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Hello, I hope you're having a great day! Sorry to ask but do you have any headcanons regarding your collection of Kanas? They're all so interesting! (Also your art is lovely!)

Don’t be sorry to ask! It’s actually kinda nice that someone is asking me about Kana content. And thank you for complimenting my art alhfkahfjafhkjh

I will talk about the Kanas as if they are all in the Revelation path (in which they can interact with everyone) because I think it’s more fun that way

We’ll start with Izana!Kana

-one of my friends thinks it’s troublesome to keep calling him Izana!Kana so she just calls him “Kazana” and I think it’s cute

-when transformed into a dragon, he is fairly small. No one is sure why. Instead of being of a decent dragon size like his mother, he’s more like the size of a rather large dog. popular theories include he may yet grow into a larger dragon, he is small as a human so he is small as a dragon, and maybe he’s small and a little odd looking because of whatever odd dragon genetics Izana may have contributed.

-unlike the other children who usually get kinda excited when the opportunity to go swimming in a lake or whatever presents itself, he avoids the water. Says he starts to hear a strange voice and his head hurts. Azura in particular is concerned over this, though when she asks him to tell her about it, he becomes even more prickly than usual over the subject and avoids her too

-he likes Midori. Midori likes him… because he’s a dragon and fun to experiment on.

-aims to surpass his father in looks– or at least, that’s his excuse for putting on makeup and dressing up. He just finds it all aesthetically pleasing.

-surprisingly enough, avoids Forrest (thinks he’s tacky)

-Gets taken out of his deeprealm early bc “really, is there anywhere safer than Izumo?? it’s neutral, no one’s gonna hurt him” but then escapes to his deeprealm anyway bc he’s like 9 and wanted to be taken seriously so he has to grow (it didn’t really work out)

-gave up on trying to control his hair and accepts it for its faults (besides, having lil hair antennas makes him taller… sort of….)

-absolutely adores the colour pink

-is sometimes subject to terrible nightmares

-wanders off on his own a lot

-will always be kind of short

-tried to pick a fight with Orochi once, realized that was a bad idea fast

-very proficient little mage, but certain tomes/scrolls/spirits need to be kept away from him bc he will cause damage

-the sort of kid to transform in the middle of dinner, refuse to transform back, and then lay on the table and roll around in spite of being told to cut that out already

-gets grounded for a month and half bc he decided to fuck with the messengers and nearly brought Izumo directly into the war

-but really he’s just moody. sorta like a cat. he’ll occasionally go up to someone he likes and curl up near or on them and go to sleep or just. stay there bc he wants company.

Now for Niles!Kana

-as opposed to the other Kanas, he’s more around 15-16.

-loud boy

-got his ears pierced courtesy of Soleil

-AWFUL DIETARY HABITS courtesy of Velouria

-why did these two things happen? parents asked Nina to babysit him and she left them with whoever was closest and not busy to do other more important things

-his consumption of odd/rotting things is not limited to dragon form as it was discovered when he was found raiding the pantry for spoiled/rotting foods (Jakob and Felicia still aren’t sure how they feel about this. On the one hand, this kid is useful in that he’ll eat this stuff…. on the other, that’s Corrin’s kid and what if something bad happens??)

-can be bribed with candy

-can be overly friendly at times and has a little bit of trouble with the concept of personal space

-gets along just fine with Nina, but if they’re getting along especially well, be suspicious. they’re plotting something.

-has a few crushes but he won’t tell anyone who they are

-likes his cloak/cape thing because he can wrap up in it

-Keaton doesn’t allow him anywhere near his collection after an incident in which Kana nearly ate half of it

-used to be really clingy when he was younger

-has a tendency to be really blunt sometimes but usually doesn’t realize what he’s said until after he’s said it

-the only cooking he actively avoids is Reina’s. No one is sure what she does, but if Kana won’t eat it…. it can’t be safe.

