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what’s in your bag: victiore weasley

Vic: So, Teddy wanted me to go through my bag? I don’t really know… I’m not sure what all is in here, honestly, so this might be interesting…

Vic: Well. Here it is. Let’s see…

Vic: Ah, old sheet music. I probably should have turned this in by now… oops…

Vic: Reading glasses. Which may or may not be more for aesthetics than for functionality… shhh…

Vic: Ooh! This is a journal I bought in Hogsmeade! I paste ticket stubs, wrist bands, various wrappers, and bits and bobs that have no meaning other than what I assign them. They’re just little material things that I’ve associated with important experiences and realizations in my life. Sort like a book of nostalgia…

Vic: … Someone special made me this little pride bracelet. I always have it with me. <3

Vic: And ever since my aunt taught me how to knit without magic, I’ve taken a liking to it. It’s therapeutic, I suppose; I tend to knit things when I’m stressed.

Vic: Teddy got this from a muggle shop in London for my birthday. But even though it’s muggle, the crystal magic works the same! Isn’t that neat??

Vic: … I may have developed a recent passion for muggle gothic literature written by female authors? It’s random and very specific, but I can’t seem to get enough of it. I’ve actually been holding onto these for a while, and they are all very overdue… but Madame Pince loves me, so I should be fine.

Vic: Oh, and last but not least, chapstick. Of course. :)

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Wow Demande... Way to be even more of a crazy asshole than you ever where in the anime! That reaction at having to "mercy kill" Saphir... Total contrast to how he reacted in the anime to Saphir's death and I think a perfect example of the manga and anime's handling of character's emotions. (Namely the only emotional response out of anyone we're getting so far? Mamoru, Usagi and Chibs; that's it, that's all who matters in the emotions realm!)

Demande being so “WELP TIME TO KILL YOU” was so fucking off to me. He JUST acknowledged he’d been brainwashed himself. He even noted that Saffir wearing the earring meant his allegiance was to Wiseman. Something Demande KNOWS Saffir had never demonstrated. Still, this is the full extent of their pre-murder discussion:



He didn’t try to talk Saffir out of anything. He didn’t try to reason with him. He didn’t try to remove or destroy the earring. He didn’t try to incapacitate Saffir and go for Wiseman instead.


And it’s not like I feel a great personal attachment to literally anyone here, but it’s just so goddamn shallow and lazy that as a writer it actually offends me.

I wasn’t a huge fan of Demande getting a dose of deathbed forgiveness from Usagi, but at least Saffir and Demande’s decisions remained true to their feelings for each other which had been cultivated with some measure of thought and care over the course of their stories.


some Ten x Rose ficart inspired by one of my all-time faves, Worthy of Her by @abadplanwellexecuted​. with a detail insert because i’m so pleased with their faaaaces

(this fic has all my favorite things in a story! like adventure! romance! banter! swords! a Big Damn Kiss™! yes. you should go read it. like right now.)

afterwards, you stretch empty fingers
into dream-space, wishing
for your own adventure. you pray
your hand closes around a dragon egg,
a jewelled sword-hilt,
a bloodstained rose, a crown.
you keep your eyes on your shadow,
keep your eyes open
as night’s breathing slows, waiting.
the air smells like snow, sharp and clean;
you exhale hard, picturing smoke-clouds,
picturing flames. patience remains
fleet-footed as a nymph, her laugh
as mocking. renown lives in distant mountains
past realms unknown, but here,
beauty grabs your wrist as you pass,
a bright-eyed temptress draped
in frozen pine needles.
afterwards, you build your own story.
you name your favourite pen,
compare word counts like a kill count, argue
the merits of quality over quantity. palms
dripping dream-dust, you shape your own world,
your own adventure, chase magnificence
at the speed of thought — you know it is yours,
surely as the long-lost heirs of faraway lands
believe in a waiting throne.
—  glorification, for @mirrorsandwindowsabstractedfocus
You Tease Me, I Tease You

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Imagine: You’ve been teasing Peter all day so he decides to get you back at dinner with the avengers 

a/n: can i just say i love this gif bc not only does tom look hot AND cute but Jon Bernthal is in it too and he’s so great :’))) anyways

Warnings: smutt (are we surprised at this point? probably not)


The past couple weeks for you have been really bland. This was due to the fact that your boyfriend Peter was spending almost all of his time in the Avenger’s compound lab, working on some super computer. Of course, you were proud of him, knowing he was working hard on something he cared about. Still, you couldn’t help but miss him, and feel like he’s been neglecting you. 

