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Today we are going to look at an amusing historical fact: The time that beloved poets Oscar Wilde and Walt Whitman met, got drunk, and slept together.

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Interview: Teloka Berry

Today we’re joined by Teloka Berry. Teloka is a phenomenally talented visual artist from Australia. She’s a digital artist and specializes in comics. She also does portraits, original characters, and fanart. Aside from that, Teloka also does crafts. It’s very clear that she’s an incredibly dedicated artist, as you’ll soon read. My thanks to her for taking the time to participate in this interview.


Please, tell us about your art.

I’m a digital artist, and primarily a character illustrator and story-teller. I do stuff like portraits, comics, original characters and fan-art, and sell crafts and merch like stickers.

My very favourite things to do are comics, both short ones and long form ones! I like stories with a strong focus on acearo, queer and neuroatypical characters who are just having adventures in various genres, and my personal schtick leans heavily towards acearo girls who want to form lasting commitments and have relationships with other girls.

I have two long-haul projects. Let’s Celebrate!, my queer magical girl themed webcomic has been live for almost three years now, and features an acearo lead and a bunch of silly festive super powers. It’s very lighthearted but still explores various celebrations from around the world, mental illness and communication, and features a bunch of monsters that the girls/guys/nb-pals fight with improbable weapons like giant candy canes. You can see it here: http://letscelebrate-comic.tumblr.com/

My second long haul project is collaborative with my girlfriend which we’re hoping to release early next year, and it will be an online graphic novel in installments. It’s a supernatural, Lovecraftian kind of adventure-thriller, structured around the Great Australian Road-Trip in rural Queensland. It follows an established acearo f/f couple, who accidentally enter an outback region they can’t leave filled with frightening “Locals” and those long roads that go on “forever”.

What inspires you?

I’m going to sound super cheesy when I say this but… my girlfriend? Haha, I’m pretty inspired by personal experiences and personal interests, I suppose. I spend a lot of time drawing and illustrating stuff based on things we’ve done together or concepts we talked about and came up with together.

Maybe also like … spite, to be honest. I’m kind of tired of heteronormative stories and the same straight white male leads who fight the Big Bad and get the girl with very little actual effort. I love to write and see stories about girls, especially queer and neurodivergent girls, doing cool stuff and saving the day and being in genres they’re generally sidelined in, like action stuff or zombies.

That aside I find music and bright cheerful colour palettes quite inspiring, and use both of them a lot in my work. And the work of other artists who I look up to, of course! I’m pretty visual so if I see something that is just aesthetically pleasing to me (like some architecture, a posing angle, fairy lights in a shop window) I’ll probably think about how to incorporate it into an art piece sooner or later.

What got you interested in your field?  Have you always wanted to be an artist?

I’ve always been really crafty and drawn or scribbled stuff, so I guess so? I got serious about artwork at about 13, when I entered high school and fell in with fellow artsy-sorts who enabled the habit. I started out like most teens on DeviantArt back then with an anthro fursona, and made more friends online that encouraged me, and so I just… persisted with it. I don’t think I ever had particular plans to be an artist, or to be anything for that matter, but it’s probably my stand out skill now. I draw every day and love my stories and characters a lot!

Do you have any kind of special or unique signature, symbol, or feature you include in your work that you’d be willing to reveal?

Probably like I mentioned in that first long ramble I did, I have a really strong narrative interest in queer stories, and especially a focus on acearo mentally ill girls and healthy relationships. Artistically/Stylistically though… no, haha, I have absolutely zero consistency in my work, I’m so bad at that!

Usually when I pitch it to other people they’ll say stuff like “sparkles!” or “colours!” or “same face syndrome!”, so maybe that’s the answer here? I like colours a lot and playing around with harsh lighting. I also draw a lot of birds, because… birb.

What advice would you give young aspiring artists?

1. Give it a go! If you want to do it, just do it. It’s worthwhile, even if all it ever does is bring you happiness or relaxation to create; that’s super important and you deserve it.

2. Quite difficult, but don’t compare your creation to other peoples work negatively. Be critical of your own work, sure, and always, always strive to improve. But your work is not anyone else’s but your own, so try not to be disheartened if it doesn’t look like something else you wanted it to look like. It looks like it’s yours, and that’s the best thing it could be.

3. This one is for minority groups in storytelling especially (I figure relevant here on an ace positive blog), and something I’ve struggled with a lot but: Tell that story about your own experiences/preferences if you want to tell it. Create your own representation if you can and want to.

It’s not self-centered, it’s not “too much”, it’s not unpalatable, it’s not boring, and it’s not cheesy. Don’t feel like you can only put one character from a minority group in your story, and don’t feel like you can’t have characters who you relate to or have traits like you in your story. You do not have to write in something for “someone else” to relate to or have straight white men in your story for it to be “acceptable”, regardless of what popular media seems to be trying to say.

For example, when we started on the roadtrip story I mentioned earlier, we thought “is two whole acearo girls in a story… too many? should one of them at least… be bi?” and while scripting I’ve often wondered ”is this chronically anxious character having too many anxiety attacks…? should I just have them handle this thing better so that their mental illness is showing less?”. And the answer to those things is obviously no. Show that mental illness. Have only acearo leads. Have a whole cast of POC. There’s no such thing as “too much” representation of your minority characters and stories, and if they’re based on your personal experiences or desires- great. Because nobody else can tell that for you; it’s yours.


Where on the spectrum do you identify?

I’m a cis girl (she/hers) and I identify as asexual and aromantic, though I might more accurately be quoiromantic as I don’t really understand the difference between platonic and romantic relationships, though I absolutely don’t experience attraction regardless. I previously considered myself panromantic because I “want to be emotionally intimate” with friends quite intensely and have close relationships, but I later realized that I don’t experience romantic attraction so… aromantic-spec it is.

Have you encountered any kind of ace prejudice or ignorance in your field?  If so, how do you handle it?

I’ve actually experienced very little ace prejudice. I’ve found straight people to be confused and commit some naïve-microaggressions at best, and mostly they just want me to explain what it meant and expressed general confusion about how I could not feel sexual attraction. (except for those dudes, you know, the: “well you just haven’t been with ­me yet” narcissists.)

I also had an abuser who ID’d on the ace spectrum, who would constantly guilt me about my orientation and say I would be a disappointment to my partner/s, that I was “broken”, or that I was just “trying to be holier than thou” and all kinds of toxic shit. So it really can come from anywhere.

The absolute worst ongoing prejudice I’ve seen has been from gatekeepers in the gay and lesbian communities. No surprises there. So many “sapphic safe place” blogs will reblog artwork of my girlfriend and I, which is clearly f/f and I get the lovely gift of seeing their acephobic descriptions on how ace people don’t belong in the queer community and queer is a slur, while they profit from artwork literally featuring two acearo girls.

What’s the most common misconception about asexuality that you’ve encountered?

Lately there’s plenty of stuff going around tumblr especially about how asexuality doesn’t equal celibacy, and that it’s not a choice. True, absolutely! But I still very often see asexuality conflated with sex repulsion, or a lack of libido (and aromance with a lack of interest in close intimate relationships at all).

Sure, it can be that way, but it’s not universal for all aces or aros. Just like any orientation, asexual people can sit anywhere on the libido and/or repulsed spectrums. They are not the same at all, and it’s super toxic that it has become popularly interchangeable, because I’m often seeing ace characters who “hate to be touched” and it just…

Ace people can be sex positive and interested in intimacy.

Allosexual people can be sex repulsed or simply disinterested.

And sex repulsed people of any orientation can also still be highly sensual and have a libido and still really want to have sex (that’s me!).

All these things are separate experiences. Neither drive nor repulsion are intrinsically tied to each other or to asexuality, which is the lack of sexual attraction, and not the lack of desire for touch.

I think that’s a super important distinction that’s often lost. My stories focus on this a lot, and almost all of my comics and stories feature acearo characters who still actively seek close emotional intimacy- because aro people are not unfeeling robots- and who also like to experiment or be close to their partners physically- because ace doesn’t necessarily mean no libido or interest.

And it’s super alienating to sensual or libido aces to see the narrative that “to be ace means you can’t ever want to have sex with someone else” perpetuated. It feels like something that, in years to come, is going to segue into Ace-Gatekeeping-v2.0, and I’d like to see communication and compassion stop that before it happens.

What advice would you give to any asexual individuals out there who might be struggling with their orientation?

Auuhhh… uhmmm I’m really not an ideal person to put in like… advice giving roles. I’m still learning stuff myself; the Living Experience is pretty enormous! But perhaps the best thing I found (for me) was to have close friends who I could talk to about being ace and aro. If you have other friends who are already knowledgeable or confident in their own sexuality and ID on the acearo spec then that is probably the safest way, and they can explain things to you and answer questions.

There are also a variety of previously linked ace-help blogs and websites, and probably honestly… a lot of the artists featured on this blog would probably be happy to answer anon-questions and stuff about their experiences if you get in touch? I’d be happy to, for sure. That might be good for anyone who feels isolated or confused and doesn’t want to have a name attached to their questions!

Finally, where can people find out more about your work?

You can find my artblog, where I post most of my art and links and updates on the above mentioned projects here: http://berryartistic.tumblr.com. I should warn that there are some suggestive works on there and it’s pretty heavy on the f/f content. There’s nothing graphic and no actual nudity, mostly just implications of intimacy and some power dynamics, but it might be a bit much for some minors or anyone intimacy-repulsed, so take it with a grain of salt.

Let’s Celebrate! is completely PG and can be found here: http://letscelebrate-comic.tumblr.com/ which has links offsite to places like Tapastic.

Thank you, Teloka, for participating in this interview and this project. It’s very much appreciated.

Amongst thousands of idols, why love Kris Wu only?
ELLE May 2017

Acting in 7 films in 18 months, working with Luc Besson and Vin Diesel, taking on the lead role in <Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons> which made 1.6 billion yuan box office; participating in the NBA All Star Celebrity Game, being appointed as ambassador of two major international brand labels, reaching over 20000000 fans on Weibo, getting millions of reblogs… Kris Wu is one of the most popular celebrities of the moment.

The bowl of soup noodles at 10pm

As the 7 hour photo shoot was coming to an end, making use of the interval when the staff were clearing the lights and cameras, Kris Wu remained seated on the sofa of the final set, staring into space. The cosy cafeteria was filled with the photography team of 20 staff, occupied with completing tasks on hand in an orderly manner, moving around, chatting to each other, and only Kris Wu remained unmoving.

His waist condition had worsened, till the point that he required surgery. But because he was still very young, he chose to opt for conservative treatment. Of course, the most important thing was to make sure he had enough rest, as he could not stand nor sit for long periods of time.

The doctor had instructed to remain in bed for half a year, but he just answered with, “There’s no way, there’s no way I would be able to control my time.” Helplessness painted his face, yet he did not hesitate to immediately return to the basketball court, film site, recording studio, event venues, photo shoots… There would always be a place which needed him.

Later on, when he encountered dangerous stunts during filming, his team intended to stop him, but he still chose to grit his teeth and go ahead to try it out, as he felt that he could do it on his own. “I feel that since I am young, I should be doing my best.”

Time had gone by and it was already 10pm. He sat at the corner of the dressing room, with a bowl of soup noodles which had already began to clump together, yet he still ate with gusto. We talked as he ate, alternating between spoonfuls of soup and noodles, until finally at the end of our conversation, the bottom of the empty plastic lunchbox could be seen. He said happily, “We’ve talked till I have finished this bowl of soup noodles, should I still eat more tonight?”

“Have to do it on my own, only then will it be even better.”

Kris Wu has written on his Weibo profile bio: Singer Kris Wu. Actually I’m an actor. As an actor, he is gaining more and more recognition, and Kris Wu is also forking out more time for his passion - Music.

A combined work of the world’s top music producers, <July> made it to number 49 on the US iTunes Chart upon its release, making Kris Wu the first Chinese male singer to achieve such a result. <Juice>, which was the theme song for <xXx: The Return of Xander Cage> which was released 3 months ago, made it to number 28 on the US iTunes Chart, beating his previous record. Vin Diesel even made an appearance in this MV.

His next song, is still in the works.