-walks with really heavy steps because otherwise he is too quiet when approaching and scares people

-gets really bad seasonal allergies

-very good at tracking things

-prefers to fight as a dragon

…and now Takumi!Kana (even though I haven’t really posted anything with him)

-youngest Kana, around 6-7. Pure, sweet bab

-absolutely adores his big brother Kiragi

-extremely good with small animals (sometimes follows Shigure around)

-very shy and clings to his Mama a lot

-wants to grow his hair out long someday like his Papa

-is a little scared of Ryoma

-likes flying on pegasi and kinshi but doesn’t want one of his own

-calls a lot of the women older than him “Auntie” even if they are not related

-asked Azura to make him a little necklace for his dragonstone bc he was afraid he’d lose it somewhere

-only one of the Kanas to not have hair that sticks up like little antenna (which will change when he gets older and his hair more out of his control)

-self-conscious about his ears

-a bit of a picky eater

-really needs to be developed more bc he is super adorable

Annnnnnd to end the post, lame doodles of the Kanas as adults.

Thank you for asking about my Kanas!

azriel’s shadows

“It was almost enough to distract me from noticing Azriel as those shadows lightened, and his gaze slid over Mor’s body: a red, flowing gown of chiffon accented with gold cuffs, and combs fashioned like gilded leaves swept back the waves of her unbound hair.
A wisp of shadow curled around Azriel’s ear, and his eyes snapped to mine. I schooled my face into bland innocence.”

Thinking about Az because of having Thoughts with @squaddreamcourt and found this… I love Azriel’s shadows. I’m so fascinated by them. And I love moriel. And Mor. And I want to know better how they work. The shadows, that is. I know there have been some posts on this, but I’m just… going off on my own thing here. Because I searched my book for “shadows” after I decided to talk about this quote, and they are everywhere.

It was Rhys who suggested that the shadows came to Az when he was locked away:

“There was an icy rage in Azriel I had never been able to thaw. In the centuries I’d known him, he’d said little about his life, those years in his father’s keep, locked in darkness. Perhaps the shadowsinger gift had come to him then, perhaps he’d taught himself the language of shadow and wind and stone.”

It is interesting to me that Rhys wouldn’t understand where they came from (at least with 100% certainty). Is this a thing that just… happens to people? When they go through trauma? 

And also this:

“Yes—Azriel, who kept a step away, whose shadows trailed him and seemed to fade in her presence.

If his shadows came to him when he was in such a dark place… and they fade away around Mor… tbh I’m dead? Like maybe they will… disappear when he is finally FREAKING HAPPY WITH HER? Or… maybe it has something to do with her power?

(And them disappearing is not necessarily a bad thing - I also have a lot of Problems with the work he does for Rhys - honestly he’s the last person who should be torturing people, and I really think that Rhys is taking advantage of him in the sense that Az would never tell him he is uncomfortable or doesn’t want to do that work. Clearly, he throws himself into it. But he shouldn’t? And who is going to stop him? Mor tries, we’ve seen, to at least get him to take a break.)

Anyway, I’m just having some Half-Developed Thoughts while I grade, so… do with all of that what you will. Don’t take them too seriously.

A Brief Obi-Wan rec list

@flukeoffate​ requested that I provide some Obi-Wan centric recs. Here then, is my list. It is by NO means a complete list of Obi-Wan fics I love, nor does it feature the complete set of Obi-Wan ships I enjoy, but it’s a good starter set:

1. Re-Entry and Re-Entry: Journey of the Whills, by @deadcatwithaflamethrower​.

This universe is the touchstone of the Obi-Wan-loving fandom. Together, the two series are over a million words of Obi-Wan-centric time-traveling fix-it goodness. Features the pairing ObiQui (among others) but in a way that does NOT invoke age-difference or student/teacher squicks, for those of you who have a problem with that. Seriously, if you read no other Star Wars fic, read Re-Entry. Actually, go ahead and read EVERYTHING by Flamethrower, while you’re at it.

2. Teeny Tiny Mandalorian Kenobis, by @dogmatix​, @norcumi​, and others

After order 66, a heart-broken Rex decides to use a remaining genetic sample of his deceased lover to have a child created. Only, it turns out the Kaminoans are not so good with this “only one child” thing. Also, Obi-Wan is not as dead as Rex thinks. Hilarity ensues. Features the pairing ObiRex.