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Can you recommend some nsfw kagehina fics? I'm running dry. Also your art is A+++

laughs weakly…. this is….my constant problem in LIFE? running dry on kagehina fics. if you haven’t seen it already, i do have some nsfw fics on my previous kagehina reclist!

here’s some new-ish nsfw kagehina stuff (posted within the past couple of weeks):

top by someonestolemyshoes, M, established relationship, kageyama bottoms for the first time and damn. damn. i love this fic. this was posted tonight so enjoy some brand new awesome kagehina smut. someonestolemyshoes has been on a roll lately with the kagehina smut so you should read first, too.

enough by bigspoonnoya, E, established relationship, kageyama in a SUIT.

right here all the time by longleggedgit, E, meeting again in college, bottom kageyama. (i reblogged the fic post a while back already but SHRUGS! i love this fic!)

and this older one that I just remembered recently:

(pain and pleasure are) constant companions by keptein, E, light dom/sub, bondage. a rare and precious kagehina from kep, whose fic is always top-notch, and this one is no exception.

Minutes to Days

Author: Zoe

Word count: 2,594

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x James Madison

Trigger Warning: Car crash

Request: (I think Zoe replied to it, because I can’t find it now! It was a request for Zoe to write the fluffiest thing she could, and it was later discussed that there should also be angst)

Thomas bit his lip so he wouldn’t grin. (It didn’t work.)

Today he was flying back to Monticello from France.

Today he got to see James.

His bouncing leg was probably bothering the woman who sat next to him who had a kid, but he could deal with that. After all, he had six hours till he landed.

Six hours until he got to see James.

Six hours until he got to hug James.

Six hours until he got to kiss James.

Six hours.

He could make that.

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He doesn’t know what he is.

His powers didn’t come with any instructions or any answers. It had been an accident. A mistake. And now he is here but…

He has spent years not knowing what he is.

All this time and he still doesn’t even know if he’s dead or alive. Or both. Or neither.

He is still a teenager, he thinks. With classes and chores. With nagging parents and bullies waiting for him in the hallway between periods.

But can he really believe that when he blasts ghosts with ectoplasmic energy built up around his hands and destroys city blocks with the ensuing chaos?

When he flies around Amity Park, he doesn’t need to breathe and no matter how desperately he looks for one, he cannot find a pulse.

His rings transform him back to a living breathing boy again, blood pumping gently, insistently, from his chest. But if he lets the light wash over him again, he is cold and powerful, with energy thrumming in his core.


… the other.

Human. Ghost.

Dead? Alive?

He doesn’t know anymore, what this makes him. He bleeds both red and green.

He is a ghost with a curfew. A student who can walk through walls.

Spectra asked him once what he was and he didn’t have an answer. A ghost trying to fit in with humans? Or a creepy little boy with creepy little powers?

Both, he had said then. Neither, he corrected. Then, I don’t know.

He still doesn’t know. Half of one thing and half of another but not really anything himself. Frostbite had called him a child of two worlds, but he wonders if he belongs to either, really. If he can ever belong to one again.

It’s hard to believe it when on one hand he is hunted down by his own parents and an overzealous ex-girlfriend, and on the other, half of the ghosts in the Ghost Zone seemed to make it their personal mission to escape out into the human world just to make his life a living nightmare.

He fights ghosts. But he is one. He protects humans, but they hate him for it.

There are only three people in the world who accept both of his halves, like him for… whatever it is he is.

Jazz covers for him when she can, eases his life at home, and stops to tell him how proud she is of what he is doing. Sam patches him up, stitching wounds in his side as she is always quick to assure him that his powers are good and make him unique. Tucker keeps him sane, keeps him grounded, and says not to worry because whatever Danny is, he’s still Danny, and that’s enough.

He tries to believe that. Really, he does. But it’s just so hard. Jazz would have a field day with the things that went through his brain, because even now, years later, he still waffles between both sides, staring at his hands with glowing green eyes as he tries to understand who he is.

What he is.

