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He’s weak for the most ridiculous stuff and they 100% know and take full advantage of it

Double Take

Originally posted by marvel-freak

Originally posted by marvel-freak

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: To say that you were shocked when you thought you slapped your boyfriend’s ass, but instead it was someone else, was an understatement. 

Word Count: 1034 words

Warning: Light swearing, Bucky being a smartass. 

A/N: Something fun I wrote while I was stuck with a writer’s block for Chamber of Secrets. Let me know what you think!

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Only Us (Part 2)

Pairing: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Summary:  What happens when the reader saves Spiderman…while he’s saving you?(kind of? I don’t know. Fuck it.)

Word Count: 2388

Warning(s): Mean parents, swearing, and slightly sexual remarks.

Additional Notes: Frank Gallagher is a character int the TV show Shameless(it’s amazing please watch it) and he is pretty much always drinking. (Also if you would like to be tagged for every part of this series let me know by commenting or something else idk)

Part 1

My phone rang loudly as light crept in from the window. Fuck. I thought as my eyes focused on the time on the far wall of my small bedroom. 6:15. I hated school. I groaned getting up turning of my alarm, yawning and stretching. I tugged my short shorts down that I slept in overnight and opened the door walking to the bathroom avoiding the beer bottles that littered the dark carpet. My hand reached for the door before it was yanked open. A middle aged man stood in front of me wearing only his boxers. I shuttered stepping back.

“Who do we have here?” He grinned down at me. I shivered taking another step back.

“Who the hell are you?” I asked glaring at him fear still gripping me.

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i thought of something
  • headcanon that kageyama uses that egg shaped eos lip balm thing and he uses the blueberry kind and almost all of the team laughs at him for it (sugawara approves of him taking care of himself in contrast to how the other teammates do for themselves and kiyoko is glad that someone else likes to use it) but hinata low key really likes it when tobio applies lip balm bc it makes his lips really shiny and they look really appetizing and-
  • hinata swears that he isn’t gay
  • //and he’s a horrible liar//
  • but hey that's just an idea
urge (saeran x mc?)

a/n: i don’t have any idea what this is. i’m supposed to finish something else, but i got this stupid idea. might expand on it once i figure out which direction i want it to go. considering it a oneshot for the time being. lots of spoilers for unknown, 707 and the secret ends. 

summary: He had kept their mother alive in his thoughts. Too alive, perhaps.

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Last night I swear I saw a shooting star. I wished you were at the party because you said you would. Half an hour later I spotted you with your friends but you were like… Your eyes were looking for something else.
—  The problem is that I don’t know what you were looking for.
The War is Coming (Hamilsquad x Fem. Reader)

So this is my first fic I’ve ever written and these are just for fun and something to do so if you have any kind suggestions to improve my writing it’d be helpful.

This is going to be a series because I have ideas for ways this can keep going.

Overview: Reader and Alexander play a prank on the rest of the Hamilsquad

Word Count: 1,050

Trigger Warnings: Swearing, nothing else I can think of

Part 2

You woke up groggy and tired to the sound of your phone ringing, or at least that was what you thought. You removed your hair from your face and checked your phone and saw that no, nobody was calling you, but your friend Alexander kept texting you one word over and over again to get your attention. “Y/N”.

Y/N/N: Why are you texting me it’s like 3 in the morning

Ham da man: Come over to my place as soon as you can. Bring a camera. Be quiet. Let me know when to let you in.

Y/N/N: Why? Can’t I just sleep?

Ham da man: I’ll explain when you get here just come pleaseeee

Y/N/N: Fine, but it better be worth getting put of bed at THREE IN THE MORNING FOR

Ham da man: Trust me it will be

You threw your phone back on the bed and got out of bed. You didn’t need to get dressed, did you? You’re just going to the apartment that your best friends Lafayette, John, Hercules, and Alexander share for some strange unknown reason at three in the morning. That didn’t really convince yourself. You decided not to change and then threw on a jacket, grabbed your camera and phone, and left your own apartment. Good thing you live in the same building because you really weren’t in the mood for driving.

Y/N/N: I’m right outside your door Hammy.

Ham da man: Don’t call me hammy

You were rolling your eyes when the door opened quietly and no one other than Alexander Hamilton was standing behind it. He had his long, dark hair pulled back in its usual ponytail and was wearing sweats and a tee shirt.

“Morning, sunshine,” Alex whispered as he gestured for you to come in. You smiled brightly and sarcastically.

“What’s the deal? Why do I have to be here at 3:07 am?” You asked as you checked the time on your phone.

