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Ok!! So!! I need money, for reasons, so this is just to get my art out there. How many people would like comissions?? Please reblog if you would, and honestly, sending it to your friends would be great too, I need all the traction I can get. I have an idea of prices, and I’ll discuss them with some of my friends, but feel free to contact me if you want to know what the current prices are! They could go up, they could go down.

Now, down to business.
I will draw the following.

-Gravity Falls
-Voltron, Legendary Defender

If I’ve missed anything, PM me and ask me if I’d be willing to draw X. I might, I might not. Onto what I will NOT draw.

-NSFW[This includes sex, gore, the likes]
-Anime characters with hella hard hair. Like dude, imagine how hard it is to draw that, let alone animate it.
- Racist, sexist, or anti-lgbt art. You have an extra fifty you’d throw in as a tip? Why nevermind, of course I’ll block you!
-Really anything that is morally wrong

anonymous asked:

just curious: why don't you wanna draw disney stuff? i wasn't gonna ask you to draw any; i just thought it was odd and didn't match the rest of the stuff you don't want to draw lol. thanks for being amazing btw <3 love you!

Because Disney is known to be very sensitive about their copyrighted material and even if I say you only pay for my worktime, they might still get pissed.
They’re known to send cease and desist letters as well as having contacted a whole anime convention because people sold disney fanart there. Soooo … I’d rather not.

Selling of fanart is a gray area in general. Technically it’s illegal but most japanese companies don’t seem to care much? I think it’s more beneficial and advertising for their product than sueing people over fanart. (although there has been a known case of someone getting told off for a Sailor Moon fan-artbook?)


GRANRODEO / move on! イバラミチ - short ver.

  • harry, yelling across the common room: potter!
  • draco: malfoy!
  • harry: POTTER.
  • draco: MALFOY.
  • harry: POTTER!!!
  • draco: MALFOY!!!!!!
  • ron: wait, why are they both shouting their own last names?
  • hermione, without looking up from her book: they're fighting over which one to use when they get married.

things the world needs more of:

  • Grandpa Torino
  • Dad Might
  • Dadzawa
  • Mama Inko
  • Kirishima & Tsuyu big bro/big sis-ing the class
  • Bakugou’s friendship with Kiri and Kami
  • Tokoyami & Kouda’s friendship
  • Todoroki & Iida interaction/friendship
  • Uraraka’s Hot Blooded MANLINESS nature
  • Jirou fucking with Kaminari just because
  • Tokoyami being all dark and brooding and dorky
  • the kids lovingly roasting Bakugou
  • Shouji helping everyone b/c he is the ultimate Big Bro
  • Satou being adorkable and baking everyone cakes for their birthdays
  • Aoyama learning how to Friend b/c he wants to be equal w/ the class but doesn’t really know how to connect with the rest of them
  • Kouta punching Bakugou in the balls coming back
  • Eri & Kouta friendship
  • Momo helping everyone b/c she loves helping and being useful and the class finding this adorable
  • Todoroki being adorably oblivious and trying to reach out and be friends with the class
  • Tsuyu’s cute nicknames for everyone, and her bluntly saying things
  • Kaminari being dorky and cowardly but determined
  • Mina accidentally fucking with Aoyama
  • the class taking care of All Might b/c they love and care for him
  • Izuku dad-ing everyone (especially little lost kids)
  • Bakugou aggressively caring and being nice and cooking meals for the class (while making it spicey to show that he’s absolutely Not Being Nice)
  • Mirio and Tamaki’s friendship
  • Nijire’s relationship with them??? so cute
  • Tetsutetsu and Kirishima’s friendship and their bond over MANLINESS (+ maybe Uraraka b/c she Gets That Shit)
  • everyone cheering Tamaki on
  • Sero using his tape to prank literally everyone
  • Ojirou’s personal morals (he refused to move on in the Sports Festival b/c he was mind controlled and didn’t think he deserved that and i wanna learn more about him)
  • baby All Might with Nana and Torino
  • Mic and Aizawa’s friendship
  • Iida being Overly Responsible and Encouraging but in an endearing way
  • Todoroki with his mom and siblings
  • Uraraka training with hand to hand combat/self defense
  • Midnight b/c she had few teaching moments but she’s always really nice and competent and supportive when she’s in that role and i love it and she’s like the Cool Big Sis and i wanna see more of that
  • Mic getting protective of his friends/students and trying to beat up annoying civilians 
  • Bakugou with small animals
  • Momo being adorably oblivious b/c of how rich she is
  • Tooru wearing new and even cuter clothes 
  • Aizawa wearing mis-matched clothes b/c he’s a hobo
  • All Might wearing clothes that fit
  • class slumber parties
  • hugs
  • the kids being dorky little kids and doing silly dorky childish things 
  • hairstyling & makeovers
  • karaoke sessions where only a percentage of the class is actually good at singing and everyone else sucks but that’s what makes it fun
  • not gonna lie i’d love to see what would happen if Aoyama and Tokoyami were paired up in a team exercise training
  • seeing characters who normally don’t interact that much teaming up (like Sero & Tsuyu, or Kouta & Tooru, or Bakugou & Momo)
  • Aizawa with different hairstyles
  • the kids looking to Izuku and Bakugou for leadership
  • Mic being that Weird Eccentric Uncle
  • the kids having mini little competitions (snowball fights, videogame competitions, eating contests, etc)
  • the kids all subtly taking care of one another
  • the kid’s borrowing each other’s clothes
  • Cementoss b/c honestly what a sweetheart
  • Thirteen too, he’s just so adorable
  • all of the teachers really
  • Endeavor getting punched in the face
  • the kids admiring each other’s scars (including All Might’s and Aizawa’s)
  • Izuku’s fanboy nature
  • Izuku bonding with his classmates over various heroes (like Red Riot w/ Kirishima, or Gunhead/Thirteen w/ Uraraka, etc)
  • the class finding out about Izuku’s notebooks and realizing that they’re in them
  • All Might being a complete dork and fumbling a lot in general
  • Bakugou subtly encouraging his classmates
  • Bakugou subtly looking out for All Might
  • pillow fight wars
  • Todoroki bringing his mom to the class
  • the kids finding out that Bakugou is exactly like his mom
  • the kids fighting over the tv remote b/c they can’t decide what to watch
  • Dark Shadow blushing
  • less Mineta