However, he is clearly a producer who writes songs very quickly, completing it in one go, and remain unfazedf by the his surroundings as well. He is able to write in the car, and on set as well. His previous song <Bad Girl> was written on the filming set of <Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back>. While waiting for his scenes, he would evaluate his acting of his character Tang Monk’s scenes, and his mind would churn out the melody of a new song. Usually, it would take around two hours for a song to take shape, after writing, would be added in.

It’s written so quickly? Why not write more?
“Actually, I’ve written a lot.” He pauses his chopsticks and looks over, eyes shining.
Why not release them? What is he waiting for?
“It’s because I want to ensure the quality (of my music)!”

When Kris Wu talks about music, in an instant he becomes filled with excitement. Without having talked much, his self-confidence is already overflowing.

Directly obtaining songs would definitely mean less work, but he is certain that “he is not suited to this”, as he feels that he must personally participate in the production process. “For example, after making a song, there will be someone singing it, and after listening to it, I’ll say, alright, when you sing this part, I only like the first and fourth line, and the rest can be deleted.” He is like a military strategist, and he is also very clear on what he is comfortable with, what he can control. “Like a director of music.”

Because many of those whom he works with are overseas, on the other side of of the world, and time differences cause his days and nights to be swapped, later on when efforts are more concentrated and focused, in order to accommodate the other party’s timezone, sleepless nights are uncommon for him. “For many things, if you don’t pay close attention to them, others would not care. You have to do it yourself, only then would you be able to do it even better. For example if today I do not wish to wait for them to wake up and intend to go to sleep, once I fall asleep, an entire day would go by already.”

At only 26 years old, he already has the understanding of the urgency that time and tide waits for no man.

“When your level of passion is very high, the level of hardship you experience will gradually do go down.”

Before releasing a new song, Kris Wu would hold a small listening party for the people around him to listen to his song. He would listen to everyone’s opinions, and include friends who are not into music as well. He would ask them, see if you can hear any differences between these two segments, and at times there would just be a small delay in rhythm. There would be some who can hear the difference, “It’s different, but I can’t place my finger on which part?” Which one is better? Kris Wu would patiently ask about each point, then go back, and make amendments.


ELLE: For the final question of the interview, last year you….
KRIS WU: It’s the final question? Goodness! Really? I’m too happy!

ELLE: Have you thought about last year…
KRIS WU: No. (What are you doing? Answering in advance?) Yes, I think I know what you want to ask me about. Alright, you can ask. (Summarise your growth last year!) I don’t think I do. I won’t really do a round-up myself, because my math isn’t good, this was the case since young, also my handwriting is ugly, hahaha! I won’t, I have never done such.

ELLE: Many people like to bring up topics about “get a clear understanding of oneself”.
KRIS WU: What do I think of myself? Perhaps it’s because I feel that I am rather clear, no uncertainties, so I don’t really need to obtain a clear understanding of myself. It’s with my unchanging heart of original intent, passion, interests, and various things which I persevere in, there isn’t anything much that has changed.

ELLE: But the surroundings are so chaotic, so unclear…
KRIS WU: Do you mean hazy weather? Then I won’t leave the house! I won’t be affected, I really won’t, really would not! I have a world of my own, this world is extremely quiet, and isolated from the rest of the world, it enables me to do what I wish to do, and dream what I wish to dream.

translated by: @wu_yi_fan

Wrong Place Wrong Time- The Aftermath (18)

Do not reuse, edit or copy and of my work(s). ©

Part 18 of an ongoing sequel, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: The Sequel to Wrong Place Wrong Time: Life after the death of Red.
Main Characters include: Reader and EXO.

Click for WPWT(1)  Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 Part 17  Part 19  Part 20  Part 21  Part 22-Finale

Word Count: 2,600 (ish)

Excuse the recent overload of Sehun GIF’s, enjoy.

Minseok’s P.O.V.

It had been two days since the bust up between himself and Sehun and it was clear that the younger male was still avoiding him. He seemed to be really hurt by what had happened and it was making Minseok frustrated, but he also felt bad he didn’t like it when him and Sehun weren’t talking, it was though he fell out with a sibling and he wanted to lay the issue down to sleep.

“You can’t avoid me forever Sehun!” Minseok opened Sehun’s bedroom door and walked in uninvited the younger male making no rush to put clothes on as he looked up at Minseok unimpressed from his bed.

“I can and I will.” Sehun frowned, shifting over he slowly stood up so that his unclothed form was looming over Minseok. “Leave me alone, get out. Don’t you know how to knock?”

“No.” Minseok protested, shutting the door behind himself, he walked further into the room. “I still don’t know why you did what you did; surely you must’ve known it was wrong.”

“I already told you Minseok. If you’re not going to drop it leave me the fuck alone.” He sighed walking over to his wardrobe and put on some underwear and a pair of shorts.

“Board now! Everyone!” A voice from downstairs shouted interrupting the both men.

“We’ll continue this later.” Minseok rolled his eyes looking at Sehun.

“No we won’t.” Sehun pushed passed him knocking his shoulder against Minseok’s and exited the room.


You were all sat in the board, Kyungsoo’s laptop positioned on the table where all of you could see it. The 24 hour live news currently running.

Breaking news. Genesis manufacturers of food and medical supplies are under investigation as a recent showcasing of new products have shown to be interlaced with illegal narcotic substances. A sweep search of the new batch of products showed that it had been mixed with an unidentified illegal substance. The company is now currently under investigation. I’m here with the CEO of the Genesis; Mr. Kim what can you tell us about what’s happened today?”

“I can tell you that our product has been tampered with somewhere along the process and I have my staff currently investigating and handling the affair. This is all I care to say on the matter at the moment.”
Senior walked away back into the building, pushing away microphones that were being forced into his face and notebooks that were being held towards him.

Well that’s all Mr.Kim has to say on the matter. Hopefully more light will be shed on the issue and we can see what has really gone on to cause such a dire mistake and international uproar. All we can be certain of at the moment is that Mr.Kim will be missing out on a lot; this is not looking good for Genesis. I’ve been Jen Ko and you’ve been watching 24/7 live news. Thank you.”

Kyungsoo closed the laptop and you looked over at Junmyeon who let out a loud sigh.

“Shit.” He breathed. “Shit! Shit! Shit!” He was banging his fist upon the table, his knuckles turning a bright red.

“It’s okay honey calm down.” Yuna said from beside him, resting her hand on his shoulder.

“It’s not okay Yuna!” He shouted, turning to face her. His eyes were wide and if you didn’t know any better you would have thought that Junmyeon was about to cry. She flinched back at the unexpected anger, creasing her brows together. Junmyeon sighed again grabbing her hand.
“Yuna I’m sorry I just…”

“So what now?” Yixing asked, he was sitting on the edge of his seat. All of you were. When suddenly Junmyeon’s phone began vibrating. You almost jumped out of your skin as it caught you off guard. You all waited impatiently for Junmyeon to answer. It was Senior. Junmyeon put the call on loud speaker and placed his phone down in the middle of the table.

I know you saw that Junmyeon. Are you happy?” His brother’s hostile voice rang out in the room. “Genesis has sunken and I hope you’re extremely happy.” You rose up from your seat to shout at the phone, but Kris pulled you back down and covered your mouth with his hand. “You had better tell your men to buckle up, because there will be a war.”

You walked to the living room. What had Luhan done? What was going to happen now? Senior said there would be a war, this meant that whatever would happen next would be serious. You put your hands lightly over your stomach, you didn’t need the added stress. You turned right into the living room dropping down on a sofa. You were startled when you saw Jongdae sitting on the sofa next to yours looking at you through squinted eyes. Your breath became a bit shaky it wasn’t the best idea to be sat alone with him.

“Is it you Jongdae? All of this… is it you? Because it’s all so coincidental how Yuna got shot and I was hit by a car after we read your diary. You made it clear you don’t like us, but please don’t take it out on everyone else.” You begged, a sense of sadness had overcome you and you were desperate for him to be considerate.

“You read my diary and you had no right to, but goodness me I’m not that shallow. Why would I take the rest down aswell?” He shook his head, frowning at you.

“Well you said you wanted it to be the end for everyone.”

Jongdae rolled his eyes

“And this is why you don’t go reading diaries that don’t belong to you. Besides, I write things that I think would make feel relieved if I imagined it in the journal, I would never actually kill them. We’re a family. You don’t have to believe me but it’s true.” Without another word he got up to leave the room. You stayed there still for a while, quite confused by what had just happened. Jongdae sounded sincere so maybe it wasn’t him. Maybe it was safe to cross him off of your list. You stood up to make your way out of the living room, maybe it was time to tell Minseok what happened between you and Jongdae and see what he thought about it. But as you were about to walk out of the room Sehun walked in, grabbing your wrist he pulled you back in and locked the door behind him.

“What are you doing?!” Your heart was racing wildly in your chest, fear consuming you whole. “I’ll scream for Minseok.”

“Minseok just left for work and the rest are busy.” He said nonchalantly dismissing your threat. You swallowed hard, shifting back away from him. “I tried helping you.” His face was dark.

“I know that…you mentioned.” You whispered backing away a little bit more. Why did he lock the door and what was he planning on doing?

“Yeah. But you need to believe what I’m telling you.”

“But- I-I’m just wondering why Sehun.” It was becoming increasingly harder to hide the fact that you were scared.

“Because! I already told you; sit down!” He shouted at you pointing to the sofa beside him.
At that precise moment your fear had melted and turned into anger. You had enough of his erratic behaviour.

“Do you think that it’s acceptable to speak to me like this Sehun?! I’m not trash!” Your head was pulsing and you could feel your blood rushing upwards.

“Because you’re Min’s wife?”

“No Sehun, because I’m human. I’m not a dog, you don’t get to just bark at me and make me do whatever you please.” You huffed crossing your hands over your chest. You needed to calm down, stress wasn’t good for you. For the baby.

“I…I…Sorry…” Sehun breathed, looking down at his feet. You blinked, stunned. He just apologised to you, something extremely rare and near enough impossible. You looked at him as he dropped down on the sofa staring ahead at nothing in particular, a thousand thoughts seemed to be swarming around in his mind and you were curious to know what they were. “Can you sit please.” He pointed at the seat beside him without looking up at you. You sat down silently next to him.
“I did it because I thought I was doing what needed to be done and…” Your eyes widened as you waited for him to finish his sentence. “I just wanted to know what it felt like to have what Minseok had for a second. I messed up I’m sorry.” He sighed, focusing his attention of his hands in his lap. “Minseok is slowly forgetting that I exist. I don’t know the last time we had a decent conversation. My real dad…after my mum died…” Another pause. “Well the bastard didn’t want me anyway, he told my mum to get rid of me when he found out that she was pregnant. But she kept me; I didn’t turn out great but…” He turned in his seat to face you and placed his hands on your stomach. “This is why you need to give this baby a better chance. You need to keep it safe and let it live. Let it live a better life than me and Minseok could ever wish for. He or she will have a mum or a dad. I never had a dad…not really. Minseok was like a parent to me so if you have this kid, I can help and it will be like repaying Min. Maybe he might notice me more that way…”
You were so shocked at how touched Sehun was by your baby, he had never let his walls down to you like this. He was completely vulnerable in this moment.

“He does notice you Sehun.”

“He doesn’t”

“Yes he does.” You protested.

“Yesterday was my birthday!”
Your mouth opened wide in shock, Minseok didn’t tell you.

“Ohh, Sehun I didn’t know. Happy belated.” He rolled his eyes at your response.

“Yesterday was my birthday and this is what I received.” He pointed at his bust lip. “He didn’t say anything, he didn’t remember! No one did; apart from Tao who’s promised to get me something today because he was too busy before. No one remembers me in this house I’m invisible and it will only be a matter of time until Minseok really doesn’t need me anymore.” He sighed again, his hands were still on your stomach but oddly enough they felt comforting and warm. “I’m scared what I’ll do. He’s like my only family, at least if I help out with the baby then I’ll still have some type of family left. The baby will be my family, hmm?” He looked at you expectantly and you saw tears gathering in his waterline.

“Why did you really kiss me Sehun? What were you trying to do?”