“Right, well, I forgot to ask if I can spend the night at your house after this.” He semi-answered. “So, could I?” He asked and made puppy dog eyes that you probably couldn’t resist even if he was asking you to break into a house for him.

“Sure, whatever. You still haven’t answered my question though.” You started braiding your hair, realizing how messy it must be.

“Oh, right. Well you see this?” He asked as he pulled a picture up on his phone. The brightness was all the way up in the dark room, causing you to squint as it was like a flashlight shining in you eyes. Alex laughed as he turned the brightness down so you could see the picture of cups of water filling up an entire room. You nodded. “Well, I went out to Walmart today and bought a ton of disposable cups and a bucket to fill with water and fill the cups in. You want to help?” He asked hopefully.

“Let me think….No.” You heard him sigh as you started to leave before you turned around and said “Did you really think I would say no to this? I’m definitely in.” You walked quickly over to Alex while he pumped his fist and started opening to cups.

“You go fill the bucket in the sink.”

Eventually your work was done and the hallway leading to their rooms and part of the dining room floor was covered in cups full of water. It only took two hours with both of you working on it. Once you thought you heard Hercules wake up and get out of bed but he must’ve just rolled out and slept through it.

“Thanks for helping me, Y/N. I almost called the Schuylers but I decided it would be too many people and it’d be too loud or something,” Alex said as you both threw away the packaging the cups came in.

“Anytime. But you do realize what happens after this, right?” You asked as you set up the camera.

“Yeah, I’ve probably started a war. What’s the worst that could happen though?” He said, obviously trying to convince himself more than you.

“I guess. So, you ready to leave before someone gets up?” He was drying out the bucket before putting the clothes and other items he grabbed to bring over to your place.

“Almost, let me do this first.” You have him a questioning look as he grabbed one more thing out of the Walmart bag. Liquid water flavoring. The kind that will stain of it gets on the carpet. “If we put this in some of the cups they won’t be able to just dump it out on the carpet and let it dry.”

“Good idea,” you answered as you took it from him and started to squirt a little bit of it in some of the cups. After a few rows of cups you decided it was enough and left with Alex.

The next morning you woke up to your- No, not just your phone buzzing, Alex’s phone buzzing too. He was already awake on your bedroom floor watching something on TV and trying to not laugh too loudly at the texts.

“Morning,” You said as you adjusted yourself to read the texts on his phone.

“Good, you’re awake Y/N. Check out all these angry texts from the guys,” Alex said as he handed you his phone.


Baguette Man: WHAT?

Turtle Boy: Guys what are you talking about

Horsefucker: OPEN YOUR DOOR

Turtle Boy: [Image Attached] WHY

Baguette Man: Why isn’t Alex answering

Turtle boy: DAMMIT ALEX

Horsefucker: He’s not even home

Turtle Boy: I bet he’s with Y/N, she’s not answering either.

There were many more messages but you two were laughing way too hard to read them right away. You both got up and went to the kitchen to get breakfast before going to Alex’s place when your phones suddenly stopped receiving messages from the boys.

“Shit,” Alex whispered as he checked his phone. “They must’ve figured out how you’re supposed to get out of it.” That’s when you both heard loud knocks and yelling at the door.


Length: this chapter has 1301 words

A SnowBaz fic.

An AU where Baz and Simon never got together, and Simon kept his magic, and they meet after a few years and Baz is doing ballet. Simon thinks it’s hilarious, and stays just to torment Baz. 

Written for a prompt from @basiltxnpitch told ya I would do it :P

Pretty sure I don’t need and t/w’s for this. Angst, dancing, swearing (of course there is swearing. if you are advers to swearing you wouldn’t have read Carry On).

A/N: This is the first fic I have ever posted anywhere, and for a publshed author i am extremely self-consious about my writing. Please be kind and bear in mind that I’ve never done this before. Enjoy! Later chapters posted when I’ve written them.

[Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3] [Chapter 4] [Chapter 5] [Chapter 6]  [Chapter 7]  [Chapter 8]  [Chapter 9] [Chapter 10]  [Chapter 11]  [Chapter 12]  [Chapter 13]  [Chapter 14]  [Chapter 15]   [Chapter 16]  [Chapter 17]  [Chapter 18]  [Chapter 19]  [Chapter 20]


Chapter One: Simon

I strode through the streets of London, as lost as a bloody curtain in a rug shop. I’d thought Penny said left, left, right, but apparently she had said something else. Or maybe I had missed a turn. I don’t know. To make matters worse, I had left my phone… somewhere. Maybe at home. Dunno. But I was getting flustered, and frustrated, and I couldn’t find the damn bookshop that Penny was working at.