He is tired and hungry, bruised and upset. He is bleeding and he is exhausted and he cries when it gets to be too much.

He keeps getting knocked down, driven into the pavement. But he gets back up on his feet every time.

After he fails his math tests, he watches movies with his friends, and stares at the stars that he will never have a chance to study. When his parents shoot him, he escapes back to his room and spends dinner complimenting his mom’s cooking (if it isn’t trying to eat him) and laughs at his dad’s lame jokes.

Dash beats him up, Paulina calls him a loser, and Valerie avoids his eyes. But he saves them all, time and time again.

He’s terrified of still turning evil and destroying the world with the awful rage he knows is inside him. But he blushes when he brushes up against Sam’s hand as they walk home.

And maybe that means that Tucker is right. Because it just proves that there’s still some part of him that’s human.

Even if it doesn’t beat, he still has a heart.


It comes in an all-consuming clarity that an unexpected chuckle is drawn out of Enjolras. He guesses it’s been a long-time coming; he shouldn’t even be surprised. But the moment that he realises just how much he’s in love with Grantaire feels momentous in the soft peaceful quiet of the library.

It goes beyond the way Grantaire’s hands glide across his sketchbook, confident in ways the man himself is incapable of a lot of times. It’s more than how errant curls fall nonchalantly over his face and how he is more gifted than he gives himself credit for. It’s the quiet moments like this when he knows Grantaire gives him space without needing to ask. It’s when he wakes up in the morning and Grantaire is there and everything just feels like things have finally slotted into place. It’s the feeling that he cannot go a day without this man and without letting him feel that he is loved and important and brilliant beyond beliefs. 

He heaves a sigh at the absolute sense of rightness

Love (Theo Raeken)

Summary:  She put up with a lot from Theo. But there’s a point where enough is enough.

Author’s Note: Wildly inspired by Love by Daughter. Warnings include no happy ending, cheating, uhhh…(Though seriously, if a song by Daughter is my inspiration then you should know that it will never have a happy ending.)

Theo always took things a step too far.

It was the method to his madness; people, things, always responded better when pushed to the limits. She knew all of his plans: the desire for the pack he wanted, what the Dread Doctors were up to, and the truth behind his lies. He never lied to her, though. She didn’t need to be a werewolf to know that; it was just love.

She kept quiet, played her part of Theo’s loving girlfriend. And majority of the time, she gets caught up in Theo’s schemes, and whatever he plans, hurts her too. She can never stay angry at him for too long; all he has to do is pull her into his arms, whisper sorry into her hair, and shower her with kisses and she’ll forgive him. It’s happened so many times that she’s lost count.

But when she pushes open Theo’s bedroom door and sees him cock deep in Hayden, it’s the final straw. He never told her this plan in its entirety; he only said he wanted to use Hayden to make Liam angry enough to use him for an even bigger plan. She doesn’t say anything, but he knows she’s seen them. She only turns around and leaves, letting them carry on.

At home, she sits in the darkness of her bedroom. She doesn’t need the light for the scene to replay in her mind. It plays over and over, their moans echoing in her ears. It makes her sick to her stomach, and she hurls her lunch into the toilet.

Theo doesn’t call her or try to visit her that night.

It doesn’t matter anyway. A sheen of numbness had crawled across her skin, prickling her with its needles. Somehow Scott and his pack knows what happened, and they look at her with pitying (though cautious) eyes. She takes a page from Lydia Martin’s book, and dresses up in her best outfit, does her hair and makeup, and walks into the school with her head high. She doesn’t avoid Theo; merely refuses to acknowledge his presence.

They don’t speak until lunchtime and she’s at her locker, getting her books for her next few classes. He casually leans beside her and greets her like she hadn’t walked in on him fucking a sophomore yesterday. Her new steel resolve shines through; what love she has for him sits in her heart, mute and defeated.

When she doesn’t acknowledge him, he nods slowly and says, “You’re still mad about yesterday.”

Words don’t escape her lips. There are none on her tongue or enough to spell out that she was done, done with him and this toxic cycle of betrayal and empty apologies.

“I didn’t really want to do it, but my plan is going the way it’s supposed to,” he continues smugly.

She finally looks at him, and she doesn’t falter this time. “Did she give you everything that you hoped for?” she asks.