“I hoped that if I kissed you, you’d realise that you somehow liked it. And then you’d be open for me to help out and stay in the baby’s life. I didn’t do it because I’m sexually attracted to you Y/N I used it as a tactic. I did it because I was lonely. Without Minseok and the baby then I’ll have nobody left.” A tear escaped his eye and rolled down his cheek. He bent his body down say that he was laying his head lightly on your stomach, crying quietly.

“Sehun…” You whispered in shock, you didn’t know what to do so you just decided to run your fingers through his hair.

“I’m lonely and I thought you out of all people would understand and recognise my cry for help.”

An hour later and all of you were downtown, in a gym that Junmyeon had “rented” for an hour. You wondered how exactly he had done it but you didn’t question him anyway. He decided that now was a good time train and so you sat on the side with Yuna and Kyungsoo watching the men spar with each other. Kris and Ara stayed at home.
It made you uncomfortable to see the men punching at each other, some more than others. In particular Baekhyun and Yixing. You frowned as you watched Sehun partner up with Minseok. He was not holding back with any of his hits, bashing him and kicking him wherever he could. His face had grown red and his knuckles had turned white.

“Sehun what the fuck, it’s practice calm down!” Minseok barked as Sehun pushed him back hard against the wall. It was apparent to you that Sehun was getting rid of his frustrations on the man causing him stress. He kicked Minseok in the calf and pushed him onto the ground, kicking him hard on his bum.

“Oi Sehun stop!” Junmyeon shouted at the younger male, pausing his spar with Jongdae. Sehun’s chest was heaving up and down as he took a step backward, glaring down at Minseok who was slowly standing up from the floor. His eyes were dark.

“What’s going on?” Kyungsoo whispered next to you. But you just shrugged in response, waiting quietly to see what would happen next.

“Sehun, how about we go get the birthday treat, huh? How about a beer.” Tao breathed grabbing Sehun’s wrist he pulled him back away from Minseok and towards the exit near where you, Yuna and Kyungsoo were sitting.

“Birthday treat?” Minseok mumbled, then his eyes grew wide with realisation. “Shit Sehun. I forgot I’m so sorry…” But Sehun ignored his apology and walked out of the gymnasium with Tao. Minseok buried his head in his hands. You stood up to go and comfort him.

“Aghhh! How could I forget? How could any of us forget?” He stared up at the rest of the boys. You looked up at the boys too, everyone looking guiltily down at their feet.

“There’s just been so much going on. Look I’ll go and get a cake now, hopefully it isn’t too late. We can celebrate when he comes back?” Yixing suggested, grabbing his bag from the side and running out if the gymnasium.

It was 9PM by the time Tao and Sehun got home. Yixing had bought a vanilla cake with butter cream frosting.

“Happy belated Sehun!” The room shouted as he walked in. He stood there a while, his eyes drowsy and red, he smelt strongly of alcohol making your stomach turn.

“Fuck off!” Sehun slurred, slipping past.

“Sehun wait!” Minseok called, half-running after the drunken man.

“Minseok leave him.” Tao sighed, putting his hand up. “He’s drunk. He got emotional, he needs some time.”
Minseok sighed, blowing out the candles on the cake as he slumped down in the chair beside him.

“Look. I need to tell you something important. When I was helping Sehun into the car I saw Chanyeol. He didn’t see me but he was getting out of a car with a tall man. Tall and bald.”  Tao took as seat opposite Minseok.

Minseok’s eyes widened as he shifted forward in his seat.

“Wait bald and tall you say? Small eyes? Long nose? 6 foot 3’’ roughly?”  

“Yes!” Tao clicked his fingers and pointed at Minseok. “What? you know him?”

“He’s the one that kidnapped me, he works for Luhan I’m sure of it.”

Your eyes widened in shock, Jongin grunted from across the room shaking his head.

“Goodness Park Chanyeol, what are you up to?”

Missing You Already - Daniel Imagine

Fandom: Now You See Me

Pairing: Daniel x Reader

Today was a really hard day at work for me. My boss made me to work two more hours then I usually do and I had to fill in a lot of papers. Now I´m on my way to home. It´s cold and I put my hands in my pockets to try to warm them a little. A crowd on my right catch my eye and I turn my head to see what´s going on. I see some male magician performing and I think about staying to watch a couple of minutes. I always loved magic tricks, but I always watched from behind, I never wanted to be in the center of attention. I decide to stay so I approach the crowd and stand in one of the back lines. 

As I stand I see that the magician is very handsome. He wears a confident smirk which only makes him more attractive. He shuffle the deck of cards and they suddenly fly up in the sky. In one swift movement he catches them all. Everyone claps including me. 

“Hello everyone, I´m Daniel Atlas. Today I´m going to show you some tricks. But remember, the closer you look…the less you see.” He says pausing for a effect. Then out of nowhere a white pigeon flies out of his jacket. 


Daniel did more tricks and I stayed to watch them all because he´s really good. I didn´t planned to stay this long, but I guess this is somehow contagious.

“Now for my next trick I´ll need someone from the audience.” Daniel says and I immediately step back. He watches through the crowd, some girls are twirling their hair, coming closer, just to get his attention. But…with my luck, his eyes land on me.

“You. With the leather jacket. Would you be kind to come here next to me?” He asks me kindly and I step in front nervously, “What´s your name, love?”

“Y/N.” I answer looking anywhere but at his eyes.

“Y/N, wonderful name. You don´t have to be nervous, I´m not going to cut you in half.” He jokes and everyone laughs, me following. I finally look at him to see him smiling softly, and now he have some different spark in his eyes than he had before.

“Take one card and write your name on it.” He gives me the cards and I pick one. He also gives me a pen and I write my name on the card, two red hearts.

“Now put it back into the deck.” He says and I do as he told me. He shuffle the cards, looking at me. I smile and he winks, I feel heat rising up in my cheeks but I ignore it. He hands me the whole deck and I take it.

“Spread them, but backwards.” He says. I spread the cards and he takes one out, my card with my name on it. He shows it to the audience and they clap, I smile and hand him his cards back.

“And that would be all for today! Thank you for coming!” Daniel shouts and everyone gives him one last applause before they all go in their own ways. I turn around to leave too before I hear him call my name. I turn around and see him coming towards me.

“Hey. Would you maybe like to have a drink with me?” He asks me with a smile.

“Sure, why not.” I answer and his smile widen into a toothy grin.

Daniel and I are sitting in Starbucks, drinking coffee. He told me something about himself, we talked about his magic and laughed. I´m having a great time, especially after a hard day like today.

“So Y/N, what do you like to do?” He asks me taking a sip of his coffee.

“Well I like to listen to music, write sometimes, but I also love magic. I mean I just watch.” I chuckle at the end and he grins.

“You are cute.” He says suddenly and I look at him, my eyes searching his face for any sign of joking. I can´t find any.

“Thank you.” I say looking down at the table with a smile.

“What´s that behind your ear?” He asks and I look up at him confused. He leans over the table and put his hand behind my ear, then he shows me a beautiful red rose. I smile softly taking the rose.

“Thank you, it´s beautiful.” I say.

“Not as much as you.” He says dreamily and I feel butterflies in my stomach. I met this guy half an hour ago and he´s already making me feel wonderful.

“Do you want to take a walk?” I ask him and he nods.


“Thank you, I had a great time.” I smile, still holding my rose.

“I had a great time too, I´m really glad I spotted you in the crowd.” He says and we both smile.

“Can you give me my card for a second?” I ask him and he takes it out. I write my number under my name and give it back to him with a smile.

“If you want, give me a call sometimes.” I say and kiss his cheek. He grins widely and I turn around to unlock my doors.

“Bye Y/N.” I hear him say and I turn around.

“Bye Daniel.” I say back and enter my place.


I enter my house, take off my shoes and jacket. I sit on the couch and after fifteen minutes my phone vibrates. I look at my screen to see a new message and I smile.

~Missing you already, Daniel <3


Analyzing Shigaraki Sumire

 So now that we all know who the Mastermind is, I thought I’d look back at earlier episodes and use it to check why Sumire did what she did in each ep, what it means for her character, and just how evil she truly is.

And if you don’t care about analysis and stuff, there’s a lot of picture with Sumire’s inner thoughts that might be funny to read! Probably more so than the analysis itself :P

So without further ado…

Episode 1 - Uzumaki Boruto: the first episode, and the first Ghost Incident. We don’t see Sumire outside the OP and until the end of the EP, so we don’t know how she chose Denki. If I had to guess, the commotion that Boruto made while saving Denki attracted her attention and she followed them since then.

But we can guess WHY she chose him: as a girl who lives solely to fulfill her father’s wishes no matter the costs, she must frown upon this boy who doesn’t want to do what his own father wants him to do. So once Denki split from Boruto, she tailed him all the way to his home, and waited for a perfect moment to strike.

The next day, she has gone to the Academy, so she would not witness what would happen to Denki. Her first victim, and she does not seem to care to even see what happens to him. Quite cold of her!

“Today my glory days begin! And all these losers will be the sacrifice!“

“But look at this one! Are you really Uchiha Sasuke’s heir? Are you even trying to walk the most honorable path of revenge?“

Interestingly, we also see that Denki was not actually her first victim: he was the fourth. The tattoo on her back gained one spike, while it had three before it.

And here’s the disturbing part: in later episodes we find out that her attacks officially started at the Academy. So Denki and Metal are officially her first victims.

But you know what? Her two parents are dead. And they were crazy.

In translation: it’s possible that they forced their daughter to suck all the life out of them. This might explain why her guilts doesn’t get in way of her mission: an even greater guilt is fueling her.

ep14 Update: thankfully, this proved to be false… for the most part. Her dad probably is one of those spikes. And though he gave up his own life, I do believe that Sumire felt guilt and thus responsibility to see the plan completed

Episode 2 - The Hokage’s Son: one of rare few episodes where no Ghost Incident occurs. However, it’s the episode where our main antagonist is introduced. We see that she has not only befriended Chocho and Sarada, but that she also earned the trust of other students, thus becoming their Class Representative.

We also see her panic attacks. Back then I thought that they are a bit weird, and one was even sudden. I guess that I should have taken that as a hint: she was still getting used to the act. But she did fool everyone, including the audience which immediately labeled her Hinata 2.0.

For whichever reason, she also seems to have developed a liking for Boruto, and seems earnestly glad that he gets along with others. As we have seen in ep13, she does seem to be fond of him.

Says aloud: “Thank goodness, Boruto is getting along with others!“

In herself: “And just when I hoped he would get depressed and I could suck Hokage-sama’s chakra out of him. Well, another time then.”

Or maybe not. Hard to know what she thinks of her cattle.

Episode 3 - Metal Lee Goes Wild: her act continues, to the point that she pretends to suck at shuriken throwing. Seeing as it would be easier for her if she at least pretended to be somewhat competent (just in case she had to defend herself from another threat), one has to wonder if she enjoys this whole act.

Selecting her fifth victim was easy: Metal Lee was practically served to her on a silver platter.

“What is that smell behind me? Oh yes, the sweet, sweet Chakra! I’ll pass on the burgers, Boruto-kun~”

Speaking of which, we saw this same image in the preview one episode ago. Thought she looked menacing then, realized I was wrong and just read too much into it, and now I know I was closer to being right the first time.

Episode 4 - A Ninjutsu Battle of Sexes: yet another episode with no Ghost Incidents… but it was made up by the fact that the Nue finally appeared.

“Come on, give in to your hate! Humiliate one another into depression my dear piggies! I’ll be watching!“

But it was not her who made him appear, but Boruto. And interestingly, we see her losing all the spikes that were on her tattoo. Unintentionally, Boruto might have destroyed all the hard work she did up to this point. She must have been pissed.

“Wha.. .what the… wh… WHERE THE HECK IS MY CHAKRA GOING?!“

I could start guessing on why Boruto is able to do this, and how he is connected to Nue.. .but I won’t. This is about Sumire, not about Boruto and his techniques. What is important is: Boruto can meddle with her Nue, and thus is a potential threat.