Crowley, where is it?

I crossed another road, and just as I was stepping up onto the curb a red convertible sped by, almost hitting me.

“Slow the fuck down you fucking idiot!” I shouted, but the car was already turning the next corner. A few people were shooting me strange looks. A woman wearing an olive green pantsuit with a dyed blonde bob cut and crow’s-feet approached me, a snide sneer on her face. I rolled my eyes inwardly and sighed quietly.

“You really should watch your language young man. That is an inappropriate way to –”

Fuck off.” I growled.

She stepped back, shocked, as I pushed past her and scanned the streets, looking for any sign of the Let Nothing Separate Us Bookshop.

“I beg your pardon?”

“That prick nearly ran me over, I’m allowed to swear.”

The woman spluttered and reached out for my arm, but I pulled away from her catlike nails and jogged along the pavement.

Right, I thought, that’s it. I’m done. Time to ask for directions.

I wasn’t against asking for directions, I didn’t feel like I was above it or anything stupid, I just preferred to try and sort things out my way first. (It rarely panned out that way.)

I turned to my right into a tall building. I didn’t read the sign on the door; it was in an area full of shops and such, so it had to be something like that. I knew that at least I wasn’t walking into someone’s house. (I had done that before.) (A few times.)

There was a marble desk on the wooden floor, but nobody was attending it. I checked out a business card on the desk: Beat’s School of Dance.

Of course I had wandered into a dance school. I didn’t have anything against dance, but I was hoping against hope that nobody I knew had seen me come in here, especially nobody I knew from Watford. I could just imagine someone like Dev, or Niall or Baz seeing me come in here, and spreading it around all our old schoolmates: Simon Snow does ballet! The Greatest Mage, the guy who saved the world, the guy who used to date Agatha Wellbelove, dancing!

That would be embarrassing. But I was here now, so I figured I would be best to find someone to ask for directions, then get out of there. I jogged up a narrow staircase lightly, and followed my ears towards a room overflowing with ballet-type music. I peered in through a window, expecting to see a bunch of kids leaning on a bar. Instead, it appeared to be an adult’s class. That didn’t bother me either, I just didn’t expect it.

I was about to go in and ask the instructor for some directions, but then I stopped. The class was full of probably nineteen women and one man, who I had briefly mistaken for a woman. His hair was tied up in a tight ponytail, and he was quite slender and graceful, which is what led me to believe he was a woman. But then the dancers all stopped dancing and he stood up straight, and I saw some recognisable traits.

He was a man, definitely. Despite being relatively slender, he was still a little bit broader than your average female ballerina, and his arms were bulging with muscles. (I mean, imagine how much strength it would take to be a male ballerina. They get all the lifting parts, where they’ve got to support a woman on one hand and tiptoe across a stage. It’s almost scary how strong they would have to be.)

And then I saw his face. (Don’t sing I’m a Believer. Don’t do it.)(Fairly strong love spell.)(Well, it makes you confess your love, anyway. It only works if you’re already in love.)

His long black hair was doused with sweat, loose strands sticking to his face. His pointy, regal (slightly crooked) nose. Blue-grey eyes like the ocean after a storm. And he was three inches taller than me.

Baz. Basil. Basilton.

Tyrannus Basilton fucking Grimm-Pitch.

The guy who made my life hell for the entire time I was at Watford. The vampire who tried to kill me too many times to count.

Doing ballet.

Baz Pitch does ballet and he looks graceful as fuck, damn the pompous prick. He would manage to look graceful falling off a fucking cliff.

He was wearing black tights that didn’t leave much to the imagination (oh Crowley, Simon, look away!), and a loose-fitting black shirt. Even his ballet shoes were black. The guy was basically darkness incarnate, and here he was doing ballet.

It was almost enough to make a grown man cry. (I giggled instead. Try telling me you wouldn’t.)

He was stretching his arms up above his head, joking with one of the women, and his shirt lifted up slightly, exposing his belly. Holy shit he’s ripped. Was he like that when we shared a room? 

It was almost entrancing to watch him drift around, grinning at people, laughing softly. It was like another world.

Then the instructor saw me peering in through the window and bounded lightly over to the door.


She opened the door.

Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit sh-

She beckoned me inside without a word.


I followed her sombrely into the studio, eyes on the floor.

“It seems we have a new recruit!” she announced to the class, auburn ponytail forming a dead straight line down to her shoulder blades. Damn, even her hair was disciplined.

“No,” I insisted, “I was just-”

“Staring into a room full of women in skin-tight clothes?” She asked sternly.