“It was what I needed.” He shuts her locker door and pulls her against him. She breathes in his cologne, the one that she used to treasure, and he presses kisses to her temple, trailing down to her throat.

Before he can apologize, she pulls away and takes several steps back. He’s surprised; she’s never drawn away from him before.

“I hope it was worth it,” she replies, her voice even, “because you make me sick. I’m done, Theo.”

She turns and leaves, her heels resounding through the empty hallway.

Part Two


7 Days of Da Vinci

Day 4: What’s your favorite relationship?

 Leonardo and Riario

Although I admire, on different levels, a lot of relationships in this shows (Leonardo and Nico and Zo, Leonardo and Lorenzo etc etc) as a fan of ‘two sides of the same coin’ kind of thing I had to go with Leonardo and Girolamo. They started as more or less enemies, with Riario using his favourite methods (threats and tortures and things like that) to gain Leonardo’s attention and cooperation, which didn’t work well for them. Later, rather against their will, they became allies, tied together by the obsession and need to find the Book of Leaves, but ultimately they were rather successful as a team. I could probably write two pages about how much I love the way they are both witty and sassy and fiercely intelligent and so alike, while remaining so different, but I will just get to the point - they made great allies and I’m pretty sure if they were given an opportunity, they would find the Book of Leaves in next two months (but then we wouldn’t get a show). I really hope they will have opportunity to fight side by side rather than fighting each other because that’s when they are most productive. And wonderful.

“Grantaire has no idea how he ended up here, at this summer camp in the mountains, spending all of his time around kids under seventeen and 20-somethings who act like they’re under seventeen.”

The summer camp AU that the world didn’t know it was missing.

A Boy (And A Boy) In A Little Canoe by grantairricade

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Red~ Jillian. Jillian. JillIAN OH MY SODDING ROSES TOO SEATTLE WHAT DID I JUST READ?!IT JUST I I SODDING CANT IT CANT BE OVER IM NOT EMOTIONALLY PREPARED FOR THIS?!Do you like toying with my emotions? Is that it? NoT SOddInG cOoL. Also was there a reference to another fic in there?!(Not one of yours) because the second I read a certain part I was like DIFFERENT FIC THAT I AM READING JILLIAN YOU SNEAKY LITTLE RAINBOW Also Percy Jackson..I've read the first&second. Are you tired of writing phan?🥀

toying with emotions IS fun, ngl!! and no i didn’t on purpose oops! you should read the rest of percy jackson, it’s great! also nope not at all! i really really enjoy writing about them and putting them in different universes and stuff :]


read in 2016 | 22/? | the crown by kiera cass  

Maybe it’s not the first kisses that are supposed to be special. Maybe it’s the last ones. 

I was inspired by i-love-you-swan ‘s numerous posts (here, here and especially here) discussing how Killian let Emma win their sword fight.  Thanks also to the brilliant confuseddotcomforwardslashwhat for the brilliant expert analysis of the choreo in the scene here. I originally replied with my thoughts in a reblog, but I since this thing kind of took off, I’ll post it here.

I think this would make an excellent pillow talk subject.  I wanted this to be a text post, but I got carried away and it turned into a 1.6k word drabble.  After seeing the scene from “The Clinic” this just seemed to fit. I have no idea if this is any good, but I had to write it so there it is. This is my first CS fic ever so be kind and enjoy.

They were still trying to catch their breath.  Emma was lying on Killian’s shoulder, delicately running her hand over his chest, fingertips dancing in his chest hair. Killian had his hand behind his head and his left arm around Emma’s back holding her close in the afterglow.

Emma is playing back all the events in her head that lead up to this moment. She thinks about the beanstalk, the first time she saw him so artfully use his hand and mouth in unison to bandage her wound, and how she was not surprised at all that he was so good at what he just did… Then her mind drifts to the next time she saw him, escaped from his restraints and standing in between her and getting home. She remembered her rage, her determination to defeat him, now reveling in how someone she saw as an adversary was the person she felt closest to in the entire world.

Then it hits her.  How had she bested him? Now that she knew him so well, his past, witnessed his skill in a fight, it didn’t add up.  How had she, a modern woman trained in pistol combat, defeated a 300 year old, military-trained pirate at sword fighting?

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