And quite frankly, I feel ashamed. Because this episode is what made it clear that something was clearly not right with this girl. I mean, she sees that Chocho almost died, she saw the Nue disappear, and what does she do? Ask Chocho if she is alright? Nope! Wonder what the hell this beast was? Nope! Take the flag from the ground? Yep! Literally a moment after the Nue disappeared, her eyes looked away, and then down at the flag, and she took it. It kind of feels like she wanted to move everyone’s attention to something other than the Nue.

Now, others are no better: they all also forgot about all this fairly quickly and returned to their pointless game. But Sumire was always shown as the most empathetic and kindhearted of the group. If one character was supposed to come running and asking if everyone was OK, it was her. But she didn’t come, and for a reason: someone summoned HER Nue. And this made her anxious, so for a moment she may have forgotten how she was supposed to act.

And just look at her face during all that:

“Okay, what the hell just happened? I did not summon it.”

“Don’t look, they must not think it concerns you. We’ll think about it later.“

“Good heavens, is that the flag?“

“Oh wait, I did not think this through! Just HOW am I going to convince the boys that it’s completely normal and natural to demand them to let me suck their Chakra?“

But then again, it’s not like any of these kids cared much about the tragedy that almost happened. Still, the change of expression from pic1 to pic2 is a bit weird.

Also, while we are on the episode about sexes… did anyone notice that she only sucks up the males?

Okay, this has ended up sounding more perverted than I intended. Sorry. Let’s continue before this gets any more weird.

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Italy: Nutella, Football, and a Raging Job Crisis (Alternatively: I Need Your Help)

This is mostly a recreational blog, but today I am posting something personal. Please, have the patience to read this, maybe you’ll find you can help me in some way - whether it’s through empathy, an idea, a reblog, or perhaps even a job opportunity.

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jirehthedisciple  asked:

Top 5 favourite fruitship moments

wow i’m so sorry kouhai this is damn overdue (and i owe you a lot) and honestly now i’m regretting getting back to this because aughsfndifdjsls there are SO MANY cries why did u make me pick just 5 i hate u

top 5 so far as of today (rip we just got thru ep 146):

5. Episodes 50/51

ah yes the first episodes where yuya not only begins to realize a bit of his own denseness in regards to his feelings towards yuzu, he openly states out loud all of the reasons why yuzu is so important to him: she stayed with him even when he was bullied and cheered him on despite this, she was the one that gave him an idea of how to evolve as a duelist, he straight up says both rune-eyes and beast-eyes are monsters he was able to summon thanks to yuzu, he realizes the reason she was trying to get stronger was to protect him and his friends… and of course even reiji takes advantage of his feelings for yuzu. reiji. taking advantage. of his feelings. before this duel, yuya wanted nothing to do with becoming a lancer, but by the end of it… he joins because, just as reiji stated, he wants to save yuzu. and then episode 51 ends like this

oh my god the pain in his voice

(also quick shout out to ep 54 becuz it shows us the struggle of being separated from yuzu’s perspective and well she cries just as bad *dies*)

4. Episode 125. I think this post pretty much sums it up. 

3. The end of episode 129. idk what to say i mean… yuzu actually gets through to yuya for a moment (and it almost seems like he’ll come back to his own senses but…), then afterwards we get this

and yusho pretty much explains that them being so close to each other isn’t a coincidence… like…………….. i’m sorry i’m such a sucker for the whole… destined intertwining fates/red-string-of-fate trope… except for the kicker here is that they weren’t exactly meant to (uh) fall in love? their red-string-of-fate was just meant to pretty much stop him from becoming a demon and destroying the world… and also the fact that they’re reincarnations of zarc & ray who were enemies (technically)… oh my god……. the irony ugh my heart this is the kind of shit i fall for every damn time

2. Episode 140.

episode 140.

episode 140.

oh my god first of all just the lone fact that Yuzu is the only person, out of all of the ones that had been trying to get him back for five episodes straight, that Yuya explicitly responds to would have pretty much been enough for me tbh like that is all i needed but then they also had to throw in this

like shit even Zarc himself is surprised

and it doesn’t stop there

just look at her holding out her hand to him so gently even having to look at him like that as a demon like ashfkjsdlf

look at this shit Zarc is so dumbfounded yet Yuya’s like you know what you’re right babe like just looking at her and hearing her makes him feel calm and gives him the strength to overcome his own inner (er, outer, i guess i should say) demons aaaaaa

1. my favorite fruitship moment and the one moment that made just go from casually shipping them for the heck of it to straight up OTP AF status is this:

(episode 69)


THIS IS HOW YOU SELL ME ON YOUR OTP. Like honestly tears because one of them is dying or because they miss the other are also good but HOW OFTEN DO YOU SEE CHARACTERS CRY OUT OF JOY FOR THEIR SIGNIFICANT OTHER???? LIKE. LEGIT TEARS OF JOY. 

I am not kidding when I tell you that even with all the ship tease before this episode (and there’s A LOT of it), i was still pretty on the fence on this ship like i was in the “yeah i kinda ship it” part of the fandom not because i didn’t really like it (all the ship tease was good and their relationship has ALWAYS been wholesome) but more out of pure caution because I KNOW how main male/female ships in yugioh usually go and they are usually not very good imo. But this. this moment. This EPISODE. Yuzu shows she cares. Yuya very fucking explicitly shows he cares (he cares so much that his body has a real autonomic physical reaction to this emotional stimulus oh my god my psychologist is showing). They’re not even in person next to each other or anything yet they are communicating and understanding and supporting each other. 

as far as for yugioh goes tho, even with ship teases, usually the main female/male pair keeps to status of “friend” because ofc this is yugioh this is all about the nakama. and they usually stop there. or just they leave it at that for the most part and don’t go in depth as to why they should be shipped together besides just them being boy+girl friends = a couple but in this case they, imo, they really went above and beyond that and welp now i’m here crying

idk bout you but this convinced me their feelings for each other were more than that. and i wasn’t fruitshipping trash before this so.

anyways, that’s the end of my list but you’re probably wondering why i didn’t include the episode 99 reunion they had… dude… trust me… i love that scene… but i feel that if you ship these two, that scene is a given as a fav moment. lol it’s like if you made a “fruitshipping moments” bingo, the episode 99 reunion would be your free space lmao i mean i ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT and i will watch it a million times over and never get tired of it but it’s also so obvious lol

Anonymous said

Hi! Could I please request where the reader finds out she’s pregnant with Bill’s baby. They are both really happy and excited. Towards the end of her pregnancy she has more complications, Bill gets really worried. During labour he nearly loses them both. Thank you so much I love your blog!

Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Warnings: language.


You tapped your foot as you stared down at the clear blue pregnancy test you bought out the drug store. It had to be done by now, 50 minutes had past. You couldn’t bring yourself to lift it, scared that you could be pregnant but scared you aren’t and then worrying if something else is wrong in your body. Sure you and bill hadn’t been together for long, but you knew everything about him including what type of toilet paper his precious ass likes. ‘Would he be pissed? Would be be pleased?’ You thought about all of this, what if he wasn’t ready to settle down now his fame has risen by 1000.99%

“Man the fuck up bitch tits” you told yourself, reaching in on the pee stick and turning it over. ‘Pregnant 3-4 weeks’ you picked up the stick and chucked it in the waste basket with the other used ‘I’m pregnant’ sticks. “How can they all be broken?” You told yourself, you looked in the mirror and laughed actually you pissed yourself laughing and then here came the water works as you started crying loudly into your hands.

“I’m home” bill slammed the front door like he owned the place when he wasn’t even fully living here but just staying 7 days a week, he still had his own place in New York incase we broke up even after 2 years it was still his safety net. You left the bathroom and found him sniffing in the fridge, looking deep in the back. “Haven’t you got any beer in?” You sighed and plopped on the sofa, sliding the fleece blanket over your thighs and sitting back. Bill flicked his hair back, brushing it from his eyes as he walked over. “Have I done something wrong?” You looked up at him and shook your head, you wanted to just say ‘yeah, you came too early now am pregnant’

“You’re pregnant?” Bill jaw dropped, his life seemed to drop. You’re eyes grew wide, what you meant to say as an inter dialogue came out on full blast. “Do you wanna leave and come back again?” You asked bill, he didn’t say nothing but left the apartment quickly and then came back in with a spring in his step. “Hi hunny. How are you? Any beer? Today was good, a bird on the highway flew into my window and scared me but anyway. How are you?” He asked at 10 miles an hour. “You crashed into a bird? What? Um.. I’m pregnant. Surprise, In the words of Madonna, I’m keepin’ ma baby” You blurted out, honestly. You had showed him all the colours of your heart and he had seen into your soul, you had nothing to hide from him and you owed him honesty as he owed you the same.

Bill sat down, shrugging his brown coat from his shoulders as he sighed. ‘Here comes the break up’ you thought as he took your hands. “(Y/N)” he began with an awkward laugh. His thumbs brushing over your knuckles lightly, “we’re having a baby” his eyes lit up, he chuckled loudly as his grip became tighter on your hands. “We’re having a baby” you smiled, taking his head in your hands and landing a hard kiss on his lips.


Nine months later.

The midwife said the baby was due June 31st, but nope. 10 days late. You screamed loudly, handing on to the handle bar of the bed as you had your legs up on the braces as you pushed. “I can’t feel the contractions” you complained, struggling when to know when to push. The midwife, Linda pushed down on your stomach with both hands. “Push” she said, feeling the contraction within your skin. You pushed down hard, hand reaching out and grabbing bill by his shoulder. “You did this to me” you growled at him. Bill slipped your hand from him, letting you hold his as he smiled. “You enjoyed it at the time babe” he winked. You squeezed his hand which made him winched, bill looked down craning his neck. “I can- I can see the head!! It’s get brown hair, it’s coming. One more push, just one more” you closed your eyes, pushing down hard as you felt the hard sting of the head push out and then the twist of the shoulders and then it was out. You sighed loudly like you had finally done a big poo after days of it building up.

“Meet baby Master Skarsgard” Linda smiled, propping the baby down on your bare chest as bill covered his mouth in shock, you looked down at your son. “Take him bill” you felt high, you felt nothing. You tired to push the baby away, you didn’t want him, not right now. Bill came in, holding the baby in place so you couldn’t push him off you. “Just take him home, please” you sobbed and begged as if you didn’t want the baby to be around at that moment when everything went black.

Bill panicked as your eyes shut, the baby started crying. “What’s wrong with her?!” He asked Linda as he hit the switch on the wall and a red light began to flash with a loud alarm. “Mr. Skarsgard, please take the baby. (Y/N) is devolving clots” he took his son and held him tightly in his arms as nurses came running in. He watched as Linda began to push and pump down on (y/n)’s stomach. The sound of her blood flowing out and splashing on the green flooring, a noise sure to haunt him forever. Bill watched as nurses began to push needles in your arms, even one in your thigh for an emergency transfusion.

“Wha- What are you doing?” He almost yelled as a male nurse took his son from his arms. “Mr. Skarsgard, we’ll need you to leave the room. Take a left and you’ll find the newborns room where you can wait with your son” he reached in for his child. “We aren’t insured for parents to be walking with newborns in the halls. If there is an emergency you could be knocked over” he was ushered out the room. His eyes never leaving your pale, sleeping body until the door was closed.

You opened your eyes, feeling high and swollen. Bill sat beside you, asleep in the chair like he was having the time of your life. “Bill” you groaned, barely hearable. Your throat was swollen, sore and dry. You pulled a pillow from behind you and through it at his head. Bill jumped like a startled cat but his face lit up to see you awake. “Well, haven’t you been lazy and sleeping all day” Bill smiled again, launching his body out the chair and on to you. “I was so scare (y/n). I was thinking I was about to be a single dad, I don’t think I could pull that off” you playful slapped his arm as he had both arms tightly around you.

A gentle knock came on the door as a nurse popped her head around with a smile. “Glad mummy is awake now” she brought in the smallest person you had ever seen wrapped tightly in a blue fleece blanket and an oversized cream woolly hat just gently covering his closed eyes. “You ready for a cuddle now?” You shoved bill away, sitting up and nodding with a smile. “Yes, yes. Give me my son” “our son” bill added giving you a smile. “Yeah yeah, that too” you brushed him off, just focusing on the small little boy placed careful into your arms. He made a snorted grunt as he was startled. “You make that noise too” you said looking at bill who laughed, making the same noise. “I do not” “What should we call him?” You asked, running the knuckle of your finger along his small pink pouted lips. Bill sat on the bed, one arm around your waist holding your hip as his his other hand held the back of the baby’s head in the whole palm of his hand. “Let’s give it a few days, see what he looks like” you nodded in agreement and looked at bill and whispered “he looks like a shark” bill laughed loudly, forgetting the baby who startled and whined. “We are not calling out child Shark Skarsgård”

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Do Wonders Never Cease?