I felt blood rush to my cheeks. “No I wasn’t watching them, I just-”

“Oh, so you were watching Basil? Watching a man in skin-tight clothes is as poor an excuse as watching women.”

I could feel Baz’s eyes burning into the side of my head, but I didn’t dare look. Oh, it would be fucking glorious to be able to bask in the joy of having this over his head, but I was blushing far too furiously to even consider smirking at him to be a viable option.

“No, I wasn’t doing that either I was just-”

“Looking for directions?” She asked, giving me a sharp look.

“Yes!” I insisted.

“And you thought you were going to find them by peering in the window did you?”

No. I was staring at Baz, but only because this is so weird.

“No, of course not, but the dancing and interactions of the dancers were so entrancing, and I didn’t want to interrupt.”

She raised an appraising eyebrow, but I was certain she didn’t believe me.

“Right. Well, if you want directions from here you will wait until the end of class. You can either join in or sit in the lobby. Or you can leave, and find them somewhere else. Your choice.”
I’ll go. I’ll leave. I need to find Penny’s bookshop.

I felt Baz’s eyes as hot as flames on the side of my head.

I should go. I thought.

“I’ll stay.” I said. “I’ll learn how to dance.”

I glanced at Baz out of the corner of my eye and it looked like he was going to burst into flames.

Oh yeah, this would be worth it.

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When Jared shot Benjamin and they took Benjamin back where Carol and the kingdoms were I swear to god who doesn't know how to stop blood flow age you get a belt and tie it around not use flippin napkins I mean come on Carol you know better than that *smh*

I thought of that too honestly XD but then again the bullet must’ve hit his big femoral artery which cause the blood to spew so much…plus considering that none of them are doctors during the “surgery” they might have hit something else and caused it to bleed even more…so he bled out to death… :(

Okay, i’ve finally formulated some thoughts. but it’s 3am, so bare with me.

Jooheon get’s more suspicious every clan part, i swear. see, in lost he wasn’t all that suspicious. He got people the goods, yeah, but that in an of itself didn’t seem too strange considering everything else. He got more suspicious during fighter, because he was definitely doing something the others weren’t completely clued into (except maybe changkyun?) getting drug gummy bears (i still don’t know with that) and generally giving people their positions.

So my best guess is that Jooheon is masterminding something. likely their rebellion from the events of all in. Listen. I expected beautiful to take place after everything else, but i shouldn’t have because it clearly doesn’t and i’m not entirely convinced any of the mvs take place at different times than the rest.

Jooheon is doing something, anyway, and i’m pretty convinced changkyun is the most clued into what that is. i mean, look at fighter. He and Wonho are the only ones, aside from jooheon bc jooheon is always up to something, who’s actions aren’t directly influenced by someone else in the mv (mostly jooheon). Wonho, though i believe also more aware than some of the others, i don’t think is totally in the know here.

See if you look at All In, these two are the two that help minhyuk burn a place to the ground. they are the least active parts of All In. (except kihyun but his character in the mv was busy being fucking disabled give the guy a break). Then, you have fighter where the most active members of All In, become the least active. Hyungwon and Minhyuk don’t do anything until Jooheon arrives. Shownu is by himself, punching a wall (preparing for something?) but is otherwise inactive in making progress to a goal until after jooheon knights him.

Then you have kihyun, who’s playing some sort of an active roll, but is directly taking influence, or even orders, from someone else. (I’m going to go out on a limb and say jooheon)

Meanwhile, who are the two that do the most on their own? Changkyun and Wonho. 

Also, the heart. It’s absent from beautiful. The second most prominent symbol in the mvs, is absent? for what reason? They find it at the end of all in, it’s seen along side everyone’s (except changkyun, who doesn’t have one) solo shots in fighter. Yet, here it’s absent. Why?

the other most prominent symbol, is there, so it wasn’t as if they’d suddenly forgotten everything they set up.

I’m convinced, in a way, that beautiful and fighter (at least) take place simultaneously, and the absence of the heart is because the end of beautiful is also the end of fighter (their escape) before the solo shots. This MV has no basis in a working world. There are no area’s outside of this one building (whatever it is) that are seen, really. Whereas, fighter had some more realistic things put into the symbolic areas and things. and all in was mostly reality based.

All In is the reality of their situations. Fighter is after All In (maybe), and is the reality, as well as their way of either escaping their situation and/or reality, while Beautiful is their metaphorical version of this same struggle, and what leads to their actions in and after Fighter. (see the mallet? for wonho, or the flower, or, or, its 3am- almost 4 now- man i can’t be expected to remember everything)

anyway that’s it that’s all i’ve got. tell me how bad my theory is or if you agree if you want i love to ramble and/or get feedback.

