀

pls obliterate the terms mary sue ect in usage describing any 11 year old artist’s oc who might be a self insert and who gives a fucking shti theyre 11 i was 11 u were 11 “yeah but i was cringy back then” not as cringy as you are right now crushing some kids dreams 4 the sake of a nonexistant “cringe culture” lemmeeee fuckin tell you