3. The Black Library, by many folks, including @darthrevaan​ and @hamelin-born

This is an AU still in progress which I am adoring right now, featuring Obi-Wan the Sith Librarian. I love the characterization of Obi-Wan in this one as JUST. SO. DONE. with everyone’s bs. Also, features Shmi the badass Sith Lady, which always appeals to my particular sensibilities. Features some Obikin, but again in a way that does not invoke age-difference or student/teacher squicks.

4. Speaker of Valaeanath, by @deadcatwithaflamethrower

I know what you’re thinking. DG, you just put an epic-length series by Flamethrower on the top of this list. Why do you need another fic of hers on here? Well, my friends, it is because her characterization of Obi-Wan is JUST. SO. GOOD. I could honestly fill half this list with Flamethrower’s fic and be doing you a service. This one is on here in no small part because Obi-Wan-centric fic tends to end at least somewhat sadly, but this fic ends 100% happily. Features ObiQui, but still in that same non-squicky fashion.

5.  Custos, by @letslipthehounds

I really enjoy this one more because it satisfies my Vaderkin desires, but it’s still sufficiently Obi-Wan-centric that I can justify putting it on here. In a world in which Obi-Wan refused to go after Anakin at the end of the Clone Wars, Padme ends up replacing Palpatine as ruler of the empire, with her sith husband at her side. This is how Obi-Wan comes back into their lives. No none-platonic Obi-Wan ships in this one, though an argument can DEFINITELY be made for platonic ObiAniDala.

6. Comfort in Wartime, by Rosbridge

Okay, I have to admit, this is really just PWP, but it’s also my favorite ObiAniDala fic, as well as the first story I podficced for the Star Wars fandom. It’s Clone Wars era, and the premise is very simple: people get drunk over dinner, are too stressed and tired to care much about the whole Jedi non-attachment thing, and have a threesome. But there are emotions, and beautiful imagery, and I just really like this fic, okay?

7. Go Away Closer, by @poplitealqueen

This WIP is DARK, I must warn you, and features content that may be squicky to some folks for several reason, but it is gorgeous, so it has to go on the list. Basically, Obi-Wan can’t find it in him to kill Anakin on Mustafar, and thus is captured by a suitless Vader instead. In typical obsessive fashion Vaderkin decides he is going to KEEP his master, regardless of how twisted that keeping is. Features a pretty unhealthy queerplatonic Obikin, possible future ObiAniDala (according to the tags), and past (unrequited?) ObiQui.

8. He Most Happy Who Such One Loves Best, by @commonplacecaz

This is THE ObiBail fic. And by that, I mean it’s literally the only fic I have ever found which features Obi-Wan/ Bail Organa as the primary pairing. But OH does it work. It’s still a work in progress, and it’s really more Bail-centric than Obi-Wan centric, but I love a good fix it fic that actually considers the full complexity of the Star Wars universe, and this definitely does.

9. A Star to Steer By, by @dogmatix​ and @norcumi

I am ending this list with my two favorite Obi-Wan-centric crossovers, because they are beautiful fics. This is a gorgeous and surprisingly seamless crossover with Stargate SG-1. I’m not even IN the Stargate fandom and love this. Political complexities, world building, and gorgeous writing overall. It is not precisely ObiRex in the shipping sense, but the relationship between Obi-Wan and Rex is definitely important to the story.

10. Burnin’ Love, by @commonplacecaz

It’s…a crossover with Lilo and Stitch. Okay, I KNOW that sounds like crack. But there are feels, and it’s beautiful. Features the pairing Codywan. Not actually a fix-it fic, despite what it seems like.

Whoooooo’s ready for another installment of the BH6 Deaf AU I’m writing with balthazwhore! It’s my turn to post, and upon looking at all of the headcanons and plans that we have for this AU, I decided to give you all a primer on how the social media stuff works for squad.