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[ Ten random thoughts that might go through Zul’Jawa’s head during the day! ]

i) “I swear, it’s a genius idea… to take some dancers and drummers, head to the Isles, and put on a performance for the warriors stationed there… give them a chance to relax, remind them of what they’re fighting for…”

ii) “I’d kill… no, seriously maim… for some Kungaloosh right about now.”

iii) “I wonder what Ajira’s gonna grow up to be… a War Dancer like his father… a Shadow Hunter like his mother…? Something else… something greater than us both…”

iv) “Zugon is growing up so quickly… every day, he’s taller. Soon, he’s going to be taller than Nel… spirits be praised, soon, he’s going to be taller than me. Dar’Kran would be so proud.”

v) “I miss Dar’Kran.”

vi) “I need to send out those missives to Orgrimmar… check in and see if the Revantusk are going to send their promised reinforcements and supplies… see if the Shatterspear regiment is doing well with their training…? Spirits, sometimes I feel like I’m the Chieftain of the Darkspears.”

vii) “If I was the Chieftain… I mean, I feel like I’d have some good ideas to bring to the table. And Sylvanas is the Warchief, it really can’t be that hard.”

viii) “I’d rather be surfing right now.”

ix) “I’m gonna surprise Nel and make some of that jambalaya she loves so much for supper.”

x) “Maybe I’ll surprise her again tonight.”

[ What can I say? Zul’s a busy mon, but you tend to daydream and drift quite a bit when you’re filling out paperwork. ^^ Tags to out to @zandalarki and @neleko for character mentions. ]

I wonder if the riders remember "The Longest Day"

I wonder if Astrid remembers being overly cheerful to the point of sheer insanity, if Snotlout remembers yelling, then crying, then swearing, then crying, then yelling again.

I wonder if Fishlegs recalls thinking that every rider on the Edge wanted to slaughter him, and he thought Hiccup wasn’t there because he was secretly building an army to enslave the world or something.

I also wonder if the Twins recall getting mad-ass hallucinations, seeing Ruffnut-sized Chickens and Ruffnut calling out to herself. Or if Heather remembers falling flat on her face a thousand times.

Actually come to think of it, seeing as Heather’s was the one that was affected physically rather than mentally, maybe she actually remembers it, and no one else does. She’s never brought it up to them since, having never worked out if it was some messed up dream she had once….

Forgetting Him (Part 1)

Originally posted by theshieldisthefuture

A/N: This is a follow up series called Forgetting him. I Love You… came to an end and I thought with it being a cute ending as wells as quite a few others that I continued it the story of the readers life with Dean being her new friend.

Summary: With not having a happy ending with Roman, Dean makes it his mission to help you forget about him by being your new best friend, but is Dean looking for something else then just a new friendship? Will he try and make a move on you? Does he know that it’s to soon for you to date again? Or is it?

Pairings: Dean X Reader

Warnings: Swearing and mentions of alcohol.

A few months had went by since Dean said that you were going to be his new best friend, in the beginning you wanted to punch him in the face, because he was always around. Like you would come home from work and he would be waiting for you by your front door or on the weekends he would be at your house at 7am. Like who the hell gets up that early just to sit on someone else couch.

But once you accepted that fact that he wasn’t leaving your side, he was a lot of fun to be around. He was silly, his jokes were stupid and drove you insane but the way you could see his eyes light up when he said he had a new one to tell you, you couldn’t not laugh. And he never stood still, he enjoyed the same video games as you, the same movies and he was alway trying to wrestle you.

You were cooking dinner and Dean was standing, well bouncing next to you.

“Dean could you stand still!” You said, staring up at him.

“No! I’m sooooo hungry! And that looks sooooo good!” Dean whined.

You rolled your eyes. “Dean it’s just a hamburger! There is nothing special about it!”

“Your cooking is the best!”

“You would say that about cereal if you didn’t have to get it!”

Dean started laughing and nodding his head fast. “That’s very true!”

You shook your head as you turned off the burner off and moved the pan to the back burner. 

“Ok, you get the chips, dip, drinks and I’ll put all the stuff on the burgers” You said, grabbing the buns.

Once everything was done, you and Dean quickly made you way into the living room and sat on the couch.

Dean reached out and grabbed the remote to play the movie. You settled into the couch and took a bite from you burger.

Dean handed you a beer and then took a bite of his burger and moaned. 

“This is so fucking good!” Dean said, taking another bite.

You smiled and shook you head. “You’re such a dork!”