I have said this before and I will continue to say it: YOU GUYS AMAZE ME!!

Back in September when I posted my first fic, I never EVER in a million years would have guessed I would be here today, with 1,000 of you wonderful, supportive, amazing followers. Your words of encouragement are what keep me going each and every day!

Before I get to the fun stuff, I want to take the time to thank some of the people that have continually shown their support and encouragement, and most of all love. I know I am going to miss some, so I do apologize in advance. 

@iwantthedean @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms @ellen-reincarnated1967 @mamaredd123 @impala-dreamer @impalaimagining @chelsea072498 @paintrider13-blog @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @love-kittykat21 @spntrista @zeppo-in-a-trenchcoat.  I could go on and on!

So keep reading to learn more about my new challenge!!

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Is Kataang a Nice Guy ship? | Kataang vs Zutara

In a previous post, theadamantdaughter proposed that my understanding of Zutara could be applied to male preference for Kataang in relation to Nice Guys. I encourage you to read the previous post as this post will test and build on a lot of the ideas presented in that thread. In particular, my (perhaps misguided) definition of “self-insert” and then the rebranding as the word “relationality”.

I thought I wasn’t able to test their theory (whether proposed in earnest or not), but it turns out that I have data on romantic relationships. Let’s see if this can reveal anything to us.

Primary ATLA F/M Ship by “Have you ever been in a romantic relationship?” and Gender
Notice that there might be an increase in Kataang preference in males who haven’t had romantic experience. It’s difficult to tell simply by looking if these two proportions are actually different or just the product of natural randomness. Normally, I’d say “we can’t know”, because there’s no pattern to compare it to. But, since the idea of Kataang being linked to Nice Guys was in my head, I noticed that the difference is larger than 10 percentage points. This is relatively large – perhaps large enough to be identified with a statistical test.

Using a contingency table (a type of statistical test), I’ve found that there is a significant difference between the two groups. If you’re familiar with the test, I found chi-square(df = 3, N = 195) = 4.00, p = .046. Good enough for me.

What this means is that we can be 95% confident that males who haven’t been in a romantic relationship actually do prefer Kataang more than males who have been in a romantic relationship. This statistical test makes no claim about why we see this difference, but merely that we are in fact seeing a difference. At this point, these results could be used to support a link between Nice Guys and Kataang. It’s prudent to do a bit more digging, so let’s take a look at another comparison.

Primary ATLA F/M Ship by Primary ATLA F/M Ship by “Have you ever been in a romantic relationship?” and Age and Gender
A key observation in this chart is that the correlation of romantic experience to Kataang isn’t observed in males aged 18 and under.

We might understand this as indicating a relationship to Nice Guys. We can reason that “Nice Guys” (definition which is yet to be clarified) are going to be these males who haven’t been in a romantic relationship after becoming 19. We could then argue that <18 males who haven’t been in a relationship have no reason to adopt a Nice Guy viewpoint, which is why there isn’t a difference in Kataang preference. Hold this thought, as we’ll return to it later.

Speculation about why we see the pattern
So now we have something that needs to be explained: that 19+ males who haven’t been in a romantic relationship tend to prefer Kataang more than those who have been in a relationship. We’ve approached the data with a hypothesis regarding Nice Guys, but it isn’t really a defined model. I think we have a general understanding of what it’s suggesting, but I want to get into the nitty gritty of what’s going on.

The basic idea is that if a male hasn’t been in a romantic relationship, then their views (particularly if they’re older) on romantic relationships are likely to be different to males who have. Of interest to us is the Nice Guy: a male who is frustrated because (as they see it) for some males it’s easy to enter into a relationship, while they themselves as “nice guys” haven’t been able to find a girl. Possible additions to this model of a Nice Guy include the view that females can be shallow, and that males can behave badly or disrespectfully in order to woo a female. While I think we can think that 19+ people (regardless of gender) who haven’t been in a romantic relationship could be frustrated with that situation, it’s not entirely clear to me that these additions of how they might view other people is necessarily a part of the Nice Guy. It’s hard to separate the meme from reality.

In the context of Kataang, Aang could be seen as a nice guy getting the girl in the end. Using my understanding of relationality that I explained in the previous post, these males are personally engaging with the relationship between Katara and Aang. This relationality could take multiple forms, from relating to Aang, to being attracted to Katara, to seeing value in the destined nature of their relationship.

In the previous post, I reasoned that we make our decisions first and then justify them later. We could use the current findings to challenge this theory, as we could argue that not having been in a relationship at 19+ is a draw towards Kataang. We could reason that <18 males don’t exhibit this Nice Guy effect because there is little expectation regarding relationships, so they aren’t Nice Guys.

But this chart suggests otherwise:

[“Have you ever changed primary ship?” by “Have you ever been in a romantic relationship” and Age and Gender]

The majority of people don’t change their shipping preference. This supports my theory that we make our decisions early and then justify them later. A choice that a male made up to 9 years ago about a children’s TV show may be linked to whether or not they have been in a romantic relationship by today. That’s freaky. But having or not having been in a relationship isn’t causing people to choose Kataang – they’re just correlated. We want to find the reason that these two are linked.

I’m beginning to suspect that we are actually making a measure of personality. If the likelihood of entering into a romantic relationship is linked to certain personality traits, then perhaps this relationship/no-relationship comparison is actually a personality-type/personality-type comparison. For example, extrovert/introvert in a broad sense.

But, as you may have noticed, this puts us at odds with what we observed when we included Age. <18 males didn’t exhibit any difference. According to the reasoning I just put forward, <18 males should still exhibit these personality traits and so we should see an increased preference for Kataang in those who haven’t been in a relationship. Let’s look at this chart:

70% of <18 males haven’t been in a relationship, so I reason that we’re observing a dilution effect. If we took these <18 males and fast forwarded 9 years, my model predicts that we’d see the relationship/no-relationship pattern present in them too.

This is the model that I put forward. Males who haven’t been in a romantic relationship tend to prefer Kataang because of yet unidentified features of their personality. This type of personality tends to prefer Kataang, and also tends to result in no romantic partners. Personality is higher up in the causal network, and romantic experience and shipping preference are influenced by personality. In terms of the Nice Guy Hypothesis, I think it’s reasonable to suggest that males 19+ who haven’t been in a romantic relationship are more likely to be Nice Guys. So the answer to the question “is Kataang a Nice Guy ship?” is: these two things seem to be linked in some way.

theadamantdaughter’s proposal, if taken seriously and literally, can be understood as the idea that being a Nice Guy increases the likelihood that the male to “self-insert” (in the hard or soft sense of the word). Using the terminology of my previous post, this can be converted into the less dramatic proposition that Nice Guys have increased relationality with Kataang. However, there’s an important distinction between these two things being related, and these two things interacting. If we adopt my personality model, then it’s not immediately clear that the Nice Guy mentality was applied in the original preference for Kataang. If someone becomes a Nice Guy later in life, then how could a Nice Guy-related relationality be relevant to a decision made prior to becoming a Nice Guy? My model seems to suggest that this relationality isn’t important.

There are many other things I haven’t discussed. Alternative models that account for life choices or even single-sex schooling. A model which argues that the original Kataang choice might have been linked to a proto-Nice Guy mentality. Whether or not Zuko is seen as the “bad guy”. The potential support for my personality model through a link between romantic experience and female Maiko shipping. The trend with age and change in shipping preference. The possibility of linking Nice Guy to Kataang through also accounting for when people watched ATLA. These are interesting ideas, but this post is long enough already. All in all, hats off to theadamantdaughter. If it weren’t for their comments, I don’t think I would have noticed this extremely interesting pattern. Online interaction is a funny thing.

Sommer’s Sarcastic Writing Challenge

Hey y’all I don’t know how but I have made it to 200 followers! I want to thank each one of you for your follow and your encouragement and thank you for reading my stories. Still being new-ish to the writing scene it really means a lot that y’all have taken a liking to me. I never thought I’d make it to 100 followers let along 200. So, to celebrate this milestone of mine I will be doing two things I have never done before and am excited to do. First I’m doing a writing challenge and to bring it home, its going to be a sarcastic writing challenge.


  1. Send in an ask with a prompt and a backup one just incase.
  2. If you could, it would be nice to know who you plan on writing for. i.e. Dean x reader
  3. You can write for any supernatural character or actor. I’ll throw in marvel because I do enjoy those as well and have neglected my marvel people as of late. I do ask though no wincest, sorry I just don’t agree with it. Also, reader inserts or OFC’s only. No ships only because there are some I don’t like and I’d prefer not to name any so I don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. I get it you like what you like and you are entitled to that.
  4. Can be fluff, angst, smut, flangst, or any combo of the three. I love all three. If you want to write an AU go for it I love those as well.
  5. There is no word limit. Write what your heart desires whether it be a drabble or 9000 words do it. Go for it. I just ask that if its over 1000 you insert the keep reading link.
  6. I know there are a lot that say not to have it part of a series unless it’s the beginning of one, but hey if you can work it into an ongoing series of yours do it. Send me a link to the whole series so I can catch up and enjoy the part.
  7. Tag me in it when you post and please include #Sommer’sSarcasticWritingChallenge in your tags 
  8. Lastly, the due date will be August 15th since I start my fall semester the 21st this will give me reading material to distract me from the stress and anxiety. But if you need an extension let me know and I’ll be happy to give you one. 

The second thing I will be doing is GIF blurbs. I’ve seen a lot of people do this and I want to give it a try. I’ll except GIF’s for Supernatural and Marvel alike. I ask you only send one in per person so more people can send them in. Lastly I’ll take GIF’s starting now till the end of June.

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Fic not-rec (reminder)

I notice that the despicable rape story on AO3 that is masquerading as a piece of rebelcaptain fanfic (the one I was writing about here)  has just had another chapter posted today.  So I just wanted to flag up a quick reminder/note to anyone who hasn’t seen it before.  Please don’t start reading this unless you are okay with reading something very, very unpleasant.  This story is grotesqely sadistic and moreover serves both characters absolutely vilely.  I find it baffling that the writer has apparently enjoyed reading genuine rebelcaptain fics in the past, when their own work is basically a mockery of the ship and the fandom.

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Righting Wrongs Part 3

Sorry for the delay on part 3 (if anyone was waiting LOL)! You can find the links to parts 1 & 2 here: Part 1 - Part 2

Special thanks again to @paperbacktrash-deactivated20170 who is on another break for being my beta bitch and being amazingly supportive. I also figured out formatting, my apologies. My previous chapters were structured so terribly but it now looks visually appealing aha. 

We also get some ACTION this time. I won’t tell you what kind. ;)

Without further ado…

The next morning, Lucien climbed groggily out of bed and Tamlin smothered his laughter with his pillow as he watched Lucien stumble around.

“Drink too much last night?” He got out in between his snickers.

Lucien threw him a dirty glare, “How are you so unaffected? You drank as much as I did.”

“I guess my tolerance is just better than yours.” Tamlin ducked under the blanket at the incoming pillow headed straight for head.


Tamlin pulled himself out of bed, “Asshole as I may be, you can’t deny that it’s hilarious.” He chuckled again as Lucien grunted. They dressed quickly and emerged from their tent, sun shining. A good omen.


There was a huge red tent on the outskirts of the camp, people going in and out with food. “That must be where the bacon is,” Lucien gave a groan of pleasure as the smell of food wafted towards them.

Jurian came out of the tent, a plate full of food in hand. “You two look like shit.” He was smiling.

“Good morning to you too, Jurian.” Tamlin said, stifling a yawn.

“Grab some food and join us over there,” Jurian gestured to a picnic table where Avryn and Linden were already seated, eating their breakfast.