  • Fred runs the official BH7 tumblr. He has tags for each member of the team: Little Dude, Marshmallow, Neat Freak, High Heels, Speed, Fredzilla, and Shadow. When asked why Tadashi is Shadow, Fred responds that it’s because “He’s as silent as one, as mysterious as one, AND FUCKING TERRIFYING WHEN HE TRIES TO STRANGLE YOU”.
  • Tadashi leaves a comment on that post saying “I TOLD YOU I HAD NO IDEA I WAS SLEEPING ON YOUR FACE”. The fans go nuts and post hella fanfiction about what must have happened that night.
  • (Really it’s just that Fred never got over that time that they were all sleeping over at his place and Tadashi accidentally rolled on top of Fred in his sleep. Fred was pinned and Tadashi can’t hear him calling for help. The rest of squad ended up helping him out.)
  • Fred totally changed Gogo’s and Tadashi’s Wikipedia pages the second they went official so that they said “Gogo is in a relationship with fellow team member Tadashi. IT’S CANON, PEOPLE!!!” (and vice versa for Tadashi’s page).
  • Honey Lemon, although she has a tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, etc… Does not have a facebook account, for reasons that will later be revealed. Wasabi is the only one who knows why.
  • All of Honey’s accounts are super popular. She makes Youtube videos about all kinds of things and has a few recurring guest stars/topics.
  • She also makes everyone else get Instagram accounts so she can tag them in everything she posts. Tadashi has used his twice: once for a picture of the San Fransokyo skyline that he took when he was drunk and once for a picture of his dinner the night he and Gogo went on their first sushi date (“Isn’t that what people are supposed to do on Instagram???”)
  • Honey likes to post adorable pictures of all of her friends. As BH7 becomes more famous, the ones with Tadashi get really popular, along with the saying “Is Tadashi Hamada even real?” (“iTHer”). It reaches meme levels after a certain event that you all get to hear about another time!
  • Fred reblogs a ton of these.
  • Tadashi is very confused and upset about this. He does not understand meme culture in the slightest. Each of squad tries to explain it to him, but the only one he gets close to understanding is when Honey asks if he remembers Doge (explaining what that means) and how it was everywhere for awhile. “You’re kind of like that dog.”
  • Tadashi is still really confused and pulls a Snoop Dog where he just uploads a bunch of selfies asking if this is a meme and tagging Honey Lemon in them.
  • Tadashi googling “memes” and posting side-by-side shots of them next to his face, saying “I don’t get it. How is this supposed to be me?”
  • The one meme that he truly understands is Dad jokes. He loves Dad jokes and uses them constantly, but more because he finds them amusing than anything else. Example? His favorite joke is probably telling people that he thinks their singing voice or whatever sounds fine to him.
  • One of the really big iTHer images is one of him cuddling Gogo in a way that squad has taken to calling “Kinder egging” (after Kinder Surprise Eggs). Basically, he lays down on his side and she curls herself up into as tiny of a ball as possible. He then curls up around her, surrounding her with his own body (because she is always cold). They tend to do this especially when she is sick, drunk, or really stressed out. #kinderegging becomes a meme in and of itself, but nowhere near as popular as iTHer.
  • Honey eventually uploads a video onto her social media accounts where she’s asking Tadashi what he thinks of the meme and if there’s anything he wants to tell the internet. He gets frustrated and starts ranting about how he just doesn’t get it. He is signing way too fast for Honey to follow, so she has Hiro do the captions on this one.
  • Eventually, squad gets the idea to make a t shirt that says “Is Tadashi Hamada even real?” on it and give it to him for Christmas. He opens it all excited and just doesn’t know how to react when he opens it. Hiro has tears streaming down his face from laughing so hard. The video that Honey takes gets immensely popular, to the point where they decide to start selling the shirts for real.
  • Someone asks Tadashi at a con (more on that later…) if he is even real and he just puts his head down on the table and refuses to look up for a few minutes.
  • Squad does an event at a comic book shop (again, more to come!), and the people who are there upload a ton of selfies with him with captions such as “Tadashi Hamada totally breathed on me. One more point in the ‘yes’ column #iTHer” and “Tadashi told me my hair was beautiful and got the rest of the team to come look at it. I am smiling so hard right now. Is Tadashi Hamada even real?” and “Didn’t photoshop this one, I promise. Tadashi Hamada is real”
  • One night, Tadashi gives in and decides it would be hilarious to make a post on twitter: “am i real? #whoknows #itsamystery” and the internet explodes.
  • This joke follows him for years, even after it stopped being popular.
  • Tadashi grows to eventually be mildly amused by it.

 That ran really long, so that’s all for now! Peace out! Love you all! <3