Dean smiled one of his smiles that showed his dimples, before licking his lips and eating more.

Originally posted by night-thinking-day-dreamingg

Dean was laying on the floor with his hands on his stomach as you cleaned up after the movie. You picked up the beer bottles and threw them out.

“Hey, Y/N/N!” Dean called for you. You walked back into the living room and sat on the floor next to him.


“Can I stay the night? I don’t really wanna drive home and be….alone” Dean said. Things have changed in the last few months. Dean and you had gotten really close, Seth moved out and into a place with his girlfriend, leaving Dean all alone and you haven’t talked to Roman in two months. 

“Hmmm, Sure. But you have to sleep in my room, because you made me watch that damn horror movie!”

Dean started laughing before saying. “Alright, I’m fine with that”

You and Dean made your way upstairs and into your bedroom. You yawned as you walked over to your dresser and grabbed some sleep shorts and a shirt.

You turned around and seen Dean taking his pants off, folding them and then just throw them on the floor. Taking off his shirt, Dean crawled into your bed and sighed. You quickly looked away from him with a light blush on your cheek as you walked into your on-suit.

When you came out of the bathroom you crawled in next to Dean, pulling the blanket on your lap and turning off the light.

You were all snuggled into bed when suddenly Dean reached over and intertwined your hands. You didn’t say anything and you didn’t pull your hand away, you just gave Dean’s hand a squeeze. 

Since the day he told you to forget about Roman, that was his thing, he would just at random times hold your hand. You had asked him why one time and he told you that it was because he was going to be here for you, holding your hand the whole way.

Dean brought your hand to his lips, giving it a kiss, before say. “Goodnight, Y/N”

You have a light smile on your face. “Goodnight, Dean”

The Next Morning-

Originally posted by my-skinny-lovee

You were downstairs looking for something to eat, when you heard Dean’s rough, raspy morning voice behind you. 

“Morning” Dean grumbled. You turned around and had a amused smile on your face. 

Dean just stared back with a grumpy face, he had his jeans on but they weren’t buttoned or zipped and his belt was hanging off of them. “D’awww! Someone isn’t a morning person!” You said, walking over and pinching his cheeks.

Dean just continued to stare at you, until a little smile spared on his face.

“How can I stay grumpy when I get to see this lovely face in the morning”

You hit his bare chest playfully. “Shut it, Ambrose!” 

“Ooooo! Using my last name! Should I be scared?!” Dean asked, fake trembling.

You turned and gave him a playful glare. “You should be very scared” 

Dean suddenly picked you up and threw you over his shoulder and ran into the living room, throwing you down on the couch and then pouncing on top of you.

“I think it should be you who should be scared!” Dean growled.

Either one of you could help it, you both started laughing. Dean buried his face into the crook of your neck as he shook with laugher.

“You’re so stupid, Dean!” 

“So are you!” 

Once you both stopped laughing, you shoved at Dean, who was still laying on top of you.

“Get off of me, you big fuck!” Dean laughed, before rolling off of you and on to the floor with thud.

“I’m hungry!” Dean said.

“Me too”

“I’m bored!” Dean whined.

“Me too”

“I’m thirsty!” Dean whined louder.

“Me too”

“I-” You cut Dean off. “Dean I swear I will punch you!”

“I was going to say that I have an idea, but I guess you don’t want to hear it!”

You looked down at Dean, who was trying to hide a smile. “Just tell me!” 

Dean looked up at you, before sitting up and facing you. “Well theres a carnival in town and I was thinking we could go to that today” 

You smiled and nodded you head quickly.”Oh my god! Yes! Lets go now!” You stood and all but ran upstairs.

First part is done! I think this story it’s going to be really sweet! 

Sebastian Stan - Best Birthday Ever

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It’s Sebastian’s birthday and the two of you have planned to spend the day together in bed watching movies. Of course, you would do anything else he wanted as well, it is his birthday after all.

Sebastian x Reader

Not requested but it’s Sebby’s birthday so I thought I’d write a little something for it.

Warning: Swearing, smut, and Dom!Sebastian

Chapter 1

Your eyes fluttered open to the sun streaming in through the window, you smiled as you admired the way the sun lit up Sebastian’s face making him look like an angel. You pressed a gentle kiss to his forehead before quickly and quietly climbing out of bed and tiptoeing into the kitchen.

Today was Sebastian’s birthday and the two you had planned on spending the entire day together in bed watching movies. Of course, there were going to be other activities in between.

You hummed to yourself as you made his favorite breakfast, you jumped and squeaked when you felt his strong arms wrap around your waist, he nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck, “Good morning,” he mumbled sleepily making you chuckle.