Jurian headed over and sat with them. Tamlin and Lucien joined the line to get food. Some of the people gave them tentative smiles, some ignored them. One woman approached Tamlin, her two children in tow. “Uhm, excuse me, mister… High Lord?”

Tamlin smiled warmly, “Please, just call me Tamlin.”

The woman smiled nervously. “Tamlin then… I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you so much for giving my family second chance.” The two kids hiding behind their mother stuck their heads out from behind her to look at him.

He knelt down to their level, “Hello there. I’m Tamlin. Are you excited to see your new home?” Both squealed at being addressed by him and ran to their father waiting at a table for them. He straightened and the woman offered an apologetic smile.

“It’ll take time. They’ve been raised to fear you. It’ll just take time.” She waved and joined her family.

Lucien clapped Tamlin on the back, “Don’t be ashamed, it’s just your face.” He was still chuckling as they made their way to the picnic table with their food.


They took their seats, opposite of the other three. Linden grunted a barely intelligible “Morning” over his mouthful of food. Apparently not a man of many words.

Avryn grinned wickedly over her bacon and eggs, “Morning boys.”

They both nodded their greetings before digging in.

“Ready for today?” Jurian asked in between bites.

“What can we expect?”

“Well, a lot of the people here are still unsure of what you’ve offered which is to be expected but everyone has agreed regardless to come with you, us included. There’s almost three hundred people here and we want to make sure no one is left behind,” Jurian responded.

“It’s lucky there aren’t more. A lot of people stayed in the Summer Court, part of Tarquin’s plans to abolish class lines. Then there’s the Night Court, who are working close with Tarquin and his Court as they have the same ideas. They’ve taken a large amount of people as well, a few thousand by last count. I did mention yesterday the Winter Courts’ involvement. They’ve rebuilt several towns and villages here in the mortal lands, the truly uncomfortable humans are staying and resettling in them.” Avryn paused, taking a bite of bacon. “I suspect it’s so they can make sure we don’t murder the others who’ve settled with the Fae.”

Lucien choked on his juice. Tamlin thumped him on the back, “Easy, friend.”

“Anyways, you can expect this camp to be torn down, packed up and for us to get moving just after breakfast. We could use your help,” Jurian finished and stood to leave.

Linden joined him, “We will be starting to tear down in about an hour. Find us then.” Linden followed Jurian away from the table.

Lucien and Tamlin shared a look, “Not a man of many words, is he?” Lucien asked Avryn.

She shook her head and winked at Tamlin, “What he lacks in words, he more than makes up for elsewhere.” With that, she took her leave.

Lucien turned to Tamlin, “Well, at least the Fae are being extra accommodating to the humans,” and burst out laughing.

Tamlin shook his head and shuddered inwardly, that female… he commended the man or male who took on that side of her.


Several hours later, the camp was disassembled and the group of 300 humans and three Fae were on the move. Children were propped up on horses with the adults surrounding them forming a protective barrier. Jurian headed up the long column of people with Avryn on horseback. Lucien and Tamlin rode in the middle and Linden covered the end so someone could watch the stragglers. Tamlin could taste the excitement in the air and it was refreshing. He did notice though, that the people Tamlin and Lucien were closest to were doing their best to leave a wide berth between the two Fae males. A little of his own excitement evaporated at that but Lucien didn’t appear to mind.

“Don’t let it bother you, they may never fully trust us. They’ve been brutalized for far too long to have any faith in us over one night. I don’t doubt that most think we are leading them to their doom.” Lucien chuckled darkly to himself.

“I suppose I should know this better than anyone at this point. I don’t know why I continue to expect this to be easy. I failed. My family failed before me. Only now am I even trying to repent.” He shook his head, letting the full weight of disappointment consume him.

Lucien pondered him for a moment. “I considered leaving you to rot, you know. I figured you deserved it. You earned that. I imagined you returning to the manor, it being destroyed and you taking a seat on your ruined throne. I imagined you wasting away to nothing, alone as the roses and their thorns grew out of control, caging you in. I wanted you to feel the pain and suffering that I did.”

Tamlin looked up at his friend, “What changed your mind?” He asked hesitantly.

“I forgave you, but more than that… I didn’t want to turn into my father. Beron is a snake and he raised my brothers to be the same. I suppose you have my mother to thank, she gave me the final push I needed to come here.“

"What do you mean?” Tamlin asked, genuine surprise.

“It was something she said to me. ’Don’t follow in his footsteps. You are not him and he does not own you. Do not fall prey to those you believe to be your family. Listen to your heart because the blood that runs through your veins means more than he does.’ She was always very careful with me around Beron but that was more direct than she’s been before… but it’s his blood I have, so I suppose it’s just another cryptic message. It can’t be anything more… anyways, that’s what got me here. I followed my heart.”

Tamlin smiled sadly, “I thought there would be more yelling truthfully. You have always been a better friend, a better male than I could ever hope to be.”

“I don’t believe yelling solves anything. Violence was not the answer. I see your guilt eating you up inside. I see how you fight the guilt and the anger every day and I know that you don’t need someone else to fuel it. You can beat yourself up just fine on your own and I’m certain you will continue to do so for a long while.”

Tamlin nodded, “You might be right,” and gave a weak smile. “Thank you. I don’t deserve this, but thank you.”

Lucien shrugged his shoulders. “I just want you to be happy. If this, your goal to help humans and unite Prythian and gain forgiveness does that, then the least I can do is give you this last gift of my forgiveness.”

Lucien watched as his words sunk in, “You’re going back to the Night Court when we get back?”

Lucien nodded. “If there is any chance my mate wants to know me, I have to try… and they’re not so bad, the Court of Dreams.”

Tamlin nodded halfheartedly. “I suppose I knew this was happening, too. I wish you luck, old friend.”

They spent the rest of the ride to their first camp site in a companionable silence, occasionally exchanging comments back and forth. Tamlin tried to keep it light but his heart was aching. This was probably the last time he would be seeing Lucien.


The trip back to Spring Court was slated to take five days so as not to tire the travelers. Each day had the same routine: arrive at the next camp location, set up camp and pitch in to make sure everyone was fed before they went to sleep. The next morning, everyone pitched in and tore down the camp and then they were off once more.

The camp was settled in for the third night. Lucien and Tamlin had found themselves comfortable with Jurian and his cabal. The talk was civil, the banter and jokes came easily. War stories and life stories were exchanged over a bottle of liquor each night. They had a common purpose that united them and pasts that drove them to be better. It made all the difference.

Tamlin found himself again wandering in the dark. There was something soothing about the cool breeze and the sounds of the surrounding lands falling asleep, even if he couldn’t sleep much himself. The sounds of the camp were distant but he could see what was left of the burning fires, dancing with the shadows of the night.

Tamlin took a seat on the ground and leaned into the trunk of the towering oak tree. He sighed and rested his head back, eyes lost in the stars. He knew he should be spending more time with Lucien as he would be leaving in a couple of days but it was easier to be alone. His thoughts turned to their progress. It was all going well which has surprised him. Each day more of the people talked to him or waved and smiled. Excitement and maybe finally some joy were present in each day. It had taken so long for him to have a purpose once again, one that wasn’t a death sentence or forced on him. So many years of living to make up for. Secretly, he hoped Avryn, Jurian and Linden would stick around. Avryn had seemed to warm to him as he took her orders without fuss and brought his own ideas to the table that she deemed, “not completely idiotic”.

He smiled at that particular memory. She was… adventurous and wild and frighteningly smart. Tamlin found he was often watching her movements and he found himself trying to read her emotions and learn her face. She was fascinating to behold – and something continued to draw him to her. Occasionally he thought he caught her studying him with the same intensity but as soon as she noticed him, she averted her gaze and generally made a crude joke which caused everyone in the vicinity to curl over laughing and Tamlin’s observations were forgotten.

The sounds of the evening suddenly ceased and Tamlin straightened, his talons shot out in response. He eased off the ground and pressed his back into the tree, listening. He could hear steps approaching, five sets if he was correct, and they were doing their best not to be heard. Their rotting scent hit Tamlin and he froze.


Cursing inwardly, he whirled around the tree just as the first reached his hiding spot and disemboweled it. The other four snarled viciously and advanced. Tamlin stepped back swiftly to avoid the next naga’s black talons. He was a second too late and the naga ripped into his chest, blood spilling down and seeping through his tattered tunic. He snarled and slammed his talons through the naga’s throat and tore it out. The naga dropped like a stone as Tamlin felt a freezing gust that chilled him to the bone. He looked towards the three remaining naga but stumbled when he saw they were frozen solid. Avryn stepped up beside him and he watched as she closed her fist and the frozen naga shattered into pieces. 

“Close call, Lord of Spring.” She looked at his wounds, concern marring her brow but unfazed by the incredible amount of power she just revealed.

“I should know better… Not all of the creatures have been cleared from these lands… but thank you.” She was pulling his tunic from his chest to assess the damage. She rested her palm flat against the gouges and he felt a warmth spread over the affected area. Her eyes were closed in concentration.

A moment later, she stepped back and Tamlin saw that she had healed him. The scars were faded and the fresh blood staining his skin and tunic, there were no signs of the gashes.

“I hail from two mighty noble bloodlines. My father was from the Dawn Court and my mother from the Winter Court. My mother’s magic is stronger but I have enough of the healing gift of the Dawn Court that I can patch wounds up. It’s… exhausting, but handy.”

“Where are your parents now?”

She leaned against the tree Tamlin had previously found solace in. “Dead. Curtesy of Amarantha. I was on a diplomatic mission to the Dawn Court when you were cursed Under the Mountain. My parents were some of the lucky souls slaughtered in the beginning. I say lucky because at least they didn’t have to suffer through the next 50 years… I’m the only one left.” She crossed her arms and pinched the bridge of her nose.

Tamlin felt an overwhelming urge to comfort her. He stepped in front of her and placed a hand on her shoulder. “I’m sorry. For all that you endured.”

Avryn dropped her arms and Tamlin could see fierce emotion blazing in her eyes.

“Don’t feel sorry for me,” and she pulled him towards her and pushed him into the tree as her lips crashed into his.

Tamlin didn’t hesitate, he pulled her closer to him, winding one of his hands through the hair at the back of her neck while his other hand explored her. She gave a small shiver and gasped against his lips as he ran his fingers across her collar bones.

Her hands started roaming over his arms and his chest. She stopped suddenly when she reached the tears in his tunic and the dampness of the blood. She pushed him off her with a laugh. “You’re a mess and you’ve probably gone and gotten me covered in blood, too.”

He looked at her and burst out laughing. “Now, I am truly sorry.”

“What will they say, when we come back covered in blood?” She asked sarcastically.

Tamlin eyed her swollen lips, “For some reason, I don’t think that will be their biggest concern.”

They both laughed again.

“You’re a decent kisser for a young, Spring male.”

“I could say the same about you being so old.”

Her lips raised in a mischievous smile. “Careful boy, or there won’t be any more kissing.”

Tamlin grinned back. “Are you saying there is going to be more?”

She shoved him. “You provide a nice distraction.”

As they walked back to the camp together, Tamlin felt something ease in his chest. If Avryn was going to be sticking around the Spring Court, and this was what he had to look forward to… maybe it wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen to him.

Lumen (part 4/ ): Wrong intentions

Originally posted by mithborien


Read up here:

Part 1: Good intentions

Part 2: Honest intentions

Part 3: Dark intentions

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary of part 4: Your stitches came loose and Steve had to carry you to the med bay, where he encounters another aspect of the true extent of your powers.

Warnings: This has been designed to rip your heart out.

Word count: 1.800 (without background information).

A/N: Wrote this part during my lunch break. This is my first fan fic series, so bear with me. Feel free to tell me your thoughts on this one, constructive criticism is appreciated!

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Got7 as Youtubers

||🔻Gifs are not mine🔻||

A/N: This took me much a long time ohmygod. Hope you guys enjoy this <3

Bam Bam: This boy would for sure want to make the world a better place and, at the same time, he’d want it to be a bit for fashionable and self loving. I feel like he would be a male beauty guru plus comedian Youtuber like Youngjae.

Bam Bam: So in todays video, I will show you guys how to dab professionally^^

And because he is the Dab king, he has made a day named Dab day where he goes in a Dab-athon and makes his friends do it as well.