“Good morning. I was going to bring you breakfast in bed, you kinda ruined my plan baby,” you replied as you continued making his breakfast.

“Well, I woke up to you not in bed so I wondered where you were.”

“Well, Sebby looks like you found me,” you replied with a smile.

“Yes, I did,” he said as he started placing light kisses on your neck.

“Sebastian, I’m trying to make breakfast,” you whispered as he continued to pepper kisses on your neck and shoulder and you felt him slide his hands under your shirt and grab your hips.

“Forget breakfast. Just come back to bed,” he mumbled into your shoulder.

“It’s almost done. Come on, just eat it and then we can do whatever you want,” you replied as you turned the stove off.

“Anything?” he asked as he let go of you to get two plates out of the cupboard.

“Anything,” you said with a wink, you pressed a quick kiss to his lips but pulled away before he could deepen it and he pouted at you. “You’re adorable,” you said as you pinched his cheeks before dishing out the food onto the plates.

The two of you sat together on the couch and ate in silence but you could feel his eyes roaming up and down your body as you ate together.

He had a tendency to do this and it always made you feel flustered.

He grabbed the plates when you had both finished eating and washed them up before pulling you up from the couch and throwing you over his shoulder. You squealed and smacked his back playfully as he carried you back to the bedroom where he threw you down onto the bed and after kicking the door closed he crawled onto the bed and nestled his muscular body in between your legs.

“Now, I believe you said that after we ate, we could do anything I wanted,” he whispered into your ear.

“I think I did. What do you want to do baby?” you whispered back.

He lifted his head up and you stared into those blue pools that you fell in love with all those years ago.

“Let me think,” he said as he stroked your cheek with his index finger. “I want to fuck you, baby. I really want to fuck you,” he said in a low voice.

“So what’s stopping you?” your voice was laced with lust which only seemed his lust for you grow.

“You’re wearing too many layers, Y/N. You’re wearing way too many layers.”

“What do you want me to do?” you asked, God, you loved it when he was like this.

“Take them off, slowly,” he whispered, his eyes and his voice were full of lust, and even after five years you loved the fact that he got like this because of you. You followed his orders when he got off of you and slowly removed your shirt, his eyes darkened when he saw that you were wearing no bra, you then stood up from the bed and slowly slid your panties down your legs, his eyes were following your every move and you smirked.

“Now what do want me to do?” you asked as he removed his underwear, he always slept in just his boxers and it was a wonder how you ever got any sleep.

“Lay down,” you did as he said and laid down on your back with your legs parted for him. “Now, close your eyes and don’t move,” he whispered as he slowly slid his hands up your legs.

The two of you were in for a very good morning.

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fluorescent-cats  asked:

ELIZABETH (yikesjosten here) can i pls proclajm my everlasting lov 4 u also pls pls pls go on about tfc baking au's ok bless