He’d do beauty videos for guys and get both girl and guys drooling over his My daily routine video (which is different every time cuz this kid’s goin’ places) because he uses it as an excuse to take his shirt of cuz there ain’t no one to stopin’ him. He’d actually help his views by giving them advice on what to wear when and how. “Personally, I like it when girls wear—” and “I think it’s best to wear -this- during -this- season.” He’d do Japan haul, America haul, Paris hall and what not haul and pose with all his might. The professional quality kills all his subscribers and they swear to god, they’ve never been killed to beautifully. 

Also, no one memes this boi cuz he’s already a walking, talking meme.

Jackson: Jackson would make work out videos. Because he loves all his subscribers, he would want them to take care of their bodies and health.  Health care. “Today, I will show you guys how to make all organic food. Not only will it be tasty but it will also help you keep in shape, so you guys can have a fabulous body like mine.” *poses* His  subscribers will be both both fangirls and fanboys. He would be ever grateful for all his subscribers and would surely show it though his milestone videos. His videos would also give him an excuse for just showing off those guns ; )

I also feel like he could also do some reaction videos. Like, he’d be super hipped up when he sees the MV of 피 땀 눈 물 Blood Sweat & Tears and he can’t compose his fan boy feeling. “Namjoon-ah!!!!” He’d definitely be jumping out of his chair omo i love him so much. love my squishy

JB: I feel like he would do many song covers. Having much an amazing voice would definitely earn him a spot in Youtube. And because Youtube now consists of many people, it would be a little difficult for him to stand out in the beginning of his youtube career. But eventually he’d earn quite a few loving subscribers who encourage him to make more videos. He’d get very flattered after seeing all of the loving comments on his videos. And oh my, all that fan art he’d get tagged on. But no matter what, he’d still appreciate all the hard work put into it. He’d get mail and posts of how his silvery voice helped out a lot of people in their rainy days. And after seeing that, he’d get more dedicated in making his videos and use the money he gets from Youtube to buy better instruments for recording. Through his journey, he’d even compose some original songs that would be professionally produced. And as he would enter the music industry, he’d still be able to manage his Youtube channel and upload a video every weekend.

Also, he’d get memed a lot by his subscribers. A lot. Someone save him pls

Jr.: This singer, dancer, actor, diva mom’s channel will take a little time to get discovered, and when it does, his subscribers will be very pleased with him as he provides a variety of videos. And because there aren’t many channels like his, he’d get many subscribers. Now, Imma start listing his content so you guys better get your seat belts on.


Voice of an angel basically. No more comments.

Does show off some of his dancing skills through his videos. Like; He’d dance near the ending of the video, during the signing out part. And, in a Q&A, a fan will ask him to dance a little and he will. Just a little. and that little gets us so frustrated damn it

He’d do short self produced films and skits. They would be about 25 to 35 minutes and last about  episodes of 3-5 (meaning 3-5 separate videos.) And because he has so much money, the product will be as fine as butter Some would be mellow-drama while others would be rom-com that’ll make all his views melt in a pool of emotions.

He will shoot an arrow of emotions through your heart and you will never be so messed up and happy at the same time. 

His views would easily see his caring -eomma- side through each one of his videos (not including the films). The views would not only fall in love with him a romantic way but also in a way that’ll make feel like he’s just another person who they can rely on as a friend. There will be so many cute and dorky moments with this kid. Like; he’d forget the camera’s recording and does something stupid yet cute(and because he loves his views he’d add the recording in the bloopers). Accidental innuendoes will be just another reason why his view’s will love him. are they accidental?hmmmmmm…

Mark: He would be the typical gamer that every body knows about. He’d play horror games like OUTLAST and P.T -Silent Hills- with the lights off and would shit himself (no hate bru) in ever jump scare. Chances are that he might even fall back on his gamer chair. 

No doubt he’d start screaming when he’d have one life left or if he’s close to death. “No!No!No! RUN!!! RUN! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” 

Then he’ll have to spend like an hour censoring all he bad things he said…eventually he’d give up and let the video be the way it is with him screaming and swearing at the monster that killed his player. He’d start a family in Sims and take care of his Sims life better than his own. He’d also show off some of his cool flips once in a while ; ). Sometimes, he would start rambling on like there’s no tomorrow while playing the game and other times would get to consumed in the game, he’d go silent. And after he realizes that he hasn’t talked the whole video, he’d have to reshoot the whole 30 minute video again. Lol, everyone should subscribe to Gamer Mark, I mean I would.

Youngjae: He would be your typical comedian Youtuber. Like Superwoman, Joe Sugg, Niga Higa, Dan and Phil, you could watch this sunshines videos for hours and not get tried. He can go from ranting about the rude lady he saw in the super market to his experience of almost dying in a haunted house and to hear-aching videos that’ll make you want to go through the screen and drown him in an hug. His parkour, trick-shot and dare videos are life.

Youngjae: Okay, Iheartyoungjaessmile says ‘keep a tissue off the ground for 40 seconds by blowing at it’. I can totally do this. Fighting! 

-turns into a laughing mess in the end. 

 And because he’s an angel, I think he might have to censor many of the things his hyungs would say in a collaboration video. This crazy, cute, weird, adorable, awkward, sexy(I had to say it. c’mon), funny and optimistic angle in the form of a human would brighten your day not matter how crappy it was. His subscribers would honestly fall in love with him because he would be the type of Youtuber who’s words would reach more than just the camera lens.   

And almost every one of his videos would feature Coco.

Yugyeom:Having such a strong desire and passion for dancing, his channel would mainly consist of choreographed dances, dance covers, and tutorials, along with Q & A videos. He’d spend endless time on making a new dance video that sometimes his subscribers would get worried about his health; he’d get dark circles underneath his eyes and his viewers would catch 30 seconds into the video. So when some of his uploads would be a few days late, the viewers wouldn’t mind it because they’d all love this charismatic child. 

Along with dance, he’d do some basic youtube videos with his hyungs…where somewhere he’d get his cheeks turning a very pretty shade of pink because of his hyungs^^

He’s also gets his hyungs to do group dances with him. 

And then that HD quality tho: 

And because- 

- he can do dis ⬇︎ MY EYES!AGHHHH

And when all these seven youtubers meet at vidcon or a meet and greet — well you I’m sure you guys can imagine what goes down there ^.^

Keke, I love this < 3

See ya ✌︎

~Admin Sushi スシ

Welcome, Donald

Hello there, Mr. Donald Trump.

My name is Hollyann. I am a 19 year old white, cis, Panromantic, able bodied, neuro - typical minded, virgin citizen of the United States.

Why did I include that last part? Cause it’s where I live. Nah, but seriously- I included my virginity because I feel that is how you value me. I included that I am able bodied because I feel that is how you value me. I included the fact that I am am neuro typical minded person because I feel that is how you value me. I included that I am a white, cis, female because I feel that is how you value me. I feel that you only value how important I am based on what you would guess from a 5 minute conversation, and then use that as a basis on how to further talk to me, about me, and how to treat me.

You probably wouldn’t care that I have 3 tattoos (that must mean I’m a good for nothing) or that I have blue hair (I’m a freaky teen). You wouldn’t care that I took Construction trades for the last 3 years of high school and was one of the higher ranked students (I must have gotten an easy way out if you know what I mean). You wouldn’t care to know that I’ve been working since I was 15 because I wanted to earn money to go to Germany but never did (I must not have worked hard enough). You wouldn’t care that I have been verbally abused most of my life (I must have earned it). You wouldn’t care to know that I grew up a Navy brat until my Dad broke his spine on one of the subs (He must not have gotten something right).

You don’t care about me. I know for a fact you dont. I’m just one citizen out of millions.

What would you care about if I was mentioned? I’m white, probably that. I worked hard, maybe that. I don’t know really, I don’t get you.

I’m not black. I’m not mexican. I’m not muslim. I’m not Asian. I’m not trans, I’m not disabled, I’m not mentally challenged. That’s all you’d care about.

And that’s what I care about. You see, Donald, I am scared. I have been living in a never ending fear for the past year and a half. When I woke up November 8th and saw you had won, I cried. I cried so hard. Everything this country had done right in the past 8 years, you want to destroy. You want undo all of what President Obama has done.

I have no idea what kind of fear, though, all those listed previously are feeling. I do not know the fear of being stopped by a cop, I don’t know the fear of being “randomly selected” at airports/the boarder, I don’t know the fear of being rejected at coming out for my true gender. I don’t know the fear of bumping into one of your supporters for any other reason than me being female. Being a white female, I am on their side most of the time. And by that, I mean I am not their target, but (to them) an ally. Unless I say something (which, most of the time I’m too scared to), they think I agree with them. They say all the things they want to freely, as if it’s no more than a joke found on a Laffy Taffy wrapper. And it’s horrible what they say. Especially with me being in a male dominated trade, in Western PA- I heard a lot. And it’s disgusting. Your followers can be some of the most disgusting people- and YOU are bringing them all to light. They see you- and suddenly it’s ok to publicly a jerk.

I’ve heard enough, Donald. I’ve heard enough, I’ve seen enough, this is enough. America was never great, we don’t need a damn wall, you don’t need to repeal all the progress the USA has made because you want to assert your cheaply concocted power so quickly. Today, at 1:54 AM, Friday, January 20th- your first day in office (if we are still counting today as it, since you want to put off ruling a country right away) you have made your point. You have been a President for not even 2 hours, but I already know what kind you will be. I know the dangers you are shoving down our throats, then messed up game you are playing, and the Game Show mind you posses.

What ever your official title is, you are not my president. You do not care about me.

You do not care about him because he is trans.

You do not care about her because she is black.

You don’t care about that family because they are Muslim.

You don’t care about them because they are gendefluid.

You don’t care about the small child because he has Autism.

You don’t care about the old man in the wheel chair who served in Vietnam because he is a wounded warrior.

You don’t care about the woman crying outside the abortion clinic because she had an abortion that was caused from rape. Let’s face it, you wouldn’t have cared for the baby- it would have been the child of rape.

Donald, do you know how long this list can go on for? Do you realize how many of these kinds of people reside in your country? 3 million more than who voted for you.

You don’t care about me because I like boys, girls, and all in between or not at all. You don’t care about me because I have a date with a girl.

And you don’t care about me because I care about them. I care about the majority of the country threatened by your power and by your followers. You don’t care about us because we don’t say All Lives Matter. You don’t care about us because we march in protests, or in Pride Parades. You don’t care about us because we question your authority.

We don’t care about you because you hide behind your twitter account. We don’t care about you because you are racist, sexist, an ableist, transphobic, homophobic, and you have no true morals. Donald, America isn’t a stage. We aren’t the girls you harass for your pageants.

We are here. And, as scared as we might be, we will stand tall. We will fight back against you, in the name of those who can’t because of the kind of evil you posses taking them too young.

“Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.”

I am speaking to you, Donald Trump. And here is what I say: Welcome to the office.

We are ready.

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Hi! I'm new and i am getting confused with the azoffs thing. So the azoffs are already the boys' management? Can the boys have to managements at once?bc i read on a post the reason larry are interacting more now is bc Azoffs are helping them and idk?

[dark larrie activate]

okay so here is like…a (not so) quick and (very) dirty rundown of the azoff family + 1d business politics, based partially on speculation and partially on fact

our story begins with jeff azoff, caa agent, pictured here at a joint bday party w harry styles

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trans man+cis man, bottom (un)dysphoria and body shame

this is an important post for me. while we’re still working on the boyfriend video I thought I’d touch up on a few subjects that require a separate post.

the most frequent questions I got last month from you guys were about dysphoria / jealousy in a relationship with a cis man. as much as I understand where it’s coming from, luckily, I can’t relate to that problem and I don’t think I ever feel dysphoric when my boyfriend and I are together. just like any other guy(trans* or not) I occasionally feel envious of other men’s features or body parts- f.e. I’d love to have crazy dense facial hair and having bigger feet would come in handy, but at this point in my transition it’s more like saying ‘damn, I wish my hair was ginger and my eyes not that close together!’ because I won’t magically go 3 shoe sizes up and my facial hair probably won’t change a whole much, but it isn’t a feeling of dysphoria, it doesn’t usually feel related to being trans any more. unlike me, my boyfriend can grow a sick beard and has a very fluffy chest which I love and yeah, I wouldn’t mind having either of these myself, but looking at his body doesn’t bum me out and the fact that mine is a bit different in these aspects doesn’t make me feel incomplete, I’m just happy I’m with someone who’s smoking hot! 

but, obviously, comparing a number of belly hairs is one thing and bottom dysphoria is another. I did get asked a few times whether I felt jealous of my boyfriend’s genitals and it made me really surprised- surprised because I’m not and surprised because I don’t think it passed my mind since he and I’ve been together. shockingly enough, I feel tons more at peace with my body including the under the belt section these day. and it gets better because I don’t feel more comfortable with being myself only when we’re together, but also when I’m around other people. I haven’t packed in ages, I stopped being bothered with stp-ing - this kind of stuff really adds up and makes me less stressed out in everyday life. of course, there are times when I think it would be so much easier in bed(and outside of it) to have a cisgender man’s body, but I hate thinking this way and feel like it’s a shortcut from not trying to make things work more for me; it comes with a ridiculous assumption that cis people don’t have issues, insecurities or problems to deal with in their sex life. if anything, I’m a bit angry I didn’t reach this place before, when I was single, without anyone’s reassurance. I’m definitely not in a perfect place, I’m not sure if I ever will or if anyone is, but I definitely took a big step forward and it’s awesome. it took work on my part during my four years of transition to feel this effortlessly in place today, but I’m sure it also has to do with always picking people who treated me with respect and acceptance.

someone asked me whether I ever feel like I will never be good enough because I’m trans and he’s cis and it made me really sad thinking a lot of trans people fear this or feel this way, especially in relationships. another trans guy sent me a message: ‘(…)how does a gay [non-trans] man deal with his partner’s genitalia when it’s far from the male norm? how can he accept that? and don’t tell me he likes it- THAT I wouldn’t want either.’ - this guy asked questions about issues he said he was dealing with(ergo from his own perspective) and I’m sure nothing was meant to hurt me, but I don’t like how it was phrased and it felt like body policing to me. it made me realise why so many people drift apart from the trans community they once strongly identified with. of course I want a person I’m with to like my junk! that doesn’t make me less male and neither does it make my boyfriend less gay. there is a big difference between being into someone along with what happens to be between their legs and fetishization. there is absolutely nothing wrong with people being into or curious of your genitalia, the problem would be a lack of consent or a person interested in you primarily because of that part of your body. that message upset me and made me feel like I’m supposed to be ashamed in case I’m enjoying my body “too much” or having my partner like my body “too much” because that’s not trans enough, but more so made me angry for trans people who are influenced by this kind of voices and think this is how they have to feel.

House Of Cards (FA - Hoseok)

*Angst with some fluff here and there*

Request: Can you do a “House of cards- Bts” scenario with angst, and maybe a little smut, with yoongi or Hobi? 💖

Word Count: 2,037 words

You woke up, tired next to your boyfriend and sat up. You went to the bathroom to brush your teeth and was about go to the kitchen when you heard your boyfriend’s groggy voice call out to you.



“Sit on my cock, will ya? Morning wood’s a bitch.”

“Way to turn on the mood, Han.” He grabbed your wrist, pulling you close to him and you tried to pry him off you.

“Let me fucking go.”

“Not until you get me off.”

“You’re disgusting.” You spat at him before walking off to the kitchen. You started making yourself a bowl of cereal and you felt his come up behind you.

“Are you mad, babe?” His hands were roaming your body, his hands always making its way to your ass. You could feel his reaction pressing against you and you were tempted to threaten to cut his dick off.

“Let your hands off my hips.” You pushed his arms away to get to the table and began eating your cereal.

“I’m sorry, babe. It’s been stressful and it’s not everyday we get to sleep in together. And I’m just craving your body a little.”


“Will you help me, sweetheart?” You sighed and he sat on a seat, you getting on your knees. You simply gave him a simple handjob until you had his cum leaking out of his tip. You got a tissue to clean him off and he kissed your cheek.

“You’re the best.” He got up and you went to sit in the living room. The two of you have been together for several months but lately it felt like you were seeing less and less of him. He doesn’t talk to you like he used to, he doesn’t kiss you like he used, it felt like he was kissing you because he was supposed to not because he wanted to. You feared becoming that cliché couple that just falls apart. This relationship was like a house of cards and you had no idea when you were going to collapse with the two of you inside.


“Hannie? Why are you all dressed you? I thought you didn’t have work today.”

“I was going to get today off but the person that was supposed to trade shifts with me didn’t show up.”


“We can sleep in some other time, right?”

“Yeah, totally.”

“I’m glad you’re so understanding, love you.” He kissed your forehead and you smiled at him before watching him leave. You collapsed to the couch, this isn’t the first time he has canceled on you because of work but this excuse was starting to come almost too convenient for him. You would imagine if he didn’t want to see you, he would just tell you instead of playing games with you?

You heard a knock on your door and you got up to answer it.


“Hobi!” You hugged him, he just got back from New York and you missed him dearly. Almost as much as your ‘lovely’ boyfriend. You left him in and he stared at your attire. You were wearing your boyfriend’s jersey and underwear, the weather too hot for heavy clothing and you did just wake up a few moments ago.

“How have you been, angel?”

“The usual, Han has gone to work and I was mopping around before you got here.”

“You’re still with that tool.”


“I’m not sorry, Y/N. He just wants your body and that’s it.”

“It’s been 7 months and if he just wants sex, he can go find a prostitute.”

“He won’t as long as you keep giving into him.”


“I’m sorry. I just really don’t like him but that’s not why I am here. I got you something!”

“Hobi, you don’t have to…”

“I wanted to plus, maybe it’ll make you stop mopping around.” He made you close your eyes, give him your hand and you felt him slip something on your hand.

“Open them.” You did and saw a spider on your hand. And it was moving.

“JUNG HOSEOK!” He took off running around your apartment and you were chasing him. You hopped on his back and he was laughing like an idiot.

“It’s fake, it’s fake I swear.” He said between his laughter and you kept hitting his head. He knows how much you hated spiders and he still used it for his pranking material.

“You give me a heart attack.”

“Do you want your real gift now or did you want to hit me some more?”

“I’m not closing my eyes because I don’t trust you anymore.” He fished out a little pouch from his pocket and you eyed the little black pouch suspiciously. You made him open it because you really didn’t trust him. In your hand, now was a beautiful silver bracelet with little charms on it. It had your initials, your favourite number and a little heart that had a photo of you and him when you two were kids.


“Do you like it? I personally picked out everything..”

“You almost kill me and now you’re going to make me sob. I love this, Hobi.” His face lit up and you slipped it on, the bracelet fitting you like a glove. You hugged him and he could have sworn he was blushing.

“I’m free all day, do you want to do anything today?”

“There’s this movie I was supposed to watch with Han but he’s too busy. Can we go?”

“Of course.” You got ready, taking your time and dressing casually. Hobi was passed out on the couch and you decided it was the perfect time for revenge. You snuck on him, getting close to his face and you almost stopped for a moment. In his sleep, he looked like an angel and you found yourself stupidly admiring his facial features before his eyes fluttered open.

“Hello there.”



“Y-Yeah, let’s go.” What was that? You’ve seen Hobi sleep plenty of times, always having to nurse him back to health in college because he always drank too much when Taehyung would challenge him. Knowing him, he never backs down from a challenge and it results in you taking his drunk ass to the dorms, avoiding campus police and your RA, hearing him mumble about how pretty you looked and you were very sure that he had to be smashed to say that about you then.

“What movie was it called?”


“Oh, that rom-com. I think Tae was talking about Jungkook, who profusely denied wanting to watch it when the others overheard but I saw him sneak out with Tae to go watch it.”

“Typical Jungkook.” He won’t admit that he’s a softie but he totally is. That explains why he whines Noona whenever you play with his hair or call him a cute little bunny.

“Taehyung gave it 6 out of 5 so this better be good.”

“Tae knows his stuff.” He bought the tickets while you brought the food. You made sure to include his favourite candy which happened to be all of yours. He joined up with you, directing you into the theatre and taking seats in the back.

“Skittles!” He acted like a little kid, dancing happily with the packet in his hand and you laughed at him. You made him watch the trailers, him voice acting for any character that came on screen and he had you giggling like an idiot. The movie began and he composed himself, watching silently beside you. You fell in love with the characters, your emotions channeling with them and you felt Hobi’s hand on your cheek.

“It’s not that sad.” It was, mainly because it felt like your life story. The male lead always working, the female lead waiting for him to come back and the best friend trying to cheer her up. She finds out that he only worked to get away from her and was too much of a coward to break up with her. God, why did it have to feel so real?

At least, the ending was better for the female lead having become successful in her career and growing independent.

“Happy ending?”

“Better than staying with that jerk.”

“Is there anything else you want to do? It’s only 3.”

“Really early dinner? I doubt he’ll be home before 11, he can just get takeout for himself.”

“Sure, but we’re having Chinese this time.”

“Okay, fine.” He did a happy dance, making you suffer from second hand embarrassment before you had to drag him out of the theatre. It took you two about an hour to find a good place for Chinese food and ordered simply, not wanting to pay a lot.

“Angel, you do realize I’m paying.”

“We’re going halfsies.”


“You bought me a gorgeous bracelet and paid for the tickets, at least let me have this.”

“Here’s your order.” The server placed it on your table and Hobi thanked them as they walked off to another table. You knew he wasn’t going to let you pay, but you just had to be fast.

You both ate, swapping side dishes and finished soon enough. The server came to you and Hobi quickly slapped down money before you could even reach for your wallet.

“Thank you, sir.” He frightened the poor server and you stared at him in awe.


“You just have cash lying in your pocket?”

“Is that a problem?”

“Rich people.”

“What was that?”


“Let’s go back your place, I miss your couch.”

“You’re so weird.”

“I’m your favourite weirdo.”

“Not something to be proud of, Hobi.” You two left, thanking the server for your meal and Hobi drove you home. You noticed Han’s car parked on the street and you gulped, now he never comes home this early. Something happened.

“He’s home, isn’t he?”


“Don’t worry,” he slipped his fingers into yours, firmly holding your hand and you relaxed to his touch. “I’m here.”

You walked up to the apartment and there he was, a bottle of whiskey on the coffee table in front of him and he had his tie loosened.

“Why the fuck is he here?”

“Hannie, he’s just a friend.”

“Friends hold hands with each other? Why are you lying to me, baby?”

“I’m not.”

“Come here.”


“I’m not going to repeat myself.” You walked over to him and he grabbed your wrist. He pulled you into the bedroom, tossing you on the bed and you could feel your fear being to rise in you.

“What the fuck is this?”

“It’s just a bracelet.”

“It’s from him, isn’t it?”

“I bought it myself.”

“Baby, I may be a lot of things but I’m not blind. Shit, you can barely afford this place.”

“So? At least, I have more than you.” You saw the vein in his neck pop, his face becoming red with anger and he grabbed your throat.

“I’m so sick of your fucking attitude. Do you think you can talk to me like that? You’re not the only bitch that suck my dick like you can, you’re not fucking special.” He let go of your neck, making you gasp for air and you screamed.

“You fucking bitch.” Hobi pulled him away from you, dragging him out and you held yourself. You’ve haven’t seen him get this drunk before, enough to actually put his hands on you and silently sobbed.



“He fucking touched you like that, fucking bastard.”

“Don’t..” You grabbed fists of his jacket, wanting him to hold you. He was the only one that made you feel safe at the moment and you didn’t want to lose that.

“Can you hold me tonight, please?”

“Of course..” You two laid next to each other, your bodies cuddled up together and he hummed. He gently stroked your hair, eventually making you relax.

Your eyes began to droop, sleep trying to take over your conscious and you closed your eyes. Before you could fall asleep, you heard Hobi’s voice singing in your ear.

You are my sunshine,

My only sunshine.

You make me happy

When skies are grey.

You’ll never know, dear,

How much I love you.

Please don’t take my sunshine away.

~Admin Blake