YOU BET I CAN *cracks knuckles*

  • see I’m a firm believer in Andrew doing things that are methodical and require concentration when he wakes up from nightmares and his thoughts are too loud, because then he has something else to occupy his mind
  • and also I believe that over the years he’ll slowly build up a collection of things that make life a little more bearable aside from exy and Neil
  • so baking is one of them
  • has Andrew ever had the luxury of just baking things on his own? free of restriction and nobody watching over him? I don’t think so
  • so when him and Neil get an apartment and cats, and Renee starts sending him recipes he can truly experiment with food
    • also I swear they never cooked in the books? it was always takeout?
    • they were probably always busy with practice, and even if they did have time to cook it would have been simple, poor university student food
  • he makes everything Renee sends him, and in between recipe books he finds his own
  • he especially likes making his own ice-cream, and he veers away from what the recipe says is an appropriate amount of chocolate and adds in extra, along with a whole lot of other sugary goodness
  • he makes his own pretzels, and little snacks, and cookies
    • Andrew may have eaten half the raw cookie dough but that’s beside the point
  • can you imagine them sitting on the sofa together eating bowls of all this nice food, with the tv on in the background and cats curled up on Neil’s lap, because I can and it’s amazing 
  • he stockpiles recipes that he thinks are worthy, and every time Renee visits he gives her a half-hearted attempt at his own version of a cook book
  • also BAKE-OFFS, Renee vs. Andrew
    • kind of like sparring, but baking
    • they spend an afternoon making things, and they try to get Neil to be the judge but he refuses. but later on Neil will kiss Andrew a little more and Andrew will know he’s the winner
    • if Andrew and Renee entered a baking competition, they would Destroy
    • they wouldn’t have to do anything and the other contestants will be in tears, just from their presence alone
  • one time Neil accidentally put the salt into the sugar container, promptly ruining Andrew’s cake
    • and Andrew makes Neil eat it out of petty revenge
    • and Neil the sweet boy he is eats it without saying a word
    • but in his mind he’s thinking, ‘this doesn’t taste quite right but Andrew made it so I guess it’s meant to be like this?’
  • Andrew also likes making pastries, and doughnuts with glaze and sprinkles
  • he makes things with fruit in them for Neil, like apple crumble, apricot muffins, and I’m certain he ends up making jam okay
  • he makes lots of different kinds of bread too, and he gets to be technical and plait it in intricate ways, and each time he makes something it’s always in a different design
    • he tried to make bread in the shape of a fox but when it had risen in the oven it completely lost shape and went out of proportion and Neil laughed for a good 10 minutes
    • Andrew tried to look annoyed but damn the way Neil’s face lights up when he laughs
  • also you know how people put together those jars of dry ingredients for people and all the have to do it add the wet? you can bet that Andrew does that for Neil when he’s away at a game
  • but because he doesn’t want to return to a burned down apartment he Skype’s Neil while he bakes to make sure nothing drastic happens
    • the worst was that he dropped the carton of milk and it went everywhere and the cats decided to walk through it, leaving milk paw prints through the kitchen and living room
  • the only thing Neil has successfully made is a fruit pie, like this, and he was only able to make it because Renee talked him through it
  • but he wanted to make something for when Andrew returned home that night
  • and during the whole time Andrew was eating it his face was blank so Neil was worrying that he didn’t like it
    • but in the middle of the night he’s woken up by Andrew getting out of bed and going to the kitchen so Neil gets up also
    • and he sees Andrew crouching in front of an open fridge, eating cold pie
    • Neil doesn’t mention in the morning how over half is now gone
    • but he starts making it for Andrew every so often
  • and just some random little Baking Things
  • Neil sitting on the counter, getting things for Andrew when he asks. also kisses in between
  • Neil licking the beaters and Andrew gets the bowl and oh my god Neil is turning him on what the heck, he hates him
  • Andrew licking the icing from Neil’s mouth and other places
  • Andrew mixing things in a bowl, then opening a drawer and closing it with his hip
  • having to use a chair to get things from the top shelf
  • also when Neil isn’t there he probably mumbles things to the cats who are trampling around his feet looking for attention, but he doesn’t shut them out because the company isn’t completely awful
Old Habits, Young Love, and Other Things That Just Won’t Die

Summary: Despite their branding, Dan and Phil haven’t actually been friends for all of the seven years that they’ve known each other. For almost two of those years, ‘best friend’ was just a label they used on the internet, a clever disguise used to keep people from knowing what they really were. Because from the day they met until the day they broke up, Dan and Phil were something else entirely. Not something more. Just something else.

Rating: T

Word count: 4.4k

Warnings: vague references to 2012, little bit of implied internalized homophobia/biphobia, food mentions, one swear word

A/N: Written for @eamn-resu, who requested a fic based on this (really cute) phanart by @houseplantsandmadbants. Sorry it took so long. I thought this was going to be a cute little drabble but I should have known that I would accidentally turn it into 4000+ words of angst followed by obscene amounts of fluff. I hope this isn’t too far off from what you wanted.

read on ao3

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Tfw you always had ADHD but it was inattentive type and you were a quiet and relatively well-behaved girl so no one noticed even when your grades plummeted in 5th grade and instead of thinking something is wrong everyone just thought you were lazy or on drugs or stupid even though you’re trying really really hard and “I swear I wasn’t being lazy I actually forgot” and then you finally realize it when you’re 18 but you’ve already destroyed your high school GPA and you can’t afford a therapist or medication so you just kind of keep struggling with your self-diagnosis not really sure if you really are just stupid and lazy or if there actually is something wrong with you and feeling annoying when you try to talk to anyone else about it so you just kind of keep secretly hating yourself because you just can’t get your shit together no matter how hard you try. :)

So, I was replaying FE:A, and I thought of something.

Does anyone else wonder about the small piece of hell MU must have went through in Chapter 1 when Frederick woke up to find Chrom and Lissa gone? 

Like, you know that there is no way that he didn’t completely freak out that his lord and lady were missing after having some random stranger THAT HE ALREADY DIDN’T TRUST accompany them. 

“I swear to Naga if we do not find Milord and Milady, you will witness my smile firsthand.”

Cuz they mentioned that he only smiled when he was about to bring the ax down